Chuck Klein © 2002


Published in Gun Week Magazine

I'm a single issue voter - but that lone subject is indicative of what the perspective office holder thinks of me. I find it difficult to trust members of the Democratic Party whose long term goals have become an on-going agenda to restrict, control and confiscate firearms. In other words, if Democrats don't trust me, a law-abiding, trained citizen, with the basic constitutional right to protect myself and my family then they clearly cannot be trusted with other matters of importance. There are, of course, exceptions to every rule, but John Kerry is not one of them.

THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEINThis is not to say that I support the full Republican party platform. I, for example, believe that stem cell research should be exploited and Roe v. Wade was a good decision. The world, at least for me and my family, will go on whether abortion, stem cells or other such issues are in force or not. All of those subjects are matters of personal opinions and have nothing to do with trust and individual security.

The only issue that impacts me and my family's personal safety is the matter of firearm restrictions. A candidate, such as John Kerry, who has sworn allegiance to a political party that has historically - law-by-law, edict-by-edict - worked to eliminate the means of self-preservation should not be elected to a position of power.

There's lots worse things than being killed by some thug - one is: watching a family member die at the hands of this thug because you were too much of a fool, or coward to own a gun - a tool Democrats don't trust you with.