2010 E-Mail Editorials

Subject: The Decency Factor
Sent: 15 Jan 2010

A Question for President Obama:

During the early 1950s, U.S. Senator Joseph McCarthy began a crusade to root out communist in all walks of life. Using the power of his government position McCarthy ruined many decent American lives. He was finally stopped cold when Joseph Welch, counsel for the United States Army, asked the Senator one question. This question so stunned the morally void McCarthy he was unable to answer; it was at this point his creditability and the investigation itself began to fall apart. And we began to heal.

Mr. Obama, using the power of your office, you are ruining the lives of many decent Americans by:
* Condoning bribes for your pet partisan health care project;
* Significantly increasing foreign troop strength after promising to bring-the-troops-home and;
* Have refused to identify and condemn an enemy sworn to kill us.
Mr. President, as you race down your Obamaism path, I must ask you the same question put forth by counselor Welch: "Have you no sense of decency, sir, at long last? Have you left no sense of decency?"

Chuck Klein
Army-McCarthy Hearings
Photographs show placard-bearing Muslim threats
President Barack Obama sending 30,000 more U.S. troops to Afghanistan
Mr. Obama boasts of his ability to transcend partisan splits
Obama Promises to Bring Troops Home by End of '08
Obama Health Care Bribes



Subject: LEO Pay
Sent: 25 Jan 2010

Recently The Cincinnati Enquirer (http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/frontpage) has been running a series of articles claiming the Cincinnati Police department has funded $23M in "extra pay" for police officers who have accumulated sick-time, comp-time, overtime and other contractually EARNED income. The slant of these "articles" is toward restricting the income of police officers to help financially over-burdened and over-spent (on social programs?) city government. I have written the below response as a "Letter to the Editor," though I don't hold aspirations they will print it.
Enquirer links to articles:
Republicans (capitalists) believe: If you earned it, you can keep it.
Democrats (socialists) believe: If you earned it, we want it.
Chuck Klein
Dear Editor,
The Enquirer's assault on law enforcement officers (LEOs) "extra pay" (Sunday 24 Jan 10) contained this statement in reference to "extra pay": "Not having a ceiling is fiscal insanity. It invites, if not abuse, at least excessive overuse." I am confident that all LEOs, per se, would fundamentally agree to accept monetary boundaries if the politicians who want to impose these limits would:
1) Place a "ceiling" on the life-threatening, career-ending dangers and mental stress cops face daily;
2) Install perimeters to the occasions officers spend in rain, snow, bitter cold and/or extreme heat directing traffic around an accident so those in their comfortable vehicles can get home and;
3) Limit the number of drunks, criminals and other miscreants police officers, while maintainiing their professional demeanor, are required to deal with on a ceiling-less basis.
Chuck Klein, Police writer


Sent: 26 jAN 2010

Less than  9 months!!
Meanwhile back at the ranch. Got it made in the shade with cool lemonade. That's about the size of it. Shoot the juice to me Bruce. That's the $64,000 question. I got a banana in my ear. Who'll carry the midnight mail? See ya later alligator. Afterwhile crocodile. Kookie, lend me your comb. How's your Bird? What's the Word/ Thunderbird/What's the reason/'cuz grapes are in season. Are you for real. Got the picture, Daddy-O. Cherry. Be there or be square.
Do you remember GOOD GOLLY MISS MOLLY,

Chuck Berry and Buddy Holly,

Big Bopper and Ben E. King


The Alms Hotel, Vernon Manor, The Cabana Club, Mandarin Chinese restaurant,
Lennox Motor, Loretta's restaurant, Natorp Nursery, Howdy Car Wash, Capri Pizza, Pasquales Pizza, Mt. Vernon Frisch's, St. Aloysius orphanage, White Castle,  Pure Oil filling station (slogan: "Fire up, with Firebird"), Cities Service, Alber's supermarket, Swifton shopping center, Red Barn, Seymour Lanes, Summit Lanes, sock-hops at the Pepsi plant. 
Three-twos and spinner caps,

drive-ins and glass packs,

James Dean and YAKETY-YAK

and a screamin' tenor sax.

Crest Hills Country Club, Maketiwah Country Club, Stanley's delicatessen, Vernor-Wagner bottling company (Luv Ya cherry cola, Kickapoo Joy Juice, ginger ale), Gypsy Inn, Valley Shopping Center, Valley Theater, Bilker's, A&P, Sand's restaurant, Lenhardt's restaurant. Putt-Putt miniature golf,  Schuler's restaurant,  Howard Johnson's, Thriftway, Carousel motel, Stillpass Motors, The Wishing Well, Sorrento's, MacIntosh's restaurant. Rob Paris photography studio, The Glass Barn, Peewee Valley,  Rink's, Carter's, Spooner's,  Cincinnati Gardens, Schuster's, 
In the beginning those times were ours

the words, the music, the clothes and the cars,

hot rods and puppy love

and guardian angels up above.


Remember four digit phone numbers plus the "exchange" (names for the first two letters). Ours was JEfferson 7383. Long distance calls were made via a telephone operator who would keep trying if the line was busy and then call you back saying, "Ready with your call to ___."
Large companies had their own switchboards (a PBX for Private Branch Exchange) with lines to plug into to make the connection. Around 1955 we went to seven-digit dialing when everyone had a "1" added between the exchange and the number plus they began encouraging all number dialing. Thus ours became 531-7383. Other exchanges included: KIrby, JAckson, TWeed, MAin, SYcamore, MElrose, WAlnut . . . others?
If you haven't already done so, please visit and register at our interactive web site www.woodwardclass1960.com


Subject: Tax Loophole
Sent: 6 Apr 2010

It seems the Democrats have come up with a novel, yet ludicrous way to catch alleged tax cheats. BO signed into law a 30% tax on the American investments of foreign banks that refuse to divulge the ID of their clients. Some foreign banks (Switzerland, Liechtenstein, et al) have their own laws that prohibit the revealing of their customer's identification.
How dumb does the Obama gang think these banks are? I mean, if you were a keeper of secret accounts facing a 30% tax would you yield the financial records of your clients (and risk losing them) or would you simply take all your "American investments" and invest them in another country?
Am I missing something here? Not only will we not get the funds from the alleged tax cheats, but we now lose significant foreign capital.  Note: One might pay all his/her taxes, but, for example, wish to hide the money from a spouse - which is not a federal criminal offense nor any concern of the U.S. Government. 
Source: http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/28/business/28gret.html
Chuck Klein

Subject: What Goes Around . . . .
Sent: 10 Apr 2010

At least one county in the heavily Democrat, anti-gun, NE portion of Ohio has finally seen the light. Not only does Ashtabula County Common Pleas Court Judge, Alfred Mackey, condone carrying concealed firearms, but he advises residents to arm themselves. Due to significant reductions in staff, the Ashtabula County Sheriff's Office now has only one patrol officer available at times - in this the largest (land-wise) county in Ohio. The Judge has taken the common sense approach that armed and trained citizens are a sound aid to a safer society.
Seems it was only yesterday judges, police chiefs and the liberal media were railing against allowing us common citizens carrying defensive firearms. They were touting the line that we should rely on 9-1-1 for all our safety measures. In addition, these anti-gunners were predicting that carrying guns was a prelude to shoot-outs over traffic disputes and thus the streets would run red with blood if the trained masses were allowed to CCF. Of course, their crystal ball was in error plus, now, and in addition, there most likely won't be anyone to answer a 9-1-1 call.
This brings up two questions: 1) If the scared-of-guns crowd (Democrats) was so wrong about CCF, what else are they wrong about? Health Care, Nuclear Defense, Foreign Policy, Gun-Free-Zones? 2) During economic hard times, which is best for society: Reducing public safety departments or social service agencies?
Source:  http://news.cincinnati.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/AB/20100409/NEWS0108/304090020/
Chuck Klein

Subject: Asthma Memories
Sent: 10 Apr 2010

Those who have suffered with or been the parent of asthma attack victims may relate to my Letter to the Editor in THE NEWS DEMOCRAT, Georgetown, OH.
Dear Editor,
Publisher Steve Triplett's "Asthma: It's not what it seems" (4-1-10) (http://newsdemocrat.com/main.asp?Search=1&ArticleID=130462&SectionID=30&SubSectionID=233&S=1) brought back some worrisome memories. With two children so afflicted, I did my share of rushing the inhaler to school or other places when they experienced an attack and had forgotten to take it with them.

Once, when the county road was flooded and the youngest was staying at a neighbors so he could go to school, I walked a half mile through the woods, at night, in the snow and at 15 degrees to meet the neighbor with my son's inhaler. However, the scariest was when he awakened me in the middle of the night. He could only shake his head to the question of "can your breath?" I instantly realized I had two options: 1) call the life squad or 2) drive him myself to the hospital. This was 1980 and our farm was in sparsely populated Switzerland County, Ind., (100 miles down river from Brown County).

I knew the all-volunteer squad would take at least 20 minutes to arrive and then 30 minutes or more to transport him two county lines east to Lawrenceburg General. I chose plan "B." I threw on a pair of pants and helped him into the car, setting out as fast as I dared over two-lane state and county roads.

The only town, Rising Sun with just a single stop sign, was 15 miles and then 15 miles to the hospital. Coming through the little village in the dead of night, I slowed to maybe 60, changing down to third for the stop sign. Speeding out of town it soon became apparent the local police were in pursuit. I pulled over, got out and ran back to the scout car where I quickly told him my name, address, and that I was in route to the hospital with my ailing son and his life-threatening condition. I also told the officer, and before he had said a word, he could write all the tickets he wanted and I'd pick them up on the way back or he could follow me to the hospital and arrest me there - but I wasn't going to wait even a minute. He jumped out of the cruiser, following me back to my car where he shined his flashlight on my obviously ill child. The officer only said, "Be careful," as I accelerated away. I'm sure he radioed ahead as a Dearborn County Sheriff's Deputy merely watched as we flew past at the county line. Lawrenceburg General did what they do best and we were home by noon.

Chuck Klein
Pleasant Township
Brown County, Ohio


Subject: Who Doesn't Get It?
Sent: 13 April 2010

Maybe it's me, but I Just Don't get It.
Why should I be upset that some of my tax money is being used to help others receive health care or keep their jobs with their bailed-out banks or auto makers? Why should I object if my government uses a portion of my funds to help victims of storms - either here or in another country? How can I justify anger when our government finances public housing for indigents (that becomes magnets for gang infested hideouts) and pays lawyers to free convicted criminals?
I don't oppose helping those who need help - I do protest how it is done. And this is the point of contention between liberals and conservatives - abiding by the rules. These rules are clearly spelled out in our Constitution. If the majority of American voters want their government to tender social amenities, then let this majority amend the Constitution to legitimize these changes.
Contrary to many liberals beliefs (wishes), we do not live in a democracy. We live in a republic. The definitions are: Democracy is where majority rules. A republic is a society that elects officials to operate and run the state under a strict set of regulations (Constitution). In other words, if we lived in a true democracy and the majority voted to execute persons with your name - you'd be dead. In a republic the only way that can happen is if the Constitution is changed to create that action. Of course this kind of thing has happened in the past (slavery), but playing by the rules changed that  (see Amendments 11, 13, 14 et al).
Yeah, I know your blood's boiling over the fact that I haven't included Republicans who have also bent, twisted and flaunted the same rules. They have, but not to the same degree as their counterparts.
Maybe I'm missing something . . . or there's always the possibility that it's the liberals/Democrats who just don't get it.
Solution: Require a "civics" test for all elected officials, appointees and bureaucrats.
Chuck Klein

Subject: American or Enemy
Sent: 27 Apr 2010

Seems the sovereign state of Arizona has had enough of the illegals overwhelming their criminal justice, hospital, education and welfare systems so they enacted a law to sort out who's entitled to American status and who's a free-loader (http://www.nytimes.com/2010/04/24/us/politics/24immig.html).
Maybe other states should follow this lead (since the Feds won't) by applying the same leverage to include that "religious" order -  the one that has stated they will kill or convert all infidels.
Let's get 'em all out of the country. Oh yeah, that line about "Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses . . . ." is on the Statue of Liberty (which we didn't order, request or pay for). Those words are NOT in the Constitution.
Question of the day: If we have enough money, troops, aid, goods, supplies, food and government workers to rebuild, save and prop up foreign countries that suffer calamities;  how come we don't have enough yadda, yadda, yadda to rebuild American highways, pay for our own health care and feed our own poor?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Slavery 2010 Style
Sent: 30 Apr 2010

Perhaps a solution to the illegal immigrant issue could be found in the 13th Amendment.
Ratified in 1865, the 13th says: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime . . . shall exist within the United States . . . ." Thus, to punish illegitimate aliens for their crime of unlawfully entering our country they could be:
Forced (involuntary servitude) to work on state/local road gangs,
Sold, as slaves, by the government to "big AG" for picking crops.
Whoa, before you hop on a PC, liberal, bleeding-heart horse please consider what they've been doing to us. I call it involuntary servitude when American tax-payers are forced to pay the health care, welfare, education, etc., for Mexicans and others criminally in this country. You can call it charity, humanitarian or compassionate aid - with your money, but when you punish me - without my ever committing any crime - that's slavery.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Instinct Combat Shooting, The Tricks
Sent 11 May 2010

Below is the link to Law Officer.com and my latest article, INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING, Tricks that pay off when it Counts, that I hope you find of interest. The book on the subject (a concept I pioneered over 40 years ago) has been in print for 25 years and is a stock item with Amazon.com. 
Stay Ethical,

Subject: WorkPlace Guns and the NSC
Sent: 18 May 2010

The March 2010 issue of SAFETY + HEALTH, the publication of the National Safety Council (hard copy only - not available online), has published a feature article on GUNS IN THE WORKPLACE.
The article seems to be more concerned about employer's "protection of their business, the public and their property itself" than about employee self-protection.
The most worrisome quote is attributed to Brian Malte, director of federal and state mobilization for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: (in reference to the Virginia Tech massacre) ". . . individuals are safer in a group setting when they are unarmed. When shots were fired at the school, Goddard (a gunshot victim) dialed 911 and got police to come right before he was shot, that phone call probably saved a lot lives . . . . Goddard is the first one to tell you, in all that confusion and everything in that classroom, that guns would have made matters worse."
Perhaps something has been gained. Both Malte and I agree on the issue of training. He stated: "It's a fantasy to think that untrained people across the country are going to make the right decision [in a workplace violence situation]."
One of the quotes attributed to me: ". . . employees who choose to carry firearms on company property . . . [must show] proof that he or she is qualified and trained to use it properly."
 Though this federal magazine article interviewed the Brady Campaign, the NRA and this writer, among others, it does not issue any suggestion/edicts or rules, it does, however indicate these conclusions:
1) "Few conclusive studies have been conducted to determine whether having firearms accessible at work makes employees more safe or less so."
2) "Guns laws vary state by state, so employers should be well-informed about legislation in their area when creating a workplace gun policy."
Copies of the magazine might be available by contacting the article's author: Associate Editor, Lauretta Claussen Lauretta.Claussen@nsc.org
I think this article is significant inasmuch as, federal level wise, it implies the pendulum has at least swung back toward the right.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Yesterday's Question
Sent: 25 May 2010

The BP oil rig disaster in the Gulf of Mexico will claim hundreds of millions of aquatic animals.
How many hundreds of millions (billions?) of animals of all kinds are killed everyday to feed the six billion inhabitants of planet earth and how long can we maintain this pace?
Chuck Klein


Subject: If I were King of America
Sent: 2 Jun 2010

If I were King of America, the first thing I would do is dismiss all federal elected officials and their pensions, perks and staffs. Chuck
(add your dream edict and forward it on)
If I were King of America, the first thing I would do is:


Subject: Journalist Integrity
Sent: 8 Jun 2010

In case you missed it:
Long-time White House reporter, Helen Thomas, told Rabbi David F. Nesenoff on camera (May 27) that Jews should "get the hell out of Palestine" and "go home" to "Poland, Germany and America and everywhere else."
Reference Links:

One has to wonder how this evil view has tainted other reports in her decades long career.
Maybe it's time to subject all WH reporters to an ethics check (polygraph and background).
Chuck Klein


Subject: Woodward Just For Fun Again
Sent: 16 Jun 2010

Dear Classmates,

There once was a man named Dave who kept a dead . . . whoa, wait wrong file. You know, you get to be 68 and sometimes these computers are just too much. Cut me a little slack :)

In hopes of enticing you to make the commitment to attend the 50th, and at the risk of being presumptuous, I’m including a few observations.

During the 45th reunion, Sid Lieberman, noted: "We all have such good fun together because, I really believe we all genuinely like one another." That says a lot. We were all brought up with the same moral and ethical values, shared the same European heritage and whose parents had experienced the Great Depression and a world war. We lived in a unique and worry-free time where war and hard times were stuff we only read about in history books. To compensate for this lack of common turmoil we created the rebel generation. With nothing to really rebel against, we latched onto "our" music and modifying our parent's generation cars. These rebellions were just for the sake of creating our own identity.

One distinct advantage of being married to a fellow Woodwardite (Annette Margolis, '61) is being able to go to her reunions. Though their 45th was almost as good as ours, they did manage to get a couple of teachers to attend whom I hadn't seen in a long time. Ed Montgomery was not only a great teacher, but a mean poker player as well. He played with our Friday night game for many years during the 70s. Other regular players included: Stan Zappin, Alex Wilson ('59), Steve Schwartz ('61), Stu Hodesh, Ed Goldman (WHHS '60).

In addition to seeing many old friends from '61, I got a chance to thank a teacher: Mrs. Keefe (Science). I found it very emotional to hold her hand and tell her I knew that she was not only an excellent teacher, but had had a positive impact on my life. She told me that teaching at Woodward during “our” era were some of the best years of her life. Ours too, Mrs. Keefe, ours too!

As for the 50th – color me there. I’m coming ‘cuz I want to see as many of my classmates as I can before they’re listed on the In-Memory page . . . or I am!!

See ya in October


Chuck Klein



Subject: Anti-Semitism – Again
Sent: 17 Jul 2010

Today, you’d think that with all the government education, civil rights suits and media coverage on narrow-mindedness, racism and intolerance only a caveman would be so ignorant of discriminatory indiscretion – especially news editors and lawyers. Unfortunately, not so.

My local Brown County, Ohio paper, The News Democrat (www.newsdemocrat.com/ carried (13 June 2010) a guest editorial by Stan Purdy, a Georgetown attorney and president of the US Grant Association. In writing about our Constitution he claimed Thomas Jefferson noted that “Ancient Principles” (unalienable rights) included equality, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and the protection of private property. Mr. Purdy went on to say: “He [Thomas Jefferson] recognized that when the Israelites enjoyed and pursued those ‘Ancient Principles’ they thrived, but when they drifted away from those principles, their culture declined.”

Though attorney Purdy is entitled to his opinion; saying the Israelites (Jews, per se) have forsaken unalienable rights and our culture has declined is not only inaccurate, but insulting. Of course, we not only are still thriving, but have thrived for almost six thousand years - longer than any others.

I wrote a letter-to-the-editor which was published in the next edition. Editor, Steve Triplett, also personally responded saying: “My duty is to make sure it [Guest Editorial] is labeled opinion and that people know it is opinion.”

I replied to this with the question: “So, in other words, if your only duty is to make sure opinions are labeled as such, you would allow an editorial saying to the effect that blacks were no-good, shiftless, lying nig**rs - as long as it was just ‘opinion’? That doesn't seem any different to me than what Mr. Purdy wrote about Israelis/Jews.” Editor Triplett, did not respond to this last query nor did he or lawyer Purdy offer a retraction/apology in the following issue of The News Democrat.

There might be a fine line between slander, liable, civil rights violations, insults and legitimate opinion, but for an attorney and news editor to tout “Ancient Principles” while dissing an entire society is the pinnacle of arrogance and stupidity. But, that’s just my opinion.

We Jews (and for that matter, all Americans) can argue and disagree over which politician is best for us, the U.S. and/or Israel, but on the matter of assaults upon our heritage there must be unity. Whether intentional or due to ignorance, whether blatant or subtle we must be ever vigilant and never (as in Never Again) allow untruths, lies, insults and other such attacks against us to go unchallenged. To do otherwise implies to our enemies that we either agree, are cowards and/or are too unintelligent to know we’ve been slighted. 


Subject: Different View
Sent: 18 Jul 2010

Dear Fellow Christians & Jews:
It has been circulating for a while that Mel Gibson is a raging anti-semite. Though I don't condone Mel Gibson's acts and beliefs - he is not the enemy. Mr. Gibson is an abomination, an embarrassment to Christians, and in this matter, uneducated. When the Muslims come for us (those whose roots trace to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob) he will be not be spared. Our real enemy - and his - (at this time in history) are the Muslims. Speaking from the sanctity of their own land, they have consistently espoused their intentions to convert or kill all who do not succumb to Islamic law.
Chuck Klein


Subject: G'kids Stories
Sent: 5 Aug 2010

The other day, my five-year-old grandson, Ryder, came up to his mom with a toy gun and said, "Give me a dollar or I'll shoot you." Amy, who is always cool with kids, replied, "If you shoot me, who will fix your dinners, tie your shoes and give you snacks?" He thought for a moment and then said, "Give me a dollar or I'll shoot daddy."
That one is as good and what my son, Trey, said 40+ years ago. I held him in my arms as we walked around the house letting him turn light switches and fans on and off. Later, while lying on the bed together, I had him place his ear on my chest, saying, "If you're quiet you can hear my heart beating." Within a few seconds, his face lit up and his eyes got as big as hubcaps. He looked up at me, saying, "It's on!"


Subject: WOODWARD Final Call
Sent 17 Aug 2010

Hey fellow 1960 Grads,
You should have received your formal written invitation by now. Please send your reservations and $$ ASAP 'cuz we need the money to meet our commitments. If you have not received your invitation please get in touch with Dave Simmons simmonsd@one.net
Rumor has it Roger Effron, who so hilariously entertained us at the 50th Birthday Party (1992) is going to M.C. our 50th reunion!!
It seems every reunion has its crowning moment - that slice of time when you know you have come home again. The 40th's pinnacle, for me anyway, was the performance by the Tri-Etts,"Mr. Sandman." These still fresh-scrubbed, bright-eyed, ever-youthful "girls," harmonizing the sounds of our time, brought me all the way back to 1960. And who was not moved by at the finale of the 25th as Dick Stoltzman stood alone blowing the haunting Amazing Grace.  Well . . . you don't want to miss this party as another rumor has it that our world class clarinetist will force recollections of events forever melded to the sentimental portions of your mind with a like performance. All this plus a few other surprises.
See ya in October

Subject: Ohio Attorney General
Sent: 19 Aug 2010

Ohio Attorney General RICH CORDRAY is rated "A" by the NRA and has a history of supporting gun owners' rights. Yeah, I know he's a Democrat, but he's going to get my vote.
His opposition is former U.S. Senator Mike DeWine who is rated "F" by the NRA and has a history of being very anti-gun. Mike DeWine is a RINO - Republican In Name Only. If Mike DeWine doesn't trust me, a law-abiding, trained citizen, with the right to protect myself and family he sure can't be trusted with my vote.
Please keep these facts in mind on election day.
Chuck Klein
Georgetown, Ohio


Subject: The Next American Leader
Sent: 3 Sep 2010

The next leader of the United States will be the person who will look the American people in the eye and say:
“We are a Judeo-Christian nation. We pray to one G_d. Our standards and our presence on this earth are based on the ethics, morals and righteousness found in the 10 Commandments as handed directly to Moses.
"Those who pray to Allah have proclaimed their goal is our forced conversion to Islam or death. They have professed themselves with direct statements and by the failure of their brothers-in-jihad to refute such affirmations. They have declared war on us and have acted upon that declaration.
“Now is time for us - American Jews, Christians, whites, blacks and browns alike - to expel this enemy from within our borders and remove all evidence of their mosques. Further, criminal or terrorist attacks upon any Christian, Jewish or Judeo-Christian individual or nation by a member of an enemy state will bring about nuclear retaliation to one or more of these adversarial harbors.”
Taking such a forceful and strong stand might bring about the “holy war” these jihadist are spoiling for. Not following such a forceful and strong stand will surely cause the peace-loving America we know to cease to exist. Therefore, we must take a proactive position and disengage in all limited wars on foreign soil. To do otherwise only allows these criminal combatants more time to build their weapons of mass destruction and delivery devices.
All right, already, I know what you're thinking . . . isn't this the same as what Hitler tried to do to the Jews and what the KKK's goal was for blacks? Not even in the same ballpark. Blacks and Jews have never been a threat to America (or any other nation). They are small minorities with no world domination agenda. Whereas Muslims are not a minority and their extremist/killers cannot be separated out because of Muslims' universal refusal to disavow themselves (separate themselves out) from their warring fellows in jihad. As to legal justifcation to this apparent violation of a select group's constitutional rights? I’m only using the same logic the liberals have been propagating since FDR, to wit:
Since the Supreme Court has defined and justified the General Welfare clause (Art I Sect 8) as the giving of our money to victims of foreign catastrophic events - how can they refuse the same logic by removing a bona fide threat from our shores? Does that not fall under the same General Welfare of the country? In other words, what could be more beneficial to the General Welfare of America than to alleviate a bona fide worry and the inherent danger of allowing our enemy to live amongst us? Surely the General Welfare of all Judeo-Christian Americans would be significantly better if this sworn enemy were removed from our neighborhoods.
In addition, Article I, Section 8 states: "Congress shall have the power to . . .  repel invasions." Muslim infiltration via our open-immigration policies and/or illegal entry is, nonetheless, an invasion. Congress must do its duty and repel the foray of this dedicated group of killers, including their supporters, and thus “provide for the common defense” of this Judeo-Christian nation.
Chuck Klein


Subject: WOODWARD 50th Recap
Sent 6 Oct 10

Hey Classmates,
I did it. I said I was going to do it and I did - and I didn't get slapped even once! I hugged and kissed so many girls - including cheerleaders and Kappas - I lost count. I waited 50 years to do this . . . and it was worth every minute!!  Speaking of Kappas, they, of course, had their own table - with armed guards. I mean guys like me back then - they were out of my league. Today, we're truly all the same - Judeo-Christian background, blessed to have lived the era and are all really just plain friends.  Oh yeah, I lied about the armed guards - they weren't armed . . . alright already there weren't any guards at all!
We had 165 classmates and seven teachers in attendance. What a treat to see so many after so many years. Face book, web sites and e-mail, are fine, but nothing compares to looking a compatriot of 50 plus years in the eye, shaking hands and hugging. Personal contact triggers past recollections and stirs feelings no other media can possibly emulate.
The FRIDAY NIGHT mixer was just like the front hall before first bell - noisy, jostling, comradely - fun.  The best part, for me, was seeing someone for the first time in a whole lot of years. Bill Blum finally made it to a reunion - also, instantly recognizable, was Carol Benson, Ronny Vogt, Johnny Jacobs and Mike Straus none of whom had been back in ?? a long time. There were others, but I'm having a senior moment . . . .
President, Joe Buchanan - all on his own - put together a most unique and entertaining slide show of lost images and forgotten fun stuff. This masterpiece of our era is a great contribution and tribute to Woodward High School and the class of 1960. Thank you isn't enough, but I don't know what else to say. God Bless you Joe. All those attending got a DVD of this production to enjoy at home. 
While Joe was experiencing a glitch in the projector, Clarinetist Dick Stoltzman and pianist Jerry Samuels worked their World Class magic and gave us all an impromptu treat. Thanks, guys!
Roger Effron, as he did at our 50th Birthday Party in 1992, entertained us with his banter, jokes and memories only a Woodwardite can relate to. I wish I could tell you more, but it was one of those things where you had to be there.
Many classmates have distinguished themselves in their lives - but one received (deserved) a special recognition and standing ovation: Bruce Fister, retired Air Force Lt. General. Thanks, Bruce, for keeping us safe and thanks for being such a regular guy.
I'm going to end this with a reiteration of an experience from the Class of 61s 45th. Science teacher, Lois Keefe, took my hand as I thanked her for making a difference in our lives and said,  "Those years at Woodward in the 1950s were some of the best years of my life." I think I speak for every member of our class . . . Ours too, Mrs. Keefe, ours too.
Your classmate and friend of 50+ years, Chuck Klein
P.S. I hope everyone makes an effort to keep in touch. If you guys and gals send me your e-mail address changes, I'll work to maintain the site's list.
P.P.S. If you learn of a classmates death, please let me know the where and when so I can pass it on and honor them on our memorial page.