E-Mail Editorials 2016





Subject: Art of the Deal

Date Sent: 10 Sep 2019 

Hitler’s Field Marshal, Erwin Rommel, wrote a book about tactical warfare. General Patton studied that book and knew what Rommel would do and planned accordingly. In the movie, Patton (played by George C. Scott) lays a trap for Rommel. As Rommel’s tanks enter the trap, Scott (Patton) exclaims to himself: “Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book.” 
Trump’s well-written and entertaining book, The Art of the Deal, is about some of the biggest and most successful, national-headline, business deals. The book’s significance is he lays out his entire modus operandi. Now, over two years into his political life, it is clear he is following the same MO of reversals, confusing positions, confrontations.... If you believe DJT is crazy, unfit, stupid, a liar ... my guess is you haven’t read his book. 
The book’s most-telling quote: “What I admire most are people who put themselves directly on the line. To me, what matters is the doing, and giving time is far more valuable than just giving money.” Obviously, he is putting himself “on the line” by “giving time” - to be President. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Three Observations

Date Sent: 27 Dec 2016

First it was Global Cooling, then it became Global Warming, now it’s Climate Change. The only thing that hasn’t changed is all the eco-agencies wanting continuation of our tax money to keep generating fake-news about the climate. 
Whether Russia is behind the email hacks is not the issue. In today’s high-tech world, survival depends on our learning to accept, counter, adjust and live with electronic infiltration and propaganda - not waste time placing blame.
BO has shown his true anti-American/Israeli – pro-Muslim colors by abstaining from voting in a UN resolution against Israel. This tiny democracy is sort of a Canary in the mine inasmuch as if they are snuffed out, so goes Western humanity.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Holiday History

Date Sent: 21 Dec 2016


Christmas and the 1st day of Chanukah fall on the same day this year. We all know the story and history of Christmas. Chanukah (also spelled Hanukah), celebrates the miracle 8-day burning of the Eternal Flame in the 2nd century BCE when a small band of Jews battled the Syrian-Greek army, driving them from the land.
The modern day Chanukah gift-giving tradition was developed, circa 1950s, as a way to allow Jewish children to partake in the spirit of Santa Claus and not feel left-out by their gentile neighbors.
Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah!
Chuck Klein


Subject: PC Flush - Again

Date Sent: 15 Dec 2016

Ya got me. Living in the country, where the great outdoors has always worked for #1, I wasn’t aware of selectable flush toilets. Many of you sent links of their availability – thanks. In fact, I got more response from this and from people I almost never hear from over my error-in-knowledge. I enjoyed the feedback!
I’ve sent out over 450 email editorials (at least 50/year for 9 years Editorials), this is one of the very few errors-in-knowledge...unless, of course, you believe some (all?) of my pro-Republican/gun/police rants are in error :)
Chuck Klein


Subject: The PC Flush

Date Sent: 13 Dec 2016

A toilet flush uses the same volume of water each time. However, the amount of water needed for a #1 is not the same as required to purge a #2. In other words, the flusher should be able to select the amount of fluid required to ecologically empty the bowl.
Not only would this save water at private homes, but also at hotels/motels and to those of us who utilize a septic system where, especially during wet weather, the leach-bed can become over-saturated.
Someone please make a proto-type for this slap-your-head, I-shoulda-thought-of-that-idea and take it to Shark Tank. Oh yeah, and send me my share of the profits.
Chuck Klein


Subject: American Value

Date Sent: 6 Dec 2016


For the value of a gun, a citizen was saved.
For the value of the citizen, morale was saved.
For the value of morale, honor was saved.
For the value of honor, justice was saved.
For the value of justice, freedom was saved.
For the value of freedom, the nation was saved.
For the value of the nation, faith was saved.
For the value of faith, humanity was saved.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Immigration

Date Sent: 29 Nov 2016

Hispanics pose two problems:
1) Those working here in honest jobs who are sending their earnings ‘home’ to help others illegally come here – an outflow of US dollars;
2) Illegal drug imports are rampant from Mexico and other Latin American nations.
Muslims pose two problems:
1) Contrary to our history of assimilation – immigrants melding into Americanization - they want to force on us their home rule ideology such as Sharia law, clothing dispensations and terrorism;
2) Not publicly, strongly and continually denouncing Muslim anti-westernization and plans of world domination.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Sports Rules

Date Sent: 22 Nov 2016

Sports might need some adjustments. Here’s my suggestions:
MLB: Add a pitch clock (like the BB shot clock or FB play clock). Require the pitcher to throw the ball (to any base) within a set number of seconds – say from when the umpire signals the ball is in play. Game needs to be speeded up.
NFL: Move the kick-off line – again. This time back to the 25-yard line or set the touchback line-of-scrimmage to the 40 yard line. Open-field runbacks are exciting.
NBA: Raise the hoop at least six inches. Players have gotten so tall some can dunk standing flat-footed!
MLS: Make the goals 3-4 feet wider. More goals scored = greater spectator interest.
NCAAF: Restrict the Crimson Tide to only 10 players on the field at a time. :-)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Conspiracy?

Date Sent: 15 Nob 2016

Trump claimed the system is rigged (controlled by the political parties in cahoots with each other and the media) – then he happily accepted the results of the system-regulated election. Is this evidence that the system is not rigged? Or . . . that the rigging is so sophisticated that they allowed him to win the election to provide evidence that the system is not rigged (then they are gonna impeach him)? Sorta like saying thank you to a person who has praised you – after you’ve called them a liar.
On the other hand, perhas the system didn’t want Hillary to win because they feared The Foundation might become more powerful than they are? Or . . . if Hillary had been elected by a rigged system, then we might never know if the system is rigged?
Let’s see now, Elvis is still working as a bagboy in . . . JFK was killed by . . . . :)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Tomorrow

Date Sent: 8 Nov 2016

The day after the election we will all find life still goes on, relatives are still related, most opinions still unchanged, but friends . . . . 
During the past year or so, I have enjoyed email debates with those from both ends of the gun; it’s how I learn best and hopefully those I correspond with also learn. There was one disappointing twinge: a college-educated, former high school classmate, whom I had always admired, and with whom I’d engaged in many email debates resorted to calling me and my wife vile names because we didn’t subscribe to his political views. Pity. 
Regardless of who wins: No whining or gloating. And if you don’t like the results, fight – legally – for the changes you want, sans personal insults and assaults.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Whattya Want:

Date Sent 1 Nov 2016

Trump might be a chauvinistic egocentric, but he offers the best opportunity to reverse the sick healthcare and Obama policies that made America an apologetic, militarily weak, middle-of-the-pack member of the one-world-order ideology...
Hillary, a confessed liar, with a cavalier attitude toward safe-guarding national interests, ineptitude at handling foreign policy and a promise for a liberal (anti—Constitutionally correct) Supreme Court?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Silver Lining

Date Sent: 25 Oct 2016

Should HILLARY be elected, because she’s one of the good ol’ gals that is part of the rigging/corruption - any calls for her impeachment or criminal charges will not be successful. Being “extremely careless”, she will continue the downward slide toward Europeanism.

Vote for TRUMP. Because the system is rigged/corrupt (good ol’ guy/gal dominated) - he will be impeached - making Pence the President. This Midwest Governor, being establishment, will return a sense of decency to the WH and this country, thus the sliver lining to this mess.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Possible Media Solution

Date Sent: 18 Oct 2016

Last week I chastised the liberally-biased media as having compromised elections, national security and the safety of our law enforcement community – egregious behavior including:
The recent spate of cold-blooded police assassinations that somehow the media refuses to connect the dots to Obama and his dissing LE agencies and officers, and, of course, the continued bashing of Trump while giving Hillary positive coverage.
Solution: Create an ethics board for each of the major news broadcasters that would be comprised of, say, 2 persons from each of the following: CNN, FOX, DNC, RNC, LP. This board would not have veto power over the press, but could offer a periodic (daily, weekly....) rating of how they view the bias, truth and fairness of the reported (and unreported/underreported) news.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Wikileaks

Date Sent: 13 Oct 2016

The questions that come to mind:
1) Why would Russia want to keep Hillary from the White House? With her in office they already know how to handle her proven failure at handling them.
2) Perhaps the Russians have also hacked the Republican/Trump emails and are waiting until closer to the election to ‘leak’ them?
3) Or, perhaps the Russians have been unable to hack the Republican/Trump email system because they are more secure than ‘extremely careless’ Hillary?
4) As Putin put it: What’s more important – where the hacked emails come from, or their content?
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Greatest Threat

Date Sent: 11 Oct 2016

JFK and WJC – while in office – DID what Trump only locker-room TALKED about . . . and the nightly news continues to fawn over them.
Here is the epitome of media-generated bias. Our powerful American news sources (CBS, NBC, ABC), as required, certainly gives comparable time to the candidates, but an unequal slant. This election is about who do we want to run America – an imperfect man or a boilerplate beneficiary of media-generated swaying power.
Trump might be our last opportunity to wrest this unmitigated control of our fate from the self-appointed, pseudo voice of America. If you don’t believe the media has too much influence, you’re part of the problem.
Solution to follow.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Attention Law Enforcement Officers

Date Sent: 4 Oct 2016

If you don’t subscribe to this mind-set, you are in the wrong profession.
To a LEO there are two fates worse than death:
1) Cowardice. Using lethal force when you or another person is not in immediate danger of death or great bodily harm is cowardice. In other words: If you use your firearm when it is not absolutely clear that lethal force is required . . . you’re a coward.
2) Prison. Use of unjustified deadly force may result in a prison sentence – the last place a decent, law-abiding police officers wants to be is locked up with the dirtbags whose incarceration they’ve caused.
The second to last thing an ethical and brave LEO wants to do is kill another human being regardless of how reprehensible, villainous or dangerous that person might be. The last thing this ethical and brave LEO wants to do is be labeled a coward because he killed this reprehensible, villainous and dangerous person without just cause.
Selected, published Police Ethics Article by Chuck Klein.
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Debate

Date Sent: 27 Sep 2016

A draw. Both have a bunch of skeletons in their transparent closets. Therefore, the questions are:
Do you want a pat-answering robot that can only yap at the heals of bulldogs such as Trump, Kim, Putin, et al?
Do you want a continuation of Obamaism or a change?
Do you favor Europeanization or Brexit?
Do you want our enemies to continue their imperialistic ways or should we become a strong & great country - again?
Do you really want a touchy/feely-of-the-day SCOTUS or a return to our founder’s ideals?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Excessive Force

Date Sent: 20 Sep 2016

We continue to witness excessive use of force by our LEOs. It is not. It is a result of training. Training is a result of lowering of standards. Today, to be a police officer one may be obese, short, tall and/or lack superior physical strength and stamina. To compensate for these variations in a disparity of force compendium, all officers are trained to respond to the weakest-link level. In other words, they are trained to take the subject down using the degree of force necessary by the puniest member of the force - what heretofore used to be considered excessive force. 
Prior to the modern politically-correct/non-discrimination hiring criteria, law enforcement officers, when confronted with an uncooperative subject, bodily knocked them to the ground. Back then, cops were selected more for their physical ability to enforce the laws than to conform to society’s image of a social worker rather than a law enforcer. 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Deplorable?

Date Sent: 14 Sep 2016

Hillary Clinton has declared that Trump supporters are deplorable (Webster’s 9th New Collegiate Dictionary: BAD, WRETCHED).
I support Trump. I am also a member of Kiwanis, NRA, grandfather to eleven, a former police officer and firefighter, have no criminal history, don’t do illegal drugs and I pay my taxes. If that’s what Mrs. Clinton believes is deplorable then clearly one of us represents what’s wrong with America and the reason why it has lost its greatness.
Chuck Klein


Subject: How Come?

Date Sent: 13 Sep 2016

How come an 18-year-old who commits a crime of opportunity (rape) and is then required to register as a sex offender for life while the head of a major news organizations perpetuates multiple pre-mediated acts of sexual harassment against multiple women and he gets a $40M retirement and his company only pays off negotiated civil charges?
How come there’s no penalty when Hillary makes the serious mistakes of using multiple private email servers and allowing mega-donations to her foundation and charity from foreign nations while acting as Secretary of State? If she made the same types of ‘mistakes’ as President would it be okay if she just admits the mistakes? How many times will she be allowed to do this?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Solutions

Date Sent: 6 Sep 2016

1) THE ENEMY: Identify the enemies of the United States. Without this declaration, it is most difficult to formulate offense/defense strategies, develop foreign policy and to unify American citizens.
2) IMMIGRATION: In addition to Trump’s 10-point plan: Those aspiring to immigrate, if from an enemy nation or organization, must denounce that nation or organization and sever all ties.
3) LAW ENFORCEMENT: Prioritize law enforcement officer’s duties and obligations. Their primary function is to enforce laws and control traffic – not save lives. In other words, let the medical agencies handle the medical gear and specialties such as suicide threats, drug OD and defibrillators. In addition, remove the non-lethal tools (and the obligation to utilize them) from LEOs.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Fish

Date Sent: 30 Aug 2016

The old adage, “Give a man a fish and he eats for a day . . . .” is exactly what the Democrats have championed as a proven method of securing the black vote. Since LBJ the Democrat platform has pushed to lower the standards for high school diplomas, admission to colleges and employment while gifting food stamps, welfare and cellphones – all with the lie that only Democrats are helping minorities.
If the liberals are so confident their pander-and-appease agenda – a mindset that has generated generations of blacks beholden to the Democrat party - is effective, why are there so many minorities still rioting in the streets? 
Oh yeah, the rest of the quote: “Teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime” is something the Democrat party doesn’t want to happen. Independent/thinking citizens might realize they’ve been conned and will no longer vote the Democrat ticket.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Significant Differences

Date Sent: 23 Aug 2016

Trump supports our military and their plans to develop better weapons and techniques in order to protect Americans from our enemies. Hillary promises to continue the Obama agenda of building paper bridges to countries that play with fire.
HRC has negotiating experience, but has never employed anyone. Trump has negotiating skills and knows what it means to budget for a payroll. 
Okay, so The Donald spins some of his claims – as most all politicians do. But, that’s not the same as exposing state secrets on an unsecure server and then lying about it or engaging in pay-for-play with foreign powers.
What really surprises me is the number of educated voters who support a person and party that violates the basic Judeo-Christian tenet: “No Lying, No Cheating, No Stealing. No Exceptions, No Excuses" – oh wait, maybe its ‘cuz they attended anti-1st/2nd Amendment, brainwashing, liberal colleges? 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Trump: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Date Sent: 16 Aug 2016

THE GOOD: Just like 1976, his election will bring about a change of regime and a realignment of our priorities. The Donald has extraordinary skills at negotiating and in selecting persons with both experience and skills – much like FDR and his dollar-a-year men. He represents the reality that the cost of the increasing size and scope of the government will be borne by everybody – not just the rich.
THE BAD: His apparent inability to reach out (pander?) to challenged voters - those who are more interested in a $15/hr. minimum wage, rather than the benefits and opportunities of capitalism. Oh yeah, and ignoring the big shot Republicans.
THE UGLY: He doesn’t seem to know when to shut up, when to back-off and when to admit and/or apologize for his errors.
This election isn’t about Trump or even the Supreme Court; it’s about a revolution. If he doesn’t win: the good-ol’-boys/gals, rigged system might not be reversible, sans a civil war.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Whose Problem?

Date Sent: 9 Aug 2016

Two black Americas: one poor, uneducated, government dependent while the other exhibits opposite attributes. They do not appear to acknowledge and unite with each other. The former commits the over-whelming number of blacks shooting blacks which is not a white problem or a police problem, or a political problem or a gun problem . . . it’s a black problem. The latter African-American group is just like other U.S. citizens – they are law-abiding. 
Blacks (12% of the U.S.) have the NAACP, black caucuses, BET, the 14th Amendment, 28% of the federal workforce, a black President and AG, yet many continue to blame whites, police and/or Republicans for their difficulties.
America is made up of all kinds: Micks, Spics, Wops, Kikes, Wetbacks, Cross-backs, Slant-eyes, et al. Almost without exception, we - or our forefathers, including yours truly - have experienced blatant and/or latent discrimination. Rather than rioting, or protesting, or demanding special treatment, much less championing lethal assaults on our law enforcement community, we have assimilated - melded into the melting pot.
I’m confident the solution is NOT handcuffing the police, more laws or electing politicians who still champion the failed LBJ Great Society’s pander and appease agendas.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Hillary: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Date Sent: 2 Aug 2016

THE GOOD: She’s a great speaker.
THE BAD: So out of touch she ignores needs for immigration limits, declaring war on our enemy (even the Pope said we are at war), the economy and beating the dead horse for more gun restrictions.
She supports the BO strategies and policies that require improvement such as: education, infrastructure, domestic safety and foreign security. If all these things are wrong with America, why didn’t she and her party - for the past 7-years - fix them?
THE UGLY: Treasonable level of handling email communication. A party so ‘rigged’ it conspired against its own candidate; we have to wonder what else have they rigged and against whom (blacks, by financially enslaving them to government doles to ensure their votes)? Just like 1976 the party of the White House is corrupt and if nothing else, it’s time for a regime change.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Vengeance & Retribution

Date Sent: 26 July 2016

Again . . . and again, we hear from the media-backed minority, bleeding-hearts that the death penalty is cruel, unusual and in violation of the 8th Amendment. These hand-wringers lack the empathy to put themselves in the place of the victims who have had inflicted upon them: pain, torture, rape, murder – cruelty with a vengeance.
In other words, it’s the victims who have had their Constitutional rights violated by the cruel, unusual and illegal acts of perpetrators whose fate is at worst: ‘3-hots and a cot’, free medical care, clothing and education opportunities all at the expense of the victims and other tax payers.
Vengeance may be the province of the Lord, but retribution belongs to the people.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Election Conceded?

Date Sent: 20 July 2016

The Democrats focus on a baseless claim that Mr. Trump’s wife plagiarized common words such as: “your word is your bond,” implies that they approve and accept the contents of all of the other RNC speakers. The “your word is your bond” line has been around as long as I can remember.
Trying to claim originality by Mrs. Obama is signifying that if this is the worst the Democrats can say about the Trump campaign, they really must be “grasping at straws,” or “scrapping the bottom of the barrel” . . . oh, wait, I might have plagiarized those quotes from???? At the risk of committing another plagiarism, I plead that the reader not turn me in to the “political correctness police”.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Rigged System?

Date Sent: 19 July 2016

Many celebratory occasions include a releasing of hundreds of multi-colored, gas filled balloons. These festive affairs include sporting events, private business openings, special public gatherings and even birthday parties. I’m not sure of the significance of this other than it looks pretty – if only for a moment. 
Is this any different than littering/trashing public or private property? Just because these pretties are airborne and are soon out of sight does that make it legal refuse-dumping? Would it be okay if you or I threw (airborne) a bag of garbage (looks like a big balloon) from a moving car (soon out of sight)? 
These non-biodegradable balloons are a danger to wildlife when ingested or entangled. In addition, they are a problem for crop harvesting equipment not to mention the unsightliness when the balloons finally come down on public or private property.
Could this be an example of the “rigged system” Trump has been talking about where a select few get away with crimes we commoners would be charged with?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Bad Apples

Date Sent 12 Jul 2016

There are over 900K law enforcement officers in America. Less than 1% are ‘bad apples’ – a percentage no other occupational alliance can claim. Police officers are in the business of honesty. This is their stock-in-trade, forte', signature, persona, identification and what differentiates them from other professions. ‘Bad apples’ must be weeded out.
It is most assuredly an example of a ‘bad apple’ when the top of  the law-enforcement barrel publically questions his law enforcer’s integrity before the facts were known, a la, Cambridge, Travon Martin, Ferguson. This Presidential divisiveness is a direct result of the unwarranted and deadly assault against Dallas’ finest. Weeding day, November 8, can’t come soon enough.
Solution: Make police chiefs - just like sheriffs - accountable only to the voters not mayors or governors. This would allow accountability while giving them the power to respond directly to ‘bad apples’ in addition to establishing employment and training standards for their forces.
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Skater

Date Sent: 6 Jul 2016

If I were writing another novel or short story the outline would be:
A political person, with questionable decision making history, would be appointed as Foreign Secretary of State. This official, under a secret Presidential plan called Spam-Scan, would purposely use a hackable private email server, especially when out of country.
The Secretary would then send messages marked classified and/or top secret knowing the contents would be hacked and read by our enemies – and then deny sending them. However, the messages would be bogus – intended to plant false information (it was called black propaganda when this tactic was used extensively during WW2). When Spam-Scan comes to the attention of the public (intentionally or unintentionally) during the Secretary’s bid for public office, an FBI investigation is conducted. Here the Secretary must tell the truth and swear the FBI investigators to secrecy.
As the election nears, the Secretary reveals the truth and is hailed a hero, thus elected to office much to the chagrin of the enemy (and the other party).
Do you think HRC is smart enough to pull something like this off  and be believable?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Happy 4th Fellow Americans

Date Sent: 4 Jul 2016

Lyrics by Irving Berlin
Description by yours truly
God Bless America
And our troops, law officers and all of Her guardians.
Land that I love
Those who know this love are truly the Blessed People.
Stand beside her, and guide her,
As God stands to safeguard us, we align ourselves shoulder to shoulder
while bowing our heads in thanks for His protection and guidance.

Thru the night with a light from above.
Dusk to dawn and sunrise to sunset, we are humbled by
His radiant supremacy and power.

From the mountains, to the prairies,
Forging straight up from the great prairies of gilded grain,
like a church spire paying homage to the heavens,
to symbolize our faith in Him.

To the oceans, white with foam
Seas of Blessed People of all colors, each seeking
the purity only He can bestow.

God bless America, My home sweet home.
May God continue to bless the Blessed People
as this is their homeland forevermore.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Secret Lists

Date Sent: 28 Jun 2016

Should anyone be placed on a secret ‘no-fly’ list without due process? The Left reasons no, because it’s against what we stand for, while the Right seems to worry it will slippery-slope into everyone being denied their 2nd Amendment rights.
However, if everyone is entitled to their ‘due process rights’ – what’s the point in having the FBI, CIA, et al? Their mandates are to ferret out crimes BEFORE they occur and to do that they must compile and utilized lists of persons/organizations that they believe are a threat. If we desire only investigations AFTER an incident/crime then street cops and detectives are all that are needed.
America is not utopia and we can not continue the “send me your . . . [unvetted] masses” policy. We must keep faith in our LE agencies lest we be overrun by malcontents, mass murders and other such dangerous sects, gangs, individuals and/or cartels.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Election is About

Date Sent: 21 Jun 2016

At least half of the country is unhappy with the state of the union. The question is: who will best rectify this condition? Our two choices: Trump, an unrepentant, unpredictable . . . buffoon, or Hillary, a liar at best or a criminal at worst, but champion of the Obama policies that have created this despondency?
Our choice of Commander-in-Chief will send the message that America wants or doesn’t want:
1) A liberal (or a conservative) SCOTUS?
2) A nation that is a deterrent to imperialist regimes?
3) Play-nice deals for temporary peace?
4) Immigrants to define and control our borders?
Finally, this election is not about voting for the candidate of your choice, but about voting to keep the other person from being elected. In other words, when approaching the polls, take a deep breath, pinch your nose and then vote against the person you don’t want to win.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Phone Number FOLLOW-UP

Date Sent: 14 Jun 2016

One of the respondents to today’s Phone Number message had this to add:
On your personal cell phone: Insert the letters ICE (In Case of Emergency) in front of the names of people you want contacted.
First responders and medical personnel have been instructed to check people's cell phones under ICE to see who should be contacted.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Phone Numbers

Date Sent: 14 Jun 2016

Recently, a close friend experienced an emergency, alone, that required transportation via life squad to a hospital. The issue was resolved within a few hours and it was then that he realized his phone’s battery was depleted. Having an older model phone he was unable to find any staff that had a compatible charger.
He could only recall one phone number and that person didn’t answer and didn’t get his message for many hours. In this electronic age where we have become dependent upon such devices – remembering phone numbers is not part of our routine.
The lesson I learned is to make a physical list of phone numbers that I now carry in my wallet. If you lost your phone, or it failed, how many numbers can you call to mind?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Enemy Identified

Date Sent: 7 Jun 2016

America has met the enemy and it is:











Illegal immigrants


For-Profit Business
Elected and appointed Government officials . . . Bingo!
Chuck Klein

 Subject: Alternative Routes

Date Sent: 31 May 2016

The Brent Spence bridge (I-71/75) over the Ohio River at Cincinnati has been declared a national emergency due to it’s deteriorating condition. Talk has only been of replacing it with or without a toll. Our officials, as usual, fail to think outside the box.
How ‘bout if they make the bridge a toll bridge while at the same time offering a toll credit to those who take one of the other two interstate bridges (I-275) over the Ohio. In other words, to cross the Brent Spence it would cost, x-dollars, but if you cross either of the other I-275 bridges your toll account will be credited y-dollars. It shouldn’t take long for truckers and other through-traffic to realize the positive income from taking the alternative route.
This doesn’t have to apply to Cincinnati only, as other cities could offer the same plan to alleviate through-traffic by offering an incentive via another route. As to local every-day travelers, they could take any of the other free non-interstate bridges – or purchase ‘local-only’ accounts at a nominal charge or receive a z-dollar credit or . . . .
Chuck Klein

Subject: Tribute to Those Who Serve

Date Sent: 24 May 2016

I tendered this in 2008 – it still applies:
During the Presidential election year, as the rhetoric degenerates to name-calling, false accusations and out and out hatred, perhaps it's time we reflect on who we - American citizens of all colors, races, religions and party affiliation - really are.  Each of us have the same goals, just different courses to achieve them.  When it comes to serving our fellow Americans, only in America do Democrats and Republicans, side by side, serve each other and each other's compatriots.
Memorial, Veterans and Independence
Are American tear producing days;
When we honor our soldiers -
Past and present;
We are so blessed
To have such patriotic citizens
Who have unselfishly "served" this country;
So many times.
But right here on our soil,
And in highly visible positions,
Are others of every affiliation
Who "serve" this great nation.
Everyday our first line of defense,
Our police officers and firefighters,
Unflinchingly "serve" at risks
That cost some their livelihood - and lives.
There are, of course, far more
Who "serve" America and Americans -
Monetarily and via countless philanthropic groups
That contribute to our common good.
Complementing these benevolent associations
Is a multitude of unorganized volunteers
Who quietly "serve" at hospitals, libraries
And the vast number of eclectic, charitable fund-raisers.
America is unique
Inasmuch as this cadre of unpaid citizens
Take such good care of each other
That the impersonal socialization,
Found in other countries,
Is not needed here.
Many decent, law-abiding citizens -
The over-whelming majority of Americans -
Also "serve" their country
By challenging unjust rules, standing up to wrong-doers
Or facing down bullies.
If warfare ever threatens our front door
There should be no doubt that our neighbors,
The ones who keep and bear arms,
Will stand back-to-back and shoulder-to-shoulder
To tender their "service."
May God bless America and every American
Where ever they may be
And in whatever capacity they may "serve."
Chuck Klein


Subject: Modern Imperialism

Date Sent: 17 May 2016

Because Puerto Rico is about to default on general obligation debts, Trump could score a gesture of goodwill (called getting the Hispanic vote) by suggesting they work toward becoming a state of the United States. Just traveling this avenue would be a major coup, as in, what could Hillary say? Perhaps he should also consider encouraging other Caribbean territories and nations (especially Cuba) to also apply to become part of the Greatest nation.
And while we’re ramping up our own expansionism (in competition to China and Russia), we might offer to purchase the northern Mexican states which would have the impact of a real estate boom and better drug control by creating new Arizona/California/New Mexico/Texas type states while bailing out Mexico. America has been standing still too long.
None of this has to actually happen – only the perception; although anything might be better than doing nothing.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Christians AND Jews

Date Sent: 10 May 2016

There have been inaccurate reports that Jews are whiners. No, it’s the liberals who tend to be whiners. Many Jews happen to be liberals thus some have incorrectly labeled all Jews as grumblers. Case in point: Recently, a European rabbinical student wrote that it was wrong to limit Muslim immigration (The Horn News, 3 May 2016). Thought the article is about Jewish fears, the student failed to acknowledge that Christians also have been targeted by Muslims and have just as much to fear. Of course, there are Muslims who claim to be peace seeking, but they never seem to denounce their brothers’ and sisters’ lethal acts and death threats.
Liberal ideology was poignantly expressed by this student’s key line: “What we really have to do now, as Muslims and Jews, is to fight together against anti-Semitism and Islam phobia in Germany.” The question that comes to mind is: Would you - Jew or Christian - stand back-to-back with a Muslim to fight anything?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Numbers Game

Date Sent: 3 Apr 2016

Numbers don’t lie, Mr. Cruz,
Vote for you and we all lose.
Bernie’s a commie to the core.
Trump will make us Great.
Hillary belongs in the Pen
Eleven-Twelve the Teens,
Kasich lacks the Genes.
Come-on, lighten,
This is not for fightin’.
No, hold hold on – wait
This is for America’s fate.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Wrong Way Drivers

Date Sent: 26 Apr 2016

Technology exists to place at every exit ramp a motion detection device (radar) that would trigger flashing red and blue strobe lights – only when a vehicle is coming toward the device. In other words, vehicles exiting an exit ramp are ignored by the motion detection device, but a vehicle entering the exit ramp will cause the lights to activate.
Such flashing lights would not only warn the driver that he/she is headed in the wrong direction, but, more importantly, would alert highway traffic that a wrong-way driver is approaching them. Additional lights could be located about a half-mile away that would be turned-on by a radio or laser signal from the activated motion detection device warning all vehicles to stop, thus a wrong-way driver would only encounter a line of stopped vehicles.
 The units could be powered by solar batteries and surely shouldn’t cost as much as the current suggestion of digging trenches to install mechanically operated spikes that are subject to failure causing monumental traffic jams, vehicle damages and would impede emergency vehicles that might need to legally enter an exit ramp.
Perhaps, commercial entities would sponsor the devices if allowed to place a advertising sign with it?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Obvious Truths

Date Sent: 19 Apr 2016

Obviously some will believe; obviously some won’t:
* If you lie to the American people, you can still be elected;
* If you cut a deal with notoriously untrustworthy countries, such as Iran, they will honor the deal;
* You can fool most of the people most of the time, and that’s usually good enough;
* A lie well told and stuck to is as good as the truth – except when dealing with cops;
* If you put up a sign saying no guns allowed, you’ll be safe from criminals bearing guns;
* We are NOT a nation of laws - we are a nation of constitutions. Laws, statutes, court decrees, presidential edicts are subservient to constitutions.
* When a judge imparts his instructions or charges to a jury; that jury is no longer impartial.
* There is no statute, law or constitutional right that guarantees life is fair.
* Fairness is not fair if it forces someone else to give up what's fairly theirs.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Educating Judges

Date Sent: 12 Apr 2016

Recently, a Federal Judge and her attorney husband were the victims of a brutal, armed home invasion. At trial the criminals, now dressed in new clothes and clean shaven and with neatly trimmed hair, presented themselves as law-abiding citizens. The victim/judge, a person who has enjoyed a lifetime lifestyle that equates to gated communities, privileged schooling, civilized – you get the picture - had never experienced up-close and personal violent behavior.
In a local TV interview, she said she never realized that the criminals who come before her bench, outfitted as above, could be so vicious. As an admitted lenient magistrate, it was an eye-opener for her. 
Perhaps, it should be a prerequisite for all those who sit in judgment of others to spend a dozen or so night shifts as a ride-along with a big city police department. That way these justices of the peace might gain empathy for the victims as well as the LEOs, EMTs, coroners and others who have to deal with the criminal element in their natural habitat.
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Trump Phenomena

Date Sent: 5 Apr 2016

We have evolved into a two party nation: the ruling class (elected officials and their close supporters) and the rest of us. It’s not that Americans are against fellow citizens becoming rich – it’s the outrage that those elected to serve us end up - after as few as two years - wealthy and laden with jaw-dropping retirement perks. Trump, already financially secure, represents an opportunity to change/fix the system.
Trump has forsaken political correctness to say what is on many people’s minds including not only Republicans, but many Democrats and Independents as well. Even if he fails to be the candidate, we will have witnessed a revolution, not the old fashion gunpowder kind, but a truly everyone-involved, multi-media type. Politics will never be the same. The window has been opened and a huge number of people have shouted: “I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore.”
Yeah I know what you’re thinking: Trump has a lot of negative baggage, but he doesn’t have any more or less – just different – than Hillary.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Prayers Answered?

Date Sent: 29 Mar 2016
 There is something I just can’t conceive, accept or wrap my mind around: That our G-d is pleased with His people – the ones who call themselves Muslims. Of course, there is the possibility that they are not His people. Perhaps they are of another god’s making, one who doesn’t hold to the Ten Commandments and its intrinsic values. If that is so, we, the descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, are truly facing evil.
Our salvation might be an American leader who is not afraid of the Muslim nations and doesn’t aspire to conspire, bargain with, or make treaties with the people of the enemy of our G-d.
While we raise our collective Judeo-Christian voices to pray for peace – the terrorists are praying for success of their attacks and bombings against us. Guess whose prayers, as of late, have been answered? Scary!
Chuck Klein

Subject: Classes

Date Sent: 22 Mar 2016

In a capitalist country there are 2 classes of citizens:
1) Rich;
2) Those who are free to seek wealth if they so desired;
In a socialist country there are also 2 classes:
1) The privileged/ruling party;
2) Everyone else.
It’s not that liberals believe they are better than everyone else, it’s that they believe they know what’s best for everyone else. What they fail to realize is: when their dream of socialism comes true they will only end up as everyone else - subject to control by the privileged/ruling party.
Socialism appears to be successful in parts of the EU because they don’t have to fund a vast military – they rely upon us to protect them. Regardless, many are in deep financial trouble. If we spent our military money on social programs we would be the greatest nation – until, that is, they post that big sign on the Statute of Liberty saying: Welcome To America . . . written in Chinese or Arabic.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Political Violence

Date Sent: 13 Mar 2016

During some Trump political rallies there have been protesters who disrupted a lawful meeting and were then physically attacked. Surely the attendees were overwhelmingly Republicans, duh, and thus the protesters must be . . . Democrats, double duh.
Yeah, I know what you’re thinking: it’s the Republican attendees who committed the acts of violence against the protesters. Sorry, it’s well established in law that one can’t utter fighting words or egg another on (create the situation) and then claim innocence or self-defense when there’s retaliation.
The Democrat elitist class is showing its true colors – they are the violent ones and a danger to us all. Do you want a leader who espouses citizens to fight back or do you want a pseudo leader who touts he wants the people to do “ . . . WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO ” (see my editorial 10 Mar 2016 What We Want)? Or, Hillary, who calls Trump “divisive” after she stated that her worst enemies are Republicans?
Chuck Klein


Subject: What We Want

Date Sent: 10 Mar 2016

The crux of the Democrat goal was voiced by Bernie Sanders during his debate with Hillary (CNN 3-9-16) when he made this statement while discussing college education: “One of the things we should not be doing, obviously, is punishing people for DOING WHAT WE WANT THEM TO DO and that is get an education. (emphasis added). As he said this, Hillary nodded her head in agreement.
Of course college isn’t for everyone, but that’s not the point. Here the elitist, socialist/communist plan of the Democrats is exposed. They might not admit they think they are better than everyone else, but they surely will force on you and me what they believe is best for us. I don’t think they understand how offensive – to Americans – this is.
If you substitute Not own guns, not drink liquor, not earn big bucks, etc., for “get an education” the truth of the Democrat agenda is clear. In other words, it’s okay to inflict punishment (taxes/prison) unless it’s something they want us – the masses - to do.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Whole Questions

Date Sent: 8 Mar 2016

 Trump claims he is going to make America great again. Hillary touts the line: “We need to make America whole again.” She’s not claiming she can make us whole (whatever that means), but that the illusive “we” must do it. Does “we” include Republicans?
Whereas the Democrats had control of the White House for the past seven years, how then, did America become unwhole or is it not-whole or non-whole? When was the last time America wasn’t whole or in a hole? If the Dems blame our unwholsomeness on the grid-locked Congress how can a new Democrat President make us whole again - especially with a Republican Congress?
If we became unwhole on Obama’s watch, how can we become whole again if Hillary is going to continue his same policies while stating that her number one enemy are Republicans? I think I’d rather be great than whole.
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Hillary Situation

Date Sent: 1 Mar 2016

Presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton is going to skate over all the allegations and claims of misconduct in office including, but not limited to, Benghazi and emails - regardless of what the FBI or other investigative agencies or committees come up with.
1) The AG, an Obama political appointee, will ignore/stonewall law enforcement or committee requests for an indictment.
2) At some point, BO will issue a blanket pardon to Hillary making all the claims against her moot.
3) Of course, if she is nominated and she faces off in a debate with the Republican candidate, all the issues and misdeeds can be brought up. However, there is no law requiring the candidates to debate, thus if she has any smarts, she will refuse to debate. Therefore, the only recourse for the Republicans will be media ads which she will counter with her own ads.
This reality TV chess game, for all the marbles, is certainly not boring.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Vulnerability, Part II

Date Sent: 24 Feb 2016

The one word not bantered about by anyone is the ‘C’ word. With the most divisive populace in history and no unifying solution in sight we could be facing a military - Coup.  
National direction could be regained should our military score a (probably) bloodless take over. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, after locking-down Washington D.C., would be in control of our foreign policy, per se. 
A General, as CEO, with the power to independently and unilaterally launch ICBMs, foreign criminal nations such as: Korea, Iran, Syria, will be holding their breath to learn what will happen to them if they don’t comply with the Chairman's demands (maybe just one nuke to show our sincerity?). In short we will be top dog – again. A successful coup requires the military to return political power to civilian control - once they are convinced our nation is united with the same goals of a powerful military and a capitalist system free of political correctness. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Vulnerability

Date Sent: 23 Feb 2016

One major reason the Axis lost WW2 is because they underestimated their enemy which led to a belief that their supply of 1930s technology was sufficient to win. Once the U.S. was involved, with its vast manufacturing capabilities, the war of attrition began and Germany, Japan and Italy were unable to keep up. Though Germany tried, we were far more successful and creative in overcoming older technology.
Today, we continue to develop newer and more sophisticated battle gear and have as many aircraft carriers as the rest of the world combined (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_carriers_in_service). However, we are subject to crippling vulnerabilities such as our dependency upon a vast satellite communication network. Tomorrow, surely someone will figure out a way to disable or hack/control our communication grids . . . and communication is tied to, and the key to - everything.
Solution: Control the world before they control us. It might begin with a word - not even Trump will mention - check out my next editorial. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Enemy ID

Date Sent: 16 Feb 2016

In WWII the enemy was Japan, Germany & Italy. Once egress and ingress was restrained victory was inevitable. Though we controlled the sea and air, during the Korean and Vietnam actions, we failed to identify and contain ALL of our enemies. In both of those wars, China was the enemy behind the enemy – we couldn’t win.
Today, multiple nations, in return for captured oil, transport arms with impunity into Syria/ISIS, Libya and Iran. These countries do not have the ability to manufacture AK47s (Russia), Toyota trucks (Japan) and munitions (China) thus those who wish us harm are able to purchase and and receive these supplies. 
Fearing vis-a-vis confrontations with these other super powers, we have failed to control the sea and air by allowing supplies to flow into what should be controlled areas. Our choices:
1) Continued limited war into the next century;
2) Nuke ISIS (Syria) and be prepared for the friends of our enemy to retaliate . . . or sit down and negotiate real peace. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Corruption Solutions

Date Sent: 10 Feb 201

A recent entry into the field of generate-money-from donations is: http://represent.us.
Their goal is to pass Anti-Corruption Acts and Resolutions at the state level. In response to an email I sent them asking why they aren’t starting at the top (federal level), they replied: “. . . we believe that Congress will not pass the American Anti-Corruption Act, due to the fact that it would not be in their best interest”. Wow! The voters be damned – our ‘best interest’ is not of Congress’ concern! 
The Anti-Corruption Act is merely an aspiration. It’s headline is “Criminalize Corruption” (as if corruption isn’t already illegal). Their teeth-less, feel-good goals include: 
Stop political bribery by overhauling lobbying and ethics laws;
End secret money by dramatically increasing transparency;
Give every voter a voice by creating citizen-funded elections. 
My solution to end corruption is to stop electing - at state and federal levels  -  party hacks, i.e., the good-ol’-guy/gals that only perpetuate the status quo. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Democrat Debate B vs. H

Date Sent: 5 Feb 2016

Bernie made the comment that there are 29M Americans without health insurance. Wasn’t the Affordable Car Act - the signature piece, the health plan panacea of the current Democrat administration - supposed to take care of all those uninsured? How can this be? 
Both Hillary and Bernie lamented how the ‘Wall Streeters’ are criminals and that only poor people go to prison for marijuana while these fat cats skate. If they are criminals why hasn’t Obama and his appointed AG - for the past 7 years - brought criminal charges against them? 
Do they think we’re dumb or somethin’ . . . oh wait, they were speaking to a Democrat audience. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Unification

Date Sent: 4 Feb 2016

America is experiencing a great divide – again. Early-on resulted in the Civil War. Later came the isolationist vs. the interventionist just prior to WW2. We are a nation of two opposites living and working side-by-side. The commonality is – at this point in time – neither wants a separation, peacefully or by war. The probability, however, that meaningful compromise or negotiation will solve the deep issues is becoming remote.
Two measures that might help:
1) Regime change in DC. Electing an outsider to clear out the corruption and the business as usual that got us into this mess (why Trump and Carson are so popular);
2) Identifying and declaring common enemy/enemies of both the left and right. Hillary, stating Republicans as the enemy, is not conducive to unification. So far, only Trump has tendered IDs and plans to deal with the issue. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: American Dream

Date Sent: 2 Feb 2016

If you believe Americans should be monetarily rewarded for innovations, hard work and risk-taking you’re a traditional American capitalist. If however, you’re satisfied with a government that assumes the consequences of your health, education, employment, housing . . . you’re a socialist.
I don’t fault anyone who accepts the goal of owning their own home in a safe neighborhood while enjoying the fruitions of the innovative risk-takers. Tens of millions of union workers and public servants are of this genre, and I applaud and thank them. 
The problem I have with the socialist camp is that they want to force the rest of us to forsake the traditional American Dream and knuckle-under to the socialist concepts. 
Republicans have moved America to the left about a half-step per election. Cruz will continue that trend; Trump moves two steps to the right after Obama took two steps left. Hillary promises to continue the full lock-step left while Bernie is poised to move three or more additional steps toward socialism. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Term Limit Solution

Date Sent: 26 Jan 2016

The problem with term limits is not the perpetual incumbency, but the patronizing of the “you-scratch-my-back-I’ll-scratch-yours” camp. In other words, once elected by either of the two parties, a person voted out of office will not only collect lifetime money and health benefits, but they (and/or family members) will be virtually guaranteed an appointment to a bureaucratic or other post by their party. 
The good-ol’-guy/gal, unlimited term, and set-their-own-pay system we have now ain’t workin’. A few suggestions:
1) Amend the Constitution to limit terms of all federal elected positions (President already limited). 
2) Once term-limited out of office, that person and his/her immediate family shall be forbidden from holding any bureaucratic, elected or appointed government-funded position for ten years. 
3) Other than Social Security, there shall be no government-funded pension or retirement plans/special benefits - post term. 
4) Wages and other benefits of all elected and appointed officials shall be set by the voters every four years. 
P.S. This is why outsiders, Trump, Carson or Fiorina, are our best hope to keep the bums thrown out. 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Presidential Qualifications

Date Sent: 15 Jan 2015

Article II, Section I of the Constitution says: “No person except a natural born citizen . . . shall be eligible to the office of President . . . and been 14 years a resident within the U.S.”.
The issue is not Ted Cruz’s citizenship, but whether we accept the Constitution as a Living Breathing document (Democrats) or align with the Intention of the Framers (Republicans). The Living Breathers believe the Constitution should change with the times. Intention of the Framers (sometimes called strict constructionist) hold that the original meaning was to make sure no one with foreign ties could become President. The framers of our Constitution felt this requirement so important that they made it apply only to the office of President. 
Suppose a person is born to American parents while they were in Iran. This child would automatically be a U.S. citizen. Suppose, however, this child, after moving back to  the USA for 14 years, then returned to Iraq until age 35, then he/she moved to the USA again and ran for President. To whom does this person hold allegiance? 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Same Old

Date Sent: 13 Jan 2016

President Obama’s final (thankfully) State of the Union address was more of the same old pie-in-the-sky wishful dreams for a perfect world, sans any methods of achieving them. 
BO said we must have reasonable dialog with reasonable people. Well, we’ve had seven years of his trusting despotic regimes such as N. Korea, China, Iran while cowering to Russia and ISIS. This liberal, holier-than-thou, elitist persona has resulted in our continually getting kicked in the teeth. It’s time we start doin’ the kickin. 
Our President also touted the need to make college available for everyone. Wrong. We don’t need any more BA’s, lawyers, social workers and pencil pushers. What we need are more Joe plumbers and hands-on guys and gals who build and fix things with their hands – American production jobs. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Real World Gun Solution

Date Sent: 12 Jan 2016

Currently there are two “classes” of legally armed persons: Licensed Concealed Firearm civilians (LCF) and law enforcement officers. I believe a third class is needed – police firearm-trained civilians.  
1) Issuance of a class “B” LCF  for civilians who take and pass police firearms training (sans arrest procedures). Class “B” license holders will be allowed to carry a concealed handgun anywhere a LEO is permitted to carry. 
2) Publicity extolling the virtues of special highly trained armed citizens mixing in previously gun-free-zones. This added armed presence will make us all safer while sending a strong message to would be terrorist or crazies with guns. Class “B” LCF holders could be given special hats they would carry concealed until they are engaged in a firefight situation - then they would don the hat to identify themselves to other legally armed citizens as well as responding LEOs. 
Yeah, I know this doesn’t address all the issues. But it might be a great start until someone comes up with a solution better than just increasing (expensive) police ranks. 
Chuck Klein


Subject: 2015 Recap

Date Sent: 5 Jan 2016

A few favorite lines from the 65 of my 2015 Editorials: 

 HILLARY: We don’t need someone with foreign policy experience, we need someone with foreign policy skills. 

 ISIS SOLUTION: A diss ISIS propaganda campaign to convince Islamic terrorist wannabes that Islam is not what it seems. For instance . . . indicating killing innocents is against Allah’s will.  

 POLICE: Perhaps we have been training the wrong people. Might it improve civility, safety for all and lawful behavior if we trained civilians on what to expect if they engage in criminal activity or refuse the lawful order of a LEO? 

CITIZENSHIP: All persons in this country illegally who surrender prior to arrest will be allowed to become citizens . . . and pay or agree to pay an illegal-alien penalty of $$ within xx years of citizenship.

CHRISTMAS MESSAGE: To religious zealots trying to force their beliefs on us with terroristic tactics; you are not only forsaking biblical truths, but are exhibiting your own insecurities. 

 Chuck Klein