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To come up with the selections for THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEIN the author had to wade through a collection of writing samples greater by far than that produced by the most proficient of writers. That's because Chuck Klein has lived a fuller life than most authors and those life experiences have produced volumes of adventure, opinions, reminiscences and astute observations that cry out to be compiled in a "best of" edition.

Now, a full time author, Klein is a retired licensed private investigator, a former certified police officer and firefighter, a firearms editor, street rod columnist, former staff instructor for the Tactical Defense Institute, Bill of Rights columnist and security columnist.



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“Klein’s taut prose is an insider's journey through the pumping, testosterone-fueled worlds of guns, cars, cops, hot-rodding and provocative editorials.  Strap yourself in for this meticulously informed flight of fact and fancy to the past, the present -- and the future.”
Bill Curry -- former L.A. Times reporter
who's covered crime, cops, courts and
politics at the national and local level.

“From personal reflections concerning today’s most volatile Constitutional issues to essays on bullies, annotations on the Pledge of Allegiance, and journey of life."
Gil Effron, Author of How to Give Your Business
an Extreme Marketing Makeover.

"We frequently get letters to the editor here at the News Democrat, but you can always count on Chuck Klein to offer a new take on the hot button topics that concern the public.  His responses often show simple solutions for complex issues that can be deduced simply by thinking outside the box"
Bryan Peck, Editor,
The News Democrat, Georgetown, OH

"For the reader’s entertainment and edification, Chuck Klein has pulled together a fine sampling of his work—short fiction, essays, opinion pieces and thoughtful ruminations on a wide variety of subjects. Here is something for everyone: gritty tales, tongue-in-cheek incidents, alarming situations, poignant recollections and no-holds-barred commentaries, all delivered in Chuck Klein’s punchy style."
Cathy Swormstedt is a freelance writer whose articles
have appeared in The Elks Magazine,
Modern Drummer, The Health Journal
and many other magazines and newspapers.

"From teen escapades of the 60’s to analysis of critical world events today, Chuck Klein offers a unique perspective of someone who has walked the talk. His non-conforming intellect shines through his observations, comments, and storytelling.  Few match his understanding of the fabric of American values and everyday life."
William E. Miller, President Performance Leadership;
author of The Art of Strategic Interviewing.

"With the agility of a master storyteller, Chuck changes gears often and shows the rider a different pace. It may be cars, philosophy, race, guns, politics,religion, football, or survival; whatever Chuck tackles as subject matter he does it with the passion of a person who clearly knows himself. He's not afraidto tender his beliefs or to just challenge your beliefs."
Daniel Robertson,  Certified Hypnotherapist and
Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).


...night snowfall renders the surroundings virtually pitch black. There is no reflected light from distant towns and star light cannot penetrate heavy blankets of pure white pieces of dark.

...the seasoned dispatcher continued a monotone monologue with run-together words and sentences that only cops can decipher. “Attention all cars all departments unit 4-John-11 requesting a 10-78 last twenty is farm-to-market four-three-two four miles west of state route eight-twenty-one involves Ford sedan blue in color bearing Texas Tom-Adam-Sam-nine-nine-eight 4-John-11.” Police officers are in the business of honesty. This is their stock-in-trade, forte', signature, persona, identification and what differentiates them from other professions.

...Our God and the god of other peoples are in competition – at war – with each other and we, the images of these gods, could merely be pawns in their game of trying to best the other.

The formula for creativity production is comprised of five distinct and separate steps, the Latent Psyche Concept. Latent, because it deals with the ideas and thoughts hidden away in the back of the mind. Psyche, for the involvement

The 6th Amendment to the U.S. constitution states, "In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial, by an impartial jury...." It doesn't say by a judge; it specifies an IMPARTIAL jury. ...a jury that has been subjected to the judge's uncontested bias (his charge) is no longer impartial.

Suppose both houses of Congress agree to allow for Alternate Party Rule (APR) for four year periods. In other words, starting in, say, 2014, the Democrats are the only ones who can vote. Then in 2018, only Republicans have the power of the vote. ...Note: Such a "rule" is not prohibited under the Constitution.  Article I, Section 5 reads:

...this stuff might seem off-the-wall, but to the Tories, so was the Declaration of Independence.

AUTHOR'S COMMENT: From the decades of my writings, I’ve chosen what I consider to be my best stuff. The subject matter runs from fiction to true accountings, to my columns on guns, police ethics, private investigation, and editorials. Also thrown in are essays, unique concepts and patriotic salutes.