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 O'MARA LAW GROUP: An organization that believes strongly in the citizen's right to carry arms and defend themselves.

MARYVILLE UNIVERSITY: An on-line program for those seeking a criminal justice Bachelor of Science Degree. Completing a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice can help you prepare to enter the police academy or for other law enforcement training opportunities.

EDGE CITY: An Interactive Network Portal - a blend of Knowledge,  Activity,  Commerce and Entertainment.   Edge City provides a casual, secure environment with unique shops, music, books,  and so much more.  

Gun Goals - A blog for gun enthusiasts

The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB) These are sample test for anyone interested in enlisting in any of the US Armed Service branches. Try 'em - they're tough which means our military is only looking for the best.

THE HISTORY AND EVOLUTION OF FIREARMS A brief history of firearms as part of Target Sports USA catalog.

CRIME PREVENTION RESEARCH, A site by John R. Lott dedicated to use of firearms as a protective and defensive measure

Bethany's 2nd Amendment Suggestions: A unique site, with links, that is All About the Legal Right to Bear Arms.

Dr. Rich Swier: Political commentary by a conservative with a conscience.

Mena Street Rods - A hands-on site devoted to those who are actually devoted to building real street rods.  Also includes many related links and even hot rod intensive short stories and articles. is a site put together to make it simple and quick for people to find information on whatever aspect of motorsports they are interested in.  With around 8,000 organized links to other motorosports-related web sites.

Tactical Defense Institute - State-of-the-art firearms and defensive training.  All aspects including handgun, rifle, machine gun and shotgun.  Life-fire houses, night training and much more.  Headed by retired SWAT commander John Benner. - Here is the premier dealer in machine guns, sound suppressors and other related material for police and qualified individuals whose states do not prohibit.  E-mail him and check it out. 

E Military Manuals.  Books and manuals for military and professional survival.

Paralegal Education/Paralegal Training - Criminal Justice Degree Search provides a paralegal education search engine that will allow you to search for paralegal schools that offer the paralegal programs you are looking for. 

Second Amendment Foundation - This is the only organization exclusively dedicated to preserving your gun rights.  There's no top-heavy bureaucracy or magazine to support - the money they raise goes to litigating lawsuits and other pro-gun matters. - Join the National Rifle Association here or learn about their many functions. - Join The Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, an important organization dedicated to preserving the U.S. Consitution's 2nd Amendment.  They also have a large firearms related bookstore on their website. - A very strong 2nd Amendment rights organization, Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (no, you don't have to be Jewish to join).

 POLICE CAREERS - A good place to start if seeking a career in law enforcement. Site includes references, tips, articles and books. Becoming a Police Officer:



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