© 2005 Chuck Klein


Note: This treatise was published in the Ft. Fairfield [Maine] Journal, 12 Oct 05

Far too many people are fixating on the Iraq/Islamic-terrorists war. Though this is a serious SHORT TERM issue, we have it well at hand (see Israel - American Defense Plans, 26 Aug 05). The real worry for the long term, 10 +/- years is China/India/Japan, but mostly China.

THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEINChina/India/Japan have decided they too, want the good life and are striving to become more consumer oriented.  This, in a word, means greater consumption of OIL - and there ain't enough to go around. Their demands for fossil fuel are most worrisome, especially China 'cuz they're actively and significantly increasing the size and modernization of their army and navy. If they can't buy enough oil companies, they'll be forced to take them.

Probable outcome - worst case scenario - China (because they have the means, motive and opportunity) will (or have) ship(ped) a dozen or so nuclear bombs, via containerized shipping container, to select businesses (empty warehouses) they own in strategic locations in the USA and other nations they perceive as threats. These Trojan Horse bombs, set to explode simultaneously, will have the effect of establishing China as the de facto world leader. And, more importantly, this assault will reduce demand for oil by these devastated countries. The beauty of such a plan is that the victims will not have any way of knowing who launched it and thus retaliation, if possible, is not an option, especially if China also claims to have been attacked. The invasion will be focused on our "bread basket." They don't need anything else.

These hidden bombs may already be in place and there's nothing we can do about it! Of course, they don't have to explode them all at once - just one with the warning that there are a dozen more hidden would be enough to cause our capitulation. Okay, so maybe we should start inspecting inbound shipping containers. Of course, if our enemies used "suitcase" nuclear bombs placed on the upper floor of rented downtown office buildings - set to go off by remote, timer or motion detector.... Next week: Solutions plus the solution to the solution. Have your own solutions? Send 'em.