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Published: AMERICAN POLICE BEAT 29 Oct 2014

 This novel approach came to me, a former police officer, while reading a case about a serial rapist. I realized my granddaughters, none of which are materially braced to fend off such an attack, need a pro-active option. In other words, what could they do if so assaulted by either a stranger or an acquaintance?

 The “Rape Offense Tactic” is an alternative to physically resisting a potential rapist. It is based on the age old battlefield axiom, “The best defense is a good offense,” surprise the enemy by taking control of the battle. Of course, entering a possible lethal fight without armament might be tantamount to suicide. However, if one is facing the prospect of being raped, it’s better to be prepared mentally than with no plan at all.

 If a victim feels they are about to be raped and running away or fighting back is not an option , a psychological attack might work. Playing a mind game with a rapist might halt the assault before it begins.

 People of diminutive size, muscular strength or a lack of physical power abilities cannot be expected to ward off an assault. Many other people do not carry a firearm. The options for fighting back in both these cases are few.

 Many people have been advised to scream loudly if a violent sexual assault is about to take place. In my experience this tactic can lead the attacker to punch, choke or otherwise harm their victim.

 Other recommended defense tactics include regurgitating or urinating which can be effective in reducing the arousal of the attacker However there is a very real danger that the attacker will be ‘turned-on’ by this type of behavior. And of course it’s often impossible to get one’s body to do this sort of thing when one is experiencing a frightening, violent attack.

 So here’s my solution – the Rape Offense Tactic

 At the onset of a sexual assault, make some of these remarks. This tactic works best in a situation where the assailant knows the victim like a date rape.
 * Does your mother know you do this?
 * Would you like to do this to your mother?
 * Have you ever done this with your mother?
 * Have you ever seen your mother naked? Think about her.

 I advise to keep repeating these mind tweaks using different tone inflections from sultry to humiliating to matter-of-fact and that people should not be afraid to use the “F” word.

 One thing all sexual predators have in common is they were born with a mother. If you can get the perpetrator to think of his mother he could lose his erection and become so frustrated that he’ll want his victim out of his sight. Of course there is a chance the assailant could become so angry that he could kill the victim, but that might happen anyway.

 These series of remarks works best on a stranger rape attack especially if the assailant is obviously aroused.
 * Comment on how small his manhood is (if it’s too dark for visual observation, grab ahold of him).
 * Tell him you’ve seen (felt) little boys who were better endowed.
 * Offer to remove your clothes – and his clothes.
 * Tell him it’s not rape if you help and you enjoy it.
 * Suggest going to a motel.
 * Promise that maybe we can do this again sometime.

 A typical rapist gets his kicks from the fear he instills. They don’t want their victim to enjoy it; if they did; they’d be regular guys out on a date, not committing rape.

 Rapists seek to control, intimidate, exercise power and inflict fear and hurt. If the rapist believes the victim finds him attractive and makes it clear they are looking forward to what’s coming next, it might cause him to lose his erection and once that happens the victim is in a much better position.

 It’s important to prepare oneself mentally to deal with a sexual assault. Women should engage in role playing practice sessions with friends or family and rehearse the tactics outlined above. Then, if the worst does happen, the victim may not be a victim after all.

 Chuck Klein is a retired Licensed Private Detective, former Certified Police Officer and author of many law enforcement books, articles and columns. He may be reached through his web site: www.chuckklein.com