This Nation Has Never Been More Divided


There is at least one thing I'm sure we can all agree on: America is sharply divided. This root division is most likely caused by a failure of sticking to the fundamentals of what made us - of what should be our unique and unifying factor: adhering to the rule-of-law.

We should all be on the same page of expecting the people we elected, appointed and licensed to support, honor and comply with our constitutions. Unfortunately, many of our compatriots have used their positions and powers to pass laws or con judges to violate, usurp, twist or skirt these sets of laws to which all other laws must bend.

The writers of our most sacred documents knew that nothing stays the same, so they made provision within the wording of these constitutions should the necessity arise to make alterations (for example, see Article V of the U.S. Constitution). There is no provision for the changing, reinterpretation, ignoring or violating any portion of this rule-of-law other than via the specific amending language in a constitution. In other words, and in legal conflict with those who believe that a Constitution is subject to the whims of the legislature or even the courts, it ain't a "living - breathing document." It IS set in stone and only subject to interruption using common ordinary definitions. Contrary to what some believe, we are NOT a nation of laws - we are a nation of constitutions.

This false belief by some Americans that constitutional mandates can be ignored or usurped for the sake of political correctness or simple majority rules, is the leading factor that divides this great nation. Somehow, a significant portion of the citizenry think because they are in the majority in their city, state or region they can pass laws or seek the court's sanction in order to force unconstitutional edicts of their way of life on the minority members of their city/state/region.

The clearest example of this attitude (by some) is most evident in the issue of prayer in school. Here - and in conflict with the 1st Amendment (fortified by the 14th Amendment) it is obvious that public schools cannot sanction any form of religion - yet there is a significant number of citizens who attempt to use statutes and court orders to force their religion on others. If these people would expend their energies at changing our Constitution to allow for school taught religion, then there could be no complaints.

Likewise, firearms. If you don't like the fact that one has the right to keep and bear arms, do it the American way - change the 2nd Amendment. The decade long use of PUBLIC funds in attempt after attempt to force the gun makers out ofCirca 1957 front
2nd business by causing them to expend huge amounts of their PRIVATE money to defend these frivolous, unwarranted and unconstitutional law suits is unconscionable. Those citizens, politicians and their lawyers who have championed this unAmerican tactic have generated distrust and contempt and thus dividing us further.

Let us all return to the Rule-of-Law, the sticking to the common language of our reason for becoming the greatest nation in the history of the world.

© 2006 Chuck Klein (Posted 19 January 2006)