The Leader

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The next leader of the United States will be the person who will look the American people in the eye and say:

“We are a Judeo-Christian nation. We pray to one G_d. Our standards and our presence on this earth are based on the ethics, morals and righteousness found in the 10 Commandments as handed directly to Moses.

"Those who pray to Allah have proclaimed their goal is our forced conversion to Islam or death. They have professed themselves with direct statements and by the failure of their brothers-in-jihad to refute such affirmations. They have declared war on us and have acted upon that declaration.

THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEINNow is time for us - American Jews, Christians, whites, blacks and browns alike - to expel this enemy from within our borders and remove all evidence of their mosques. Further, criminal or terrorist attacks upon any Christian, Jewish or Judeo-Christian individual or nation by a member of an enemy state will bring about nuclear retaliation to one or more of these adversarial harbors.”

Taking such a forceful and strong stand might bring about the “holy war” these jihadist are spoiling for. Not following such a forceful and strong stand will surely cause the peace-loving America we know to cease to exist. Therefore, we must take a proactive position and disengage in all limited wars on foreign soil. To do otherwise only allows these criminal combatants more time to build their weapons of mass destruction and delivery devices.

All right, already, I know what you're thinking . . . isn't this the same as what Hitler tried to do to the Jews and what the KKK's goal was for blacks? Not even in the same ballpark. Blacks and Jews have never been a threat to America (or any other nation). They are small minorities with no world domination agenda. Whereas Muslims are not a minority and their extremist/killers cannot be separated out because of Muslims' universal refusal to disavow themselves (separate themselves out) from their warring fellows in jihad. As to legal justifcation to this apparent violation of a select group's constitutional rights? I’m only using the same logic the liberals have been propagating since FDR, to wit:

Since the Supreme Court has defined and justified the General Welfare clause (Art I Sect 8) as the giving of our money to victims of foreign catastrophic events - how can they refuse the same logic by removing a bona fide threat from our shores? Does that not fall under the same General Welfare of the country? In other words, what could be more beneficial to the General Welfare of America than to alleviate a bona fide worry and the inherent danger of allowing our enemy to live amongst us? Surely the General Welfare of all Judeo-Christian Americans would be significantly better if this sworn enemy were removed from our neighborhoods.

In addition, Article I, Section 8 states: "Congress shall have the power to . . . repel invasions." Muslim infiltration via our open-immigration policies and/or illegal entry is, nonetheless, an invasion. Congress must do its duty and repel the foray of this dedicated group of killers, including their supporters, and thus “provide for the common defense” of this Judeo-Christian nation.