The Media is Screwing with History

Copyright 2006 Chuck Klein

The not so great movie, "Thank You For Smoking," is a parody, on the tobacco industry, politics and their lobbyists, but a real look at spin. Everyone has a spin - their view of their product. That's the American way. There are a few exceptions to this - or should be. One is: The Media.

THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEINITEM: A woman is raped and with the help a business owner, other non-related witnesses and the police, the perp is caught. The final line of the story: "Powerless against criminals? Far from it." (Cincinnati Enquirer 2-13-06)

COMMENT: Sure, the cops caught the criminal AFTER the fact. But, the media is so anti-gun/self-defense that they spin the story to say how great it is that the perp was caught. The newspaper covering the story, might have done a better service to note that had the victim carried a weapon, she might not have been "Powerless" to keep from getting raped in the first place.

ITEM: An editorial is supposed to be bent to the writer's view, but not to the point that it is untruthful or historically incorrect. In a recent column by Marianne Means, (Hearst News Services), she wrote: "Many voters were always uncomfortable about the frenzied congressional Republican drive to impeach and convict [Bill] Clinton for his illicit dalliance with Monica Lewinsky." (Cincinnati Enquirer 6-4-06)

COMMENT: Surely some Republicans might have been frenzied. But, the truth then went south. It was a drive to impeach him for lying under oath, not for his moral lapse.

ITEM: The war in Iraq is the epitome of slanted media reporting and thus a great disservice to our troops, their families and Americans in general. The main stream newspapers and TV icons, ABC, NBC, CBS, all over-cover the negative aspects of the war and ignore the positive. The allegations of "civilian" killings by "trigger happy" U.S. Marines is the most recent. Oh, they mention that these are mere allegations, but then the press imparts its slant in such a way that if we didn't have troops in Iraq in the first place the local "civilians" wouldn't have died. In addition, they have quoted Iraqis who dis us - which serves no purpose, to wit: "Can anyone blame Iraqis for joining the resistance now? [They] are feeding off the misbehavior of the American soldiers." (Mustafa al Ani in an Associated Press article by Hamza Hendawi, Cincinnati Enquirer 6-5-06)

COMMENT: The wonders of free and uncensored e-mail generates a huge amount of photos of our soldiers interacting in a positive manner with Iraqis. Images the main stream media would rather forsake for views of "alleged" civilian killings by our troops. Here's a suggestion: The next time an American soldier is "alleged" to have committed a crime in a WAR zone the media, at least until the allegation is proven, should do as everyone's mother taught them: "If you can't say anything nice. . . ."

ITEM: Finally, there are the stories the media won't run because it flies in the face of their liberal agenda and dire predictions, such as the lowering of firearm related crimes since passage of concealed carry laws. According to the latest studies: crimes, suicides, and accidental deaths by firearms are all down. (FBI; Center for Disease Control; National Safety Council)

Sure, most educated people have the ability to see the big picture and recognize the truth. But those who didn't live the story when it was news, will begin to form a different concept of what the facts really were - as in the old adage: A lie well told and stuck to is as good as the truth.

A liberal is one who will staunchly support to the death all of his fellow American's constitutional rights - except one, the 2nd Amendment. Ironically that's the one he might need to successfully win the fight."