ISBN: 0-87714-403-6
PUBLISHER and YEAR:  Denlinger's Publishers, © 1999.
CLASS: Commercial Fiction.
GENRE: Ethnic (Jewish), Private Detective, Action, Metaphysical
SEX: Love Making; yes.  Graphic sex, explicit language; no.


The Power of God


A Powerful Novel exposing a de facto hole in America's Civil Defense

A private detective and a lady lawyer, both working for J.E.W.S. [Jewish Esoteric Watchdog Society], team up to infiltrate The Rightful Owners [TRO]. The TRO, a high level militia, is out to destroy Jews, Blacks and take over the USA by a heretofore unexposed, defacto loophole in USA security. The novel includes real private investigative pretexts, gun fights, a car chase, romance, The America Mitzvoth, police jargon.

EXCERPT (relevant to the disappearance of Malaysian FLIGHT 370):

The General took a sip from a glass of water and continued, "Let's suppose that two planes, one a British Airlines commercial jet on a scheduled flight from London to Washington, and the other an Iranian plane of the same make and model and painted with the B.A.L. insignia, crossed paths somewhere over the Atlantic. Now let's further suppose that flying in very tight formation with the Iranian airliner were two Iranian war planes -- close enough that they appeared as one blip on any radar screen, just on the off chance that anyone was watching, much less cared."

 The General paused to sip water again and let the impact of his scenario sink into the mind of his captor. Sander didn't stir, lest he stop the flow of information.

 "At the point of interception," the General continued, "the fighter planes will shoot down the British airliner while simultaneously the Iranian airliner briefly jams the commercial radio frequency. Again, just in case the doomed plane's pilots try to call a mayday before plunging into the sea. In seconds the Iranian airliner, with a nuclear bomb on board, assumes the route of the B.A.L. flight and heads for Washington. The Fighter planes continue on their course. Any radar operator observing this path crossing will see that the planes have passed each other. Simple, eh?"
 "Sir, I'm not very knowledgeable about flight paths and planes and things, but even I know all commercial planes have transponders that individually identify them to ground control. Won't the sudden disappearance of the British signal alarm someone?"

 "You're more knowledgeable than you let on, Sander. There are many details that I too am not familiar with. However, the transponder matter, I have been told, is easily handled. At the instant of destruction of the British plane, the high tech electronics onboard the Iranian plane, which has identified this signal, merely sets its own transponder to duplicate, and thus transmit the same radio signal. At this point, for all intents and purposes to any and all ground, or air observers, the Iranian ship becomes, is, the scheduled and commercial flight of a very friendly nation. The only transponder among the three Iranian planes will be on one of the fighters so that that transponder signal will continue on to its destination."

 ". . . so you've now got your disguised bomber on final approach, which is not directly over the Capitol. How . . . ."

 "Sander! Nuclear explosions, like horseshoes and hand grenades, only have to be close. However, we will have pinpoint accuracy. While aligning for its final approach, the Iranian ship will feign a malfunction in its steering mechanism as it turns toward the Capitol. We're talking only minutes here. Not enough time to scramble fighter jets. And even if a fighter jet should approach, all it would see is the markings of a British airliner. Albeit, an airliner with the faint outline of bomb bay doors. But we don't believe that any plane or ground battery will shoot down what appears to be a commercial airliner full of civilians without full confirmation. There just isn't enough time for them to react. Even if they were to shoot the plane down the bomb would still detonate."

 "How about the crew of the plane? Won't they also be killed?"

 "Of course. But they, like you, are expendable. 


“Scary thoughts, come alive characters and a most unique ending.  Chuck Klein's latest novel, THE POWER OF GOD, is a page-turner expos, of a significant gap on the security of our country.  Sometimes it takes a work of fiction to bring reality into focus."
Fifty Plus Magazine, 1999

“Good, crisp writing and plenty of action plus a plot that should make the U.S. Department of Defense take notice.  Klein, a Licensed Private Investigator draws on his 20 plus years experience in crafting this timely and professionally correct novel."
P.I. Magazine, 1999


Simultaneously, the magnum and the diminutive snub-nose perforated the battle dust with ear-splitting blasts of death.  The first shot tore through his upper leg exiting just below the hip.  The second and third...

"Sandy....Sandy.  Are you coming back anytime soon?"