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CLASS: Non-Fiction.

GENRE: Police Science; Self defense shooting techniques.




Includes new instructive material and photographs plus chapters on laser sights, indexing and more.




Defensive Handgunning for Police

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OUTLINE: The 4th Edition (published by the international text book publisher, Taylor & Francis) contains all new HD photos and over 10k words of additional instructive material. The title has now been in continuous print since 1986. 

INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING is defined as:The act of operating a HANDGUN by focusing on the target, as opposed to the sights, and instinctively coordinating the hand and mind to cause the HANDGUN to discharge at a time and point that ensures interception of the projectile with the target. 

The practice of INSTINCT SHOOTING with a handgun (Instinct Combat Shooting), a concept pioneered by the author, is now taught worldwide by some of the most progressive police academies. Since introduction of the concepts taught in this book, police agencies all over the USA and in seven foreign countries have adopted the methods of INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING. Sometimes called "Point Shooting," a somewhat ambiguous term, this technique of firefight survival has universally taken hold.

Testimony of survivors of shoot-outs and careful analysis of firefights have proven that shooting instinctively is not only extremely fast but equally accurate under the pressure of a gun battle. Court decisions such as Popow vs. City of Margate, NY (1979), mandate officers must be trained in all phases of handgun use including moving target techniques. Impacting a moving target while trying to maintain a "sight picture" is truly a lucky hit. The Popow decision made it clear that police officers must have job related training.

Instinct combat shooting - shooting at point blank distances, sans sight alignment - has been an accepted practice among most police trainers for over 25 years. Originally a radical theory, it was subject to much debate and even ridicule by some. Since that tenuous start the idea of forsaking sights during close quarter do-or-die scenarios has slowly and steadily taken root. Now, most police academies, world wide, teach INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING. The concept has been proven to be fundamentally sound by the test of time and acceptance and practice in some of the most noted police academies. When tachyinterval sets in, that's not the time to be looking for a sight picture or other such niceties related to aimed fire.

If you have enough time to find and align your sights then your attacker might have enough of an interval to get a shot or two off at you. Whenever you have sufficient duration for such niceties as searching for blades and notches then you have enough time to seek cover. INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING is for the times when there is no time! INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING is not a panacea for all shooting conditions. It is a tool, the best tool, for close encounters of the heart stopping kind, both literally and figuratively. Should you find yourself in a life or death situation where gun play is imminent and the distances are close then you should know the techniques that the rest of the good guys have been doing all along. Again, this is only for close in firefights when time is of the essence. For most instances involving greater distances the old standard of priorities hasn't changed: seek cover first then use your sights.


“The traditional martial arts, in many cases, suffer from the same disease, that is confusing the art form with actual reality.  Mr. Klein's book emphasizes instinct combat shooting principles for the street."
The Aslet Journal
 May/June 1993

“Klein's straightforward writing style clarifies the important concept of defensive shooting.  Instinct Combat Shooting is a good text for use in police academies and refresher training."
The Police Marksman
 July/August 1993

"Informative book outlines proper techniques...must read for those interested in the tactics of defensive handgunning."
Law & Order
 July 1987

The methods shown here are not for the novice. Basic abilities at bulls-eye shooting, including accepted breathing, grip, and trigger control are prerequisites to make effective use of these techniques.

Most people can shoot a handgun as all that is required is the pulling of the trigger. However, not all can score well much less hit the intended target under adverse conditions. It is hoped that the reader will benefit from the contents of this book and thus increase his or her chances of survival should a real life firefight ever be encountered.