2012 E-Mail Editorials

SUBJECT: Just For Fun
Sent: 30 Dec 12


Chuck Klein, 2012

 Sam spent the better part of an hour describing, in extensive detail, the locomotive. However eloquent his narrative, it couldn’t equate to personal presence when this articulated 4-8-8-4 engine, akin to a distant earthquake, rumbled, shook and bulled its way into the station.

Webster’s New World Dictionary defines Articulated: Having parts connected by joints; expressing oneself easily and clearly.
The question is: Is the locomotive in the first paragraph “connected by joints” or is it merely the locomotive described by Sam - or both? I wrote this with the intention of creating confusion as to the meaning of the subject word. Unambiguous writing requires the taking of the entire sentence/paragraph/treatise in context.  It would have been clear that I meant the locomotive was hinged if I had written: "The articulated 4-8-8-4 engine, akin to a distant . . . . This event was later described by Sam in extensive detail".

Thus, if one can be confused by a common word, today, how can anyone be sure of the meaning of words written or spoken (much less translated) hundreds or even thousands of years ago – before dictionaries or even the written word?

Case in point: Some versions of the Old Testament quote one of The Commandments: “Thou shalt not kill” while others cite, “Thou shalt not murder.” By current standards of literary correctness there is a significant difference between kill and murder. Obviously something was lost in translation of one (or both) renditions. Therefore, if this most important of Commandments is indistinct, what else in the holy text is misleading, subjective or incorrect? Quoting the testaments, a biblical prophet or other persons from before the inclusion of dictionaries (where at least one could argue the definition of a certain word) is nothing more than an exercise in arbitrariness.

Note: Some large railway locomotives (http://www.steamlocomotive.com/bigboy/) are connected by joints (hinged) between the first set of driving wheels and the second set.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Christmas Greeting
Sent: 21 Dec 12

There Is No Other Day Like It
Chuck Klein, 2012

Christmas is an American National Holiday. It also might be a religious holy day, or a holiday in other countries, but it is - in the United States of America - a de facto, official, certified, recognized National Holiday. Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Chanukah, etc., are not.
The Christmas tree may or may not be a religious symbol, but it most assuredly is a representation of Santa Claus and our National Holiday. As such, it belongs on government property. Placing a decorated tree in the public domain, sans religious ornamentation, is expected, proper and an American tradition. Manger scenes, menorahs or KKK crosses are not national holiday decor and thus have no standing for placement on public property.
* For a Christian to wish a non-Christian a Merry Christmas is the epitome of what this special day is all about. The Christian is saying, "This is my special day and I wish that your day will be as wonderful as my day promises to be."
* Likewise for a non-Christian to receive such a wish is a great compliment as in: here is a Judeo-Christian valued fellow American wishing me a good day. Thank You!
* When a non-Christian wishes a Christian a Merry Christmas, he or she is saying: "I applaud and honor your right to celebrate this day that stands for the good in mankind and our common values that make this country what it is.
* To my Christian friends: I truly and sincerely wish that you have and enjoy a very Merry Christmas.
* To my Jewish friends: Please join me in honoring this day by reflecting on how fortunate we all are to live in a country that not only allows us to choose and practice our own religion, but protects this right.
* To the religious fundamentalists, be they Christian, Jewish, atheist, Muslim, etc., please recognize that when you try to force your beliefs on others with law suits, threats, government sanctification or "majority rule" you're not exhibiting American values - merely your own insecurities.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Eulogy
Sent: 27 Nov 12

By Chuck Klein

Recently, I attended a eulogy for a lost friend. Somehow, the older I get the more of these there seem to be.
There are nice guys and gals; and then there are “nice” guys and gals. Some think of themselves as being kind in an attempt to fit that image. Those who try hardest usually fail. They’re the ones, for example, who believe abruptly slowing up on the freeway to allow an entering vehicle to merge is being a decent person. It never seems to occur to them that somewhere behind other cars and trucks might have to violently brake or swerve to avoid a collision.
Sometimes a person is eulogized because of their tangible accomplishments such as rising to high positions, earning peer recognition, or accumulating money. This brings up the question: Is it better to be a good person or a person that does good things? Maybe it’s all in the words of the eulogizer. . . or the definition of good?
Daily TV news reports highlighting the misfortunes of fellow humans – for whom no eulogy is tendered – is disheartening. Most of us are by no means perfect now or in the past, but the common Judeo-Christian goal of “good” people is to be the best person we can be and to thank G_d everyday for the blessings of our extraordinary life. Extraordinary inasmuch as our sufferings are trivial when compared to some of those we see exposed by the harshness of these news programs.
Many who die in catastrophic events do not receive the honor of a eulogy as oft-times the survivors themselves usually don’t have the occasion and energy for wakes. Or . . . all that knew them also died in the same calamity. Maybe, for these good-who-die-to-soon, their tribute will come after a future generation has had the time and ability to reflect.
So, who or what is a nice guy or gal? Maybe the description or meaning is akin to U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s definition of obscenity. In deciding the Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964) case, the judge indicated he couldn’t define it, but, he said, “I know it when I see it.” That’s the way it is with a truly pleasant and heartwarming soul. Words can’t describe them, but you know it when they have touched your life.
As I scanned the room of long-time friends, I couldn’t help thinking what would I say about any of them – or they about me?
Chuck Klein
Subject: New Law In Action
Sent 20 Nov 12

New Law In Action
Chuck Klein 2012


On tonight's news was a report of the medical community backing the use of "the pill," sans prescription. The vast majority of users of this pill will be American and European Judeo-Christian whites. This is a perfect example of leaders thinking only about the future in years - no unwanted children. A visionary might see this as an issue in terms of decades, i.e., when this class of people's population declines while others expand.
Leaders harbor visions of forthcoming years; visionaries envision decades hence."
Chuck Klein

Subject: Two Americas
Sent: 7 Nov 12


Chuck Klein, 2012

The huge divisiveness 'tween democrats and republicans can be found in the difference 'tween city dwellers and those living in the small towns and unincorporated  areas of the USA. Perhaps if we isolated the big cities from the rest of the country two new nations could be established. De facto borders could easily be drawn by making the outer interstate belts that typically surround the large metropolises, the lines-in-the-sand. Call these combined municipalities United Cities of America. Label the rest of the country United Rural America.
The UCA can then enjoy the pleasures of giving their constituents all the free housing, cell phones, grants and unlimited touchy-feelie programs they want. This liberal camp will have the emancipated power to pass gun control, health care and entitlements upon entitlements. Of course, how they pay for any of this without the taxes from URA (those who do most of the proportional paying now), is their problem.
United Rural America probably won't need to pass a lot of laws, but you can bet we'll secure our boundaries to keep the junkies, drug dealers, prostitutes, bureaucrats, bleeding heart liberals, Muslim terrorists and other non-productive United Cities of America inhabitants out of our country. 
Yeah, I know this is off-the-wall, but to the Tories, so was the Declaration of Independence.
Chuck Klein
Georgetown, OH
P.S. I originally sent this out almost 2 years ago - still might be a solution to the gridlock, divisiveness and animosity that exists today.


Subject: Reason #1
Sent: 1 Nov 12

Jewish voters, please consider:

Chuck Klein, 2012

Mr. Obama, wrote, championed, presented, supported, etc., etc. the healthcare program now popularly called Obamacare. If nothing else it is, at minimum, an indication of his lack of empathy for American Judeo-Christian values inasmuch as the original plan forced all hospitals - including Catholic institutions - to conduct abortions. If he used his power to force (or try to force) Catholics to knuckle under, then what will he do to Jews? Regardless of your position on abortion, if we fail to remove him from office we might soon be echoing Martin Niemoller's poem: "They came first for the communist . . . then they came for me."  (http://remember.org/witness/links.let.niem.html)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Post Election Rules
Sent:25 Oct 12

Here are the rules for after the election:
*    No Whining
*    No Gloating
*    Lets all agree to work together
Of course, the latter two are void if Romney wins :)
Seriously, if your candidate wins, it is your responsibility and duty, as an American voter, to hold your party's elected official to his promises and the highest ethical standards. No one listens to the losers - until the next election. 
Chuck Klein

Subject:Whose God?
Sent: 19 Oct 12

This is not about politics.
Observations and questions about Our G_d. You might not agree with all I say, but I'm sure you won't dispute at least some of the possibilities. 
WHOSE GOD? An Alternative View

Chuck Klein © 2012


Somewhat over 3000 years ago, G_d delivered the Ten Commandments to Moses. All versions of the Torah//Bible (Old Testament) reference one of the Commandments with statements to the effect: “I am Hashem (also referred to as Yahweh) your God, who has taken you out of the land of Egypt and the  house of slavery. You shall not recognize the gods of others in my presence.”

In other words, Our G_d is acknowledging there are other gods, but that He is Our G_d. “Our” meaning, the descendants of Abraham who kept the covenant.  Conventional thinking is, G_d is indicating idols, statutes and other physical property. Maybe not. Consider the possibility that “other gods” might mean the gods of different peoples, such as the Asians, Indians, Arabs, Africans, et al.

Additional explanations include the time line of planet earth and the universe, per se. The Torah begins (Genesis) with a chronology of how the earth and its wherewithal was formed. According to this accounting, “god” did not make the sun until the fourth day. Thus, without a sun for the planet earth to rotate about, there was no way to tell how long the first three days were. This observation is unambiguously brought forth in the movie version of the 1920s Tennessee, “Scopes Monkey Trial,” Inherit the Wind. Here, Clarence Darrow (played by Spencer Tracy), gets the bible preaching prosecutor, William Jennings Bryan (played by Fredric March) to admit, under oath, that the “first day” might have been 24 hours and one second. The logical conclusion, Tracy draws, is that if that first day might have been 24 hours plus one second, it also might have been 24 million or 24+ billion “days” long.

Therefore, if we allow the possibility that the planet earth is being formed over a longer time than just four days – perhaps that would explain “pre-historic” mammals and dating’s of other minerals, plants, animals and fish. It also might clarify the existence of “other peoples.” These other peoples could have been fashioned in the image of their god. Perhaps the gods of these other peoples created a sun to generate light and energy, but that sun burned out or was burning out when Our G_d made Our sun. As to Noah and the great flood: The earth was believed to be flat at that time and thus continents – and their peoples -  not of Noah’s knowledge or view might not have been flooded.

Supplementary evidence that Our G_d is not the only god comes when Our G_d tells Moses to command Joshua to enter Canaan (aka The land of Milk & Honey, aka modern day Israel) and kill all the Canaanites. If Our G_d was the god of all peoples, why would He urge the slaughter of His own making? He wouldn’t – He is ordering the killing of another god’s “people”. Our G_d and the god of other peoples are in competition – at war – with each other and we, the images of these gods, could merely be pawns in their game of trying to best the other.

Jews - and those who have strayed from the tribe, i.e. Christians, are about to be tested against the Muslim god. Though the Christians believe Our G_d has already sent the Messiah (Jesus) who was killed and will return, those still holding to their historical lineage to Abraham believe the Messiah is yet to come. It makes no difference. Jesus was a Hebrew (Jewish) and so were his followers. Followers of Jesus decided to call themselves Christians, but they continued to believe in one god – Our G_d. For all intents and purposes, any Christian with European roots and who has been circumcised – or whose father has kept the covenant – is a Jew.

When the Messiah comes (or returns) no one will know the difference because there is no photographic, fingerprint or DNA evidence of exactly what Jesus looks like or what the Messiah will look like when He arrives. All Jews and converts (Christians) will recognize the coming of the Messiah and all will obediently serve Him as He will be the agent of Our G_d.  

Alright already, I know this is just one man’s interpretation of hearsay . . . but, the entire Torah/Bible is made up of verbal accounts.  Stories told by word-of-mouth, of course, are subject to spin and then there’s the matter of semantics – what exactly do the words of Our G_d mean when translated from ancient Hebrew to ____ to ___  . . . and finally to modern-day English? For example: One publication of the Commandments says, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Another English printing by a different Judeo/Christian bible says, “Thou Shall Not Murder.” There is a significant difference. If there is this much variance in this line, what other words/lines have dissimilar meanings?

These ancient renderings may be coming to a head – Armageddon (the battle between good and evil) – when the peoples of the Arab god turn their threats of annihilation of the peoples Our G_d into action. How else can the hatred against the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Christians and Jews) be reconciled?  Believe what you choose, I’m just tendering different possibilities.

Chuck Klein


Subject:The Big Question
Sent: 15 Oct 12

Here's what I would like to hear Gov. Romney ask BO in the next debate:
If Obamacare is brought before the legislature for consideration of changes, would you support deleting the portions that exempt the Executive branch? In other words, would you accept being included in its coverage just like everyone else instead of your current free, benefits full and public funded healthcare package you now have? Would that provision be on-the-table?
If BO says yes, the follow up question is: Why didn't you include yourself in it in the first place? If he says no (because he has an optional plan), Romney might reply: "May any American join your "optional plan"? Are 'Some animals are more equal than other animals.'?"
Chuck Klein

Subject:The Buck Stops?
Sent: 12 Oct 12

Al Gore, in an interview shortly after the first debate, said he thought the Denver mile-high altitude had a negative impact on Obama and that was the reason he was "not on his game." It's always someone or something that BO finds to blame for his shortcomings.
President Harry Truman had a sign on his Oval Office desk: "The Buck Stops Here." He took the responsibility - and the flack - for dropping the A bombs and for firing MacArthur, a most popular general. All U.S. Presidents have accepted the blame for anything that happened on their watch until now (Clinton's "I did not have sex with that girl" is the exception). Obama, who has blamed Bush for most everything, has never failed to find a scapegoat for his debacles, including, but not limited to: Fast & Furious, the disastrous "green energy" programs and now the Libya terrorist attack.
Chuck Klein


Subject: A Rabbi's Plea
Sent: 9 Oct 12

Fellow Jews,
Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg (http://bernhardrosenberg.com/) has written a strong letter outlining President Obama's lack of faith and support of Israel.
"Last week [11 Sep 2012] America was under attack. Our ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were slaughtered by Muslim extremists.
"The Obama administration's reactions to these outrages was sadly typical. The very next day, President. Obama incongruously flew off to Las Vegas to raise funds. Lamentably, our government still apologizes for that inane video; made by an Egyptian Coptic.
"I say this with all my heart. I cannot keep silent any longer. The voices of my father and my mother, survivors of Auschwitz and Buchenwald, compel me to speak out -- with zeal. I urge you to consider the following:
"- Silence did not work in the 1930s, when the looming evils of Nazism could have been stopped in their tracks. Nor will it work today when Islamists, who deny the Holocaust, threaten the destruction of Israel and all the Jews and Christians therein.
"- Why does the United States say nothing about the daily denigration of Jews and Christians by Imams worldwide?"
Rabbi Bernhard Rosenberg"
Full text: http://themadjewess.com/2012/10/02/please-link-rabbi-rosenberg-writes-an-urgent-plea-to-the-613-rabbis-for-obama/ 



In 2008, I wrote this about the Muslim issue:
"We won the two World wars because Political Correctness had not been coined. We fought Germany and Huns; Japan and Japs. We bombed civilian targets and we interned Japanese in this country. I reiterate: We Won! Today, the Muslim world has learned how to use our PC against us. They have created two camps, one the – prima facie, peace loving citizens (who refuse to go against their extremist brothers) - and a second, the warrior, who openly declares and carries out war against all Christians and Jews. When push comes to shove, the 'peace loving' contingent will side with the warriors and attack us from within.
"Possible Solution: Register all Muslims in the U.S. and expel all Muslims not born here. Continue to keep the Islamic warriors busy fighting our trained troops 'over-there'. Problem: The same whiners, socialist and hand-wringers who apologized for bombing civilian targets and interning Japanese during WW2 will fight this 'profiling' thus continuing to make us vulnerable and weak in the eyes/means of our enemy."
Four years later and other than the loss of American soldiers' lives, nothing has changed. Obama's policy of "bring the troops home" has, most recently and directly, cost us the lives lost in the Libyan embassy and will result in renewed attacks on American soil once the Islamics are free to plan, train and implement actions against us from "over-there".

Chuck Klein

Subject: Questions
Sent: 18 Sep 12

1945: American troops were poised to invade Japan. We dropped the "A" bomb. Japan surrenders. How many tens of thousands of American soldier's lives were spared?
Korea, early 1950s. How many soldier's lives would have been saved if we had nuked 'em?
Vietnam, 1960-1970: Same question.
Since 9-11-01: How many American lives, including civilian victims of terrorist attacks worldwide, would not have been lost if we nuked Iraq?
Today, Iran, a sworn enemy, is building a nuclear arsenal. Pakistan already has the "bomb." Who's next: Egypt? Syria? Libya? All of which are already under Islamic rule.
Yeah, I know, if - IF - we had used our most destructive weapons after Japan, perhaps - PERHAPS - Russia would have attacked us with their big stuff. On the other hand, having already shown our grit at devastating Japan AND THEN following that up with another such bombing against North Korea, Russia and the rest of the world might have taken notice and not build such weapons.
Is it too late to display our gumption, again, by taking out Iran now and letting it be know that any other Islamic regime will get the same if they so much as rattle their sabers?
Final question: Is sacrificing our troops - who are fighting a people that believe death is a reward - a better use of resources than preemptive ICBMs?
A multi-pronged premeditated attack is better than a defensive retaliation." KLEIN'S LAWS:
Chuck Klein


Subject: Explaination
Sent: 13 Sep 12

To my non-Jewish friends:

Chuck Klein, 2012

Below is a editorial I sent to my Jewish list. I'm sending it to you because many of you have asked me questions to the effect, "How can Jews, knowing of the history of their persecution, vote for a party that favors gun restrictions, socialism, Islamic pandering and government control." I've asked that question of my Democrat Jewish friends and none have ever given me a understandable answer.
Jew or gentile, we're all descended from Abraham and thus have the same enemy - Islam. Obama and the Democrats are not rising to our defense.

Dear Fellow Jewish Voters,

Jews are known historically for their big-heartedness and munificence and have generally voted for Democrats because they champion the poor by giving them free stuff and that seems like the right thing to do. The problem lies not in our individual or combined generous efforts, but in our pseudo need to force others to be as generous as we are.
It's not that Republicans are against helping the poor, quite the opposite. Their vision of helping the poor is creating an economy where the unemployed can help themselves. They want to further the ideal that economic opportunity - risk taking in a free society - is the best equalizer. The Democratic mantra is to take from those who took the risk and give it to those who have come to think risk-taker's profits are an entitlement.
President Obama tells us he wants to "level the playing field." He wants everyone to have the same equality: equal pay, medical benefits, housing. However, you can bet, he, and all his fellow politicians will have better pay, meds and homes just as George Orwell put it in Animal Farm, "All animals are equal. But some animals are more equal than others."
Still not convinced? Consider this: Neither party needs or wants the tiny Jewish vote. It's the Jewish donations they're after. Once the Democrats, via their tax-the-rich schemes, make us all equal - they won't give a damn for the Jews or Israel. 2012 might be a good time to vote Republican.
Chuck Klein

Subject: EVIDENCE: The Lamest Duck
Sent: 1 Sep 12

In my recent editorial, The Lamest Duck (http://newsdemocrat.com/main.asp?SectionID=30&SubSectionID=233&ArticleID=136242), I claimed that BO will ignore and circumvent Congress by abusing his powers of executive order. I posited that he will rule by decree because he has the power to do so as the enforcer of all laws - even laws he makes himself.
Now comes the September, 1/2 2012 feature article in the Wall Street Journal (http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10000872396390444772804577623452628195804.html),   where it is revealed that Mr. Obama has NOT, and is NOT, campaigning for or helping finance fellow Democrats in their bids for election. This is unprecedented inasmuch as all previous incumbent presidents stumped for and allowed party contributions to help fellow party candidates win their various seats. Clearly BO believes he doesn't need support in either house, because if re-elected, he plans to run the country by creating laws and rulings via his power of executive decree.
I'll bet he's betting everything on his plan of re-election. If he wins, he doesn't need the Congress to write laws for him to sign, he can just pen his own rules . . . and as the head of the Executive Branch use his legal powers to enforce HIS laws. In other words, why should he waste time and party funds to elect politicians he won't need?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Race & RNC Convention
Sent: 30 Aug 12

Recently, a Democrat sent me a message that she had watched the RNC and all she saw (obviously all she wanted to see) were white faces and that it looked like a meeting of the KKK - cheap shot and race-bating/name-calling at best.
Perhaps she should have looked at some statistics first, such as the Bureau of Justice has on prison and parole populations (http://bjs.ojp.usdoj.gov/content/pub/pdf/cpus10.pdf) .
Total (per 100K population): White  - 678; Black - 4347; Hispanic - 1775.
Whites only make up 50% of the total US population, but the blacks (12%) and Hispanics (12%) make up the over-whelming number of felons.
Had she looked closer, she would have seen many blacks and Hispanics at the RNC. Of course, the many decent and law-abiding Republican blacks and Hispanics who were not at the RNC were absent because they were working. This concludes that those blacks and Hispanics who are not in prison must busy planning new crimes or are in route to the DNC to collect more free stuff.
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Lamest Duck
Sent: 27 Aug 12

If Barack Obama is re-elected, he will become a Lame Duck President (term-limited and won't have to worry about a third campaign). The effect of this will yield an unprecedented level of presidential edicts, decrees and orders (PEDOs). As a Lame Duck he will not only have the power to issue these PEDOs, but will also have the power to enforce them.
Come on Klein, you say, the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) can and will issue rulings against any president who over-steps his bounds. True. However, there are two things wrong with relying on SCOTUS to protect us from a president "over-stepping his bounds."
1) The amount of time (years) it takes for court reviews will allow many PEDOs to have significant impact: example, how he circumvented Congress with the now de facto Dream Act.
2) SCOTUS has only the power to judge - it does not have any enforcement powers. Enforcement of laws and PEDOs are left to the Executive Branch. In other words, when BO declares a new PEDO via executive order, he - and only he - has the power and right to enforce that new rule. Conversely, if SCOTUS declares one of his PEDOs to be illegal or unconstitutional, he - as President and the enforcer of the Court's rulings - has the power to ignore or refuse to enforce the Court's findings.
Yeah, I know, Congress can void PEDOs, but if either branch is controlled by the Democrats . . . .
If you think FDR over-stepped his powers - you ain't seen nothing yet.
Chuck Klein
"If you wish to be removed from this list, please reply with only the words: 'Please Remove' followed by the address you wish to have removed. Any additional verbiage or deviation will be considered a request to correspond and thus you will remain on the list. Also, and for your information, you can always add my address to your Blocked Sender's List."

Subject: Health Issue
Sent:22 Aug 12

While a recruit at the police academy ('bout 40 years ago), our Crime Scene instructor told an interesting story. He related how burglars, other than smash-and-grabs, sometimes became so anxious they found it necessary to have a bowel movement right there on the floor of the crime scene. The reason this evidence was important (before DNA) escapes me today. However, the expediency to defecate while in the act of committing a very apprehensive felony was not lost.
It seems, those under such extreme circumstance often hyperventilate. The explanation was that doing so for a period of time causes the oxygen level in the bowels to increase thus hastening a movement (I have no idea of the medical term).
Now that I'm well into my senior years, I have my share of constipation issues. Remembering the lesson of old, I tried it on numerous occasions and have found rapid breathing - short of inducing light-headedness -  for about 20-30 minutes makes for a successful movement.
Just thought you fellow seniors might find this helpful.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Dear Obama Supporters
Sent: 7 Aug 12

Dear Obama Supporters,

 Okay, you voted for the black guy because, at the time, it seemed the right thing to do. Regardless of the fact he had no relevant experience – you believed he should be given a chance. Well, he’s had his chance. Even coupled with the control of both houses of Congress for the first two years of his administration, he failed us all. Oh, it’s true he inherited a slipping economy, but his inexperience allowed it to slide into a full recession. Now, he wants another “chance”. Does he think we’re dumb or somethin’?

 Forget Solyndra. Forget Obama failed to “bring the troops home” (all he did was take them out of Iraq and put them into harms-way in Afghanistan). Forget that he ignores promised transparency by backing his Attorney General’s refusal to produce evidence into the slaying of a U.S. Border Patrol Officer. Forget the record setting unemployed. Forget . . . Obama.

 We need someone who has exhibited the ability to run such complexities as a state, private business and the Olympics, i.e., Mitt Romney. Yeah, I know he’s not perfect (what politician is?), but he gets results!

 Please put your well-intentioned, feel-good aspirations aside and vote the common sense ticket.

 Chuck Klein



Subject: Happy 4th
Sent: 3 Jul 12


Rise & Fall of the American Empire

Chuck Klein © 2012


Four score and 140+ years has witnessed The Rise of the American Empire, but the world has taken “LITTLE NOTE" nor "HAS LONG REMEMBERED" the meaning of ". . . GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE . . . ."

 Four score and 140+ years produced "THE BRAVE MEN [and women], LIVING AND DEAD, WHO STRUGGLED HERE," in Korea, Vietnam, over there twice and the Middle East who might have died in vain.

 Four score and 140+ years attests to an obese and incestuous government so entrenched its elected and bureaucratic officials can violate and ignore with impunity the mandate "SHALL BE BOUND BY OATH OR AFFIRMATION, TO SUPPORT THIS CONSTITUTION."

 Four score and 140+ years finds tyrannical provisions, never intended by those who wrote about "UNALIENABLE RIGHTS," have become common place.

 Four score and 140+ years and self reliance has evolved into protect-us-from-ourselves laws offending all who have ever pledged ". . . ONE NATION . . . WITH LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL."

 Four score and 140+ years our barely breathing Constitution is under assault by self-serving executive orders, short-cutting legislative statutes and pompous judicial decrees.

 Four score and 140+ years the resolve to "FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION, ESTABLISH JUSTICE . . . AND SECURE THE BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY" is failing.

 Four score and 140+ years, on the brink of the Fall of the American Empire, its citizens enjoy "LIFE" "AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS" at the expense of "LIBERTY."

 Unless we return to our foundation, "...THIS NATION, UNDER GOD, SHALL . . . PERISH FROM THE EARTH."

 Chuck Klein, 2012



Subject: Scary Dems Mentality
Sent: 1 Jul 12

Recently, I had correspondence with a liberal/Democrat in which she shows her contempt for  law enforcement officers. Here's the dialogue; you decide if Obama supporters are the kind of people you'd like to think are decent law-abiding Americans.
Me: "Eric Holder [is] the first cabinet member to be held in contempt of Congress. Obama, who promised a transparent government, issued executive privilege, a la Nixon, et al, instead of demanding his AG to produce the documents. "
Her: "The ridiculous trumped up charges against Eric Holder are insanely laughable and are primed for this election year, to embarrass our administration."
Me: "Many Democrats voted to hold Holder in contempt. Those that didn't, walked out - how's that for doing your duty? "
Her: "As for the contempt charge against A.G. Eric Holder, I commend the Democrats for walking out.  I would have done the same in this trumped up kangeroo [sic] case."
Me: "So, you think the AG is correct in refusing to provide information about the death of an LEO? And BO is to be commended for not ordering him to comply? As a former LEO, I'm really offended. Are American law enforcement officers just chattel? Collateral damage? Expendable? "
Her: "The Fast and Furious Program, which relates to AG Eric Holder, is far bigger than we all know.  While I have due respect for law enforcement officers and regret the loss of life of our DEA agent, I do not approve of the way this invetigation [sic] is being done.  Human beings should never be chattel, collateral damage or expendable.You did not see a witch hunt like this when President Reagan was guilty of the Iran-Contra debacle."
Me: "So, if you admit that Fast & Furious is "far bigger than we know." Who should investigate it other than the Congress? And if the Congress conducts an investigation they have the power and right to demand documents from government workers - including appointed cabinet members. If a cabinet member refuses to produce subpoenaed records that's contempt.
Holder was given the opportunity to resign and refused. BO has backed his appointee by words and refusing to order (lack of transparency) his AG to comply with Congress' legal demands. Why? Could it be that (a la Nixon/Watergate) the President is somehow involved and doesn't want that known?
This is NOT a witch hunt - an American LEO was killed. There is no excuse for a elected official - whose primary duty is to say yea or nay on issues brought to the floor for a vote.
We're discussing the death of a Border Patrol officer (not DEA) and walk-outs, hindrance or anything but full cooperation in his death is reprehensible. Your disdain by supporting a walk-out is evidence of what's wrong with the liberal/Democrat mentality: Trust and protect the government of your party even if it means death to American LEOs.
If it's "far bigger than we know" - what excuse do you tender for keeping the secrets of the officer's death from exposure?"


Since this Obama supporter didn't respond to my last e-mail, I didn't get a chance to ask if  her belief: "Human beings should never be chattel, collateral damage or expendable" applied to enemy soldiers trying to kill our soldiers? Or, knowing she is Judeo-Christian, does this bleeding heart mentality apply to Islamic Muslims sworn to kill or convert her, her children and the rest of us? One thing seems very clear: she supports a President that believes truth and government records are "expendable" when investigating the death of an American law enforcement officer. And, to Obama and his administration, LEO deaths are merely "collateral damage".
Chuck Klein

Subject:  Obamacare Reality
Sent:  28 Jun 12

It's now the law of the land that politicians have the right to "tax" us for not doing something. In this case, it's health care. This brings up significant questions:
1) How much health care insurance does one have to have to avoid the "tax"? Is catastrophic coverage sufficient?
2) How many additional government bureaucrats will be employed - at taxpayer expense - to enforce this new mandate?
3) If these protect-us-from-ourselves liberals have the power to "tax" us for not having health care, what's next? A "tax" for those who don't have fire, flood, wind, liability, hair-loss ________ (fill in the blank) insurance? Maybe it's not just insurance. Perhaps they can "tax" us for not having an automobile, tooth brush, sugar-free cookies in the cookie jar or ______?
Chuck Klein
http://chuckklein.com (New site! Check it out)


Subject:  Americana, Circa 1957
Sent:  26 Jun 12

Reader? Know a Book Reader?
After 22 years and 15 years out-of-print, the Americana novel, CIRCA 1957, is being published again. This 2nd Edition contains over 6000 words of new material. Even if you're not thrilled by course language and descriptive teen-age sex, I'm confident you'll laugh and choke up while reading this birth-of-rock & roll, hot-rodding and coming-of-age historical fiction. Check it out:  Circa 1957
Plan A: Buy a book for yourself, local library and/or teen grandchild. Besides, it might be a good investment - inasmuch as used copies of the first edition have sold on e-bay and Amazon.com for 2-3 times the original price.
Plan B: See Plan A.
Thanks for your consideration,
Chuck Klein, Author

Subject: Pizza-The Next Level
Sent: 20 Jun 12

Tired of stale, boiler-plate pizza? Next Pizza Party try this - well, only if you live in the SF area.
Jon Darsky, an out-of-work lawyer, took a standard ocean freight shipping container, replaced one side with glass and installed it, complete with a two-and-a-half-ton Neapolitan brick oven, on a HD diesel truck. The NY Times (http://wheels.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/06/15/the-founding-myth-of-a-master-pizzaiolos-food-truck/) did a piece on him and his unique and most tasty pizza. Check out his web site: http://www.delpopolosf.com/ and click on the location icon to learn his schedule.
I've got a couple of ideas: 1) If he could hook up with FedX or UPS for over-night delivery, beer sales would increase dramatically (it's a criminal offense to eat pizza without beer) and thus the economy would improve significantly. 2) .  . . damn, I forgot what it was. Sometime pizza chasers do that to ya.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Media Bias
Sent:  6 Jun 12

If the Main Stream Media can be so openly biased about this, you have to wonder what/who else they are slanted against. From Business Insider 6-6-12:
Liberal MSNBC Host Ed Schultz Breaks Down Over Wisconsin Recall
"You know,NBC is calling it for Walker,"Schultz told viewers last night. . . So it's disappointing, I know, if this is going to be the result" Ed Schultz, MSNBC 6-5-12

If you get your news from the NBC, CBS, ABC - you're being brain-washed.
Chuck Klein
P.S. Republican Gov. Walker won the recall election.


Subject:  The Political "F" Word
Sent:  15 May 12



Chuck Klein, 2012


Liberals, a.k.a. Democrats, tend to say they are only concerned with what's fair. However, I have never heard or read exactly how they define fair. Is it something akin to what U.S. Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart said in Jacobellis v. Ohio (1964), when he stumbled with the definition of pornography: "I know it when I see it."?

 This begs the questions: are liberals claiming elitism by saying they might not be able to articulate what's fair, but they know what's best for all of us? And because they possess that undefined, secret knowledge of fairness, we should blindly trust that their choices of politicians and bureaucrats will be fair in enforcing fairness?

 Webster's definition of fair/fairness uses such words as equitable, impartial, unbiased, et al. Sure, the liberal could use these words when referring to helping those less-fortunate. But, the conservative could also argue "less-fortunate" is subjective and forcing (taxing) others to support such "help" is inequitable, partial, biased, et. al.

 Okay, Klein, you say, what's your definition of "fair"? Fair-enough. Fair is: You may do whatever you want as long as it doesn't adversely impact me; and I'll do as I please as long as it doesn't negatively affect you. In other words, if you want to contribute all of your money to provide "fair" education, health care, employment, etc., to those who haven't earned these benefits, that's fine with me. Just don't try to force me to donate to your doctrine of fairness. 

 KLEIN'S LAW OF FAIRNESS: Fairness is not fair if it forces someone else to give up what's fairly theirs.

 I exercise my right to carry a concealed firearm for protection, but I wouldn't dream of making you do so. Say . . . maybe we should use tax money to fight FOR our 2nd Amendment rights rather than against them as the government has been doing? Finally, I believe "fair" is a government that works to reduce its power and size, encourages its citizens to stand by themselves, and supports charitable organizations to tend to the needs of those who are struggling.

  I realize I might have offended Democrats by calling them elitists and liberals, but they have portrayed Republicans as beer swilling, gun-toting, bible thumping, red-neck heathens. I surely enjoy a cold beer on a hot day and had I not been toting a gun on more than one occasion, I'd be a statistic. I'm not certain what a bible-thumper is, but I believe in G_d, the Ten Commandants and that I am descended from Abraham, Isaac and Jacob – not monkeys. As to being a redneck: the dictionary defines a redneck as a member of the rural, southern, working class. I’m not from the South, but my farm is in rural Brown County and up until I retired six years ago at age 64, I always worked.  Heathen? I might have mud on my boots and oil stains on my bibbers, but I take regular showers and have my hair trimmed neatly at a local shop - where they don't make me smell all prissy.

Chuck Klein




Subject:  What Democrats Think, Again
Sent:  10 May 12

I got a lot of response from the my e-mail message: WHAT DEMOCRATS THINK (sent 9 May, copy below). Some of the replies were from Democrat friends who paraded the virtues of the Obama administration (while ignoring the downside). To them, I asked: Where/when does the continuation of increasing taxes AND increasing the size/power of the government end? Do we just keep on raising taxes and making the government even larger than it is, ad infinitum? What are the limits? Will they not be content until one's tax is 100% of one's income? How far down the slippery slope of government control do they expect us to accept?
I have no replies as yet.
Chuck Klein
Original Message:
One of the responses to my Election Plan A was from a liberal friend. This is his take:
"It's amazing how you are blind to the fact that this country is actually better off today than we were 4 years ago when Obama came into a job where the country was ready to go under due to a war that was more personal for 'he what started it' than it was on behalf of the country.
But because of Obama's efforts, things are better... much better!
You should watch something OTHER than Fox News."
Democrats who think we're better off with $16 trillion in debt than $10 trillion ('08 - '12 http://www.usgovernmentspending.com/federal_debt_chart.html) is as much a "blindness"  as is believing "W" went to war for anything other than to "fight them over there rather than fight them over here," (that's why BO is at war in Afghanistan).
The gulf 'tween Republicans and Democrats is basic and huge. Short of revolution, how do we solve it?
Chuck Klein


Subject:  Election Plan A
Sent:  8 May 12

This is my Election Plan A:

Chuck Klein

I am going to purchase only essentials until after the 2012 Socialist vs. Capitalist Presidential election. The reasoning is: If BO wins, I might need my cash for stock-piling these essentials in order to survive a deeper recession and/or . . . . In addition, major purchases before November might help stimulate the economy which would give Obama a boost. However, If the Republicans win, I'll spend for a new car and other high ticket items on my want list. If enough Americans endorse this strategy, it will make a difference.
How 'bout you? Are you going to join or stock up on burqas and head-towels?
Chuck Klein

Subject:  The Race Issue, Again
Sent:  26 Mar 12



Chuck Klein


The recent killing of a Black teen who was dressed in a black-hooded jacket has raised the issue of the perception of fear based upon characteristics. The root of the race issue can be boiled down to one word: ASSIMILATION. Those who fail to assimilate, to meld into the melting pot, are doomed to being the outcast. Almost all minority groups that came to these shores learned to speak English clearly and without an accent, shortened hard to pronounce family names, swore allegiance to the flag - Americanized themselves. They, with minimal help from the Government, cast off the "old country" ways, embraced their new home and became as much like a WASP - for their public interactions - as possible. Almost without exception each kept religion and heritage personal and private. The Jewish people even invented Reform Judaism to justify the forsaking of black clothing and hats, untrimmed beards and Saturday (Sabbath) traditions. Each group, from the Asians to the Vietnamese, also faced discrimination based violence, name calling, employment rejection and ostracism.

 The lone exception to this unwritten rule of Americanization is the Negro race. Though this class of immigrants arrived as slaves, they were set free at the cost of many non-slave citizens’ lives. Beginning in the 1950s the remaining barriers to equality have fallen, yet these descendants have resisted joining the club. Instead of embracing Americanized names, attitudes and work ethics, too many of the children of the slaves try to force their ethnicity on the rest of populace.

 Yeah, I know what you're thinking: "What does he know; he hasn't walked a mile in my Jordans." Maybe so, but my Justins have covered a fair distance. I can't personally relate to any of the six million of my people that were exterminated - in my life time - just because they were Jews. But, I can recount personal experiences such as: upon approaching the end of my probationary period as a police officer, the Lieutenant wrote to the Chief, "Patrolman Klein would be better off with his own kind of people." To say the Lt. made life difficult and tried to set me up for failure, would be an understatement. Or, the roofing nails in my driveway and the threatening phone calls after I, and a black friend, stood up to the KKK.

 I won't discount the fact that American Blacks, per se, have been duped by their own government - more exactly by the Democratic party - as far back as the 1960s. Lyndon Johnson, while he was President, set this country, and especially the Blacks, back a hundred years. His "Great Society" program was designed to enslave the Negro - to obligate all African-Americans to the government and make them beholden to the Democrats. Johnson's un-American plan of giving away educational degrees and welfare funds has destroyed at least two generations. The break-up of the family unit by rewarding women for having babies out of wedlock and encouraging such anti-assimilation practices as African haircuts, ebonics and affirmative action was a master stroke of genius – for the Democratic Party.

 America and Americans are not perfect and there will always be some level of discrimination. Governments can pass all the laws they want, but they can never force people to mix with those with whom they don't wish to associate. I don't believe it makes anyone a racist if they don't want to live next to or go to school with or frequent a business where certain persons flaunt an attitude, dress in prison/criminal garb, use foul language, trash the neighborhood, commit crimes or force their music on them - none of which have anything to do with skin color.

 The overwhelming majority of African-Americans are law abiding, hard working citizens - just like other melting-potters. However, being law-abiding and hard working is not enough in and of itself. Being a "good" American not only entails conduct that doesn't offend your fellow man, but a willingness to help your brothers and sisters assimilate - to become Americanized.

 As to Zimmerman, the white man who shot the gangsta-dressed teen in Florida . . . whether he is guilty of a crime is not the issue. He will be convicted of something because of the Johnson legacy: Placate.

 Chuck Klein

Georgetown, OH



Subject:  Stress Test City
Sent:  27 Feb 12

I just got back from a visit to the Southwest Regional/Marginal Medical/Hospital (used to be know as Brown County General Hospital). I don't know why they had to change the name, I mean BCGH says all you need to know. It would be like calling Apple computers pears or cucumbers. Anyway, I was scheduled for a stress test at 7:15 in the morning - the only time they say the test can be originated. But some caring person called me a few days before to say if I got there at 8 a.m. that would be just fine. In and of itself, that lowered my stress level.

Though the doctor's main practice is in Cincinnati, I choose BCGH because I want to keep my business local. Registration was quick and easy and after a short wait of maybe 10 minutes I was readied for some kind of scan. They put me on a flat bed with crispy-clean sheets and allowed a huge box-machine to revolve inches above my chest - stress level up. The nurse/technician, Tammy, told me I would be under this thing for 20 minutes and I should breathe normally, but could not move. Ever try to breath normally when you're thinking about it? What's normal? Tammy told me she would be in the room the entire time which reduced my stress - until I thought maybe she's staying to make sure I breathe normally. I fixated on a spot in the ceiling and built (in my head) the walnut cabinet I've been meaning to make someday. Time flies when you're having fun - at least that's what a jailer once told me.

Next, I was taken to the actual test room to be prepped for the walk-a-thon. Here, Charlie attached wires to patches stuck to my chest while another person inserted an IV in my arm to inject stuff to allow the stress machine to monitor my heart. I've got wires pasted to me, a needle in my arm, had nothing to eat or drink since last night and I'm freezing cold - stress city.

In due time Dr. Hattemer arrived and onto the treadmill I went. At first the stride was like a nice stroll in a park, but without the trees and grass. Just as soon as I began to relax with the pace they sped up the machine while adding an incline. At least I wasn't chilled any longer, beads of sweat now forming on my forehead. However, in all too long a time, the treadmill speed not only increased a second time, but so was the angle. I was now in double-overdrive - walking as fast as I could - up hill and wishing the room was cooler. At 14 hours, seven minutes and nine seconds into the test, I finally heard the doctor say, "stops in 10 seconds." Did he mean the machine or my heart? Fortunately, before I was totally stressed out, they lowered the ramp and slowed the tread way down. Whew! Wait... I lied about the 14 hour part - I was only on the treadmill a total of eight minutes, but it seemed a mite longer.


Subject:  Panacea Solution
Sent:  22 Feb 12

The politician's problem, in order to get elected, they must appeal to the majority of voters. This has evolved into catering (making promises) to select groups of voters many of which have no concept of our government and the issues it faces. These self-centered voters only want what's best for them and the rest of the country be damned.
SOLUTION: A law to:
1) Require all voters to successfully pass a test - written in English - about current events, consequences of government acts and general knowledge of local, state and federal governments. If a person doesn't have basic knowledge of the country they live in they shouldn't have the right to vote.
2) Restrict from voting government employees or those employed by a private or public firm that receives the majority of its income from any government agency. Because government workers, or those directly impacted by government funding, are the largest voting blocks our elected officials have been unable (for fear of losing this vote) to reduce the size of our government. 
There are four Constitutional Amendments (15th, 19th, 24th, 26th) that address voting rights. None preclude knowledge tests or exclude certain other classes of citizens, i.e., government workers, from voting. The above proposed two restrictions will allow a more educated and unbiased voice in deciding what's best for the country, per se.
Chuck Klein
Georgetown, OH

Subject:  Obama: Religion & Contraception
Sent:  9 Feb 12

If Obama has the power to order the Catholics to forsake their religious doctrine by forcing their clinics, hospitals and such to provide contraception, then he has the power to tell the Jews they must work on Saturday, the Baptist not to use public water for baptisms and  . . . .
This is not about contraception, it's about the power of government . . . and it's no different whether the government bans contraception or enforces it.
Chuck Klein

Subject:  Personal Income Experience
Sent:  26 Jan 12

My father owned and operated his own manufacturing company for over 70 years. At its peak he was personally responsible for the weekly paychecks for 350 employees in seven plants in four states. The corporation made a profit most years for which he paid taxes on. He paid himself a salary which was also taxed (taxed twice). Upon his death, his estate paid over 50% in inheritance taxes (taxed a 3rd time). Had he not had to plan (hoard funds) for his estate to pay the inheritance taxes, how much larger (how many more tax-paying employees) could he have grown his corporation?
I now own 1/3 of this successful company (which is half its original value). It still pays taxes on its profits while 1/3 of the remaining profit is paid to me - which I then pay a tax on. When I die my estate will pay 50% of my net worth in taxes.
How much is a fair tax? Should the rates be increased again for people who already pay two, three or more times on the same money? Socialists, Marxists, communists and Democrats think so.
Chuck Klein

Subject:  Questions
Sent:  26 Jan 12

Mr. Obama, in his State of the Union speech, indicated how unfair he thought it was that private sector executives made [earned] so much more than their secretaries.
1) Does his White House secretary make as much as he does?
2) Do the secretaries to entertainment and sports mega-stars make the same as their boss'?
3) Exactly how many jobs do secretaries create - how many persons do they hire?
BO espouses Marxist/communist/socialist dreams of economic equality - regardless of talent, ingenuity, risk-taking and effort. American ideology has always been: You get what you earn.
Chuck Klein

Subject:  America is Blessed
Sent:  18 Jan 12


 Chuck Klein, 2012


 God Bless America

And our troops, law officers and all of Her guardians.

 Land that I love

Those who know this love are truly the Blessed People.

 Stand beside her, and guide her,

As God stands to safeguard us, we align ourselves shoulder to shoulder while bowing our heads in thanks for His protection and guidance.

 Thru the night with a light from above.

Dusk to dawn and sunrise to sunset, we are humbled by Your radiant supremacy and power.

 From the mountains, to the prairies,

Forging straight up from the great prairies of gilded grain, like a church spire paying homage to the heavens, these rugged resplendent pinnacles symbolize our faith in You.

 To the oceans, white with foam

Seas of Blessed People of all colors, each seeking the purity only You can bestow.

 God bless America, My home sweet home.

May God continue to bless the Blessed People as this is their homeland forevermore.

Chuck Klein
The Commonality between scientist, creationist and evolutionist is the question: What lies beyond The Beyond?" Klein's Laws