E-Mail Editorials 2018






Subject: Christmas Message
Date Sent: 25 Dec 2018
Christmas is an American National Holiday. It also might be a
religious holy day, or a holiday in other countries, but it is - in the
United States of America - a de facto, official, certified and
recognized National Holiday. Kwanzaa, Ramadan, Chanukah, etc.
are not.
This may or may not be a religious symbol, but most assuredly,
it is a representation of Santa Claus and our National Holiday. As such,
it belongs on government property. Placing a decorated tree in the
public domain, sans religious ornamentation, is expected, proper and
an American tradition. Manger scenes, menorahs or KKK crosses are
not national holiday decor and thus have no standing for placement
on public property.
* For a Christian to wish a non-Christian a merry Christmas is the
epitome of what this special day is all about. The Christian is saying,
"This is my special day and I wish that your day will be as wonderful as my
day promises to be."
* Likewise, for a non-Christian to receive such a wish is a great
compliment as in: here is a God-fearing, decent, Judeo-Christian valued,
fellow American who is wishing me a good day. Thank you.
* When a non-Christian wishes a Christian a merry Christmas, he
or she is saying, "I applaud and honor your right to celebrate this day
that stands for the good in mankind and our common values that
make this country what it is."
* To my Christian friends: I truly and sincerely wish that you have
and enjoy a very merry Christmas.
* To my non-Christian friends: Please join me in honoring this day
by reflecting on how fortunate we are to live in a country that not
only allows us to choose and practice our own religion, but protects
these rights.
* To religious fundamentalists, be they Christian, Jewish, atheist,
Muslim, et al., please recognize that when you try to force your beliefs
on others with law suits, bombs, government sanctification or
"majority rule" you are not exhibiting American values, merely, your
own insecurities.
* Finally, to the little kids (of all religions) who are able to grasp
Santa Claus and really don't understand religious matter: Enjoy. It's
the only time in your life you will be happily conned and guilt free.
American Christians and Jews are the epitome of 
decent, law-abiding, productive citizens;
and as such, have raised the moral,
ethical and living standards of all peoples.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Gun Safety
Date Sent: 18 Dec 2018
Some schools have a uniformed cop come to a classroom to talk about gun safety – but this is not a one-on-one or hands-on discussion and most kids tend not to remember it anymore than they learn the dangers of drug abuse from a lecture. Perhaps we need a “take a child to a gun range day” where, under the guidance of trained personnel, they can handle the real thing and experience the power of a firearm. 
Effective demonstrations of these rules can be life-long lessons. 
1) Always assume every gun is loaded.  
2) If you don’t know how to check if a gun is loaded - don’t touch it.
3) Never point a gun – even in play – at anyone you don’t intend to shoot. 
4) Don’t touch the trigger until you are ready to shoot. The natural tendency to place one’s finger on the trigger, especially when picking up a handgun, is built into gun design – it must be unlearned. Guns can only be fired by pulling the trigger. 
Chuck Klein, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor; current and active member International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors.
Subject: Hypocrisy
Date Sent" 11 Dec 2018
Let’s say you head a publicly owned company and a major customer’s CEO is outed as a #MeToo guy, or worse. If you play the PC and refuse to sell to him, your shareholders’ return will diminish. In addition, some of your employees will be laid off while the bottom line of your competitor will be enhanced. In other words, your duty is to jobs and profits over a self-imposed obligation to render retribution? Who’s being punished here?
Is this scenario any different than holier-than-thou politicians who don’t want Trump to do business with Saudi Arabia? The Crown Prince (sans any collateral damage) offed a non-American - a criminal matter that is best left up to a justice system not the economic realm. Refusing to sell the Saudi’s arms would only open the door for our competitors (enemies). 
Oh yeah, the conclusive proof of the Crown Prince’s involvement comes from the admission of our own CIA: they listened/hacked into his communications. Spying, hacking, code-breaking is internationally acknowledged as business as usual – even for those who play the hypocrisy card. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Bush I

Date Sent: 4 Dec 2018
Though only a one-term President, he spent his 8-years as Reagan’s V.P. traveling the world forming bonds with foreign heads of state. Those bonds paid off when Iraq invaded Kuwait during #41’s presidential term of office. He was able to make a few phone calls to form a unprecedented, instant and unified coalition to halt the Dessert Storm War with minimal allied lives lost. Not even FDR did that. 
The Republican party was unable to bargain (keep out) Ross Perot from forming a third party run for the 1992 general election. Perot appealed far more to the conservatives than liberals and thus pulled votes that most likely would have gone to Bush. Though Clinton won the electoral college vote, he garnered only 43% of the popular vote - meaning 57% of the voters didn’t want him.  
Clinton proceeded to downgrade the military, ignored Muslim extremist, and began the trend of kicking the Iranian, North Korean, Syrian and Iraqi problems down the road while allowing China to prepare imperialist moves and surpass us in electronic capabilities. Oh, how different things might have been if not for Mr. Perot. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Name That Tune

Date Sent: 27 Nov 2018
Name the Broadway show that included these show-stoppers.
1) “Send in the Clowns” 
2) "Tonight" 
3) Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered” (a.k.a. “Bewitched”) 
4) “The Impossible Dream” 
5) “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly” 
6) "Shall We Dance"
7) “People Will Say We’re in Love” 
8) “Ol’ Man River” 
9) “Some Enchanted Evening”
10) “Cabaret” 
11) "76 Trombones" 
12) "Memory" 
13) “There’s No Business Like Show Business” 
14) “You’ll Never Walk Alone” 
15) “Summertime” 
16) “Luck be a Lady” 
17) “You’ll Never Walk Alone” 
18) "Don’t Rain on My Parade" 
19) “If I Were a Rich Man” 
20) “Do Re Mi” 
1) A Little Night Music (1973)
2) West Side Story (1957)
3) Pal Joey (1940)
4) Man of La Mancha (1965)
5) My Fair Lady (1956)
6) The King & I (1951)
7) Oklahoma! (1943)
8) Show Boat (1927)
9) South Pacific (1949)
10) Cabaret (1966)
11) The Music Man (1957)
12) Cats (1982)
13) Annie Get Your Gun (1946)
14) Carousel (1945)
15) Porgy and Bess (1935)
16) Guys & Dolls (1950)
17) Carousel (1945)
18) Funny Girl (1964)
19) Fiddler on the Roof (1964)
20) The Sound of Music (1959)
Chuck Klein



Subject: Boomers

Date Sent: 20 Nov 2018
I distinctly recall the incident, the beginning of the Baby Boomers era. The scene: an upscale restaurant, Saturday night, circa 1972, the all adult patrons dressed in sport coats and ties with the ladies also appropriately attired. In walks a young couple in their early 20s wearing Bermuda shorts - with a baby. A momentary, mentally silent gasp swept the room as these invaders of the status quo, totally oblivious to their stark contrast, were seated. 
That moment was the realization that this new generation, so large it could do at it pleases; tradition, morals and decorum be damned. The progressives (liberals) of this mega peer-group preached make-love-not-war, hugged trees and defied drug laws just to feel groovy while their old-school fellow boomers were protecting those rights - in Nam. Today, world-wide wars rage on, the trees have become suburban homes built on bulldozed farm land and the tuned-in, dropped-out have created an epidemic of drug abuse among their collective boomer grandchildren. 
Liberal baby-boomers and your groupies, this is your legacy. Press one to tell us how promoting socialism will somehow excuse your negative contributions to America. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: 2020 Early Line

Date Sent: 13 Nov 2018
The winning 2020 campaign might best adhere to these campaign philosophies: 
1) America is NOT for the purpose of being all things to all people; it serves to make it possible for all citizens to be all things.
2) With the economy doing well and having lived with the Affordable Care Act for a number of years, it should come down to a few bi-partisan tweaks. In other words the Dems have to acknowledge American’s don’t want cradle to the grave government control while the Repubs must admit a little cradle rocking and a softer grave is okay. 
3) Rhetoric, plans and action that will continue low unemployment and high stock market.
4) Hard-ball negotiations, including tariffs, to rectify trade imbalances. 
5) America First means in-your-face sanctions and military might to confront imperialistic nations that wish to force their non-republic form of government on others – including us. 
6) Pledging and keeping the pledge not to conduct vindictive investigations (witch hunts) that take time and energy away from dealing with the real problems facing our nation. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: SCOTUS: Solution

Date Sent: 6 Nov 2018
We have three branches of government: The Legislature to make the laws, the Executive to enforce the laws, the Judicial to determine if the laws and its enforcement are within the confines of the Constitution. However, a liberal/progressive Judicial branch has evolved into a “make law” reality under the belief that the Constitution is subject to modern interpretations. Conservatives are of the camp that the court may only rule on the constitutionality of an issue and not render new findings – create new laws. 
Inasmuch as members of The Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) are humans, and just like the rest of us, they hold personal and political views - though their partisanship has become more evident in recent years. 
Utilizing current artificial intelligence (AI) technology could significantly reduce bias in future rulings. AI can comport laws, statutes and constitutional provisions collating this information with previous upper, lower and SCOTUS decisions. Each case’s computerized findings could then be presented to the opposing councils to argue before SCOTUS. The Justices will still make the final decision, but with the AI input of only considering constitutional concerns it will be difficult to render politically motivated decisions or “make law”.  
Chuck Klein
Also Published: American Israelite, 24 Oct 2018

Subject: The Vote

Date Sent: 30 Oct 2018
The upcoming election is all about one issue and one issue only: If you support Trump and what he’s doing is good for America, vote for the Republican candidates. If not, cast your ballot for the Democrats. If you don’t like DJT because of his demeanor or buffoonery you are failing to differentiate between the person and the results. He is changing the direction of this country - doing what he said he would do - and that’s what 10s of millions of Americans want. 
Hillary said: “You can’t be civil to a party that wants to destroy what you stand for and believe in”. In other words, if Republicans believe Democrats want to destroy what they believe it would be okay for Republicans be uncivil. What kind of nation would we have then? Hillary, have you no sense of decency? 
Regardless of your views, lets all take the high road and keep this election and the aftermath civil. Just because another doesn’t accept your political views doesn’t mean they are deplorable, stupid or #$%^&* anymore than if they do/do not believe in God, Jesus, Mohammad, Buddha or_______.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Pawns?

Date Sent: 26 Oct 2018
The timing of the Central American assault on our border appears to be timed to our mid-term election. Is this coincidence? 
Why did these interlopers refuse asylum in Mexico?
Who is feeding them and with what funding?
Is it true the ACLU is tendering advise on how to “beat the system” when being interviewed for admission to America? 
What “porta-potty” facilities are there and who is paying – are they just polluting as they go?
Why aren’t the parents of the young children who are being subjected to this trek under extreme weather, hygiene and nourishment conditions being arrested for endangering minors?
Are these freebie-seekers just pawns of the Democrats – a party that stands on “don’t be civil” and “use any means”?
If the Caravaners are so brave and strong as to trespass 2000 miles for a better life, why don’t they just stay home and work to make THEIR own country better? 
Chuck Klein 

Subject: Direction

Date Sent: 23 Oct 2018
Republicans, per se, are likened to capitalist – income to equal one’s abilities and less government control. Capitalism tends to lead to income disparity, but one’s salvation from being under-funded is to work harder/smarter.  
Democrats, per se, gravitate toward socialistic ideals – equality of income distribution and escalating government controls. This cultivation of socialism ultimately results in communism (total government control). Once under a communist regime, the only way out is armed revolution. Already some Democrats are saying “over-throw the government” while condoning obstructionist mobs and encouraging “all means” tactics (“all” includes illegal). So far, this has been non-violent, but that’s how it starts.
Nothing is perfect and pure Capitalism is no better than unbridled Socialism, thus the balance America has strived for. Today, however, we have passed the tipping point and have more than sufficient government controls. In other words, if you believe your grandchildren will be better off without financial incentives and facing communism, support the Democratic candidates - if you think otherwise, vote the Republican ticket. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Minimum Wage

Date Sent: 16 Oct 2018
Amazon, followed by other giant employers, has doubled the wages of their minimum wage workers. This raises some significant questions: 
1) Will Amazon’s act help or hinder Republicans or Democrats? Purposely?
2) Will all those employees who were earning more than the minimum rate also get a doubling of income – an employee earning $15/hour will be raised to $30/hour? The person earning $30/hour to $60/hour...?
3) With all this new buying power, will a huge demand for goods and services follow, followed by higher prices due to greater demand, followed by hyper-inflation, followed by depression?
4) How will this impact the world economy?
5) Should the government invoke antitrust laws to breakup these mega corporations so they won’t have such power to so drastically alter the economy?  If so, would that create a stock market collapse? 
It’s going to be an interesting year. Me? I’m a preper – at least I hope I’m prepared. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Greenpeace

Date Sent: 9 Oct 2018

Just to learn a little more about liberal thinking, I purchased and read the book, Greenpeace Captain, by Peter Willcox with Ronald B. Weiss.
I completely concur with the Greenpeace notion that we are poisoning our planet while at the same time depleting its natural resources. However, I do not believe the problem will be solved by the actions of Greenpeacenik’s trying to make our planet’s human inhabitants more ecologically efficient. In other words, I don’t accept the premise that reducing pollution and slowing depletion of rain forests, fish and other global assets will save the planet – it only staves off the inevitable.
The problem, which is not discussed in the Captain’s book or in the beliefs of Greenpeace itself, is: over-population. The finiteness of natural resources is inversely proportional to world population and unless we voluntarily return to pre-1800 world population levels - global warming/cooling/climate-change, pollution, food/goods demand - will do it for us.
The liberal/progressive mindset is evident by the subtle “we’re doing good, therefore we must be good”. The problem is they are the ones defining good. My complete review is on Amazon: Too little too late
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Breakdown

Date Sent: 2 Oct 2018
Noted author, Herman Wouk, tells of a young Jewish boy who is chastised for using the "meat" dishtowel on the "dairy" utensils. The boy questions a Rabbi about the seriousness of mixing the Kosher towels. The reply from the wizened student of the Talmud: "Once you compromise, the whole thing will breakdown.” In other words, you have to honor tradition. This simple answer is the reason the Jewish people – for 5000 years - have survived slavery, pestilence, war, famine, The Holocaust, The Inquisition and even assimilation. 
Not honoring the traditions of common decency, loyalty and civil respect is leading to the collapse of our nation. The DNC’s blind eye toward those who believe they are of a higher authority than the duly elected President is indicative of a nation in the throes of breaking down. 
The DNC by its very silence to the actions of these thwarters of democracy, these harassers, these obstructionist, these do-anything-to-impede the Republic have condoned the breakdown. Is this any different than Muslims refusing to condemn the atrocities of their Islamic brethren? 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Lie Detector

Date Sent: 25 Sep 2018
A polygraph exam consists of yes or no questions all of which are known prior to the person taking the test.  For comparison, each question of interest is preceded by a question for which the examiner already knows the answer. A typical question of interest is:
In the past 5-years have you stolen anything? The truth is no, but your mind is recalling stealing a bank pen 10 years ago and that triggers a response on the machine. Everyone has stolen something, if even just a pen from the bank. Of course, Whether you have taken a bank pen or not, the examiner will say, the machine indicates you are not being truthful (He’s going to say that anyway – just to see your reaction). You can see there this leads when questions delve into personal matters – such as your sexual activities. 
Polygraph exams are not about the truth – only about what one believes the truth to be. The complexity of the human mind allows one to believe what one wants to believe – just like the infallibility of eye witnesses. In Prof. Ford’s polygraph exam of the Kavanaugh matter, she may have convinced herself, subconsciously, of untruths. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Time & Money

Date Sent: 18 Sep 2018
Health issues and unrealistic goals notwithstanding, most people go through four stages in life – and not necessarily in this order and sometimes back & forth:
1) You have the time to do what you want, but not the money;
2) The money to do what you want, but not the time;
3) Neither the time nor the money to do what you want;
4) Both the time and the money to do what you want.
Regardless of any or all of the above, the secret to life is the ability to adept to change. If you able to accept the inevitable processes of aging and cycles of income/outgo you’ll most likely be satisfied with your aspirations rather than the frustrations of trying fight the time & money cycles.  
Chuck Klein

Subject: Trump & Israel

Date Sent: 11 Sep 2018

We are a Judeo-Christian nation inasmuch as the founders and early settlers all traced their roots to Abraham and the Old Testament. Politically, in recent times something seems to be missing: the Judeo part. Heretofore, official strategy has only been to give lip service to Israel. 
However, the Trump Administration, backed by the Republican Congress, has changed policy by:
* Moving the Israeli embassy to Jerusalem;
* Deporting Nazi camp guard Jakiw Palij to Germany;
* Naming Jewish security agent, Samatha Ravich, as deputy chair of the Intelligence Board;
* Cutting – permanently – aid to the UN’s Palestinian refugee agency;
* Closing the Palestinian Embassy in D.C.; 
* Working to dismantle the Iran deal.
Israel is sorta like a legally armed American: leave me alone and I’ll leave you alone. Assault me and I’m prepared and will defend myself. 
Jewish or gentile, you have to ask yourself one question: Is putting America first best found in supporting Israel or their enemies? Authenticating both obviously hasn’t succeeded. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Treason

Date Sent: 6 Sep 2018

The 5 Sep 2018 NYT Op-Ed was:
1) Treasonous: An alleged Senior WH official put in writing: “I work for the president but like-minded colleagues and I have vowed to thwart parts of his agenda....” A blatant conspiracy, a coup, to usurp the Presidency of the United States. 
2) Conflicting: “We...think that many of its policies [the Trump administration’s] have already made America safer and more prosperous.” If the writer is giving credit to “many” of the policies, who is he/she to determine which policies should be “thwarted”? 
3) Creditability: “But we [the con-conspirators] believe our first duty is to this country....” , The op-ed was unsigned – a most cowardly act. Their “duty” seems more about keeping their high-paying jobs than the fate of the nation. 
4) Conspiracy: Perhaps the op-ed is bogus – the NYT wrote it to give the Mueller team probable cause to subpoena WH staff - continuing the witch hunt? 
Is this what the Democrats really want – a government run by anonymous, cowardly, unelected persons - to rule by the news media, concealed identities and innuendo? Who’s “deplorable” now? 
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Swamp/USPS

Date Sent: 4 Sep 2018

In late 2017 the Georgetown, Ohio Postmaster terminated my mail delivery claiming that the final ¼ mile portion of the one-lane, public road to my mailbox was unsafe. He refused to define “unsafe”. 
What followed were multiple email communication with this local PM, the district supervisor, the postal complaint division and the safety department. All refused to tell me when, why or how the road became unsafe and what the definition of unsafe is. Their only response was, if I want mail delivered to my box, I would have to move it back up the road (about ¼ mile) to a wider portion or have the township widen the road to two-lanes. There are many rural, one-lane, public roads in southern Ohio. 
The significance of the box location is: Postal rules require the carrier to deliver to the door any package that doesn’t fit in the box or mail requiring a signature if the box is within ½ mile of the door. Moving my box back ¼ mile placed it outside this distance requiring me to make the 10-mile round-trip to retrieve packages and registered mail. 
I hired a private investigator. Using a ruse, he surreptitiously tape-recorded a vis-à-vis meeting with the Georgetown PM. The transcribed conversation clearly shows the reason for the stoppage was the result of my neighbor refusing to yield the required half of the roadway when encountering the mail carrier’s vehicle. The neighbor’s actions were in violation of both state and federal laws. In other words, instead of taking the issue up with law enforcement, they took it out on me. When this “...not in accordance with law” action (under 5 USC 760) was related to the above persons and departments, I encountered total silence.
In trying to resolve the problem my township trustee offered to add pull-overs to the subject ¼ mile portion of the road. This suggestion was ignored. Due to cost and terrain factors, widening the road was is not feasible. I then took the matter to my Congressman, who, after numerous communications with the USPS liaison office, also got no satisfaction. In addition, and after completing all required complaint formalities, I wrote the Postmaster General – twice – and have never received a response. 
Discussing the situation with attorneys, I learned that because the government has unlimited funds for trials and appeals (our tax money), it could cost up to $100K to successfully sue them. Of course, winning the suit would not guarantee reimbursement of legal expenses. Further, the postal authorities could claim immunity and thus refuse to even testify. None of the attorneys I contacted would take the case on contingency under these conditions and that amount of money is not in my budget. 
This case exemplifies the progression of socialism to communism - government that is exempt from control. It is what President Trump refers to as “The  Swamp”. If, after reviewing the above, you are as outraged as I am, please note your concerns to your Congressman or Congressman Brad Wenstrup’s staff Assistant / Caseworker, Annie Cummins, 513- 474-7777 annie.cummins@mail.house.gov.  (The long version with complete details, including the transcribed postmaster’s confession, is on my website page: http://chuckkleinauthor.com/page.aspx/360/usps.html
Chuck Klein

Subject: Driving Test

Date Sent: 28 Aug 2018

You are traveling EB on a divided highway approaching an exit. You do not see any other vehicles moving in either direction. Lying on the side of the road, face down, you notice a temporary type sign. A few miles further on and just over a hill you see a barrier partially across the road with a sign saying “Road Closed – Construction”. Looking past the barrier you see construction workers and heavy machinery. Do you:
1) Turn around and head back to the exit – WB in the EB lanes?
2) Drive over the grass median and risk getting stuck or striking something?
3) Drive past the “Road Closed” barrier and hope to get through?
All three options are against the law. No matter which decision you take a police officer will stop you demanding why you didn’t exit at the sign (that was blown/knocked down) that said: “Road Closed Ahead, All Traffic Must Exit”. Two of the above options will most likely earn you a citation – one probably won’t – why? Answer below. 
It’s the Doctrine of the Lessor Of Two Evils. Though you didn’t see the sign, through no fault of your own, if you drove into opposing traffic (option 1) you would be causing a serious danger to others. Ditto to option 3. Thus, the lesser danger would be to drive over the median. Of course, if you’re a socialist, you’d call 9-1-1 and wait for the government to make things nice for you (and still get a ticket). 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Baseball Game

Date Sent: 21 Aug 2018

 Watching our Reds suffer the season gave me pause to reflect on another way to play the game. My Uncle Ben told of a favorite childhood pastime of his. When he was about 12 years old – ca. 1924 – he and his father would enjoy a game of car-baseball. The contest was played during summer evenings on the front porch of their Lexington Avenue, Cincinnati home. The object of the game was, of course, to score more runs than your opponent. Runs were counted by the number of cars that passed on the street in front of them. 
However, only non-Ford cars counted as runs, while each Model T that drove past them was deemed an “out”. Thus, for example, if five non-Fords passed before three Fords, the “batter” had five runs. In other words, if the sequence of passing vehicles was: Chevrolet, Ford (1st out), Buick, Oldsmobile, Ford (2nd out), Chevrolet, Packard, Ford (3rd out) the player’s team earned five runs (5 non-Fords passing before the third “out” of a Ford). 
The second player would then begin counting cars until he had made a third “out”. Sometimes, three Model Ts would pass before another make and therefore the batter would not have accumulated any runs for his half-inning. Model T Fords, in that era, were ubiquitous. Inasmuch as modern cars all seem to look alike and none are as evidenced as the T was, perhaps a current version incorporating colors and direction of travel will yield entertainment. Relax somewhere with a child and use your imagination – White and Black are outs, Red is a grand slam, Blue a double play, trucks.... 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Who's Winning?

Date Sent: 14 Aug 2018

Many on the left have resorted to shouting down conservative speakers on college campuses; harassing restaurant diners; illegally occupying government offices while the Democrat mayor of the city where this occurred ordered his police department not to take any action; frivolous law suits that obstruct the office of the President.... 
These are not isolated incidents, but a pattern of the rule-of-law, civility and democracy being supplanted by pure fascism. This is not anti-Trump, it’s anti-American. This is not political correctness, this is elitism/tyranny – they know what’s best for us and will force it on us. The Democratic party, once a proud bastion of American republicanism, has not condemned this behavior. When the empire fails, this is where historians will point to its start. No, not the legal election of DJT, but the illegal and undemocratic tactics by the losing side. 
Meanwhile, and much to the chagrin of the left, North Korea has stopped testing offensive weapons, Iran is monetarily collapsing while China is losing the trade war and Russia suffers unprecedented sanctions by a President that the Dems thought he was in cahoots with. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Bucket List

Date Sent: 7 July 2018

Been a lot about bucket lists. I’ve been living mine. It’s all about attitude: 
1) Marrying my soul mate;
2) Experiencing a job where I began each workday with the question: “You mean they pay me to do this?”
3) Enjoying sun rises and sun sets and everything in between on my own farm/forest;
4) Carrying a badge and a gun; 
5) Driving across this great nation via both the southern and northern routes; 
6) Setting a positive image for my children, step children and their children; 
7) Appreciating friendships, some of which have lasted more than 60 years;
8) Publishing a book;
9) Building things with my own hands; 
10) -100) Thanking God for allowing me to keep on doing what I’ve been doing.
Yeah I know, I’ve already done all those things. So what’s left? Well, maybe there is one thing I would like to do: Beat a felonious assault charge after beating the tar out of a bully/spouse/child abuser – when I’m in my 90s. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Quid Pro Quo

Date Sent: 31 Jul 2018

When Duke Energy needed to access their easement for replacement of their high-voltage power lines that ran over the back of my 125 acre farm, I realized, due to the difficult terrain, they would need a staging area – the one acre field behind my barns. In exchange for this, they agreed to fill the ruts in a 75 yard portion of one of my trails.
After they paved this pasture with 6-8 inches of gravel, I contacted them indicating that they only had the “use” of the field. The bitumen-like covering, if left in place, would permanently devalue my property. Duke concurred and we agreed that after removal of the material they would spread it over the entire 1/4 mile dirt trail thus saving the cost of trucking it away – a quid pro quo. 
The entertainment value alone was almost worth the inconvenience of suffering the construction. Sitting on a log with my son and grandson at the woods-line between two sections of poles, we spent hours watching a virtual hi-wire, 3-ring circus - an enhanced mechanical ballet. This mesmerizing choreography of slowly swinging booms amid telescoping cranes with wires and ropes swaying all the while ground-level bulldozers, Bobcats and huge 6x6 trucks jockeyed for position. The only thing missing: Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Agent Law

Date Sent: 24 July 2018

Back in the early 70s, I took a correspondence course from Blackstone School of Law. I had no interest in becoming a lawyer – just a better understanding of the law. 
One early use of such legal knowledge might have had some impact on the way credit cards are paid. My MasterCard required payment on the 15th. The only option was to mail the payment which I did on the 15th of each month. The credit card company charged me a late fee because they didn’t receive my check until after the 15th. I disputed this charge citing a case from my Blackstone law books that the principle is considered paid once the money is in the hands of the principal’s agent. 
Since there was no other way to pay MasterCard, they had made the USPS their de facto agent. The matter was settled when the bank deducted the accumulated late fees and then replaced the exact amount back into my account. Soon after, one could option to make a payment directly to the bank – making the bank the agent.   
Chuck Klein

Subject: Value of A Justice

Date Sent: 17 July 2018

For the value of a Justice, the Court was saved; 
For the value of the Court, justice was saved;
For the value of justice, hope was saved;
For the value of hope, the Nation was saved.
For the value of the Nation, freedom was saved;
For the value of freedom, humanity was saved;
For the value of humanity, faith was saved;
For the value of faith, the world was saved. 
Yeah, I know, if you’re a Democrat you’d be reading the exact opposite of this message. Therefore, let me ask those with a liberal bent: (based on the old question: “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one to hear it, does it make a sound?” my answer below): If Trump said anything while in a forest and there was no one to hear him, is he still wrong?
My answer to the tree question: It depends on the definition of sound. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Mess

Date Sent: 10 July 2018

The Progressives have certainly done well for America by championing women’s suffrage, child labor, environmental controls, civil rights, social security, et al. But, these human protections have spurned enormous bureaucracies and Orwellian government domination. If left alone the Progressives would have created such a controlled nation even Stalin would be envious. 
On the other hand, conservatives are the ones whose unbridled capitalism created the industrial revolution, won two world wars, skyrocketed the standard of living, et al. Of course, if the conservatives were without restraint, we might also resemble a Stalinist regime. 
However, we seem to have gotten into a mess including, but not limited to: unaccountable corruption, oppressive laws, rules and regulations and (no matter how well-intentioned) a lack of administrative loyalty in addition to embarrassing news media bias. Perhaps the solution is for all of us to take a step back and allow our elected officials to run the country, sans endless investigations and dissing, and only demonstrate our support or displeasure at the ballot box. If we don’t “... this nation shall not perish from the earth.”  
Chuck Klein

Subject: LE World

Date Sent: 3 Jul 2018

SCOTUS recently ruled that law enforcement officers must obtain warrants before securing cell tower location (pings) of a suspect’s phone. This might not be much of a problem inasmuch as there is a huge variety of other methods of tracking targets such as: eye/voice recognition, ubiquitous public and private surveillance cameras, credit card usage, license plate readers, social media.... We’re way beyond 1984. 
Cops who don’t write enough tickets usually have a supervisor order them to write more tickets. If you are the recipient of a traffic citation, ask the cop if he was ordered to write the ticket. If so, a judge will usually dismiss the charge. No, they don’t have quotas, per se, but it’s not possible to not observe traffic violations while on duty – police are sworn to enforce the laws. 
Where else, but in California, would voters petition for a law requiring police officers to carry Tasers. This is not a good plan. If the electorate micro-manages police equipment, could the voters then decide LEOs can NOT carry guns, badges, ticket books, handcuffs...? 
Chuck Klein

Subject: WW2

Date Sent: 26 Jun 2018

Terms, names and things associated with World War II. Answers below
1) ETO
2) Monty
3) Ike’s final rank
5) LST
6) Engine of the American P51 Mustang
7) Operation Overlord
8) VE Day
9) The 06 in the cartridge designated .30-06
10) Sword, Juno, Omaha, Gold, Utah
11) German “lightening war” - rapid advance
12) Paul Tibbets
13) Enola Gay
15) Which is higher Army rank: 1st Lt. or 2nd Lt.
16) Which is higher Army rank: Major General or Lt. General 
17) Date that will live in infamy
18) Desert Fox
19) Military designation for commercial airplane DC-3 
20) BAR 
 1) European Theater of Operations
2) British Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery
3) 5-Star General
4) Supreme Headquarters Allied Expeditionary Force (Ike’s HQ)
5) Landing Ship, Tank
6) Rolls Royce
7) Code name for Allied Invasion of Europe at Normandy, June 6, 1944
8) Victory in Europe day, May 8, 1945
9) Year (1906) cartridge was accepted by the military
10) Beeches on Normandy, France where Allied invasion began, June 6. 1944
11) Blitzkrieg
12) Pilot of plane to drop the 1st Atomic Bomb on Japan
13) Name of Paul Tibbet’s plane – named after his mother
14) United States Army Air Force – forerunner to the U.S. Air Force (USAF)
15) 1st Lt.
16) Lt. Gen
17) December 7, 1941 – words of FDR announcing the attack on Pearl Harbor
18) German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel 
19) C-47
20) Browning Automatic Rifle
Chuck Klein

Subject: Negotiating

Date Sent: 19 Jun 2018

Negotiate: to confer, bargain, or discuss with a view to reaching agreement (Webster’s New World Dictionary, 3rd College Edition). Mr. Trump is redefining the word to mean: to intimidate, threaten, humiliate with a view to force an agreement. 
Before the election he promised to show his way of “negotiating”. Add to that, the “trailer” touting how the North Korean world would look after making and keeping a deal with us, i.e., either a great westernized future or more sanctions and possible war. Of course, his tactics are unconventional, but this is the new “negotiating”. He is doing the same thing with the tariffs and climate control issues. Does any of this bring the Obama Iran deals to mind?
In the 90s, Bill Clinton brokered a deal with NK where they agreed not to build nuclear weapons and delivery systems. It’s clear they did anyway, knowing that Bill, GW and BO wouldn’t do anything. Trump has secured a promise that NK will dismantle its nuke program ... the difference: would you want to break a promise to The Donald? 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Make & Model

Date Sent: 12 Jun 2018

Match the model with the maker:
1) Ranchero
2) Biscayne
3) Hemi
4) Corvette
5) Saturn
6) Fleetwood
7) Caprice
8) Cutlass
9) Skylark
10) Duce & a Quarter (225)
11) Patrician
12) Charger
13) 442
14) Mustang
15) Hornet
16) Tempest
17) Lark
18) Bronco
19) GTO
20) El Camino
1) Ford
2) Chevrolet
3) Chrysler
4) Chevrolet
5) General Motors
6) Cadillac
7) Chevrolet
8) Oldsmobile
9) Buick
10) Buick
11) Packard
12) Dodge
13) Oldsmobile
14) Ford
15) Hudson
16) Pontiac
17) Studebaker
18) Bronco
19) Pontiac
20) Chevrolet
Chuck Klein

Subject: Foreign Influence?

Date Sent: 5 Jun 2018

SCOTUS, again, seems to have created a ruling with unintended consequences: that corporations have the right to donate funds (a form of influence) for political purposes. Thus, if General Motors wishes to donate millions to the Democrats, it’s okay. Suppose, Chrysler (owned by Fiat, an Italian company) wanted to donate to the Republicans. Would that be okay? Suppose further, that Russia/China/Iran opens/buys a business in America and, under that business’ name, made large financial contributions to either or both parties? 
Would making a monetary donation be any different than paying for political advertisements with the main stream media? CNN? Fox? Social media? What if American political ads were run in foreign newspapers and then disseminated via the forgoing methods? Is “fake news” a form of advertisement? Is it any different to tender information (dirt) about a candidate via public media or sell it privately behind closed doors? 
Should we create a separate federal agency to make sure only Americans voters donate to political causes ... or just chill and let money have its 1st Amendment say? 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Tribute

Date Sent: 28 May 2018

* Americans are those who fight to right unrightable wrongs; this is our destiny, this is our grit.
* Facing the enemy, we’d rather stand tall than lie a coward, a craven coward, in our grave.
* If you see us comin’, better straighten up, a lotta foes didn’t and a lotta of 'em died. 
* Some wear uniforms, some hoe taters, some plant cotton, none are forgotten; God has blessed America and Americans where ever they may be.
* The answers are not blowin’ in the wind, the answers, my friend, are in our collective American minds; so go ahead and look after your neighbor, go ahead and aid a friend.
* Ring that bell of freedom, hammer out justice and sing the song of love between our brothers and sisters; God has shed his grace on you and me and thee and thou.
 *From Ohio and West Virginia to Montana and Maine; from Texas and Colorado to Vermont and Tennessee: This is America; this is the land we love. 
Inspired by the songs: High Noon, 16 Tons, The Impossible Dream, God Bless The USA, Old Man River, God Bless America, America The Beautiful, One Tin Soldier, Blowin’ In The Wind, Theme from Giant, If I Had a Hammer.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Iran

Date Sent: 22 May 2018

Some of the reasons Trump is backing out of the Iranian deal: It will not prevent Iran from continuing to stockpile nuclear fuel and will allow them to continue to develop delivery systems. In addition, it could bring about a regime change – a condition the liberal media has been claiming “might” bring chaos or war to the Middle East. It also “might” bring peace and stability to the same area. Duh!
England and the EU, per se, have railed against Trump’s reversal. The reason: They want to continue trading weapons for oil. We bailed France and England out of  WW1 & WW2 while they only gave lip-service to our battles in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. Now, when we want them to back us on this “battle” to keep Iran down, they won’t even tender lip service. 
We don’t see Iranians shouting “death to France...,” only death to America and Israel. France, England, et al., are putting their interests first. Trump is only doing what he said he would do – put America first.  
Chuck Klein

Subject: Trust

Date Sent: 15 May 2018

In a recent The New England Journal of Medicine feature article railing against guns is this telling sentence that tends to prove what conservatives have said about liberals: that they (liberals) are elitists; that they think they know what’s best for us commoners. The telling line: “Don’t let concerns for perceived political consequences get in the way of advocating for the well-being of your patients and the public”.
There it is in plain English and from a source composed of highly educated and heretofore greatly respected professionals. These medical practitioners are telling Americans that real or imagined political objections should be forsaken because they believe it is best for everyone. In other words, the voice of the people, the ballot, the Constitution, the rule-of-law be damned – just put your trust in the liberals and they’ll decide what’s best for you. 
This is NOT about guns, per se, but about the liberal staffed universities whose propagandized I-know-what’s-best-for-you doctrine has been and continues to generate the distrust of the rest of us. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Rich

Date Sent: 8 May 2018

Who is rich depends on how rich is defined. A common definition: Rich and Super Rich whereas Rich is not being able to spend the interest on your investments ... Super Rich is not being able to spend the interest on the interest of your investments. 
Of course, it depends on your life style and number of hanger-on-ers (dependents), but generally a net worth of about $100M makes you Rich (a net return of 3% would yield a disposable income of $3M/year). To be Super Rich would require a net worth of at least $3B (3%=$90M which yields $2.7M/year disposable income/year). 
There are over 11 million millionaires in the USA. If you had one million dollars and earned 3% that’s $30K/year. The 2017 poverty level for a family of four is $25K. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Abuse of Power

Date Sent: 1 May 2018

HISTORY: FDR, Ike, JFK, WJC had extra-marital affairs. It didn’t prevent any of them from effectively performing their official obligations and duties. Ditto, media and entertainment personnel. You think Hagar wasn’t subjected to an abuse of power by Abraham or Sarah? 
PROBLEM: Democrats, per se, seem have made it their goal to abuse their powers to obstruct and discredit Trump and persons he proposed for political/cabinet appointments. The problem is when the Democrats turn comes to take control of the WH, Republicans will feel obligated to do the same. If they don’t it will be sending the message that they, the Republicans, accept the Democrat president and his/her appointees to be pure and squeaky clean. We reap what we sow. Will it ever end? 
SOLUTION: Notwithstanding anti-monopoly laws, the “main-stream media” should be encouraged to create a pact that refuses to report such shenanigans - unless criminal charges are involved. Of course, the social media, CNN and Fox can and will continue to spin their reports, but that’s their 1st Amendment right. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Name That 60s Tune

Date Sent: 24 Apr 2018

Here’s a list of Top-Ten 1960s song titles. Who was the main recording artist? 
Not being a Baby Boomer, I had to look up some of these classics. Answers below.
1) Hey Jude
2) Theme From A Summer Place 
3) Ruby Tuesday
4) I’m a Believer
5) Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In
6) Blowin’ in the Wind
7) In the Year 2525
8) Mrs. Brown You’ve Got A Lovely Daughter
9) Surf City
10) Come a Little Bit Closer
11) The 59th Street Bridge (Feelin’ Groovy)
12) Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
13) The Sounds of Silence
14) I Got You Babe
15) Crazy
16) Surfin’ USA
17) House of the Rising Sun
18) Goin’ Out of My Head (Can’t Take My Eyes Off You)
19) This Diamond Ring
20) Lay Lady Lay
1) Beatles
2) Percy Faith
3) Rolling Stones
4) Monkees
5) 5th Dimension
6) Peter, Paul & Mary (#2 – 1963) or Stevie Wonder (#9 – 1966)
7) Zager & Evans
8) Herman’s Hermits
9) Jan & Dean
10 Jay & The Americans
11) Harpers Bizarre
12) Gerry & The Pacemakers
13 Simon & Garfunkel
14) Sonny & Cher
15) Patsy Cline
16) Beach Boys
17) Animals
18) Little Anthony & the Imperials (#6 - 1964) or Lettermen (#7 - 1968)
19) Gary Lewis & the Playboys
20) Bob Dylan
Chuck Klein


Subject: Power

Date Sent: 17 Apr 2018

Dictatorships exists because Monarchies fail;
Monarchies exist because Communism fails;
Communism exists because Socialism fails;
Socialism exists because Capitalism fails;
Capitalism exists because Democracies fail;
Democracies exists because Republics fail;
Republics exists because Dictatorships fail 
... or swap any power for any other power because nothing lasts forever. 
DICTATORSHIP: One person decides all issues - without privilege of heritage;
MONARCHY: One person decides all issues - with privilege of heritage; 
COMMUNISM: All persons are equal and work for the state, except some persons are more equal than others;
SOCIALISM: All persons contribute to the well-being of the state. Works well for small countries that don’t have to expend their funds for military means – they depend upon the USA for protection; 
CAPITALISM: A perfect condition for all to gain their personal worth, until some become greedy;
DEMOCRACY: The people, by open elections, decide all issues. Of course, if you’re a minority the majority can decide to exclude or punish you;
REPUBLIC: Voters elect representatives to rule in compliance with written rules – a Constitution. Excellent system, until bureaucracies evolve into the controlling power. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Surreptitious Acts

Date Sent: 10 Apr 2018

 Political leaks, spying, back-stabbing, betrayals - even murder - has been going for on a long time. You think it was by accident that the Romans learned about and then found Jesus?

In 1940, Churchill authorized the creation of a highly secret organization, British Security Co-ordination, to surreptitiously conduct ingenious attempts to undermine US isolationism and influence American public [voter] opinion. These subversive acts were done without the knowledge or permission of our military or political leaders.

Hacking emails and postings to Facebook and Twitter are old school. The new spy/propaganda/fake-news technological worries are:

1) Electronic cell phone signal receivers such as were recently discovered in multiple locations in D.C. No foreign or domestic agency has claimed ownership.

2) The next level (5G) of global wireless technology is coming and China already controls 36% of the market compared to our 5%. In other words, China might be able to clandestinely install spyware and/or insert spin/false reporting ability via this new system. Before it’s too late, do we need to institute sanctions? Tariffs? War?

Chuck Klein



Subject: Christians & Jews Today

Date Sent: 3 Apr 2018

The recent Easter/Passover celebrations remind us, again, that Christians and Jews, for the following reasons, have never been closer:
1) Educational evolution has defined how we enjoy more commonalities than differences;
2) We have a mutual enemy – Islam. They, like us, believe in the hereafter. However, the difference being they subscribe to the belief that they will be rewarded in their heaven for killing or forcefully converting infidels. Jews and Christians believe in conversion by love. 
3) A knowledge and belief that because of our common linage of over 4000 years we will come to the aid of the other should it become necessary as we are, deep down, one-in-the-same;
4) When the Messiah arrives/returns, it will make no difference whether he is the promised Jewish Messiah or the return of the Christian Jesus, as he will represent and protect all those who believe and accept the G-d of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses and Jesus ... and you and me.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Name That Tune

Date Sent: 27 Mar 2018

Here’s a list of 1950s song titles. Who was the main recording artist? Answers below.
1) Rock Around the Clock
2) 16 Candles
3) Sixteen Tons
4) Little Star
5) La Bamba
6) Tom Dooley
7) Black Denim Trousers
8) The Twelfth of Never
9) Heartbreak Hotel
10) Be-Bop Baby
11) Stagger Lee
12) Blueberry Hill
13) The Stroll
14) Big Bad John
15) At the Hop
16) Round & Round
17) Peggy Sue
18) Get A Job
19) Butterfly
20) Diana
1) Bill Haley & His Comets
2) The Crests
3) Tennessee Ernie Ford
4) The Elegants
5) Richie Valens
6) Kingston Trio
7) The Cheers
8) Johnny Mathis
9) Elvis Presley
10) Ricky Nelson
11) Lloyd Price
12) Fats Domino
13) The Diamonds
14) Jimmy Dean
15) Danny & the Juniors 
16) Perry Como
17) Buddy Holly
18) Silhouettes
19) Andy Williams
20) Paul Anka
Chuck Klein

Subject: Real World

Date Sent: 20 Mar 2018

The Russians attempt to compromise our elections, power grid, satellite communications while the Chinese seek to hijack or purchase the entertainment industry and ISIS just wants to kill us ... does anyone believe we haven't been clandestinely attempting to disrupt other countries (including our allies, i.e., the German Chancellor's phone)? 
Putin might have over-stepped his bounds with the poisoning of Russian enemies outside his country. The only person with a world-wide license to kill was the fictional character, James Bond. Of course our own CIA operatives have kidnapped enemies and subjected them to torture and Israeli revenge killings of the Munich Olympics terrorists are hardly within the traditional Western morals and ethical standards the Left is trying to hold Putin, et al. to. 
Democrats/idealists are inclined to shake a finger at, expel diplomats or only plan defensive measures while Republicans/realists tend to favor pro-active/militaristic stands. Being such a divided nation seldom do we each get what we wish for. Thus, endless negotiations and politics might very well be the downfall of American empire. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: T&A

Date Sent: 13 Mar 2018

No, not that T&A – Title and Authors. Name a book, any book, by the listed author.
Answers below
1) Alex Haley
2) Leo Tolstoy
3) Jane Austen
4) Lee Child
5) Chuck Klein (cut me some slack – how else can I get listed among such noted authors)
6) James Michener
7) Herman Wouk 
8) George Orwell
9) Vincent Bugliosi
10) Emily Post
11) Ayn Rand
12) Henry Gregor Felsen
13) Joseph Wambaugh
14) Ian Fleming
15) John Jakes
16) Erma Bombeck
17) John Steinbeck
18) Edna Ferber
19) Elmer Kelton
20) Harper Lee
In as much as there have been multiple books by the various authors, this is only a listing of one/author.  
1) Roots
2) War & Peace
3) Pride & Prejudice
4) Jack Reacher series
5) Circa 1957 
6) Centennial 
7) Chutzpah 
8) 1984
9) Helter Skelter
10) Etiquette
11) Atlas Shrugged 
12) Hot Rod
13) New Centurions (cop books) 
14) James Bond books
15) California Gold
16) The Grass is Always Greener Over the Septic Tank
17) The Grapes of Wrath
18) Giant
19) Texas Vendetta (cowboy books) 
20) To Kill a Mockingbird 
Chuck Klein

Subject: School Safety

Date Sent: 6 Mar 2018

First we tried posting signs forbidding guns on campus. That didn’t seem to work very well as only the good guys complied. Next came lockdowns, i.e., when shots are fired in a school, all doors are locked;  great except for the room where the shooter is. The third plan was to Run, Hide, Fight – only no one was allowed anything to fight with. It’s past time to face reality: All the signs, rules, statutes, restraining orders, 911 calls, hand to hand combat technics, aerosol spray Mace, run & hide or other pseudo protective measures will never equal the effectiveness of a firearm when faced with an unwarranted and deadly criminal attack. Here’s my suggestions for increasing school safety:
1) Post in schools, signs with wording to the effect: “School Employees and Others May be Armed” while removing all “No Guns Allowed” and “Gun Free Zone” signs;
2) Allow vetted volunteers (parents and others), with special training, to roam the school campuses, while armed. Utilizing trained volunteers (who better than those with children in the school systems) will significantly reduce the cost and difficulty of hiring qualified security guards and/or police officers. 
3) Encourage non-armed volunteers to also patrol the school campuses. All volunteers, armed or unarmed, should not be dressed different than the school’s teaching/custodial staff. 
4) All of these volunteers must be required NOT to let-on whether they are armed or not. This, coupled with the posting of the suggested signage, for all intents and purposes, would substantially increase the perceived number of armed civilians on school grounds. 
5) These parents and adult volunteers could be encouraged to mingle with and converse with the students which might be an added bonus of informal mentoring. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Bible Conclusion

Date Sent: 27 Mar 2018

Preface: Please don’t take offense – this is only an exercise in academics and not about beliefs. 
The first of the 10 Commandments: “Thou shall have no other god”. One interpretation is that our G-d is admitting there are other gods. 
The Bible tells of our G-d creating the heavens and earth, but it wasn’t until a few “days” later that He created the sun we have today. Without a sun, those first “days” could have been millions of years long which explains the geologists theories of this planet's age. Perhaps, during these first “days” another god created a sun and pre-historic man and dinosaurs, but that that sun burned out killing all inhabitants. The Chinese claim they inhabited earth 10s of thousands of years before Adam & Eve ... and they don’t pray to the G-d of Abraham. 
Of course, with many peoples created in the image of “their” god and the always-on wars between these peoples, are we not mere pawns in a one-upsmanship battle/game between these different gods? In other words, the destiny of earthlings and their planet might be solely in the hands of the winning god. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Original Spin II

Date Sent: 20 Feb 2018

Preface: Please don’t take offense – this is only an exercise in academics and not about beliefs. 
The New Testament: The telling of the story of Jesus was first recorded in handwritten manuscript form by different authors - about 100 years after His death and 1300 years before the printing press. The story of Jesus being the Messiah could have been a fabrication created by a small number of Hebrews rebelling against the Romans who controlled their world. These rebels - to enhance the position of themselves (Hebrews) - circulated the story that the Messiah has arrived and perhaps invented such attributes that he performed miracles to enhance his stead – as a grown man. The accounts of his birth might have been created later and his upbringing was ignored.  
The conservative Hebrews (Jews) who refused to go against this plan might have feared the tactic would back-fire. It did, inasmuch as the Hebrews/Jews split into non-followers (Jews) and followers (Christians). 
Would the apostles and prophets who wrote the books of the New Testament be any different when it comes to putting a spin (fake news/propaganda) on their writings than modern day reporters and government agencies? 
Next week: Bible Conclusion
Chuck Klein

Subject: Original Spin I

Date Sent: 13 Feb 2018

Preface: Please don’t take offense – this is only an exercise in academics. 
The Old Testament: Gutenberg was the first to utilize moveable type to issue printed material en masse. His first work: the stories of the Bible. This history of the people of the world covers only a small portion of the population of the globe - the Hebrews (Jews). There is no reference to other peoples such as the Asians, Africans, American Indians, Aborigines of Australia, et al. 
Gutenberg, was most likely Jewish and logically slanted history toward his ancestors, if for no other reason than to take the pressure off persecution against Jews. The story of Abraham and his seed being the “chosen people” might have only been a creation of Gutenberg. This history of his people is exclusively detailed and they are the only ones – for 4000+ years – who allegedly had direct contact with G-d. 
Would Gutenberg be any different when it comes to reporting facts, history or opinion than any person with the power of the press in any other time in the past, including today’s media? 
Next week: Original Spin II – the New Testament
Chuck Klein

Subject: Four Truths

Date Sent: 6 Feb 2018

From all the hype, investigations, accusations, ranting and posturing, we now have positive confirmation of what we already knew: 
1) The FBI, ATF, CIA and all other law enforcement agencies are NOT independent. They are subject to dictates of the elected officials who, in turn, are at the whim of the voters. 
2) All countries – including the USA - attempt to influence, infiltrate and compromise other country’s elections, military, commerce and communications. Remember BO speaking against Brexit while in England - prior to the British vote? And his administration’s wiretapping the Chancellor of Germany’s phone? Election tampering, hacking and fake-news are today’s historically acceptable - declared or undeclared - war tactic: sabotage.  
3) An unbiased political investigation/committee is an oxymoron. Everyone, including FBI agents, Robert Mueller, CNN, FOX, NBC ... have opinions and hold a bias. Even the Pope and our Supreme Court Justices have political ideologies. To expect an objective critique of a political person or issue is unrealistic. Solution: Vote.
4) A huge amount of money is wasted in trying to dispute or deny these truths. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Numbers Test

Date Sent: 30 Jan 2018

Numbers Test. Answers below
1) The speed of light
2) Distance from the earth to the sun
3) Distance between the rails of standard gauge American train tracks
4) Boiling point of water – Celsius
5) Spontaneous ignition point at which paper burns
6) Cube root of 64
7) Distance from the MLB pitcher’s rubber to home plate 
8) Current college basketball shot clock
9) One Light-year =______
10) 2nd Sunday in May
11) Pi
12) Cycles/second of standard American AC electric current
13) Neutral pH
14) Distance between the goal posts of American football field
15) Weight of one gallon of water
16) Circumference of the Earth at the Equator +/- 1000 miles
17) Number of bytes in a terabyte
18) Feet in a mile
19) Inches in a meter 
20) Speed of sound (approx)
1) 186,000 miles/sec
2) 93 million miles
3) 4’ 8 1/2”
4) 100 degrees
5) About 450 degrees Fahrenheit (as in the Movie: Fahrenheit 451)
6) 4
7) 60’ 6”
8) 30 seconds
9) Distance light travels in a year (186,000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365).
10) Mother’s Day
11) 3.14
12) 60
13) 7.0
14) 120 yards (100 yards is the distance between the goal lines)
15) 8.33 pounds
16) About 25,000 miles
17) One trillion, 10 to the 12th power
18) 5,280
19) 39.37
20) 1100 ft./sec (varies with air temp and density)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Power

Date Sent: 23 Jan 2018

In Hawaii, a federal employee pushed a button alerting the islands that a bomb was incoming when it was not. The employee was reassigned and ordered to take more training. If you or I had posted a message on Facebook threatening to explode a bomb at a shopping mall, we would be – justly so – incarcerated. 
A postmaster has the power to determine if a postal road is safe without defining the word, safe. In addition, he/she has the power to order your mail to be returned-to-sender if you refuse to move your mailbox to a location that is (indefinable) safe. Within the postal department there is no appeal board that has the power to overrule these unilateral, capricious and arbitrary orders. 
Our federal government was shut-down for lack of funding (again). This means non-essential workers needn't report for work. If history repeats these furloughed workers will be getting a paid vacation as the politicians, ever-mindful of the voter, will grant the laid-off employees full pack pay and benefits. 
Is anybody paying attention? 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Pet Peeves

Date Sent: 9 Jan 2018

1) Makers of microwaves and other such appliances that go for esthetics rather than function, i.e., control buttons with low contrast that makes reading them in anything but direct light difficult.
2 Dosages, clean-up procedures and other such printed instructions in a type size or font that cannot be read sans a magnifying glass. 
3) Chevrolet TV commercials that begin: “There are real people, not actors”. So, actors aren’t real people? Maybe the Chevy’s not real? 
4) Weather reporters that somehow think there is a 12:00am and 12:00pm – those times don’t exist, it’s a mathematical impossibility. The times are: 12:00 Noon and 12:00 Midnight or Twelve-hundred hours and 
Twenty-four hundred hours.
5) Speakers, especially those who should know better such as newscasters, who say: Mondee, Tuesdee ... or candadit. It’s Monday, Tuesday and candidate. Of course those pronunciations are acceptable if you’re from Cincinnata where they say Warshington. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Outings

Date Sent: 2 Jan 2018

 The past year has seen an unusual number of outings.
1) Many (mostly) women have come out of their personal chagrin-boxes to publically out their sexual harassers.
2) Arabs in Arab countries have been outing the oppressive Jihadist. Thanks to social media, these brave outers could have a greater impact on the war against terrorist than bombs and bullets. 
3) Shamefully, we have witnessed FBI agents outed when they were stupid enough to put their political thoughts in an email. Extreme vetting might begin here. 
4) It’s outed: EVs are here to stay. 
5) Also outed: The Trump Effect - the stock market is at an all time high, the employment rate is at a generational low, ISIS is gone from Iraq, illegal immigration is significantly down. 
6) What’s not outed? Acceptance by Paris Agreement supporters that the most significant factor in the earth’s loss of finite resources and global-warming might be: over-population. 
Chuck Klein