© 2012 Chuck Klein
 Published: 11 Nov 2012 The News Democrat, Georgetown, OH

The huge divisiveness 'tween democrats and republicans can be found in the difference 'tween city dwellers and those living in the small towns and unincorporated  areas of the USA. Perhaps if we THE BADGEisolated the big cities from the rest of the country two new nations could be established. De facto borders could easily be drawn by making the outer interstate belts that typically surround the large metropolises, the lines-in-the-sand. Call these combined municipalities United Cities of America. Label the rest of the country United Rural America.
THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEIN The UCA can then enjoy the pleasures of giving their constituents all the free housing, cell phones, grants and unlimited touchy-feelie programs they want. This liberal camp will have the emancipated power to pass gun control, health care and entitlements upon entitlements. Of course, how they pay for any of this without the taxes from URA (those who do most of the proportional paying now), is their problem.
United Rural America probably won't need to pass a lot of laws, but you can bet we'll secure our boundaries to keep the junkies, drug dealers, prostitutes, bureaucrats, bleeding heart liberals, Muslim terrorists and other non-productive United Cities of America inhabitants out of our country. 
Yeah, I know this is off-the-wall, but to the Tories, so was the Declaration of Independence.