2011 E-Mail Editorials

Subject: Heart Stress Test
Sent:  9 Feb 11

Dear Classmates,
At our age, everyone should consider having a stress test, especially if there is a family history of heart desease. The results of my test are for relevance only and were conducted as a one year follow up to having a stent placed in my heart:
Heart rate at rest:             52
Blood Pressure at rest:     112/60
Peak HR during test:        155
Peak BP during test:        194/58
Time on the treadmill: 6:33
The tread mill starts at a slow walking pace then they elevate the tread mill to simulate walking up hill. Even at the 1st elevation, my HR was not significantly higher. However, when they increased the speed of the tread, and after a few minutes, my HR was over 100. Next they increased the incline which brought my HR to 130. I was holding my own and able to continue to breathing through my nose. Then they upped the speed again. I was now walking as fast as I could and began breathing through my mouth. I still have a warrior mind set whereas I can will myself to block out all else and focus on doing any physical activity until I drop or die. At six minutes and 33 seconds into this test, I had to force myself to do the prudent thing and quit.
Let me know how you do.
Best, Chuck


Subject: Where Are They?
Sent:23 Mar 11

During Obama's campaign, the rallying cry was "Bring the troops home" and "Why are we killing Iraqis - the Iraqi people have never done anything to us." Obama promised to bring the troops home and sit down with the despot leaders instead of just bombing them.
Seems he only re-deployed the troops to Afghanistan, has never had a conversation with any mid-East dictators and is now bombing (a third front) the Libyans. Have the Libyan people done something to us? Where are the Cindi Sheehans and others who were clamoring for the return of our troops? Am I missing something?
Chuck Klein


Subject:  Bullies
Sent:  1 Apr 11

The News Democrat
Georgetown, Ohio
Sunday, 27 Mar 11
Guest Editorial by Chuck Klein
During my year in the 5th grade, a 6th grader bullied me almost daily on the home bound bus. I made up my mind that I would be tough and take it - and not cry-baby to the authorities. I also, resolved that when I became part of the oldest class in the school, I not only would not bully the little kids, but would confront (fight if necessary) any of my classmates if they were doing the bullying. In high school, after a kick, punch, roll-on-the-ground fight with a fellow classmate that took a teacher to pull us apart, I gained a reputation of being tough and that had the effect of keeping bullies at bay.

 Upon beginning my quest to become a police officer, I sought out the advice of my local police chief, Bill Krueger (Amberley Village, Ohio). He related how he turned down a recent applicant because the young man had no relevant experience. It seems the recruit hopeful had such an exemplary high school record that he had not only never been sent to the principal's office, but had never been in a fight. The chief's reasoning behind not hiring this model citizen type was: lacking experience in physical confrontations or other troubles, he would be unable to relate to those who had, i.e., those persons police officers interact with daily.

Perhaps it would be beneficial if schools taught a class in extrapolation. Obviously, many current administrators and politicians fail to consider the consequences of some of their laws, edicts and rules. For instance: Today's zero tolerance bullying mantra quite possibly will produce a generation of future police officers who will have no clue of how to deal with bullies and violent criminals thus subjecting the populace to these uncontrolled jerks. Regardless of how many restrictions are placed on kids or adults, there will always be predators. Another example of society's failure to extrapolate is establishing of  gun-free-zones. They are not. To the law abiding citizens (victims of the bullies and violent jerks) - they are self-defense free zones.  Some people seem to have more dollars than sense.

I'm not saying schools should condone fisticuffs or serious bullying, but a little more "let 'em work it out among themselves" might go a long way in developing character - and future protectors of society.

Chuck Klein is a Brown County resident, a former police officer, retired licensed private investigator and author of many books and columns. He may be contacted through his web site: www.chuckklein.com



Subject:  United Rural America
Sent:  5 Apr 11


 The huge divisiveness 'tween democrats and republicans can be found in the difference 'tween city dwellers and those living in the small towns and unincorporated  areas of the USA. Perhaps if we isolated the big cities from the rest of the country two new nations could be established. De facto borders could easily be drawn by making the outer interstate belts that typically surround the large metropolises, the lines-in-the-sand. Call these combined municipalities United Cities of America. Label the rest of the country United Rural America.
The UCA can then enjoy the pleasures of giving their constituents all the free housing, cell phones, grants and unlimited touchy-feelie programs they want. This liberal camp will have the emancipated power to pass gun control, health care and entitlements upon entitlements. Of course, how they pay for any of this without the taxes from URA (those who do most of the proportional paying now), is their problem.
United Rural America probably won't need to pass a lot of laws, but you can bet we'll secure our boundaries to keep the junkies, drug dealers, prostitutes, bureaucrats, bleeding heart liberals, Muslim terrorists and other non-productive United Cities of America inhabitants out of our country. 
Yeah, I know this is off-the-wall, but to the Tories, so was the Declaration of Independence.
Chuck Klein
Pleasant Township
Brown County, Ohio

Subject:  Christians & Jews
Sent:  10 May 11

Hi friends,
At the risk of being highly presumptuous, I am including links to notes, observations and questions from my study of the Torah/Bible.
I wrote this because our family has many intermarriages between Christians and Jews and thought it might be helpful to the grandchildren now that some of them are old enough to handle this complex issue. I hope you don't  mind me sharing this with you. Comments always welcome.



Subject:  New Book
Sent:  28 Jun 11

Dear Friends and Friends of Friends,
My latest book, THE BADGE, Stories and Tales from Both Sides of the Law, is now in stock in either standard paperback or Kindle eBook from amazon.com: (http://www.amazon.com/Badge-Stories-Tales-Both-Sides/dp/159630071X/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1308867056&sr=1-1 )
This is a unique collection of historically and technically correct short stories based on life experiences as a P.I. and cop in small town/suburban America. With a few exceptions, all are true. The work is void of graphic sex, language or drug use. It's a fun read though some of the stories are a little hairy.
Excerpts, cover and early reviews: www.chuckkleinauthor.com/the_badge.html
Thanks for your interest,
Chuck Klein, Retired P.I., former LEO
Georgetown and Cincinnati, Ohio
P.S. Please consider purchasing 2 copies - one for yourself and one to donate to your local police agency (if you buy 2 from Amazon.com shipping is free).
P.P.S Let me know what you think or post your comments to Amazon.com.


Subject:  Fun Article
Sent:  1 Aug 11

Hey Friends,
Using me as his main interviewee, Pete Bronson (former Enquirer editor) has written his column in Cincy Magazine (http://www.cincymagazine.com/) about early Cincinnati hot rodding. Though he made full use of his editorial license, he mentions SOTA, Beechmont Drag Strip and other 50s rodding experiences.
I'm doing a book signing in Patriot, Indian, Saturday, 6 Aug 11 - 4:00pm-7:00pm for my new book: THE BADGE, Stories and Tales from Both Sides of the Law (http://www.chuckkleinauthor.com/the_badge.html). Please stop by.
The book is now also available from Barnes and Noble at a much lower price than Amazon.com (http://www.barnesandnoble.com/s/the-badge-klein?store=book). 


Subject:  The Zippo Episode
Sent:  5 Sep 11

You gotta see this. Alfred Hitchcock's January 1960 episode, The Man From The South, starring Peter Lorre and Steve McQueen. Priceless.


Subject:  Economic Solution
Sent:  20 Sep 11


© Chuck Klein, 2011

The Federal Government shall select ten Social Security Numbers (SSN) per day and give to each winner (providing this person is an American citizen and is not incarcerated for a felony) $100K - tax free. The only stipulation is the recipient must spend this $100K during the next year on goods or services within the United States.
Each state will select ten SSN per day and give to each winner (providing this person is a citizen of that state and is not incarcerated for a felony) $10K - tax free. The only stipulation is the recipient must spend this $10K during the next year within that state.

The Federal government and all state Governments shall not create any new or additional forms of income and must place a freeze on income from all sources - any form of income payable to that government entity (taxes, fees, tariffs, etc.). Further, and because these governments will be facing a shortage of funds, they must reduce their size. However, they shall not reduce the size or income of any education, law enforcement, prison, fire, military or judicial departments (in other words, lets cut out the nonessentials and bureaucrats).
With this huge cash infusion being spent each year, it won't be long before taxes - collected on the sale of the items purchased by the winners and the number of people hired to make, transport, sell these goods - will return the entire country to economic stability.
This program will be phased out as the economy recovers and, in turn,  reinstated as the economy demands.
Chuck Klein

Subject:  Radio Talk Show
Sent:  27 Sep 11

I will be the guest of American Heroes Radio talk show,
THURSDAY, 29 Sep 11
Time: 6:00 pm EDT (3:00 pm PDT)
Subject: INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING, Defensive Handgunning for Police and discussion of my latest book, THE BADGE, Stories and Tales From Both Sides of the Law.
Links to the live show:
The program is blogged:


 The linkedin event:


  Please tune in and/or call in,


Chuck Klein




Subject:  Happy New Year?
Sent:  28 Sep 11

Two . . . years ago (literally, New Year's Day) our G_d created the ancestors of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus.
Though some of us have failed in our quest to be the best person we can be while on His planet, He has remained steadfast in His commitment to us. We are currently locked in a cumulating deadly confrontation with a people who have sworn to convert us to their god's belief or kill us.
We must remain ready, willing and able to serve our G_d and/or His agent in this coming battle for the control of this planet.
Amen and Happy New Year.
Chuck Klein


Subject:  SOLUTION: America's Volunteer Talent
Sent:  18 Oct 11


© Chuck Klein, 2011

During every summer recess when elected federal officials take a month or so off, lets appoint volunteers to fill those positions (Article I, Section 5). To accomplish this, American citizens of all walks of life - except those who hold a political office - will be encouraged to submit their name, address and contact information to their representative district. Each Senator and each Congressperson shall, via public lottery drawing, select from this constituency pool a person to fill their seat for this vacation period. These Volunteer Members of Congress shall have the same powers as those whom they temporarily replace including the use of the elected person's staff. Any volunteer hopeful who submits his or her name more than once shall be disqualified and those who are selected shall not receive anything of monetary value for their services.
The elected officials who are being temporarily replaced may remain as advisers to their volunteer replacement - but only the volunteer may vote on issues brought before them.
Hey, American's really do have talent and these volunteers just might come up with some significant concepts, ideas or solutions. They sure can't do any worse than the gridlock mess we've been locked into for so long.
Chuck Klein

Subject:  Inducted into Gen Science Jour
Sent:  21 Oct 11

Hey Friends and Compatriots,
KLEIN'S LAWS have been accepted into the GENERAL SCIENCE JOURNAL, a site Dedicated to the Free Expression of Scientific Theories and Philosophy.
Please click on http://www.gsjournal.net/Science-Journals/Essays/View/3711 then click on the "file" link
Comments always welcome.
Chuck Klein

Subject:  They Seem to Hate Everyone
Sent:  22 Oct 11

The "Occupy Wall Street" gangs protesting of not only industry, but police and the government also, reminds me of the old line where one malcontent says to another, "everyone in the world is a jerk, except you and me . . . and sometimes I'm not so sure about you."
Chuck Klein


Subject:  Beward Union Power
Sent:  24 Oct 11

Ohio is one of the "test" states (Issue 2) that is trying to restrict union powers of public employees.
Allowing firefighters and police officers full union status leads to the logical conclusion that members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard and Marines have the same right. Thus the military, backed by the solidarity and clout of the Teamsters, UAW, et al, and being permitted to strike or dictate their work terms, would certainly create unending national emergencies - at best.
The power and control over emergency workers should be reserved to those we've elected to manage these public employees.
Chuck Klein, former police officer and firefighter
Georgetown, Ohio


Subject: SOLUTIONS: "Real Super Committee"
Sent: 22 Nov 11

From a different angle:
The problem with the Super Committee was they were all politicians - "like thinkers." Perhaps if BO formed an "Idea" Committee made up of persons who are used to thinking outside-the-box it might generate novel solutions. Such a unique committee, made up of fiction writers, architects, engineers and creative artists, et al, would most likely be very idea-productive.
Chuck Klein


Subject:  SOLUTIONS II: "Real Super Committee"
Sent: 24 Nov 11

Published: News Democrat, -- 2011

Recently, I sent out a suggestion for the Obama Administration to create an "Idea" Committee to replace the Super Committee that failed because it was comprised of only politicians - all like-thinkers. The Idea Committee would be made up of persons who are used to thinking outside-the-box and thus might generate novel solutions. A group of fiction writers, architects, engineers and creative artists, et al, would most likely be very idea-productive.
Well . . . I didn't hear from the President, surprise, surprise!! Therefore, I am tendering my outside-the-box suggestions on fixing the economy and getting America back on its feet:
1) Lottery by the wealthy. All persons with an income exceeding $500K/year shall purchase a daily $10.00 lottery ticket. The drawing shall be by Social Security Number and the winner of this daily drawing must prove their American citizenship. Though the numbers might have to be adjusted, here's how it works: The "rich" put up $10/day ($3650/yr.) for which they are also "in the drawing." The money is paid directly to the daily winner - not to the government. The government gets to collect their income tax on winnings of the lucky lottery person.
2) Every new tax, revenue-enhancement, user fee, etc., shall not take effect until two old taxes, revenue-enhancements, user fees, etc., have been repealed.
Hey, nothing's perfect, but like a brain-storming session (Idea Committee) it might generate ideas from other outside-the-boxers.
Chuck Klein