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 2017 Woodward ‘61 mini-reunion in Ft. Myers, Florida


Date: Wednesday: February 22, 2017

Time: 11:30am – 2:30pm

Where: The Helm Club at the Landings
Address: The Landings Yacht, Golf & Tennis Club

13000 McGregor Blvd

Ft. Myers, FL 33919



Cost: $ 22 per person

Reservations: Your payment is your reservation Check Payable to: Kris Rotte

Mail check to: Kris Rotte, 160 Bears Paw Trail, Naples, FL 34105 Please include your menu choice when you mail back your reservation.

RSVP to Kris Fellabaum Rotte, (Krf0388@aol.com) 239-403-3560

Deadline is February 16, 2017

Other questions – contact Ricki Abrams Ryan, nayrec@msn.com, 239-267-227







15075 Legends Way, Delray Beach, FL, 33446

Cost estimate: $45/person 



* We are starting at 4:30p.m. this year to accommodate the entertainment.

Contact us with any questions or comments. You can RSVP immediately if you wish.

Karen Franklin Simmonds 954 816-0800 cell
Donna Ullner 513 703-1383






Saturday, 24 Oct 2015, Montgomery Inn, Montgomery, OH

Carol Alter Fletcher

Bill Blum

Steve Brenner

Nancy Bryant Webster

Tom Carothers

Sandy Clayland Hamilton (2)

Ben Cohen

Larry Crabtree (2)

Sallie Dewey Sumeral

Stan Faust

Bruce Fister (2)

Bart Fogel (2)

A. J. Friedman

Betsy Gershkovitz Ackerman

Kathy Goertemiller Barber (2)

Janet Gordon Arends (2)

Ken Goret (2)

Harold Guttman (2)

Carol Hall Latorre

Lynn Hammond Reiber (2)

Gwen Hoffman Fraser

Bill Kissinger (2)

Chuck Klein (2)

Tony Krueger (2)

Joel Lauman (2)

Steve Levinson (2)

Sidney Lieberman (2)

George Louiso (2)

John McGehee

Diane Mitman Bongard

Bill Moorman (2)

Bob Morrison (2)

Joanne Nedelman Esterbrook

Donald Newman (2)

Arthur Owens (2)

Barbara Ringhand White

Barry Ross

Gerry Sapadin

Doug Sawyer (2)

Myron (Mike) Schwartz

Cynthia Shor Weiner (2)

Fred Silverstein (2)

David Simmons (2)

Sandra Sloan Russell (2)

Frank Sterbling

Final Attendance of 55th Reunion

Harry Sterling

Barbara Swillinger Wittenbaum (2)

Harry Webster

Jim Wells

Larry Yates

Fred Zigler

Roz Zimov Richards (2)

 52 Classmates + 27 Significant Other = 79 Total


 John Anaple (2)

Betsy Bohlander Bazell

Paul Haverkos

Wanda Lundsford


Grand Total (including teachers) 84

 No Shows

 Walter Bohl (2)

Joe Buchanan

Jim Cohen (2)

Tom Dusterberg

Deneal Gottesman (2)

Ron Marcotte

Bob Nebolsky

David Tessel



Location: MONTGOMERY INN (9440 Montgomery Road)

Date: SATURDAY, 24 OCT 2015 (one night only)

 Time: 6:00pm - 11:00pm

Cost: $32.50/person including tax & tip (payable night of the reunion)

Cash Bar

Menu Selection: Several choices (select on the night of 10/24)

Dress: Corporate Casual

Please RSVP by 10/10/15 by one of the following means:

Email: Sid Lieberman  

Mail: WHS '60, P.O. Box 37208, Cincinnati, OH 45222-0208

Phone: Carol Alter Fletcher 513-348-3700

FAQ's? / Info: Web Master Chuck Klein 

"Be there or be square"

Want to help defray expenses? We'll accept your loose change.


P.O. Box 37208

Cincinnati OH 45222-0208

Woodward Class of 1960 Reunion Committee




22 Feb 2015 was the date for the now, six years long, Mini-Florida reunion. Karen FRANKLIN Simmons and Donna Ullner have been putting on this very well attended get-together at:



This is a list of the 2015 attendees: (Some '60, some other classes)

Karen (Franklin) and Warren Simmonds
Donna Ullner
Vicki (Franklin) Finn
Marilyn (Skurrow) Morris
Sally (Dewey) Sumerel
Phyllis (Gottlieb)  and Tom Gildenblatt
Teri ( Nessenbaum) and Tom Davis
Lois(Berkowitz) and Barry Lefton
Marcia (Golding) and Walt Rubin
Ralph and Martha Marrinson
Leatrice (Diggie Barr) and Lee Pessacoff
Toby and Sandy Franklin
Dona (Michaelson) and Michael Kahn
Ellen (Katz) and Mark Greenberger
Ellie ( Cohen) and Billy Ziv
Elaine (Neiman) and Don Cooper
Arleen (Tessel) Webman
Rhoda Tessel
Esther (Minson) Grubbs
Phyllis and Charley Mendel
Sharon (Ullner) and Al Shapiro
Joyce and Ivan Rothstein
Marcia (Fogel) Gittelman and Marvin Polinsky
Lois Silverman
Kathy Bartel Kaplan -2
Carol  (Klayman) Marin -2
Robert Frankel
Sally and Fred Wacksman
Jerry Sanders
Janet Gordon Arend -2
Brion and Harriet Gilette
Howard Picus -2


1 Sep 2012


The formal written invitation to our collective 70th Birthday Party/Reunion is in the mail. This "B'day party" is looking like it's going to be a great evening. Details below.



As your Webmaster for the past dozen years, I am using my power (not to be confused with right) to single out a few of the reunion committee members who have served our class so well for so long (in no particular order):


Designed, printed, mailed our numerous invitations, postcards and mailers. In addition, he has been the "go-to" guy who never refused a request for assistance.


Tireless work and expertise to single-handedly produce the extraordinary DVD distributed at the 50th Reunion.


Unprecedented perseverance at tracking down missing and lost classmates.


The foresight to originate this web site and the reunion chair of the 25th that set the bar for future reunions.


Beginning with the first reunion, she has been a member of every committee always the voice of reason,
tendering sound judgmentand hard work to keep the functions in line, on time and fun.


The keeper of our finances and a great reunion chair.


For her devoted determination - especially with early generation word processors - to keep our address list up-to-date.

Of course, there are many others who have contributed to our reunions that made them so memorable - and we are indebted to these dedicated clasmates.  However, and because it is unknown if there will be more reunions, I am taking this opportunity to say, and I'm confident I speak for the entire class, a special THANK YOU to these selected few.


The 2nd Edition of the Woodward set book, Circa 1957, is doing well.

LATEST REVIEW: San Fransisco / Sacramento Book Reivew

Here's what I've written as the Epilogue for our Class:

"WOODWARD HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1960: In 2010 the class held its 50th reunion with 172 classmates in attendance. Of the 502 members, 61 had died, 35 couldn’t be found, one had become a world class musician and one a USAF Lt. General."



25 May 12

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Class of 1960!!

To celebrate our collective 70th birth year, the reunion committee has selected THE MONTGOMERY INN for cocktails, dinner and . . . just visiting with "old" classmates.

There has been some confusion as to the menu for our 70th Birthday Party. Hope this clears it up. Changes will be posted to this web site as soon as possible.

The only cost will be the meal - $30 each person (including tax and tip - alcoholic beverages and appetizers will be available at an extra charge). Payment will be directly to Montgomery Inn, after the meal.

You will make your choice when you sit down for the dinner (meal includes choice of baked potato, french fries or saratoga chips; salad with ranch or vinaigrette dressing; and non-alcoholic beverage): 


  • Barbecue Loin Back Ribs

  • Barbecue Spring Chicken (all white meat)

  • Ribs & Chicken

  • Coho Salmon

  • Pork Chop Dinner

  • Shrimp Dinner

As in the past, your contribution of $7 as a "Candle Lighter" is totally voluntary.

Questions, comments and confirmation as to whether you're coming or not, always appreciated.

The Original Montgomery Inn
9440 Montgomery Rd.
Montgomery, OH 45242

Date: Saturday, 13 October 2012

Time: 6:00 P.M. - 11:00 P.M.

Entertainment: Just Ourselves!

We expect many of the "locals" to attend, and have heard from a number of out-of-towners who intend to attend. This should great fun . . . and perhaps the last time for a while we'll all be together.

20 Nov 11

GREAT IDEA and OFFER from Gwen HOFFMAN Fraser:

I Took a short tour down memory lane with 3 friends (and old neighbors) from the class of 61 (including Bill Miller's sister-Linda). We went by Woodward and in the back parking lot found a small pile of construction stuff left from the old school. I picked up some small pieces of the blue tile(a turquoise-green pale color) that was in the front hall of Woodward.

We spend the winters in Arizona and I took the tile to the lapidary shop and cut them into 4 small pieces and I will put a bail on the back and a silver necklace and give them to the three of them as a remembrance of high school days. It was fun to make and only wish I had found more of it. I understand some went to the pile when it was bigger and if anyone has some of this tile I can make them a small piece to wear. No charge for fellow classmates.

Gwen Hoffman Fraser  


18 Sep 11


One of the benefits of being married to a Woodward grad from our era, is the privilege of attending their reunion. The past weekend I got to renew old acquaintances with the "kids" of the Class of 1961. They did a great job of putting on their 50th, but of course, they like the class of 1959, couldn't muster as many classmate attendees as we did.

1959 = 150 +/-
1960 = 183
1961 = 170

Of our classmates at the Embassy Suites, Blue Ash, I only saw Bruce Fister (Melissa McGregor), Fred Jones (Dianne Jenks) and Barry Ross (he "crashed" the Friday night affair). The class of '59 was having their 70th B'day celebration the same weekend and a few of them showed up also. One thing everyone seems to agree on, those three years were the best with a possible exception the class of 1926 - only inasmuch as that was the class of my father, Gerry Sapadin's father and Wally Bohl's uncle! :)


Other Classmate News:

Fred Zigler still has a few T-shirts left from the 50th. Contact him (click on Addresses Page) for price and availability. Fred is also an accomplished artist and runs his own blog.

Amazon.com still has available plenty of my latest book, THE BADGE, Stories and Tales From Both Sides of the Law.

If you have information you think might be of interest to your fellow classmates, please send it to me for posting in this space.

25 July 2011

There is a nasty practice circulating the member organizations - they will charge your credit card for renewal unless you go to their website and click on "no-auto renewal" or words to that effect. Once you've been charged, it is most difficult to receive a credit for the amount.

Like many of you, I've been a member of www.classmates.com for a number of years. It was a good concept - before Facebook, Google and websites. However, they are now (as they did to me) charging members with a renewal automatically.

Therefore, if you are a member of Classmates.com (or any other member type organization) and you paid by credit card, you might want to visit the member website and go on manual billing or terminate your membership. 


Latest News

Hey Classmates,

New Woodward High SchoolThe rumors are confirmed: "New" Woodward HAS BEEN COMPLETELY DEMOLISHED. All we have left are memories, the Honschopp painting (at right) and for a lucky few, souvenir bricks.



12 July 11

Those in the Cincinnati area might stop by the "school" for a souvenir brick. The demolition contractors have been dumping some samples outside the gate off the Seymour entrance for this purpose. I was there last week and though the pickings were slim, I got about a 3/4 piece of the buff outside brick. It's marked, "BELDEN Canton Ohio". I glued a piece of cork gasket material to one side and it serves nicely as a bookend. There was a rumor that ???? was selling bricks as a fund raiser, but I was unable to learn more.



It has occurred to me that a number of our widowed/divorced classmates may be interested in connecting with each other for the purpose of companionship.

If you are "available" and would like learn of fellow Judeo-Christian valued classmates in similar circumstance, please let me know - including your e-mail AND the city in which you currently live. I'll make up a list to send to only those who reply. I'm not trying to be a match-maker and do not plan to do this more than once.

Judy Cramer Crawford writes:
"Mrs. Jean Armstrong was one of our Home Economics' teachers. Many of the girls in the Class of 1960 will remember her as a special teacher. Classmates from the Bond Hill/Roselawn/Losantiville area will also remember her as a grade school teacher, Miss Jean Burdsall ( I was a Silverton girl). Two of our classmates visited with Mrs. Armstrong while they were in town for the 50th Reunion. I had visited with her in her assisted living home prior to the Reunion to see if she was able to come to our celebration. She was unable to come due to health problems. She attended our 40th Reunion and several others over the years."

(Enquirer: http://www.legacy.com/obituaries/cincinnati/obituary-search.aspx?daterange=365&firstname=jean&lastname=armstrong&countryid=1&stateid=45&affiliateid=2868)


17 May 11

Just some short notes on Cincinnati and recent WHS '60 stuff.

Myron Schwartz, who couldn't make the reunion, did visit this past week. He's still working for the Sheriff's Department in Key West and was looking most fit. Myron, Joel Lauman, Bill Kissinger and your web master got together for a Skyline dinner and BS session. Afterwards we got a tour of Joel's shop. He restores old cars and had some of the coolest sets of wheels including a just completed, as in fully restored, '57 FI Corvette factory race car. Bill is retired from the Post Office and says, ". . . I'm out dancing every chance I get."

WHS '61 is having their 50th: 16,17,18 Sep 11 at Embassy Suites Blue Ash. Since I'm married to a 61er, I get to go. Their contact person is: Carol Quisno Pearce.


Cincinnati History Question:

The March 2011 issue of Cincinnati Magazine contains a story on the Gourmet Room (atop the Terrace Plaza/Hilton) (http://www.cincinnatimagazine.com/cincinnatihistory/Story.aspx?ID=1378904). I remember that the room revolved or was designed to revolve but the mechanics were not completed. I have seen the massive gear structure under it to make just the eating room turn. The article does not mention this feature. Does anyone remember if the room actually turned?