The Big Picture

Some can see it, some can't.

© 2006 Chuck Klein

Most of us seem to have a realistic grasp on the big picture; others tend to be extrapolation-challenged. Newton's law, "For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction," could also be applied to political events - only sometimes the reaction takes a mite longer.

The short sighted believed giving handouts and diplomas to those who didn't EARN them was/is the solution to ending poverty and racism. The far-sighted could (and did) recognize the errors of this logic. LBJ, the innovator of the Great Society, knew how to project into the future and his program worked to perfection. As a result of LBJ's ideology the Democratic Party has reaped the ballot box support of the extrapolation-challenged liberals and the blacks, per se. Encouraging African-Americans to have children out of wedlock (by giving them money) and lowering education standards created a class of citizens beholden to the Democrats. In addition, some of us back in the 60s could also see that the LBJ generation of fatherless, pseudo-educated children would become social misfits requiring greater government action to subordinate them (imprisonment), thus keeping control of society with the Democratic whites. (Note: For every Bill Cosby and Walter Williams that do understand, there's a Jesse Jackson or an Al Sharpton preaching to hold their people back.)

Please see my Editorial, American Education System

WAR: Some of the reasons modern America goes to war: We need to engage in a war every 20 years or so just to keep the troops battle ready and to test the latest implements of combat. Ergo, sans wars our military leaders would be without experience and we wouldn't know if they and all the technological gizmos would perform as intended.

Keep at it - periodic wars have served us well.

The UN agenda is to disarm all peoples except UN forces. They believe that if all arms are removed from everyone except this world police/military agency, there will be no means with which war may be made. Of course, the far sighted among us all understand Orwell's "Animal Farm" message about some animals being more equal than other animals. (to those who are extrapolation-challenged: Friends of the UN leaders will still have arms).

SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS: Drop our membership in the United Nations. World peace is a pipe dream - see Suggested Solution to WAR above.

If we pull the troops out of Iraq the Islamic Fundamentalist, who have declared war on us, are not going to just go away - no they will then have the time and abilities to attack us here. If the war comes to our shores, there would still be thousands of our soldiers killed PLUS tens of thousands of American civilians lost. We can either fight them over there, or we can fight them over here. Why is this simple premise so hard for the liberals (extrapolation-challenged) to comprehend? Even the elected officials who loudly oppose this war have never tendered a vote to bring the troops home.

Continue to send our trained, volunteer troops over there so our civilians won't be in harms way over here.

FUTURE PROJECTIONS: It should be clear to all Americans that our consumption of foreign oil and foreign produced goods coupled with a liberal immigration status (though it has been great for the short term) is beginning to come back to destroy us. The money we pay to foreign interests has been used to purchase U.S. government and private securities/corporations and non-citizen residents are becoming powerful enough to make demands. These factors along with the Islamic threat from within are bringing America to its knees.

SUGGESTED SOLUTIONS: Take over all oil producing nations. Expel all Islamics and illegal aliens from American soil. Reinstall trade barriers.

I realize these "sound-bite" solutions to complex problems are merely such, but they're better (by creating discussions) than the whining and crying produced by the other camp.