Things That Jerk My Trigger

Copyright 2006 Chuck Klein

LEFT TURNS: When you wish to turn left, pull into the intersection and wait for a break in the traffic or the change of the light. That way, if the light turns red while you're in the intersection you won't be violating the law. It is only against the law to ENTER an intersection against a red light. Some bozos wait at the white/crosswalk line for traffic to clear - then when it doesn't they either run the light (very dangerous) or wait for another cycle (very dumb).
MJ: A decade or so ago most jurisdictions decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana, i.e., get caught with a joint and the cops could only issue you a citation. Now the trend is to make possession of any amount of MJ a crime, again. The reason is NOT to harass pot heads or fill the already over crowded jails. The between the lines explanation is to allow the cops the right to search/pat-down the suspects for weapons and, of course, other contraband. It's a police safety issue because many junkies caught with a joint also are carrying saleable amounts of drugs AND guns. Heretofore, if an officer discovered evidence of MJ use, he was at a disadvantage - safety wise - when he approached the offender without the right to frisk him or her. If you're so immature or dumb enough to smoke grass - you've been warned.

IRAQ: One more time for all those who keep harping on how President Bush lied, twisted, usurped, and/or made up the WMD excuse for invading Iraq. We are in Iraq - AS GW HAS TOLD US FROM THE BEGINNING - because we can either fight them over there or we can fight them here. In other words, we have duped the enemy into expending all their munitions and suicidal warriors in THEIR cities and towns and on THEIR civilians rather than on our turf. In still other words: The Islamic fundamentalist have declared war on us in both word and deed and Mr. Bush was smart enough to redirect the fighting (which started on 9-11-01) from our shores to the place of his choosing - Iraq and Afghanistan. Finally, and whether his detractors accept this reasoning or not, if we suddenly bring the troops home these criminals will NOT just say, "thanks" and things will return to pre 911. Noooo, they will re-attack us over here. Duh!

Circa 1957 front 2ndTRAFFIC TICKETS: It is a misconception to believe that if you contest your traffic ticket in court you can convince the judge you are NOT GUILTY. When stopped by the cops for a traffic violation, you are, for all intents and purposes, having your trial right there on the street. When an officer cites you, he is swearing to the facts of your violation. For a judge to find you not guilty he would have to find that the cop is lying. Judges won't do that, barring some uncontroverted evidence that the officer was committing misfeasance. Furthermore, a finding of not guilty means you will have a great case to sue the officer, his department and the jurisdiction he represents. Judges don't want that because they're also on the government dole. Of course the burden of proof is on the prosecutor to prove you violated the law - that proof is the officer's sworn testimony - a government agent who is presumed to have no motive to wrongly ticket you. Therefore, the burden falls to you to prove he's lying. Now, I know what you're thinking: "I know lots of people who got off...." Getting off due to technicalities (dismissal) is not the same as a not-guilty finding.