Norwood, Ohio  

Updated: 6 Jan 2019
For me, the 8 weeks or so that we spent our days at the NORWOOD POLICE ACADEMY were among the most fun I’ve had. I realize some of our classmates were also working a full shift and had trouble staying awake during class, but the camaraderie, learning experience and those ‘stick ball’ games at lunch break were a great time for those who could wear the badge and gun without 'on-duty' pressure.  
The afternoon classes we were usually treated to instructors/lecturers on a wide variety of subjects. My favorite was Paul Steuer with the University of Cincinnati Police (he later became its Chief). Paul taught self-defense tactics and how to control a violent subject, sans firearms. His THE BADGEtraining no doubt saved most of our hides more than once. Another favorite was attorney Roger Chacksfield who, in common terms, told us what we could and could not do - legally - in conducting arrests, searches and interviews.
We took notes from these classes and filed away in the back of our mind many useful tips, such as the FBI is  the go-to facility for investigations of criminal conduct by fellow police officers. This poignant fact came to light early in my career when I discovered Sgt. Pete Rogers operating a theft ring while a Woodlawn LEO. This early police story is in my book, THE BADGE, Stories and Tales From Both Sides of the Law (many of which are set in the suburban Cincinnati area) and linked below in my piece on suburban policing, c. 1970.
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BACK ROW: Ken Kappler (Sharonville); Ray Holt (Glendale); Steve Morris (Glendale); Chuck Harbin (Springdale); Harry Beemer (Ham Co Park); UNK (-----); Larry Zettler (Greenhills)
MIDDLE ROW: Lt Umbaugh, CO (Norwood); UNK (------); Bill Sharpenberg (Springfield Twp); John McDaniel (Mt Healthy); John Benner (Fairfax); Elmer Wise (HCSO); Jack H. Sahnd (Montgomery); George Schramm (Milford); UNK (----);
FRONT ROW: Gary Bryant (Lockland); Denny Race (Silverton); Chuck Klein (Woodlawn); Elisa Simone (Silverton); Bob Roetting (Mt. Healthy); UNK (----)
List of graduates and updated information I have gathered:
ED UMBAUGH: CO and Lt. with Norwood. Passed away in 1989 or 1990. In response to a question from one of our classmates about carrying an off-duty firearm, the Lieutenant replied: "One either never carries a firearm, or one always carries, but one never sometimes carries." That advice was so profound, that I’ve not only lived it, but taught it and written about it. I called it Lt. UMBAUGH’S LAW and listed it as such on my website: KLEIN'S LAWS (You have to scroll down to TRUTHS AND LAWS BY OTHERS).


JACK J. SAHND    Terrace Park P.D. He retired in 2003 from Montgomery PD and began working as a Traffic Hearing Officer for Hamilton County Clerk of Courts in Ohio until 2004. He then retired with Parkinson's Disease. Jack passed away 26 Aug 2018. He leaves, a wife and two children.
JOHN D. MCDANIEL   Mt. Healthy P.D.
ELMER WISE    Hamilton County S.O.
JERRY PARSONS    Bethel P.D. Was a LEO in the 1970s for Bethel P.D. He passed away in Florida, c. 2009.
RAYMOND A. HOLT    Glendale P.D.
JOHN D. BENNER    Fairfax P.D. Commander and founder of the Hamilton County SWAT team. After retiring as a Lt. from Fairfax, John, became involved in a drug team based in Blue Ash. Currently he heads and runs a nationally know civilian, police and military firearms training facility in Adams County, OH. www.tdiohio.com
STEPHEN R. MORRIS   Glendale P.D. Retired from Sharonville P.D. Lives in Glendale.
CHARLES L. HARBIN   Springdale P.D. Retired from Springdale.
CHUCK KLEIN    Woodlawn P.D. "I went from Woodlawn to Terrace Park, then quit ‘cuz I couldn’t make a living at it. Moved to a farm in Switzerland County, IN and became a writer, P.I. and reserve officer with the SCSO. Now, I’m living on a farm in Brown County (Georgetown), Ohio and remain part of the LE community as an Active member of IALEFI and through my books and articles. JOHN BENNER and I are still in touch – getting together with our wives for lunch or dinner a couple of times a year. Details about me are on my Website: http://chuckkleinauthor.com"
GEORGE P. SCHRAMM   Milford P.D. He started his career for the City of Milford. He then went to the Clermont County Sheriff’s Office in 1974. In 1978 he then went to the Bethel Police Department as the chief. George went back the Clermont County Sheriff’s Department in 1981. He then returned to the Bethel Police Department in the fall of 1987. He was the academy commander at the Southern Hills Police Academy at the Southern Hills Joint Vocational School in Georgetown Ohio. George also taught several academy classes as an instructor. He retired in January of 2004 and then ran for a village council seat and won. George Schramm was ill for quite some time but never divulged information as he was a proud and personal man. He died of cancer in 2006. His funeral services were held at the Saltair Church of Christ in Tate Township, Bethel, Ohio with a large gathering of his friends and former colleague’s paying their respects. George and Mary Jo Schramm were married for forty three years. George left his mother, wife, daughters Patty Schramm and Marie and her husband Jamie Colwell. http://clermontsun.com/2006/11/16/new-council-members-appointed-in-bethel-to-fill-two-empty-seats/
LARRY ZETTLER    Greenhills P.D. Larry Zettler    Greenhills P.D. "Assume duties in Greenhills and spent the next 23 years rising to the rank of Sgt. and spending 19 years as a DARE Officer and last few years as Det. Sgt. Left Greenhills and went with the Green Township Police Dept over on the West side of Cincy. Spend another 10 years with Green Twp and retired in 2008. I am now completely retired and living in West Chester. I'm Treasurer of FOP#74 and respond with the Butler County Red Cross DAT (Disaster Advance Team) during emergencies." larphy@aol.com
ROBERT M. PETERS   Miami Twp. P. D.
GARY H. BRYANT    Lockland P.D. Rose to the rank of Lt. with Lockland. “I can tell you last time I heard he was driving a bus for the VA hospital, but I cannot confirm that.” (Colonel James Toles, Lockland Police Department)
OLLIE C. BRINSON   Newtonsville P.D.
HARRY BEEMAN    Hamilton County Park P.D.
ABRAHAM WILDER JR.   Newtonsville P.D.
DENNIS P. RACE    Silverton P.D. Retired as Chief of Silverton. Lives in Florida
ELISA SIMONE    Silverton P.D.
At the risk of being presumptuous, here's a link to some of my early policing experiences in Amberley, Woodlawn and Terrace Park: SUBURBAN POLICING: Circa 1970 . ck