Psalm 23/06

© 2006 Chuck Klein

The Lord is my shepherd and I am truly beholden.
He guardeth the soldiers who maketh safe
the green pastures
and the savoring of still waters.

Thou anointest my soul with courage,
my body with strength
and the capacity to stand tall.

Thou preparest me as a mainstay
 of the intrinsic rights
Thou has bestowed upon us all.
My cup runneth over with gratitude.

Should Thou commandeth me into the
valley of the shadow of death,
I shall fend off evil
for Thou art with me;
and my Winchester comforts me.

The Lord restoreth my soul
and showest me the path of righteousness.
For His name's sake I shall strive
to set the example for others to follow.

I am confident that my prayers
to parallel Thy commandments
will be answered and I will be
permitted to continue to serve Thee,
and in the hereafter, forever and ever. Amen.