Guns in the Workplace


A Manual for Private Sector Employers and Employees
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This manual is written in outline form to establish practices that protect the business owner as well as employees and patrons.


"Finally there is a realistic manual for employers and employees to openly and honestly evaluate the presence of guns in the workplace.  ...Outlines solid and court-defensible strategies that shift the burden or proving what constitutes a safe workplace."
17 November 2006
"As a State of Indiana Senator of 28 years, I am well aware that the laws we pass have no impact on individuals intent on doing harm.  As a small business owner, I am also aware of the deterrent effect of allowing law-abiding persons into my business as an offset to those who have no regard for the laws my fellow legislators and I have passed."
Senator Johnny Nugent
Indiana State Senate
"We pass laws to register, ban, confiscate guns everyday, but no piece of paper can ever prevent thugs bent on doing harm."
Tom Brinkman, Member
Ohio House of Representatives
"As the CEO of a small business, I appreciate the presence of armed, law-abiding customers in my store.  I believe they are a deterrent to dangerous criminals."
Jim Weiss, CEO
Elgin Office Supply
Cincinnati, Ohio
"If one of our patrons hadn't produced a gun during an armed robbery of our warehouse, things might not have turned out as well as they did."
Marty Bottom
M&B Distributors
Fairfax, Ohio


a) The COMPANY may provide lockable storage compartments for the securing of employee's firearms while on COMPANY property;
b) By the institution of these FIREARM policies, the COMPANY is demonstrating its desire to take reasonable measures to ensure the safety of its employees and visitors.  However, the COMPANY, assumes no legal obligation to protect or guarantee the safety of its employees or visitors from persons bent on harming said employees and/or visitors;
c) These policies and procedures are neither intended to encourage, discourage...
Please copy and print the below sign for posting in your workplace:

SUGGESTED USAGE: Purchase one copy for yourself and additional copies for distribution to businesses (or legislators) that you believe might benefit from knowing the ramifications of not allowing you and others to CCF in their place of business.