Being An American


© Chuck Klein, 2015

*    Americans are those who fight to right unrightable wrongs. This is our destiny, this is our grit.

*    If you see us comin’ better straighten up; a lotta foes didn’t and a lotta of 'em wish they had. 

*    Facing the enemy we’d rather stand tall than lie a coward, a craven coward, in our grave.

*    Some plant taters, some sell cotton, some wear uniforms, none are forgotten.


*    The answers, dear compatriot, are not Blow' in the Wind; they're in our collective American minds. So go ahead and look after your neighbor, go ahead and aid a friend.

*  Ring that bell of freedom, hammer out justice and sing the song of love between our brothers and sisters.

*    From Ohio and West Virginia to Montana and Maine; from Texas and Colorado to Vermont and Tennessee; This is America - this is the land we love. 

*    God has blessed America and Americans where ever they may be and has shed his grace on you and me and thee and thou.

Inspired by the songs: High Noon, 16 Tons, The Impossible Dream, God Bless The USA, Old Man River, God Bless America, America The Beautiful, One Tin Soldier, Blowin’ In The Wind, Theme from Giant, If I Had a Hammer.