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Published Columns
by Chuck Klein

Beginning in February 2014, I began writing a regular column for Nostalgia Drag World Magazine. All of these car-intensive columns are set in or connected to the late 1950s - early 1960s. Some are reprints and some are original stories but may include excerpts from my books and other published works.



DRAG STRIP, Summer 1957- Published: Feb 2014
 . . . With the opening of the Beechmont Drag Strip in Cincinnati, Legal drag racing finally came of age in the Midwest. I was most fortunate to have been there. It all came about with one memorable meeting between S.O.T.A and a city police officer.

DRAG STRIP, 1960- Published Mar 2014
. . . Early fall 1960 finds my buddy, Kirk, in possession of a brand new ’61, 348 Tri-power, Chevy Convertible with 4-speed and 4.11 Posi-traction (thanks to his daddy). Yeah, it was fast, but he couldn’t pull my ’60 Vette – at least not with him driving – and that was the rub.

LAST NIGHT - Published April 2014
. . .The story is true inasmuch as there is a KNIGHTS of the 20th CENTURY hot rod club (est. 1955), we did have a reunion and we do have a tontine.

DRAG STRIP, 1958- Published May 2014
. . . A day at the drag strip with links to 8mm film from the Regional Meet at Beechmont Drag Strip, Cincinnati, OH.

DRAG STRIP, 1958, Part 2 - Published June 2014
. . . Another day at the Beechmont Drag Strip, Cincinnati, OH.

THE PICK-UP- Published 15 July 2014
Fiction story of the life of a pick-up truck - through the eyes of the truck.

PRE-INTERSTATE ROAD RACING, Part I - Published 15 August 2014
Racing town to town in the late 1950s.

PRE-INTERSTATE ROAD RACING, Part II - Published 15 Sept 2014
The Race to Florida, c.1960.

THE HERO - Published 15 Oct 2014
1950s Fiction

PRE-INTERSTATE ROAD RACING, Part III - Published 15 Nov 2014
The Dirt Track, The build, 4-wheel drift

TRAIN RUN - Published 15 Dec 2014
Fiction set in the 1950s

PRE-INTERSTATE ROAD RACING, Part IV - Published 15 Jan 2015
Set in the 1950s

TRUCKIN' 1960 - Published 15 May 2015
Big-rig driving in 1960

FLATHEADS FOREVER - Published 15 Jun 2015
Big-rig driving in 1960

PRE-INTERSTATE ROAD RACING, Part V - Published 9 Jul 2015
Street Racing with Youtube link

THE VETTE - Published 10 Oct 2015
Car-intensive fiction, that's really a love story that

PRE-INTERSTATE ROAD RACING, Part VI - Published 10 Dec 2015
A street racing trip to Colorado and back

EAR CANDY Published 1 Jan 2016
Sounds that make memories

ROCK 'N RODS, 1959 Published 1 Feb 2016
The music, the cars, era

BUILDING A SPORTS CAR, 1957, Pt. 1 Published 1 Mar 2016
Building and testing a fiber-glass bodied sports car

BUILDING A SPORTS CAR, 1957, Pt. 2 Published 5 Apr 2016
Building and testing a fiber-glass bodied sports car
WORKIN' HONEYS Published 1 May 2016
A love affair with two El Caminos

GO-CARTERS Published 6 Jun 2016
Fiction - A Car-intensive love story told in ABCB style poetry

DAYDREAMS Published 4 JuL 2016
Fiction - Building a hot rod - with a surprise ending.

POLICE CHASE I Published 2 Aug 2016
Hot police cars and a personal experience catching a bank robber.
AMERICA Published 5 Sep 2016
Fiction - A '55 Chev story and a tribute to America.

TALES OF THE OLD HIGHWAY Published 9 Oct 2016
Fiction - A Love triangle, guns and a cop.

Fiction - Thanksgiving with a twist ending.

CHRISTMAS MIRACLE Published 9 Dec 2016
Fiction - Truckin' circa 1955, a storm and a miracle.

THE IDOL Published 5 Mar 2017
Fiction - A young teen and a ride in his idol's hot rod.