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Observations from the 45th Reunion
Recollections of the 40th
1961 45th Reunion


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60th Reunion email message sent (8 Mar 2020)

Six - Oh – That’s SIXTY years ago
With full dress of cap and gown
In Music Hall with parents aglow
and among the 500 not a frown

Vigard, Wingard, Moeller and McConnell
Were also in our corner helping
Always with a prod and a push
To at least keep us off our tush

Schwartz, Blackwell, and Aug
These are some that created a cog
So our minds wouldn’t be lame
To help make us what we became

Bohlander, Borchin, Romito and Curry
Magrish, McSpadden and Keefe
Top quality all and you’ll never hear
Any of us ask where’s the beef

With educators the likes of
Friedman, Duning and Russel
We learned to hustle
And Anaple a day
Kept failure out of the way

Montgomery, Nathan,
Warman and Grant
A sincere thanks to all teachers
will always be our rant

Therefore, on your calendar,
Please, dear Classmate,
Put 17 Oct 2020
As the our 60th reunion date

Details: Woodward 1960 Webpage … and while you’re there, check out the WHO WE ARE link.
If you haven’t already sent in your info, please do so – we want to know what you’ve been up to for 60 years.

Chuck Klein, Webmaster




October 7, 2017

It was outstanding that so many could come for a 75th birthday party – some from as far away as California! Happy Birthday Mary Curtis - 7 Oct 2017. Say what, you think there was another reason for the party?

Jim Wells told me he worked 46 years stopping lives and preventing disease, he’s a prophylactic ... no, no, wait – he saved lives and prevented disease – he was a nurse. (No one should drink this early).

Tony Krueger, as Curator for the William Woodward Memorial Museum, has borrowed the Honschopp painting of “our” Woodward and will be displaying it in the Museum.

Finally, the 2nd Edition of THE WAY IT WAS, Nostalgic Tales of HotRods and Romance is now available. This, my latest work, contains previously unpublished fiction and true escapades and many new illustrations and photographs. These historically & technically correct stories are void of graphic sex, violence and explicit language and most contain a romance angle and all lack politics/editorializing.

If you’re entertained by reading you’ll like these – if not, it’s a great bathroom book ‘cuz each story is only about 10 minutes long. Every reunion I’ve attended since our 40th (including those for ‘59 & ‘61), I always hear in my mind’s ear, Mrs. (Lois) Keefe’s comment when referring to Woodward during the late 50s and early 60s: “Those were some of the best years of my life.” Ours too, Mrs. Keefe, ours too. See ya at the 60th in 2020!



Carol Alter Fletcher
Leatrice (Diggie) Barr Pesakoff
Janet Bertram Van Outer
Bill Blum
Walter Bohl
Gail Bookman Berwald
Lynne Brill George
Ronald Brown
Nancy Bryant Webster
Sandy Clayland Hamilton
Jim Cohen
Mary Curtis Ashong
Robert Degroff
Jeffrey Deutsch
AJ Friedman
Nat Friedman
Michael Fulton
Kathy Goertemiller Barber
Barry Goldhoff
Deneal Gottesman
Harold Guttman
Bill Kissinger
Chuck Klein
Tony Krueger
Sidney Lieberman
George Louiso
Joanne Luerman Swanson
Jim Luken
John McGehee
Frank Meenach
Diane Mitman Bongard
Bill Moorman
Vivian Morgan
Larry  Morgan
Robert  Morrison
Cherie Moskowitz Rosenstein
CAROL Murray Duebber
Donald Newman
Arthur Owen
Doug Parker
Barbara Ringhand White
Barry Ross
Elaine Ruskin
Jerry Sapadin
David Simmons
Frank Slesnick
Garda Sommer Mann
Harry Sterling
Barbara Swillinger Wittenbaum
Richard Tessendorf
Harry Webster
Jim Wells
Larry Yates
Fred Zigler
Paula (Capi) Zoller Tessendorf


Where: Montgomery Inn,


70th B'Day Party/Reunion Recap

13 Oct 2012, The Montgomery Inn. COMPLETE LIST OF ATTENDEES BELOW

We had a few first-timers (at least first in a long time) enjoy the camaraderie of the 50 or so classmates: Jim Katz and Harriet Waxman Katz. And, Glenn Johnson stopped by for a quick hello. Though he didn't graduate with us (he transferred to Central) it was a treat to see him as I not only remember him from Woodward, but we were both members of the Knights of the 20th Century hot rod club.
Harry Webster and Nancy Bryant Webster - still married after all these years - were looking just like they did when he "popped the question". Hey, I was there - the Handle Bar Ranch hayride, 8th grade, when they began going steady.
One of our classmates is still working. Yeah, I know lots of us are holding down a job or profession - BUT . . . Don Newman is the fire chief of Silverton - climbing ladders and dragging hoses and stuff most of us couldn't do even when we were a whole lot younger.
Three honeys came all the way from Florida for this get-together, Donna Ullner, Karen Franklin and Bobbie Hochman. The latter of which was my first real date, c.1955. I picked her up (my father was driving, of course) for the early show at the Valley Theater. I have no clue what the movie was as I spent the entire projection time trying to surreptitiously slip my arm around her. By show's end I had succeeded, and though she didn't snuggle, she didn't move away either. Man, I was so cool! We walked next door to Carter's for a coke and then I called my father.  I let the phone ring twice and then hung up. That was the signal for him to pick us up, and, since he didn't answer, I got my dime back - remember that trick? The possibility of any romance vanished that New Year's Eve. I rode my bike - a 3-speed Raleigh English Racer with mud-flap and colored streamers - to her house. She was home alone and wasn't allowed to let anyone in so we talked standing at the door. As the midnight hour approached, I moved in for the traditional kiss (I think that's in the Constitution). She smiled, she was coy, she hid behind the door, she was so pretty. Do you have any idea how cold a ride back home it was after being turned down? 
Tony Krueger, curator of the William Woodward Museum, had on display a collection of the museum's memorabilia including photos, annuals and pieces of "our" building's bricks and tiles. It's humbling to know we are part of a history that dates to 1831.
There was no program or entertainment - just a lot of smiles and memories. See ya at the next one!!
 Attendees 13 Oct 12

Anaple John (Teacher)
Bohlander Bazell Betsy (Teacher)
Lunsford Wanda (Teacher)

Alter Fletcher Carol
Bohl Walter
Bryant Webster Nancy
Buchanan Joe
Clayland Hamilton Sandy
Cohen Jim
Crabtree Larry
Crowthers Tom
Dewey Sumerel Sallie
Fogel Bart
Franklin Simmonds Karen
Friedman AJ
Gershkovitz Ackerman Betsy
Goertemiller Barber Kathy
Goret Ken
Gottesman Deneal
Hockman Sugerman Barbara
Hoffman Fraser Gwen
Jones Fred
Katz Jim
Kissinger Bill
Klein Chuck
Krueger Tony
Levinson Steve
Lieberman Sidney
Louiso George
McGehee John
Miller Bill
Minson Gilbert
Mitman Bongard Diane
Moorman Bill
Morrison Bob
Nedelman Easterbrooks Joanne
Newman Donald
Owen Arthur
Ringhand White Barbara
Rittenhouse Michels Debbie
Ross Barry
Sapadin Gerry
Sawyer Doug
Simmons David
Sloan Russell Sandy
Smith Miller Judy
Sommer Mann Garda
Spiegel Spike
Sterling Harry
Stoltzman Richard
Swillinger Wittenbaum Barbara
Tessel David
Ullner Donna
Waxman Katz Harriet
Webster Harry
Wettig Fischer Barbara
Yates Larry
Zigler Fred
Zimov Richards Roz


50th Reunion Recap:

Hey Classmates,

I did it. I said I was going to do it and I did - and I didn't get slapped even once! I hugged and kissed so many girls - including cheerleaders and Kappas - I lost count. I waited 50 years to do this . . . and it was worth every minute!! Speaking of Kappas, they, of course, had their own table - with armed guards. I mean guys like me back then - they were out of my league. Today, we're truly all the same - Judeo-Christian background, blessed to have lived the era and are all really just plain friends. Oh yeah, I lied about the armed guards - they weren't armed . . . alright already there weren't any guards at all!

We had 173 classmates and seven teachers in attendance. What a treat to see so many after so many years. Face book, web sites and e-mail, are fine, but nothing compares to looking a compatriot of 50 plus years in the eye, shaking hands and hugging. Personal contact triggers past recollections and stirs feelings no other media can possibly emulate.

The FRIDAY NIGHT mixer w as just like the front hall before first bell - noisy, jostling, comradely - fun. The best part, for me, was seeing someone for the first time in a whole lot of years. Bill Blum finally made it to a reunion - also, instantly recognizable, was Carol Benson, Ronny Vogt, Johnny Jacobs and Mike Straus none of whom had been back in ?? a long time. There were others, but I'm having a senior moment . . . .

President, Joe Buchanan - all on his own - put together a most unique and entertaining slide show of lost images and forgotten fun stuff. This masterpiece of our era is a great contribution and tribute to Woodward High School and the class of 1960. Thank you isn't enough, but I don't know what else to say. God Bless you Joe. All those attending got a DVD of this production to enjoy at home.

While Joe was experiencing a glitch in the projector, Clarinetist Dick Stoltzman and pianist Jerry Samuels worked their World Class magic and gave us all an impromptu treat. Thanks, guys!

Roger Effron, as he did at our 50th Birthday Party in 1992, entertained us with his banter, jokes and memories only a Woodwardite can relate to. I wish I could tell you more, but it was one of those things where you had to be there.

Many classmates have distinguished themselves in their lives - but one received (deserved) a special recognition and standing ovation: Bruce Fister, retired Air Force Lt. General. Thanks, Bruce, for keeping us safe and thanks for being such a regular guy.

I'm going to end this with a reiteration of an experience from the Class of 61s 45th. Science teacher, Lois Keefe, took my hand as I thanked her for making a difference in our lives and said, "Those years at Woodward in the 1950s were some of the best years of my life." I think I speak for every member of our class . . . Ours too, Mrs. Keefe, ours too.

Your classmate and friend of 50+ years, Chuck Klein

P.S. I hope everyone makes an effort to keep in touch. If you guys and gals send me your e-mail address changes, I'll work to maintain the site's list.

P.P.S. If you learn of a classmates death, please let me know the where and when so I can pass it on and honor them on our memorial page.

List of Attendees:

 Ronald Alcoke  Shirley Gumenick Newmark  Debbie Rittenhouse Michels
 Carole Alter Fletcher  Hardol Guttman  David Ritter
 Patricia Baker Bertram  Carol Hall Latorre  Stuart Rosenstein
 Vera Bagdal Fagot  Lynn Hammond Reiber  Barry Ross
 Sandra Lee Baker Norkaitis  Kathryn Hayslip Mozingo  Linda Ray Rubel
 Yvonne Balay Toombs  James Heidenreich  Elain Ruskin
 Phyllis Barnard Huie  Barbara 'Bobbi' Hochman  Jerry Samuels
 Leatrice Barr  Stuart Hodesh  Gerald Sapadin
 Ted Behr  Michael Hoffman  Douglas Sawyer
 Carol Benson Thompson  Martha Hoffman Segel  Bonnie Schafer Eggena
 David Bentley  Pamela Horton Dodd  Charles Schmitt
 Judith Ann Bischoff  John Jacobs  Susan Schott Singleton
 Janet Blersch Hill  Fred Jones  Howard Schrager
 Louis William Blum  Weldon Julien  Janet Seaman Fromhold
 Walter Bohl  Herman Kabakoff  Barbara Shuller Hahn
 Sue Bollinger Christiansen  Ken Kingsbury  Bobbie Siebler Merrell
 Gail Bookman Berwald  Bill Kissinger  Nancy Siemering Kuhnell
 Steve Brenner  Charles (Chuck) Klein Jr.  Fred Silverstein
 Lynn Brill George  Nancy Klein Blanford  David Simmons
 Ronald Brown  Stanley Kravitz  Carole Skurow Yellin
 Nancy Bryant Webster  John Anthony (Tony) Krueger  Frank Slesnick
 Joseph D Buchanan  Ada Christine Kruse Boyer  Sandra Sloan Russell
 Susan Buchtman Mullen  Joy Kuessner Hill  Judy Smith Miller
 Gerald Ray Burress  William Clifford Kuhnell  Mark G. Sollek
 Richard C Calvin  Joel Lauman  Maynard Spiegel
 Sandy Clayland Hamilton  Steve Levinson  'Chickie' Stein Loewenstein
 Bill Cohen  Sidney Lieberman  Harry Sterling
 Jim Cohen  William Lipsky  Richard Leslie Stoltzman
 Marsha Cohn Simon  George Louiso  Michael Straus
 Steve Cohn  Jean Owen McWhorter  Robert Stumpf
 Judith Cramer Crawford  Caroly Manas Bertram  Barbara Swillinger Wittenbaum
 Sherry Crouch Geghan  Jack Manischewitz  Suzan Tash
 Mary Curtis Ashong  Paul McDorman  David Tessel
 Judy Dean Jacobs  John H. McGehee  Richard Tessendorf
 Dennis Denny  Sandra McKenney  Susan Thomas Hartong
 Jeffrey Deutsch  Carol McKibben  Gail Thornton Thomas
 Sallie Ann Dewey Sumerel  Kathleen (Toni) Meyer Roe  Stuart Tobin
 Janice Dine Levin  Glenn Michaelson  Donna Vanderberg Meister
 Ruth Ann Duffe Oehler  William (Bill) Miller  Ronald Vogt
 Tom Dusterberg  Gilbert Minson  Bonnie Wacksman Wachler
 Roger Effron  Judy Mitchell Davis  Joan Wainer Barthel
 Jack Ewing  Diane Mitman Bongard  Harry Webster
 Peggy Fahy Stewart  William Moorman  Alfred Weisbrod Jr.
 Ed Ferguson  Vivian Kay Morgan  Jim Wells
 Bruce Fister  Robert Morrison  Judith Williams Murray
 Victoria Franklin Finn  Cherie Moshkowitz Rosenstein  Judy Williams Poppe
 Sue Frey Gayet  Amy Nathan Finn  Sheila Willis Wikas
 Alan (A.J.) Friedman  Paula Nebolsky Hertel  Lawrence Yates
 Michael Fulton  Robert Nebolsky  Walter Yonka
 Betsy Gershkovitz Ackerman  Jackie Neuman Waites  Stanley Zappin
 Kathy Goertemiller Barber  Donald Newman  Susan Zemboch Finkelman
 Carol Goldberg Haberman  Ned Nixon  Fred Zigler
 Janet Gordon Arend  Arthur Owen  Roz Zimov Richards
 Ken Goret  Jean Owen McWhorter  Paulette Zoller Tessendorf
 Richard Gose  Douglas Parker  
 Deneal Gottesman  Barbara Pescout McKenzie  
 Gail Greenberg Schaumberg  Frederick (Rick) Pressler  
 Ed Grosswiler  Barbara Ringhand White  


Observations from the 45th Reunion:

During the reunion, Sid Lieberman, observed: "We all have such good fun together because, I really believe we all genuinely like one another." That says a lot. We were all brought up with the same Judeo/Christian values, shared the same background (mostly German, but all European) with parents who survived the Great Depression and a world war. We lived in a unique and worry-free time where war was something we only read about in history books. To compensate for this lack of unity we created the rebel generation. Without fear of war and with good job and education prospects, we rebelled through "our" music and modifying our parent's generation cars. These rebellions were just for the sake of creating our own identity.

Mystery Solved:
Two retired cops (Tessendorf and Julian) and a retired P.I. (Klein) got together to solve one of the perplexing issues of this and past reunions: How could Chickie Stein and Chas Schmidt always look 20 years younger than the rest of us? To the "girl" sporting the Chickie Stein name tag: "At the next reunion, tell your mother we want to see her, not you." and To that "kid" wearing Chas Schmidt's name tag, ditto. "Tell your dad, he's the one we want to see in 2010!"

Our own Tony Krueger and Jerry Samuels sat in with the band for some very memorable moments (Jerry has just released a couple of new CDs - contact him through the ADDRESSES page).

Welcome Back:
Welcome back, Larry Yates. This was his first reunion, having spent many years living in Germany. Other news (that is being posted 25 Aug 05): We have couple of FIRSTS: Jim Wells has Great Grandchildren!! At the 25th he had the most grandchildren, so this no suprise - man we're all really getting old! Kenny Goret and Roz Zimov Richards are in-laws and grandparents together. Their children married and just had a baby. Congrats to all!!

A BRACELET was found on the dance floor and was turned over to the club. If you're the wait, if you lost it, contact the club at: 513/242-9200.

Start thinking about the 50th - it's only 5 years away, and as you well know, time, as we get older, seems to slip by faster. Anyone with ideas or suggestions about what you'd like to see, do or hear for this, our last big affair, please reply - and above all - keep us posted when you change addresses.

At our post 45th reunion committee meeting, we voted to send a $200 donation to the Red Cross for the Gulf Coast Hurricane Relief in the name of The Cincinnati Woodward High School Class of 1960. This amount of money is approximately what our "profit" was on the 45th and leaves us with a balance in our bank account of about $2000. After the 50th (2010) we will consider donating any remaining funds to: The school; The school's museum; The Alumni Association or ???? Suggestions appreciated.

The reunion committee intends to hold the first 50th reunion committee meeting in October or November of 2008. Anyone wishing to join the committee is encouraged to attend the meeting and/or contact a committee member. Time, place, and date will be posted on the web site when the information becomes available.

After the 45th, a number of the committee members received messages from attendees - even a few that didn't attend but wished they had - commenting on the great time they had. We shared your thoughts at the post reunion party - thanks, it really made our day.

Finally, rumor has it that WHS class of '61 is planning their 45th reunion for next year and will welcome members of our class. Details to follow.

Hope to see some of you in '08 and ALL of you in 2010!

Your reunion committee


My belly hurts from trying to hold it in for two nights running, ditto my face from all that smiling and laughing. If it hadn't been for sleeping pills, I would have never gotten to sleep Friday night 'cuz I couldn't stop thinking of all you guys and gals and the stirred memories. Wow...what a great weekend!

List of Attendees:

Alter, Carol Fletcher Hoffman, Martha Segel Samuels, Jerry 
Blersch, Jan Hill Hoffman, Michael Schmitt, Charles
Blumenthal, Laura Julien, Weldon Schnabel, Roger
Bohl, Walter Kingsbury, Ken Schrager, Howard
Bookman, Gail Berwald Kissinger, Bill Siebler, Bobbi Merrell
Bork, Frank Klein, Chuck Simmons, David
Buchanan, Joe Krueger, John (Tony) Skurow, Carol Yellin
Calder, Helen Palmer Leeds, Pete Sloan, Sandy Russel
Calvin, Richard C. Lieberman, Sid Smith, Judy Miller
Clayland, Sandy Hamilton Louiso, George Stein, Chicki Loewenstein
Cohen, Ben Manas, Carolyn Bertram Sterling, Harry
Cohen, Jim Michaelson, Glenn Tash, Susan
Deutsch, Jeff Miller, William Tessendorf, Rich
Ewing, Jack Mitman, Diane Bongard Tobin, Stuart
Friedman, AJ Moorman, Bill Vandenberg, Donna Meister
Gershkovitz, Betsy Morgan, Vivian Wells, James
Goertemiller, Kathy Barber Morrison, Robert Willis, Sheila Wikas
Goret, Ken Pressler, Rick Yates, Larry
Gose, Richard Ringhan, Barb White Zoller, Capi Tessendorf
Gumenick, Shirley Newmark Ross, Barry Zappin, Stan
Hochman, Bobbi Sugarman Rubel, Linda Ray Zigler, Fred
Hodesh, Stuart Sachs, Jim  

WHS Teachers:
Bill Strunk, Bob McSpadden, Paul Haverkos

Expected, but unable to attend due to illness - We wish them a speedy recovery!
Gerry Sapadin and Lou Wolpa

In addition, there were a few from other classes/schools:
Larry Brown (WHS 58), Ed Goldman (WHHS 60), John McIntyre (WHHS 60), Stephen Gaible (WHS 61), Tom Gildenblatt (WHS 61), Phyliss Gottlieb Gildenblatt (WHS 62).

If I've left anyone off, please advise - the memory ain't what it used to be.


Recollections of the 40th:

It seems every reunion has its crowning moment - that slice of time - that fleeting instant when memoried faces coerce tear-laden eyelashes - that time when you know you have come home again.

For the 25th, it was the finale - Dick Stoltzman blowing the haunting Amazing Grace that compelled us to contemplate our own mortality while wondering who among us that night would be just a memory at the next reunion. For the 50th Birthday Party it was Roger Effron's side-splitting commentary about our days of youth. The 40th's pinnacle, for me anyway, was the performance by the Tri-Etts. "Mr. Sandman" by these still fresh-scrubbed, bright-eyed, ever-youthful "girls," harmonizing the sounds of our time, brought me home again.

Every reunion also included a few who were making it their first. It's always a treat, especially for the reunion committee who work with the names and memories trying to locate and elicit classmates to return to the fold. My personal special delight was seeing first-timers Joanne Luehrman, who helped me sort out girl problems during study hall, and my first friend that first day in Miss Nathan's homeroom, Tom Crowthers.

Though we're all aging - on some of us it is hardly noticeable, to wit: Bonnie Wacksman, Chickie Stein, Chas Schmidt, Ken Goret, Bill Lipsky, Linda Rubel, Jay Wasserman, Mickey Hoffman, Jim Sachs, Dick Stoltzman, Nancy Siemering....The memory ain't what it used to be, but I know there were others.

As in past reunions, I always try to shake hands with every classmate. I never seem to satiate this need to connect with everyone - even those I don't remember. As to Spike Spiegel, Lorna Kay Peller, Joel Lauman, Janet Bertram, Sue Thomas - sorry I missed you and the too many others - see ya in ought-ten!

I love you all, Chuck.


Ringing the Bell

At the Founder's Day ceremony in March of 2001, they opened the program by asking the oldest graduate to ring the bell. My father (class of '26) shuffled to the front, took the microphone and said, "I just want to say, this marks my 75th anniversary of my graduation from Woodward." The room got quiet...he rang the bell. As he started back through the crowd the applause began. By the time he reached his chair it had become a standing ovation. Incase I don't make it to being a second generation bell ringer - somebody please ring it for me.



1961 45th Reunion:

One distinct advantage of being married to a fellow Woodwardite (Annette Margolis, '61) is being able to go to her reunions. Though their 45th was almost as good as ours, they did manage to get a couple of teachers to attend whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Ed Montgomery was not only a great teacher, but a mean poker player as well. He played with our Friday night game for many years during the 70s. Other players included: Stan Zappin, Alex Wilson ('59), Steve Schwartz ('61), Stu Hodesh, Ed Goldman (WHHS '60).

In addition to seeing many old friends from '61, I got a chance to thank a teacher: Mrs. Keefe. I found it very emotional to hold her hand and tell her I knew that she was not only an excellent teacher, but had had a positive impact on my life. I know she remembered me, because she commented on the columns I used to write for The Enquirer. Lois Keefe and other teachers said or wrote notes to the Class of 1961, all saying to the effect that teaching at Woodward, during our era, were some of the best years of their lives. Ours too!

Other 1960 grads in attendance included: Lou Wolpa (he didn't make our 45th due to illness, but now looked like he could still woop the whole gang). Bruce Fister (married 43 years to Melissa McGregor, '61) also looked fit and trim. He's living and working in the ministry for the Air Force in Colorado.

Check out the Class of 1961's web site in the box below. Oh yeah, one more thing: They didn't have any music Saturday night which facilitated conversation and thus they stayed later than we did at ours.

Chuck Klein


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