Klein's CCW Handbook


The Requisite for Those Who Carry Concealed Weapons


  This booklet is OUT-OF-PRINT

  However, the relevant information is contained in GUNS IN THE WORKPLACE A Manual for Private Sector Employers and Employees

This is the only book that actually tells when you can shoot and when you can't use lethal force. This tightly written, attorney edited, handbook is fast being accepted as the "bible" on self-defense and is now part of a number of self-defense courses.

Court Tests; Carrying Firearms; C.C.W. Checklist; Reality of Self Defense; Use of Lethal Force; Defense of Self Defense; Glossary; Appendix.


“...a clear and carefully though-out book that should be read by anyone who wants to carry a weapon for safety."
Outdoor Life

“There are a host of books that tell what to carry, where to carry, how to carry, but until now -- when and when not to use what you carry -- has not been adequately addressed.  Klein's C.C.W. Handbook covers the circumstances and consequences of civilian use of lethal force."
John Benner, Chief Instructor
Tactical Defense Institute

“...the definitive work on the subject of when and when not to reach for cold steel."
The Cincinnati Post

“...the legal aspects of concealed carry, including the use and consequences of lethal force and a well-done three page ccw checklist."
Women & Guns

A 25 minute interview with author Chuck Klein about the importance of this book.