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Subject: Con-Con - Yes-Yes

Date Sent: 26 Dec 2013

Last week I posted the view that a Constitutional Convention would not be in the best interest of America because compromises between the grid-locked Republicans and Democrats might make the mess we’re in worse.
Here’s another interpretation. A Con-Con is a YES inasmuch as any amendments proposed to our Constitution would have to be ratified by 3/4s of the states. The key here is approved by the states. In other words, each state has only one vote, e.g., heavily populated California has no greater influence than sparsely populated Wyoming. According to the last election, legislatures in 26 of the states are controlled by Republicans, only 18 by Democrats while 6 are split. Though not quite 3/4s, the Red States majority is a significant and powerful bargaining chip. Let the Convention begin!
Chuck Klein

Subject: Con-Con - No-No

Date Sent: 21 Dec 2013

There’s been a recent push, again, to invoke Article 5 which allows states to establish a Constitutional Convention (2/3 of the states must approve). The concept is to “fix” the political mess we’re in. It won’t work for the simple reason that the same grid-locked Democrats and Republicans could put us in a worse “fix”.
Suppose (as some have tendered) they vote to turn America into a democracy (called populism, i.e., where the voters decide issues). For example: the majority of voters could decide to require prayer at public gatherings. You might not have a problem with that if you’re part of the majority. However, how would you feel if the majority of your community/city/state (due to gerrymandering, legal and/or illegal immigration) became Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or ????
Chuck Klein


Subject: Christmas Time

Date Sent: 7 Dec 2013

Christmas . . . the fire crackles, the familiar songs of the season penetrate my soul and I, like the trees, bend, twist and try to resist the winds of time. Nothing, absolutely nothing can stir complacency and security more than memories of Christmas. Though I’m Jewish, that doesn’t prevent me from appreciating and enjoying the story and all that comes with - with my fellow descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
My earliest and fondest memories of this season hail from grade school Christmas pageants where all of us, Christians and Jews alike, were required to sing Silent Night, O Come all Ye Faithful, Hark the Herald Angels Sing . . . .
I have always had as many Christian friends as I have Jewish, and other than they believe the Messiah has come and will return, while we believe he is yet to come - our camaraderie, faith in one G-D and Americanism makes us more alike than not.
To my Christian friends, I applaud your faith and wish you the very best and merriest of Christmases. And, when you wish me a Merry Christmas, I take that as a great compliment as in; here a fellow God-fearing, decent, Judeo-Christian-valued American is wishing me a good day. Thank you.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Band-Aid Wounds

Date Sent: 4 Dec 2013

How many Band-Aid wounds can one sustain before succumbing to an inevitable terminal infection? We continue to place Band-Aids on our cuts, gashes, gouges, amputations, and even mortal gut shots.
We now have Band-Aids for:
Fast & Furious;
IRS targeting a political party;
GSA & VA "conferences"; 
AP phone records;
NSA bugging/domestic drone surveillance of everyone.
That's not to mention the haphazard Band-Aids covering the national debt crisis and Obamacare.
The question is: Will we run out of Band-Aids before the patient (patience) succumbs?

If I were a political cartoonist, I'd draw the Capitol Building so covered with Band-Aids ingress by our political leaders would be denied . . . say, maybe that wouldn’t be so bad. 

Chuck Klein


Subject: Threat Continues

Date Sent: 26 Nov 2013

Suffering from the sanctions imposed by the West, Iran cried uncle when they indicated they were receptive to “negotiations”. This isn’t school-yard wrestling - crying uncle is not the same as unconditional surrender. When Iran tossed in the towel, we, the West, should have increased pressures – NOT lowered the bar.
As to negotiating with Iran, what was the incentive for the other countries to sign off on reducing sanctions: 
* Are they worried about back-lash from their own Muslim populations; 
* Were they more receptive because they want Iranian oil; 
* Do they wish for greater sales of weapons to Iran to boost their own economy? 
Why would any country agree to the lessening of sanctions against such a rogue nation – a régime that has never repudiated its threats to kill or convert all westerners?  
Chuck Klein

Subject: Intent Lost

Sent: 19 Nov 2013

"One nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." We all recognize the aspirations of our Pledge of Allegiance. However, not only have these goals not been achieved, but the intent of one is skewered, another transgressed, a third ignored and the fourth is failing.
1) Under God: We are a nation under God and that God is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as clearly delineated in the Bible. Others are free to pray, in private, however they choose;
2) Indivisible: Our Congress and elected officials have exceeded Lincoln's fear - A house divided against itself cannot stand" (Abraham Lincoln, 16 June 1858);
3) Liberty: Once free of England's oppressive grasp, we have progressively fallen to our own forms of excessive governmental controls and liberty-robbing taxes;
4) Justice: From equal rights to special rights, we are past the point of "justice for all".

Chuck Klein


Subject: Mass Safety (published: WSJ 16/17 Nov 2013 Weekend Edition)

Sent: 14 Nov 2013

To protect citizens from mass shooters, the safety plan de jour is to curtail the dispersion of news and photos of the event including, but not limited to, the killer's motive, ID and even the victims names. The idea is to deny the attacker his need for instant, even posthumous, infamy. (The Wall Street Journal, "What Mass Killers Want" 9/10 Nov 2013 )
For all intents and purposes, this is a form of censorship. With the proliferation of other media such as Utube, Twitter, Facebook - and foreign news services - censoring American main-stream  reporting not only won't work, but it would destroy the creditability of the world's most trusted news outlet.
In addition, it might be a serious mistake to suppress the 1st Amendment by heading down that slippery slope of "if it just saves one life"- as the next step will surely be: "what other rights can we ignore?" 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Whose Prayer?

Sent: 7 Nov 2013

Christians, the majority in almost every community, want prayers to be said in public meetings. The issue is not minority fear of intimidation by being subjected to Christian prayer - it is the consequence of condoning any prayer in a public meeting.
Current trends indicate there will surely be entire political entities that become a Muslim majority. Neither Christians nor Jews are asserting "kill or convert" - a threat Muslims, per se, do not repudiate. If attending a public meeting in a Muslim majority community, most Christian and Jews will feel (be) threatened if asked (commanded) to face east, kneel and pray in the name of Allah. 
In America we do not live by "majority rule" we live by the Constitution. Be careful what you wish (pray) for.


Subject: Core-Values

Sent: 30 Oct 2013

The political grid-lock mess has evolved due to a confrontation of our Core-Values. Yesterday we could discuss issues and compromise a way out. Today, we have bargained, haggled and negotiated to a position where compromise is no longer an option – thus the grid-lock. Americans, by their historical nature, tend to hunker down, close ranks - cease compromising - when Core-Values are at stake.

What are your Core-Values? Some of mine are: Government intrusion into my life, Government expansion, Military policy/strength, Coddling criminals.

Solution: Voter Qualifications. Productive citizens don't want big government intruding into their lives or the present system of "rewarding" criminals with luxury prisons nor do they favor a weak military.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Putting 2 & 2 Together

Date Sent: 28 Oct 2013

In the spring of 2011 Barack Obama, unilaterally and in contravention to the Constitution, ordered an attack on Libya. The result of this undeclared war was the over-throw of Gaddafi - which put al Qaeda in control of Libya.
If you watched "60 Minutes" last night (27 Oct 13), it was clear the Obama Administration had no intention in protecting the American consulate in Libya. This raises the questions:
1)    Was Obama's plan - to oust Gaddafi - to allow Libya to be controlled by al Qaeda and thus purposefully permitted the embassy to go down?
2)    Is the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan, Iraq the Middle East, per se, an Obama ploy to allow the Islamics to rule?
3)    Was the goal of his plan to attack Syria a scheme to put Islamics in power of yet another country?
4)    Does Obama support Judeo-Christian values or Muslim ideals?
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Sponger Vote

Date Sent: 23 Oct 2013

America is being run by those pandering to the Sponger Vote (spongers being persons intentionally dependent upon taxpayers for their existence). Yeah, I know, occasionally some Americans need help - temporarily - and no one should begrudge them. The problem is the 2nd and 3rd plus generations of users and abusers of government doles. A solution might be a Constitutional change to the effect that anyone, while sponging handouts, cannot vote. That way, politicians will have a greater incentive to support the producing class.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Government Funding

Date Sent: 16 Oct 2013

Though ObamaCare is a law it's funding, however, is still subject to the dictates of the Congress. In other words, just because the government has established the Affordable Health Care Act (or the FBI, welfare, VA, NPR, et al.), doesn't mean the taxpayers are required to fund it.

This is what the "shutdown" is all about - the inability of both parties to negotiate funds for this social program.

Chuck Klein


Subject: U.S. Parks

Sent: 11 Oct 2013

Due to the Shutdown, the government has closed U.S. Parks. The parks belong to the American people - NOT - the government. They can close staffed facilities, but to barricade, much less ticket/arrest persons in the park during this Shutdown, is contrary to all of what America is.
Yeah, I realize visiting a "closed" park could be dangerous due to the absence of LE, but that's a decision the park goer has to make (and a reason to carry protection).
Chuck Klein
P.S. Please consider pointing this out to your Senator and Representative.


Subject: Government Shutdown

Sent: 11 Oct 2013

Newton’s Third Law states: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Klein's Corollary: For every government action or inaction, there will be unequal and unintended reactions.
Chuck Klein


Subject: History is NOT Repeating

Sent: 1 Oct 2013

In the early 1930s Adolph Hitler, and a few disciples, began systematically destroying those who did not fit his ideals. In less than a decade his followers significantly increased, and they, the Nazis, began a regime of atrocities in a quest to conquer the world. The German people did nothing. The people of the world annihilated the Nazis.

In the early 1980s Ayatollah Khomeini, and a few disciples, began systematically destroying those who did not fit his ideals. In a little more than one generation his adherents significantly increased, and they, the Islamic Muslims, began a regime of atrocities in a quest to conquer the world. The Muslim people did nothing.

Today, the Islamic Muslims, in their mission to kill or convert all infidels, continue to institute internal attacks against Western nations. The Muslim populace remains silent. The people of the world have done nothing.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Civil? War

Date Sent: 26 Sep 2013

We are witnessing a rash of world wide, media-declared “civil” wars. They are not. These slaughters of compatriots are battles of Islamic Muslims verses western-influence (including Muslims who are not compliant with Sharia law). This is a declared war inasmuch as anyone not following Sharia law is an infidel. There are only two options for infidels: death or conversion.
Due to the increasing Muslim population in America our government is preparing for an uprising within our shores. The plan de jour is the formation of Homeland Security and militarization of local and state police. Elected officials aren’t doing this because they fear gun-toting Americans or lone crazies on a rampage. 
Developing a strong defense is one remedy. A better solution might be to eliminate the threat before it happens – deportation of (in conjunction with other western countries) all Muslims.
Chuck Klein


Subject: A Matter Of Time

Sent 24 Sep 2013

In our hi-tech world not only are drones taking to the air in America, but we now have the ability to launch and operate F-16 fighter planes by remote control. The problem is not so much the worry of our government using these spy/attack units against us – it’s the concern that hackers could use them against us. In other words, if a high school geek can infiltrate a bank via the Internet, our enemies can surely hack into our airborne devices - which also includes satellites. It's only a matter of time.

 Chuck Klein



Subject: Security Leaks

Sent: 30 Aug 2013

The NSA/CIA/FBI scare of eavesdropping on all domestic and foreign communications might just be propaganda. In other words, our government is promoting this tactic to scare potential terrorist who use e-mail, texting, cell phones to plan their dirty deeds. In still other words, we want our enemies to believe we are on to them - when we really don't have the capacity/wherewithal to monitor the immense number of on-going communications. Perhaps Edward Snowden doesn't exist as Edward Snowden or he was paid to "leak" the security issue? In this complex world, nothing should be taken for granted.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Image/Perception

Sent: 19 July 2013

The "race" issue facing America is not about guns, crime, skin color or the media - it's image/perception. President Obama admitted in his impromptu address today (19 Jul 2013) that crime by blacks is disproportionate. He went on to complain that he has experienced the sound of car door locks clicking as he walked past. He wasn't a criminal - but the perception that he was is because a disproportionate number of his fellow blacks were. Whites, and the majority of decent law-abiding blacks, have the image, the perception, that young black men are criminals, drug dealers, gang members - thugs. Other than police officers - and community watchers - everyone shields themselves from those they perceive to be a threat. Surely we all recall Jesse Jackson's comment of how relieved he was that the person walking behind him one night in DC was white.
The answer will not be found in white-bashing, whining about past discrimination or passing more laws. The solution must be with the decent law-abiding blacks becoming vigilant in challenging young males in their community. They need to form their own pro-active cliques, not to harass or have persons arrested, but to entice these young criminals to participate in sports, education and productive endeavors.
I won't discount the fact that the American Blacks have been duped by their own government - more exactly by the Democrat party beginning in the 1960s. Lyndon Johnson, while he was President, set this country, and especially the blacks, back one hundred years. His "Great Society" program was designed to enslave the Negro - to obligate all African-Americans to the government and make them beholden to the Democrats. Johnson's un-American plan of giving educational degrees and welfare funds has destroyed at least two generations. The Democrats' placate-to-stop-the-riots (circa 1965), coupled with the break-up of the family unit by rewarding women for having babies out of wedlock and encouraging such anti-assimilation practices as Afro haircuts and ebonics was a master stroke of genius. Brilliance, inasmuch as the over-whelming majority of African-Americans still vote the Democrat ticket. This brings up the obvious question: What have the blacks gained - in the last 50 years - by this self-serving political agenda?
Chuck Klein


Subject: "Our" Attorney General?

Sent: 16 July 2013

Today (16 Jul 2013) at 4:32 p.m. EDT, I heard live on TV, Attorney General Eric Holder say to the NAACP, "I am concerned about the case [George Zimmerman] and will look at all the evidence and facts before deciding what action to take." He is saying, though he has not reviewed the evidence and facts, he has already decided to "take action". Wow! This is the same AG who refused to answer questions about Fast & Furious - where a white LEO was killed. Sounds like he's saying he only represents black Americans?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Answer: Zimmer - Martin Question

Sent 15 July 2013

I got a bunch of replies, none so far, with this possible answer: Travon Martin, a man with a criminal record, was a racist. He perceived the man following him to be a honky, and led him to a secluded location where he could beat/kill him. This was Zimmerman's "gated community". I don't recall any testimony that TM lived in this "gated community".

Zimmerman had every right (and an obligation as a watcher) to investigate and keep under surveillance persons he thought suspicious (residents or trespassers). The prosecution and media harped on the fact that the dispatcher told GZ not to pursue the suspect. Civilian dispatchers have no legal authority to tell anyone what to do. They are trained to always react on the side of protecting themselves and their employer from law suits. In other words, does anyone believe a dispatcher - who is not on-scene - would advise anything else?" CK
Chuck Klein


Subject: Zimmerman - Martin Question

Sent: 15 July 2013

If Travon Martin was such an "innocent boy on his way home," why did he assault Zimmerman? GZ might have followed TM (not a crime) or even told him to halt (also not a crime). In other words, there has been no evidence whatsoever to even hint that GZ did anything that would give cause for TM to assault him.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Can America Survive?

Sent:  28 June 2013

Obama Administration scandals not withstanding, Can America Survive:
* A government so complex it cannot control its own size and power;
* Rampant crime without real punishment;
* A reduced military;
* Claimed equality that forsakes biblically traditional Judeo-Christian values;
* De facto nullification of the 2nd Amendment;
* An overtly powerful and secretive Homeland Security;
* A blind eye to legal residents who belong to an order sworn to kill or convert us;
* Amnesty for illegal immigrants just to garner their votes;
* Monitoring of every e-mail, phone call and move we make;
* Medical, food, cell phones, housing that is free - for all except those who are (were) free?
The answer depends on the definition of survive. How do you define the word? How do liberals, conservatives . . . our enemies define it?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Who's The Racist?

Sent: 20 Jun 2013

The current Administration's Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has sued Dollar General and BMW claiming that their use of background checks to screen potential hires is racist because proportionally more blacks than whites have criminal records. (http://www.ajc.com/weblogs/biz-beat/2013/jun/11/eeoc-sues-bmw-dollar-general/ ). This brings up the question: Do we want gun dealers to forsake background checks so as not to be labeled racist and be sued by the feds?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Wrong Goal?

Sent: 18 June 2013

Our national security objective has been to stop terrorists - on an individual basis. It's the wrong goal. Though we have been successful many times, we can't catch them all PRIOR to the maiming and killing (maybe next time it will be nuclear). Our purpose should be to annihilate those who have sworn to kill or convert us BEFORE they do unto us. In other words, we should, preemptively, do unto them. In still other words, inside our borders continue to play by the rule of law, while internationally play by our enemies rules: In war, there are no rules. 

Chuck Klein


Subject: Food Quality

Published: The News Democrat, 6 June 2013

Sent: 29 May 2013

My wife and I have noticed subtle but significant modifications in some food products - either in lesser quantities or a different taste. Let me be up front; I don't begrudge producers their right to price, size and change ingredients of their products - that's the American way. However, to package a familiar and long-standing product in basically the same package, but alter its ingredients or quantity, is at best cheating. Changes in goods, especially historically familiar items should be clearly noted by different packaging and/or menu listings.
For instance, the Duncan Hines Comstock Original Country Cherry pie filling has been sneakily adulterated. As a long-time user of their stock, we recently realized there are fewer cherries and a lot more "goop" (cherry flavored, colored sugar) per can than previous. To make a cherry pie, we separate out the cherries from most of the goop which makes a very good pie. It used to take two 30oz cans to make one pie - now it takes 3 cans.
Other illustrations of this surreptitious deceit are found in the Frisch's menu. Their Brawny Lad has been downsized and the last one I purchased didn't have that generous slice of Bermuda onion. In addition, their Cherry pie is not only smaller, but, like the Duncan Hines filling, contains fewer cherries - and more goop.
We want consistent and superior merchandise and don't mind paying for the quality and thus will use the number of cans necessary to make the pie to our recipe. However, I am concerned with the cheapening of the product. In other words, if the baker/cannery/cook is cheating, for example, on the number of cherries per can/pie, what other qualities are they compromising? Cleanliness? Substitution of unsafe or untested ingredients? Lower cooking temperatures? Added coloring, sugar, MSG/chemicals? Quality control?
I sent a complaint to Duncan Hines customer service, but they failed to answer. My faith in them and Frisch's has been shaken to the point they can no longer count us among their customers. 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Scandal Solution

Sent: 23 May 2013

It seems the defining characteristics of government agency scandals has become: Resign, collect your pension and then ignore the investigation by exercising your the 5th Amendment rights.
We the people also have rights. If you take government pay you are obligated to honestly answer all questions legally asked. Perhaps, the Congress should exercise its purse string rights, to wit: Government employees/appointees refusing to answer questions shall be fired, barred from future government employment and have their pensions revoked.
Yeah, I know, the courts might frown on this tactic, but let that former employee sue the Congress to prove they didn't have just cause.
Chuck Klein

Subject: End of Times: Percentages

Published: The News Democrat, 23 May 2013

Sent: 17 May 2013

With multiple TV shows dedicated to survival; here are some possible circumstances, with percentages, for end-of-times scenarios.

1) MILITARY TAKEOVER/COUP: 30% Chance. Though the liberals like to think the Prepers/Tea-Partiers/right-wingers are preparing to seize the country by force - it ain't gonna happen. Regardless of the ultra-right's dreams, the military is the only party with the de facto power. If such a coup were to occur, it would have to be rapid and very conclusive, lest chaos reign (see #2). In other words, to be successful, the coup must have the the support of the law enforcement community and not involve wholsale Americans killing Americans.

2) MARTIAL LAW BY THE DE JURE GOVERNMENT (1984 Orwell style): 50% Chance. A clamp-down on civil liberties will severely restrict delivery of necessities (food, water, medications) thus causing chaos and a neighbor[hood] against neighbor[hood] mentality. We hope the politicians and ranking military have learned that, though they might have the ability to enforce local draconian conditions, they do not have the numbers to oppress an entire country, a la, Iraq and Afghanistan.

3) FAMINE, PESTILENCE: 50% Chance (Only G_d knows). With all our 21st Century technology we still can't reliably predict the weather more than a few hours out. A human pandemic or plague on any part of the food chain in this one-world planet is a significant risk. Though we have been successful in "catching" these epidemics in recent centuries, it is not proof we can do so with a future contagion.

4) COMPUTER/SATELLITE/GRID SHUTDOWN: 100% Chance short-term, repairable damage will occur. 50% Chance of major shutdown that causes panic. Without communications the government/military will be unable function and chaos will hold sway (see #2). This 50% number will rise and fall as new attack/protective features are developed, respectively, by us and our enemies.

5) NUCLEAR ATTACK ON THE LOWER FORTY-EIGHT: 80% Chance. Though it might be only one bomb, heavy destruction and maybe a few thousand lives will be lost. The impact will be slight on a country of 315M. Within a week it will again be business as usual. If the assault can be traced to a specific country our retaliation will destroy the attacker. Should the bomb come in a "suitcase," it might be more difficult to determine the guilty country and panic might set in (see #2). If BO is in power and the attacking country is, or is believed to be Muslim, he will not order retaliation. This would pave the way for a military coup (see #1).

6) POLLUTION: 100% Chance. Even if we are able to control our population growth, there are and have been far too many humans consuming and converting natural resources. Once the oceans are devoid of fish (either due to over-fishing and/or pollution) we will be doomed. Think of life as an iron chain of grains, meat, fish, water and air. Pollution and over-population are the rust that is corroding this life-line.

7) MUSLIM TAKE-OVER: 85% Chance, but it will take a few generations. They are a very subservient people whose proliferation will eventually number enough voters to control the democratic countries. Unless the West initiates an Armageddon - while we still have the abilities - this is our world, circa 2100 (#s 1-6 notwithstanding).

Chuck Klein


Subject: You Can Beat the Bast..ds

Published: The News Democrat 9 May 2013

Sent: 3 May 2013

When HughesNet satellite service became available in 2009, we signed up. The speed improved significantly over dial-up and though it was not "high-speed," we were very pleased. In 2012, HughesNet advertised they now were offering a high-speed service. Again, we inked the deal. Very soon after installation, I noticed that when I tried to send an e-mail to a large group of persons (250 on my high school class list), my screen displayed: "A time-out has occurred. Your message could not be sent".
First, I called HughesNet tech support. They ran me through a series of diagnostic tests and determined the problem was not in their service. Next, I called my Internet service provider who ran their tests determining it was not in their system. Just to cover all bases, I phoned Dell tech support who said, after their tests, the hardware and software were functioning properly.
Back to HughesNet. After hours of talking with them they sent me to their "advanced tech support unit." More test, and hours on the phone and still no solution. Within the 30 days of mandated usability warranty, I said, "Please return and re-install the old satellite dish and credit me the installation charges for the new system." They not only refused, but denied there was anything wrong with their product and told me further complaints would have to be in writing (if they had just admitted they were having problems with their new system and could I please give them a little time, I would have cut them some slack and none of this might have been necessary).
I contacted Wild Blue, the new-kid-on-the-block satellite service. They came out, removed the HughesNet dish and installed their equipment. I made the installer wait while I - successfully - sent out the e-mail to my 250 classmates.
Next, I sent HughesNet a certified letter reiterating the problems. I stated that they had failed to provide a feature I had been using and therefore were in violation of our contract and I was canceling the service. In this letter, I also advised them they must remove their equipment from my property within 30 days or I would begin charging them $10.00/day storage charges. In addition, I demanded a credit to my credit card.
I then wrote a letter to my credit card company disputing the charges. The credit card company, after its investigation, issued a credit to my account. When the storage charges exceeded the reasonable limit of 30 days, I sent another letter to HughesNet telling them that if they didn't pay the storage charges and remove their equipment from my property (I gave them 15 more days), I would destroy the dish and receiver box. A week later they called acknowledging they had received my letter. Before they could say anymore, I told them: "I would not discuss this over the phone and anything they had to say to me must be in writing." I then hung up. I did not hear from them again and thus destroyed the dish and box.
Throughout all of these dealings, I kept precise notes of who I talked to, what was said and the time and date. These memory-jogging written memos were most helpful when making my claims. Jumping through all the hoops and maintaining written reports creates the ability to keep the "big boys" from running over you.
If you've had similar issues with HughesNet, you might want to contact an attorney. If enough of us have had issues with HughesNet, we could have cause for a class action law suit.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Bmbs & Gns

Sent: 20 April 2013

It's against the law to possess bomb making materials, yet the Boston terrorists were able to acquire enough to kill and maim many. The Democrats want to make it unlawful to possess ordinary firearms. How will banning firearms prevent criminals from obtaining them?
Decent law-abiding Americans need guns to protect themselves from the not-so-decent, non-law-abiding persons. 
If all the guns in the world could somehow be magically removed; the weak, frail and vulnerable would have no way of protecting themselves from the thugs with bats, clubs and knives."



Subject: BO Embarrassment

Sent:18 April 2013

Prior to the Senate's vote on the firearms expanded background check, BO championed his case to the Senators - even playing the teary-eye tactic of having Sandyhook victims cry on cue. Okay, it wasn't an intellectual campaign, but that's politics. AFTER the Senate voted to reject Obama's plan, he trotted out the same broken-hearted sufferers and then, like a child who doesn't get his way, blasted and insulted the Senate for refusing to pass his law. That's NOT politics, that's whining, and to most Americans and the world, per se, the conduct of the President of the United States is most embarrassing. 


 Subject: Boston Terrorist Attack

Date: 17 April 2013

THE GOOD NEWS IS: The terrorist were only able to muster enough explosives to kill and/or maim a very small number of Americans (out of 315M citizens).
THE BAD NEWS IS: The FBI, DHS, CIA, all military branches plus state and local police were unable to prevent this tragedy.
THE REALLY BAD NEWS IS: This is going to happen again because the Obama administration is eliminating the boots-on-the-ground in Iraq and Afghanistan. With our troops gone from "over there" the terrorists will now have the freedom to plan, train and prepare future attacks on our soil. To paraphrase what GW said, "We can fight them over there, or we can fight them over here, but we will have to fight them" (Though there is no hard evidence - at this time - to indicate Muslims were behind this attack, it certainly can't be ruled. The Boston Marathon criminal act was a standard Islamic M.O. and they are a recognized threat).
DUH: If we can't keep the Muslims (those who have sworn to kill or convert us) busy fighting our trained, volunteer and professional soldiers on Muslim soil, these killers will now be free to expend their resources preparing assaults on us "over here."
To reiterate: The "war" in Iraq/Afghanistan, post 9-11-01, was never about WMD - that was a subterfuge. We invaded these countries to draw the terrorist into battling us on their land - to keep them so preoccupied with defending themselves, they wouldn't have enough resources to conduct attacks "over here." Who can deny Bush's strategy hasn't worked inasmuch as there have been no assaults on American soil - until BO started bringing troops home.


Subject: I Don't Get It

Date: 3 April 2013

 The City of Cincinnati plans to sell an asset (parking meters) to pay for on-going expenses (police & fire personnel). What are they going to sell next year . . . ?
Landfill mega company, Rumpke, wants to generate a "pleasant" fragrance to mask the smell of their garbage dump (adding more air pollution). Would this be any different than dumping a sweet-smelling sewage to the sewers? Should we all be adding "Odor Eaters" to each flush?
School children are taught that ordinary citizens used guns to establish the U.S of A.; used guns to end slavery and used guns to protect the free world in two world wars - but arming teachers or other qualified persons to protect students on campus is forbidden. Say what?
We're trillions in debt, yet President Obama is spending $100M to study the human brain - a project that might take a century and cost billions. Where in the Constitution does it allow the use of public funds for such "studies" (much less all the rest of the pork)?
Chuck Klein



Date: 19 Mar 2013

 I don’t believe we will disagree that crime is rampant, criminals are coddled and we’re all tired of being victims. Our liberal bent has brought us to a life style where criminals are rewarded instead of being punished.

The rewards are:

 1) Peer recognition: Being acknowledged by our peers is an important human desire and goal – even for felons. Fellow inmates show respect for criminals who commit serious crimes. 

 2) Health care: Criminals, not being the type of person who holds a regular job and has a health care network, subconsciously want to be sent to prison where they know they will be treated for what ails them.

3) Basics of life: After a run of “bad luck” most criminals end up hungry and tired and in need of food and shelter. A nice clean, air-conditioned jail cell with TV, clean sheets and clothes is an enticement to one who is down and out.

 The bleeding hearts among us will commiserate with these “unfortunates” and believe they are entitled to all the help society is able to tender. This entitlement mind-set obviously hasn’t worked.

 Unfortunately for us, someone has to be a victim so these “unfortunates” can receive their entitlements. In other words, if Fred Felon has a tooth ache, is hungry or needs stroking by fellow felons, one of the law-abiding citizens among us must suffer.

 Solving the crime/criminal problem comes down to: Effective punishment. Before I tender my solution to this problem, I admit that the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution forbids “cruel and unusual punishment” and that my plan, under current PC standards, is cruel and unusual. However, HOWEVER, the same Constitution allows changes, via amendments. Therefore, a new amendment should be drafted to address persons convicted of a major crime, i.e., rape, robbery, burglary, theft over xxx$ or any crime that directly or indirectly causes death or great bodily harm to another. This new amendment shall specifically state: “Cruel and unusual punishment” does not mean any of the following:

 1) Conviction of a major felony shall require the government to surgically castrate the criminal and incarcerate him for (to be determined time). After release and until he is able to gain gainful employment on his own, he will be made part of a work detail similar to the WPA of the 1930s.

 Framer’s Intent: Castration will not only impair a criminal’s testosterone driven aggression in the outside world, but will reduce incidents of prison rape. In addition, castration destroys a man’s manliness – a significant punishment and reason not to commit crimes in the first place. Yeah, I know this has been done before (eunuchs as harem guards), but not as punishment, per se.

 2) Upon the second conviction of a major felony, the convicted shall be imprisoned and voluntarily or involuntarily addicted to heroin for a period of (to be determined). After which, the convict/addict will be forced to undergo cold-turkey withdrawal. This punishment shall be repeated until the prisoner dies. From the onset of this 2nd incarceration the inmate shall have access to a length of rope, should he decide to hang himself.

 Framer’s Intent: This two-step solution will reduce the recidivism rate and save a significant number of decent law-abiding citizens from having to become a victim so the criminal can be “rewarded.” In addition, no additional expense will incur as prison guards and probation officers can become monitors for the WPA type work details. 

 Before you write me off as a wacko, consider this truth: Only boring people criticize others; regular people talk about things; Interesting people talk about ideas - what’s your solution?



Subject: School Safety

Date: 7 Mar 2013

Published: News Democrat,7 Mar 13

In recent articles and editorials on the subject of school safety, the recurring (expensive) wish seems to be placing certified police officers on campus. Students are not stupid, and as we've seen in places such as Sandy Hook and Columbine, they are very capable of planning destruction. With that in mind, it is not difficult to foresee that a student bent on violence would take out the identifiable officer - first.
Yeah, I know cops wear "bullet proof" vests. 1) They are not "bullet proof." Soft body armor worn by LEOs will keep handgun caliber bullets from penetrating the vest. However, being shot at close range by a 9mm or larger handgun in the chest area can not only cause enough trauma to stop a LOs heart, but might slow him/her down so the assailant can walk up for the coup de grace. 2) Being know to the assailant gives him/her the advantage of surprise - a shot to the head that has no protection. 3) Soft body armor will not stop the penetration of high power rifle bullets.
Therefore, it might be best for the school to consider utilizing plainclothes - trained - volunteer civilians (including teachers and other school personnel). That way, a violence prone person would have no way of knowing who or how many persons are armed. In addition to placing an unnamed number of these armed civilians on campus it would be a significant deterrence to post signs at each entrance saying: "Criminals Beware, Armed Employees and/or Trained Civilians are on Campus at All Times".
Finally, school board members and others considering allowing firearms in schools might find of interest my book: Guns In The WorkPlace (http://chuckkleinauthor.com).

Subject: Plans and Reality

Date: 14 Feb 2013

Published: 18 Feb 2013, News Democrat, Georgetown, OH

Nothing garners votes more than tendering "free stuff," and the Democrats have mastered that. Maybe Republicans should get into the give-way contest? REALITY: We'll soon run out of givers (high income taxpayers . . . then middle income taxpayers . . . then . . . .).
How 'bout these PLANS:

a) ALTERNATE PARTY RULE: Suppose both houses of Congress agree to allow for Alternate Party Rule (APR) for four year periods. In other words, starting in, say, 2014, the Democrats are the only ones who can vote. Then in 2018, only Republicans have the power of the vote. In 2022 the common voters decides if they want to continue the APR or return to the old compromise/gridlock system.  REALITY: Everybody wins - at least for a while.
Note: Such a "rule" is not prohibited under the Constitution. Article I, Section 5 reads: "Each House shall be the judge of the elections, returns and qualifications of its own members . . . ."
b) SALES TAX WITH A TWIST: Create a National Sales Tax on everything except necessities (food, shelter, clothing). The Tax Rate and exemptions shall be established - and adjusted yearly - by the voters. This way, the poor pay no tax at all, while the rich decide what luxuries they believe are worth the tax. Allow the IRS to implement and collect the NST. REALITY: Might have a chance if they don't have to lay off all those IRS employees (read voters).
c) KEEP AMERICA STRONG: Institute a hiring freeze for all federal agencies, bureaus and staffs - plus legislation that for every reduction in military or sworn law enforcement personnel, an equal number of bureaucrats must be terminated. REALITY: Too many bureaucrats and their lobbyists to raise enough votes.
d) VOTER QUALIFICATION: A Constitutional Amendment saying all those wishing to vote must prove they are at least 18 years of age, are American citizens, not convicted felons, do not work for the Federal Government (except military and sworn law enforcement) and they or any of their dependents are NOT receiving any government gratuities such as welfare, aid for families with dependent children, rent subsidies, etc. REALITY: Might be too late. Non-whites and liberals are now the majority.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Latest Police News

Date: 12 Feb 2013

Here's some of the latest police news: 

1) In addition to the FOP, International Association of Chiefs of Police (and various state COPAs), National Sheriffs' Association, and other state and federal associations, we can now add a new police group: Major Cities Chiefs Association. This organization includes, but is not limited to: NYC, LA, Miami, Chicago, et al. So who's minding the store while the chiefs are attending all their association meetings?
2) Some of these police associations are backing a proposal to the U.S. Congress to require wireless providers to record and store information about Americans' private text messages. Several (but not all) wireless services currently store records for various lengths of time. Others, such as T-Mobile, don't retain any text messages. Big Brother is always getting bigger.
3) The fall-out from the Sandy Hook tragedy is a clamor for putting police officers in schools. Many school districts have recently phased out (due to budget cuts) the D.A.R.E. program (Drug Abuse Resistance Education, www.dare.org). Aside from having a uniformed LEO in the school (though not all the time) to lecture on illegal drug issues, another significant aspects emerged: kids and cops bonding. Children, who had a negative view of LE (due mostly to their parents illegal conduct) began to accept police officers as someone they can look up to, trust and approach with their problems. Re-instating (or instituting) the D.A.R.E. program might be a solution to school security - especially if signs were posted at each entrance advertising the D.A.R.E. program was on campus.
4) The really good news is, job related police deaths are off the top10! Body armor, personal radios, SWAT teams, and more cops for backup have made the profession less dangerous. Based on deaths per 100K workers, fishermen still lead, followed by: Loggers, Aircraft pilots/flight engineers, Refuse & Recyclable Materials Collectors, Roofers . . . .
Chuck Klein
P.S. In case you missed any of my previous Editorials (back to 2008), they are available: Chuck Klein Editorials


Subject: The Perfect Message

Date: 7 Feb 2013

I've finally hit on an editorial no one will trash me for! Christian, Jew, Muslim, Democrat, Republican, whatever, I do not believe any will fault me for this (well, maybe the atheist might):


Thank you, God, for a great day (The day's events flash through my mind, and even though several might  not have been pleasant, I am still thankful).
Thank you, God, for a wonderful life (Various occasions are brought to mind, and though some are not happy, I am still thankful). 
Thank you, God, for a loving wife (Her presence is comforting, cherished and loved).
Thank you, God, for a noble family (Names and faces flash through my mind).
Thank you, God, for all my friends, past and present (Names and faces flash through my mind).
Thank you, God, for my Guardian Angel (The identity and image of the person I believe to be my Guardian Angel is revered each night).
Thank you, God, for the privilege of deciding my own paths (Only in a free country am I able to choose my own direction).
Thank you, God, for the grit to accept the challenges and consequences of exercising that privilege (From the strength of and the faith in the almighty, I am able to meet each day).  
I remain ready, willing and able to serve you, God, and/or your agent. Amen (Amen).
Chuck Klein
If the question is: Is the glass half full or half empty? The answer is: Thank you for the half glass."


Subject: Civilian Coup

Date: 5 Feb 2013

If I was going to write a new fiction book this could be the outline:


A compelling incident spurs a "leader" to emerge. The trip-wire could be rumors (truth is immaterial) that the government will begin confiscating firearms. Without rifles, pistols and shotguns the opportunity of a civilian coup is all but lost. This "leader" might not be a single person, but could be a group of persons. The person[s] who started/spread the rumor and the reason why will be divulged at the end of the book, or not.

The "leader/group" quickly develops and publishes - via Internet, Facebook, Texting and other electronic media - a platform spelling out its goals. This would include, but is not limited to: upholding The Constitution as the framers intended, swift and sure punishment of criminals (no more coddling), significantly reducing government size and scope, a strong military, a national sales tax to replace all income taxes - the rate of which is controlled by the voters (exemptions such as food, clothing, shelter will also be decided by referendum).


Coordinating their efforts via electronic communications, the "leader/group" gathers and bonds with followers. Organization and drafting of competent staff ready to assume vital government offices, i.e. Department of Defense, Public Relations, President, et al., begins.

A significant goal/tactic would be using contacts to secure oaths from the military commanders NOT to fire on revolutionaries, aka fellow Americans/neighbors.

Preparations are made for 10s of thousands of followers to gather - with arms - in D.C. (There are 300M people in this country, but less than 100K could take control, virtually without bloodshed).


The Capitol, White House and other select government buildings are surrounded. Once these designated locations have been sealed off, a demand is made: Within three hours all elected federal officials must surrender and present formal resignations. Entry is made into these buildings - any who have failed to resign are taken prisoners .

The new government:

a) Seals all borders and rounds up and expels illegals and/or anyone belonging to a group/sect/country that does not hold to our ideals.

b) Declares war on Islam and begins a campaign of nuking countries that are threats to the USA.

c) Terminates pensions of all politicians, requires all persons upon reaching the age of 18 to serve in the military for a minimum of two years and dismantles "entitlement" programs (to be replaced with "work for food" systems similar to the WPA of the 1930s.) 

d) All of the above or any combination thereof - or ?????????


America emerges, again, as a strong, constitution-driven world power. The rumor starter/spreader is (is not) discovered and is (is not) killed or made a hero or imprisoned to formulate the next plan - haven't decided the ending. How would you treat it?

Think it'll sell?

Chuck Klein

P.S. In case you missed any of my previous Editorials (back to 2008), they are available: Chuck Klein Editorials


Subject: The NEED for Assault Rifle

Date: 31 Jan 2013

A small, but very vocal and powerful voice has - again - begun touting the "need" to prevent ordinary citizens from keeping and bearing assault rifles. They contend that these semi-automatic long guns are the cause of mass killings. Regardless of the fact that this is not true inasmuch as at Sandy Hook, Columbine, WVU, et al, the weapons used were handguns. 
Gun owners contend that in addition to sporting purposes (that boost the economy) these assault weapons are required as a check against a rogue and illegal government. The anti-Constitutionalist hoplophobics have countered that mere rifles are no match for an army equipped with tanks and fighter planes. Those taking part in the "Arab Spring" uprisings in Libya, Syria Egypt might disagree.
However, HOWEVER, if it becomes necessary for a revolution in this country, we, the decent law-abiding Americans, won't need tanks and planes . . . because, BECAUSE, we will NOT be battling OUR military. We will be fighting bureaucrats and politicians. If it comes to insurrection in the USA, we do not believe OUR military will use tanks and planes against US, i.e., their own people. Therefore, all we will most assuredly NEED are rifles, shotguns and handguns to ASSAULT a government run amuck.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Football Scoring

Sent: 21 Jan 2013

Okay sports fans, here's my latest:
Endlessly watching endless football it was clear there is a huge disparity in the scoring system: Touchdowns count for 6, 7 or even 8 points, while field goals count for only three. This doesn't seem sportsmanlike inasmuch as a team down by four or five points must score a touchdown as a 3-point field goal would not even tie the game. Perhaps, if after a team scores a field goal, they should get a "point-after try" just like after a touchdown. So that it's not a slam-dunk, this point-after-field-goal must be made from the 10 yard line. And, since we're trying to even things up, the point-after-field-goal - could be for two points if the team options to run or pass the ball (also from the 10 yard line) into the end zone.
This scoring realignment would make the game far more interesting and challenging to both team and coaching staffs. Because the actual scoring values wouldn't change, the game is still virtually the same. Throughout the history of the sport many changes have been made including equipment, penalties, instant-replay, location of the kick-off . . . and even the 2-point conversion after touchdown. Like the 3-point basketball shot, this is an concept whose time has come.
If you agree, lets generate some interest - forward this on.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Relativity

Sent: 3 Jan 2013

I just finished  reading a book on Albert Einstein's Theory of Relativity (it's a cold, slow winter). I still don't really understand it, but I did come away with a few observations/questions.
Most of Einstein's theories are based upon the speed of light as an absolute factor - as in determining the age of planets/universe. What is not acknowledged is perhaps there is something faster than the speed of light - such as time. Not time in the sense of hours or light-years, but time in the Si-Fi world where we are able to go forward or backward in time.
When it comes to discovering the origins of the universe, all the earth/orbit telescopes, X-ray/radio scopes and infrared/laser gizmos are inconsequential should man conquer the 4th dimension."

G_d may not have provided mere mortals with the ability to conquer the 4th dimension, as thus empowered, man might be tempted to alter His plans and designs."
According to scientists, Einstein's famous energy formula, E=MC², is the basis for everything. This equation is explained: heat (energy) when applied to an object (mass) will increase its weight. The example given: if one heated a 5-pound brick to say, 350 degrees, its weight would increase by one ten-billionth of an ounce (assuming foreign matter, i.e., soot and/or moisture, were kept out of the test). If this were true and if our planet is being subjected to Al Gore's "global warming" wouldn't the earth be gaining weight? And, if it were gaining weight what impact would that have on its speed of rotation and/or orbit?  Could be it all balances out by our conversion of heavy matter (oil, coal, etc.) into carbon dioxide (light weight stuff) making the earth lighter? Then, if that's true, the planet stays in the same orbit/rotation while we pollute ourselves to death!
Finally, there's the matter of the Ice Age when the earth was much cooler than today. What effect did that have on our orbit/rotation?
All matters that are not matters of matter, are matters of perspective."

Chuck Klein



Sent: 14 Jan 2013

Back in October, I solicited comments from some of you about the lack of qualifications of the Cincinnati "Chief of Police," James Craig. Your comments were all the same to the effect that he should take the test or quit.
I tried to get WKRC-TV (Deb Dixon) to investigate this, but she ignored my suggestion. Ditto to other Cincinnati TV stations. I also sent the allegations - with you comments (sans ID) to the Ohio AG. I have not heard from him and really don't expect to.
Cincinnati Magazine (Dec 2012 issue), did a glowing report on the so-called chief. I sent a letter to the editor (below) which they published in the Jan 2013 issue. However, they did not include the quotes of the retired Ohio police chiefs.
I'll bet copies of the letter to the editor were pasted on a few CPD bulletin boards! Perhaps some of you will keep the pressure on with forwards and/or additional investigative reports.
*****************************START LETTER***********************************
Dear Editor,
Though Mr. Laffoon broached the issue that “Chief” Craig (Dec. True Blue article) has refused to take the certification for Ohio police officers – as required by law – he missed three significant points:

1)  Because Mr. Craig has not passed this test he is NOT a Ohio police officer. Presenting himself as a LEO is a violation of law (http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/109.77 and http://codes.ohio.gov/orc/2921.51  et. al.).


2) It is known that he recognized his status by securing a civilian Concealed Pistol License to allow him to carry a firearm. However, this license does not allow him to carry into court houses, council chambers and  police stations - places LEOs need to be and be armed.


3) He is setting a very poor example to all other officers by appealing the Ohio Peace Officer Training Council’s refusal of a waiver. In other words, he is not only thumbing his nose at OPOTC by continuing to present himself as a LEO, but he is subjecting Ohio taxpayers to the cost of defending this suit.


Here are a few comments I have received from retired Ohio police chiefs:


"Just take the damned test, or take off the uniform!!!" Retired Chief of Police, xxxxx, Ohio


"My risk management training tells me that the liability (vicarious and otherwise) is very high having a Chief of Police who is not certified.
"When I took the Chief's job at xxxxx, Ohio, I had a one day break in service going from xxxxx, Ohio to xxxxxx, Ohio. I had to go back to the police academy for re-certification training classes (I believe there were 4 or 5) even though at this time I had been certified, in Ohio, for almost 20 years and had a BS in Criminal Justice, and was a Ohio Certified Law Enforcement Instructor.
"Note - the CPD chief wears 4 stars on his collar, all other Chief's in Ohio wear the bird (colonel) as their rank. Traditionally the sheriff was the only LEO to wear a star as his rank symbol in Ohio." Retired Chief of Police, xxxxx, Ohio"


"My opinion is that he was given special dispensation just to get the
job.  He has been given carte blanche on the job, take the damn test.
"Two rumors, first he has been coached by instructors and keeps failing
the sample test.  Second, he is a short termer and will not be here
very long. At least those are the things being talked about." Retired Chief or Police, xxxxxx, Ohio"
Chuck Klein, former police officer, active member IALEFI, author of police ethics articles and books.
1621 Mansfield Street
Cincinnati, Ohio 45202
513-652-5123 (Cell - not for publication)

*******************************END OF LETTER*******************************

 Stay Ethical,






SENT: 15 Jan 2013


An interesting article in the 5/6 Jan 2013 edition of the WSJ (http://allthingsd.com/20130105/life-and-death-online-who-controls-a-digital-legacy/?KEYWORDS=who+controls+a+digital+legacy) discusses the inability of others to access a deceased person's Internet, FaceBook, e-mail, website and other digital formats - even to the executor of an estate. I have instructed my attorney to include a codicil for my will to ALLOW my executor to have such access - even though some laws might prevent it. I want it known what my express wishes are. I have also made my wishes know to my Internet server. You might wish to consider doing the same.

I am confident the courts and/or legislatures will deal with this issue - but it might take years.

Chuck Klein