E-Mail Editorials 2020







Subject: Precious Metals?
Date Sent: 29 Dec 2020
I’m having trouble wrapping my head around reasons, other than possible long-term investment, to buy precious metals such as gold and silver. Coins and bars, unlike stocks & bonds, do not pay dividends and in addition, they require the added cost of insurance. Counterfeiting is also an issue inasmuch as how does one test the purity of gold or silver?  
I contacted Rosland Capitol - whose TV ads are touted by William Devane. They wouldn't comment on apocalyptic scenarios involving barter using precious metals as a currency. For example, when purchasing a loaf of bread with a tiny 1-oz gold coil - worth $1700+/-  … how does one “make change”? Rosland, like others of their trade, seem only to be in business to hoard paper money by convincing their customers to hoard precious metals.
The Covid-19 pandemic triggered end-of-times worries for many; witness the recent “toilet paper panic” and record gun sales. A significant number of persons believe ammunition will be the barter of preference should things go sideways – after going south. Aside from its intended utility, ammo is internationally identifiable, can be readily and cheaply tested and is easily used to “make change”.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Xmas 2020
Date Sent: 22 Decc 2020
Twas the night before … no wait,
It was the month after the fight,
That half the voters had
Battled and rallied in fright.
Congress, obliviously, did not 
Hear of toilet paper hoarders
Or of illegal trespassers
Invading our borders
Protesters and rioters alike
Looked to the Dems for 20-21
But defunded police forces
Might prove not to be so fun.
On the hopes of St. Vaccine,
There arose such a roar,
That soon it would be here;
The stock market did soar.
As the beaten Donald supporters
Trudged out of sight
I heard them exclaim
2024 might prove them right. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Happy Chanukah
Date Sent: 15 Dec 2020
On the first day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me … a bowl o--f matza ball soup. 
On the Second day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me … Two loaves of challah and a bowl o--f matza ball soup. 
On the Third day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me … Three dreidels spinning, two loaves of challah and a bowl o--f matza ball soup. 
On the Fourth day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me … Four chocolate gelt, three dreidels spinning, two loaves of challah and a bowl o--f matza ball soup. 
On the Fifth day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me …Fiiiiive golden latkes, four bags of chocolate gelt, three dreidels spinning, two loaves of challah and a bowl o--f matza ball soup. 
On the Sixth day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me … Six-stars of David, Fiiiiive golden latkes, four bags of chocolate gelt, three dreidels spinning, two loaves of challah and a bowl o--f matza ball soup. 
On the Seventh day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me …Seven pairs of socks, Six-stars of David, Fiiiiive golden latkes, four bags of chocolate gelt, three dreidels spinning, two loaves of challah and a bowl o--f matza ball soup. 
On the Eighth day of Chanukah, my Nana gave to me …Eight candles burning, seven … yada, yada, yada.
Chuck & Annette Klein
Subject: Home Protection
Date Sent 8 Dec 2020
With many persons quarantining there is less opportunity for home burglars breaking into an unoccupied house. Therefore, the chances for a home-invasion (burglary turned into robbery/assault) are exponentially greater. Okay, so you own a handgun for protection inside your castle … where do you keep it? In a locked safe, dresser drawer, under your pillow? The safest place for a self-defense weapon is … in a holster on your person where children can’t get to it and it’s there when you need it. 
Imagine your home is the mistaken target of gang-bangers believing you are a stockpiling drug-dealer? If they kick the door down while you and the family are watching TV or sitting at the kitchen table what are you gonna do … holler “kings,” “times” or “Hey, no fair fellas, let me get my gat?” 
Suppose, during normal waking hours, there’s an innocent knock at the front door – by a person in normal attire or dressed like an ordinary delivery driver? The threat then pushes the door open as he intrudes. If you have to do anything other than draw (and fire if necessary), you (and your family) are the ones at the mercy of the invader.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Generator
Date Sent: 1 Dec 2020
I’m an old-school socket wrench and screwdriver kind of guy, so I’m not well versed in micro anything. However, it occurred to me that using technology of today’s tiny operational apparatus, a Micro generator could be developed to generate electricity in a hand-held device (such as a cell phone) by using the physical energy of the user. 
Either during use of the device or during off-times the user merely moves a finger to press in on a spring-loaded button that would cause a wheel to turn (the armature of a generator). As this rotor spins it creates an electric charge thus charging the on-board battery. Any space and weight needed for the button and generator could be acquired by reducing the size of the battery which wouldn’t have to be as big if the appliance had its own built-in charger. 
Encompassing human operated charging capability would eliminate the chances of a hand-held device rendered useless due to a dead power cell (think remote locations, emergency applications, police/fire personnel). “It is a lesson which all history teaches wise men, to put trust in ideas, and not in circumstances.” Ralph Waldo Emerson
Chuck Klein 
Subject: Thanksgiving
Date Sent: 24 Nov 2020
If you are reading this during the Great Pandemic of 2020, you truly have something to be thankful for. And if you are old enough to remember when a man wore a suit and tie and ladies dressed in dresses with gloves while traveling by plane or train and shopping at department stores, then you can be thankful to have lived in the last era of civility. 
It began in the late ‘60s with “causal Fridays” and morphed into casual everything else - a lowering of all standards not only in dress, but in behavior. The change was propelled by the baby-boomer/hippy generation - the mega peer-group of progressives. They wasted youth preaching make-love-not-war while they hugged trees and defied drug laws just to feel groovy. 
Today, wars rage on, hugged-trees have become plywood store coverings in riot torn cities and the attitude of the tuned-in, dropped-out beget the epidemic of drug abuse among their collective grandchildren and the acceptance of profanity as acceptable. This doesn’t have to be your legacy, Boomers … use your numbers and powers of PC to set the example for all Americans by reintroducing proper attire and civility - something we’ll all be thankful for! 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Policing Tomorrow
Date Sent: 17 Nov 2020
The Chief of Police Magazine (official publication of The National Association of Chiefs of Police https://www.nacoponline.org) has honored me with publication of a series of feature articles covering future law enforcement application and perception. Reaching leaders is one way of addressing the challenging issues facing tomorrow’s LEOs. 
POLICE ETHICS AND LETHAL FORCE, IN THE 21ST CENTURY. Excerpt: When it comes to dealing with dangerous situations, there tends to be three types of police officers: Fool, Coward and Hero. Fortunately, the hero type overwhelmingly represents the American police ranks. In a small, treacherous minority are the others. The Fool….
PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS UNIQUE, TO LAW ENFORCEMENT, PART I. Excerpt: For every ___ months of active duty, patrol officers shall rotate to observe and assist at a social service agency for ___ days. This out-of-uniform exposure is to re-acclimate the officers to civilian society – to experience how the “them” live from the “them” side. (artwork by g’daughter Ryann). Part II is scheduled for publication in the fall issue of the magazine (artwork by g’daughter Allie).
Full text to both articles: https://www.chuckkleinauthor.com/Page.aspx/377/POLICE-ETHICS-and-LETHAL-FORCE-in-the-21st-CENTURY.html 
I’m still working on Part III, thus any suggestions/comments you might have would be greatly appreciated. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Chomp, Chomp
Date Sent: 10 Nov 2020
Hey, with enough salt and pepper, crow doesn’t taste so bad, especially if I wash it down with some humble pie. Mazel tov to President-elect Biden. 
Be careful what you wish for, might apply to the Dems come 2024. They are facing: 1) A teetering economy sliding into a great depression; 2) Continuing escalation of Coronavirus; 3) Increasing crime from a lack of political backing of LEOs; 4) Chinese uncontrolled trade deals and rocketing-up ownership of American RE and corporations; 5) America becoming a sanctuary country as illegal aliens flood in; 6) The Green New Deal – DOA due to priority of 1-5 above. To be successful as President, Mr. Biden will need the support of all Americans – but will the Republicans help? Probably not … who can blame them after failed endless investigations, a bogus impeachment, riots, sabotaged immigration constraints, uncontrolled rioting…. 
The Donald? He’s history, but thanks for the conservative judges, record low employment and booming economy (pre-C-19), Coronavirus taskforce, the wall, a check on foreign imperialism/trade, Middle East security…. Just in case Biden effectively navigates 1-5 above, spoiling a Republican sweep in 2024, I’m saving a little crow and a slice of pie. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Post Election
Date Sent 3 Nov 2020
In answer to a Pro-Trump email a friend of 60+ years wrote a lengthy bash of him. I replied: “Can we still be friends?” I was shocked when he emailed: “If you want to cease ALL Trump adoration into my email box, yeah, we can probably be friends. But if you keep sending bullshit lies, left-leaning nastiness, right-winged propaganda to me, then probably not.” 
He was “probably” saying it’s okay for him to bash Trump, but not for me to praise him and we “probably” can’t be friends unless I subscribed to his way of thinking. Others have asserted this level of animosity between friends over honest beliefs - so sad. What if these never-Trumpers win today; will they seek retribution against the “deplorables”? Oh wait, is that “left-leaning nastiness” … or just an opinionated question? 
Let’s agree to separate political opinion from the opinion maker and if not friends, at least come together and be civil compatriots. I’ll start: If Biden wins, I promise not to endorse riots, witch-hunts, uncivil behavior or preemptive impeachment proceedings. Can any Dems promise the same if Trump is re-elected? Regardless, of who wins - get over it - life goes on. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Football?
Date Sent 27 Oct 2020
We’re on the 50-yardline, six points down, deep into our final timeout, it’s 4th and forever and there’s only seconds left - on the Doomsday Clock. Though we’ve been in the endzone in the past, our enemies have pushed us back to the edge of our borders. There are only two options: 
1) Punt and surely lose (be conquered) or; 
2) Take a play from the playbook of what previous empires have done and what Iran, China, Russia, et. al., are currently doing – imperialism. 
Successful corporations, like empires, either grow or are swallowed by the competition. Though defense is fine while you’re winning, it’s offense that creates winners. 
Past scores have been made by passing money to lessor nations in hopes of capturing their hearts and minds. But now some of these ingrates are out to conquer our friends and eventually us. Our adversaries have seen our flea-flicker, the draw and the sneak; perhaps a new offense is needed. Would it not be a touchdown to begin our own “domino effect” by making territories of, for example: Brazil (also saves the rain forests) – Venezuela (stops oil shipments to our enemies) - Mexico (halts illegal immigrants) …? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: True or False
Date Sent: 20 Oct 2020
1) It is clear that almost every nation in the world doesn’t have a handle on the Coronavirus or a cure/vaccine nor had adequate supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) such as masks, ventilators, etc., at virus’ onset;
2) The American President, unlike all other nations, is limited by our Constitution’s 10th Amendment and hindered by 50 state governors and thus cannot – unilaterally - order states to open-up/lock-down, wear masks, quarantine…;
3) Extended lock-downs destroy the production and distribution of essential food, medical and fuel supplies; 
4) Trump was the only world leader who held long-running daily news briefings in which he took questions from the press while Joe Biden stayed in his basement playing Monday morning quarterback; 
5) The media continues to ignore the statistics that about 95% of C-19 victims survive;
6) Educated people vote for a party’s platform not against a candidate’s demeanor/personality; 
7) Coronavirus cases and deaths are on the rise – globally – making it obvious that this unprecedented pandemic is very complex involving: economic, medical, political and social issues. 
If you found all to be True … welcome to reality.
Chuck Klein
Subject: SCOTUS
Date Sent: 13 Oct 2020
The power of the Supreme Court Of The United States (SCOTUS) became controversial as the court, under Chief Justice Earl Warren and supported by the majority of liberal justices, began generating progressive decisions that had the effect of writing law rather than interpreting it. This new direction generated conflicts between the other government branches. 
SCOTUS is set by Article III of the Constitution, but the details – including the number of Supreme Court justices - was left up the Congress. The President does not have the power to “pack the court” (increase the number of justices). The President can only nominate a person to fill a vacancy that is the result of the death or resignation of a justice – or if the Congress creates additional seats (packing).
Suggested Solutions: 1) Change the Constitution to: Require Congress to present their constitutional interpretation for each law passed. In other words, if Congress announces their constitutional reasoning for passage of a statute, it would not only help everyone understand their thinking, but limit court challenges. 2) Require confirmation of new justices by both houses of Congress. 3) Limit the number of justices. 4) Limit the number of years a Justice can serve.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Lighter Side
Date Sent: 6 Oct 2020
If you don’t vote, you have forsaken your right to complain. It’s clearly stated in the Constitution: Article VIII, Section 7, paragraph 14a: “Any citizen who is entitled to vote and fails to cast a ballot for either/any candidate is forbidden the privilege of complaining about the results of the subject election as amended under subsection 3b, part 5, paragraph 2, until after the next election providing said person votes in aforesaid election.” 
Enforcement of this edict is under the authority of the National Association of Politically Correct Official Police (NAPCOP) who shall require violators, under penalty of law, to write 100 times: “I will vote even if it is for the greater of two imperfect candidates; and, being as I neglected my duty to vote, I will not grumble, whine, protest, make disparaging remarks or in any way diss either of the candidates I failed to vote for.”  
You think I make this stuff up? Even if I didn’t, there oughta be a law – at least that’s what a recent poll shows: 98% of all eligible voters would support it (the other 2% are liars).  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Voter Types
Date Sent: 29 Sep 2020
Collective-Thinkers: Tend to rely on safety-in-numbers and feel more comfortable in clusters such as cities. They know what they want and believe the way to get there is trusting-compromise. They support leaders who express themselves in generalized wording - group-speak: “We will address immigration; together we will forge new trade agreements.” 
Stand-Alones: Generally populate rural areas where self-sufficiency and being left alone is paramount. They also know what they want, but believe the way to get there is skeptical-confrontation. They support a leader who touts: “I will build a wall to protect our borders; I will make trade deals”. Many suburbanites and Collective-Thinkers,  trapped by the benefits of city amenities and worries of PC, are closet Stand-Alones. 
Fence-Sitters: They’re not only directionally challenged, but unsure of how to get there. They indorse all the feels-good things such as health-care, climate change, fund/defund police, immigration – it’s just these malleable voters vacillate between skeptical-confrontation and trusting-compromise in trying to decide how to achieve these lofty goals. When (if) they vote, they most likely will claim it is for the lesser of two evils - rather than the greater of two imperfects. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Train Ride
Date Sent: 22 Sep 2020
We’ve blown past the horizontal semaphores; the course might be different, but the destination is the same. Regardless of who wins in November, take your social-media pick – Biden and you’ll be led, sheep-like, down the path where guilt and punishment will be determined by PC and mob rule or elect Trump and the ultra-right will force you, at gun point, to rid the nation of any and all opposition. 
Neither Joey nor Donny can stop this runaway train – and it ain’t no Lionel. But steam or diesel, speeding or plodding, you can bet egocentric Trump will lead his engine while Biden will only be the face of the conductor - the far-left string-pullers. Elvis is no longer in the building; the train has left the station and the only thing remaining is to learn which way the wind is blowing. 
How many Democrats does it take to bring about subversion?
How many Republicans does it take to unleash anarchy?
How many voters does it take to sabotage a nation?
The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind. *
*Apologies to Bob Dylan 
Chuck Klein
ubject: Virus & Me
Date Sent: 15 Sep 2020
While cutting wood last week, I stopped as I didn’t want to violate rule #2 – never run chainsaws and stuff when tired – and I was unusually tired. By late afternoon, I was experiencing drainage, a slight cough and a low fever followed by chills. I had no appetite and my tummy was uneasy – all the symptoms of a virus. I began taking aspirin and Andrographis Plus (a “magic” supplement from Metagenics).
I woke up three times that night so drenched in sweat I had to change my sleepwear each time. The next morning, I added Echinacea & Golden Seal to a sparse diet and the virus added joint/muscle pains, but no sore throat, breathing difficulties. 
Six days of diminishing symptoms (three in bed due to extreme fatigue) and I seemed to be over it. Was it the Coronavirus? I didn’t seek testing ‘cuz I was too tired and, besides, there are no such facilities in Brown County. There’s no question in my mind that my aggressive and rapid treatment contained “it” whatever “it’ was. I have heard from others who have experienced acute viral symptoms and survived without MDs or hospitals. Oh yeah, rule #1: Pay attention - recognized abnormalities. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: One Word
Date Sent: 8 Sep 2020
The violent, nasty, vindictive, divisive political climate we are currently experiencing is unprecedented. Heretofore, politicians routinely called each other names and labeled them in the most derogatory terms. But, never did a candidate deride an entire class of people, the opposition’s members - the people themselves - fellow tax-paying, voting, honorable, honest, decent, law-abiding Americans. Never, that is, until Hillary Clinton during the 2016 campaign categorized half the nation’s population as “deplorables”. The Democratic party has never apologized for this insulting, branding of the individual person. Contrarily, the party's rank and file have embraced and proliferated it.  
Today, this elitist attitude is evidenced by daily social media posts calling anyone who would vote for Trump as “stupid”, “ignorant”, “brainless”…. Does this childish name-calling make the writers smart, intelligent – a better American? 
Is history repeating? Are the rioters, statute topplers, college speech controllers - while being ignored (encouraged?) by their mayors and governors - any different than the Brown Shirts of the National Socialist German Workers' Party (Nazi)? As these anti-Trumpers espouse such inflammatory rhetoric one can only wonder: If Biden wins will they begin burning books and ridding the country of those they deem deplorable? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Reform
Date Sent: 1 Sep 2020
During the 1960s when a subject resisted arrest, a cop was expected to manhandle the perp and shoot only after being shot at or was about to be – not just the mere presence of a weapon. However, nightsticks, dogs and water hoses were used to control unlawful activity which generated demands to include women and blacks in police ranks. The results were quotas, lower levels of physical strength and rewritten tests that had been designed by and for white males. 
Today, if a perp ignores a lawful command, cops tase, draw-down-on and if they believe their life is in danger – shoot. Key word: believe. Officers don’t have to be in actual and imminent danger – only that he/she believes it to be so. In other words, officers are now trained to respond at the weakest-link level – to use the degree of force necessary by the puniest members of the force … which has led to choke-holds and questionable shootings. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Constitution Pt. 1
Date Sent: 25 Aug 2020
Our Constitution is unique inasmuch as it keeps the playing field level for the four players in all of the games of life. They are: the governed (citizens/voters), those who make the laws (legislative branch), those who enforce the laws (executive branch) and those who mediate (judicial branch). Each group is independent and at the same time dependent upon all of the others. This intra-dependence creates a check and balance. At least that’s the way it’s supposed to work. 
There are four functions of our Constitution: 
1. To provide the tools to establish and manage a national government (Articles I, II, III and VI as well as Amendments 12, 16, 17, 20, 22, 23 and 25). 
2. To control the relationship between the national government and the governments of the states (Article I, Sections 8 and 10; Article III, Section 2; Article IV; and Amendments 10, 11, 18 and 21).
3. To allow for adjustments in the Constitution to correct inadequacies or changing times (Article V). 
4. To protect and preserve fundamental personal rights and liberties (Article I, Section 9; and Amendments 1-10, 13, 14, 15, 19, 24 and 26).
Ref: America’s Framework for Freedom
Chuck Klein
Subject: Truth
Date Sent: 18 Aug 2020
Truth is not what is true, but what one believes to be the truth. The polygraph (lie detector) test is not acceptable in criminal trials because it only measures what the person believes – not what the actual truth is. In other words, regardless of the evidence, if a person believes black is white then saying so during a polygraph test will not indicate the person is lying. Personal beliefs are difficult to challenge/change. 
The coming election is not so much about truth, but what the voter believes to be true, such as is Trump a bozo or a savior? It is also about whether Americans are more concerned about results than the demeanor of the candidate. 
Results would seem a little easier to judge a leader by: did Trump bring jobs back to America, reduce unemployment, improve the economy, create trade deals, confront enemies, build the wall, properly handle the pandemic…? The truth is inconsequential if you are inclined to vote along bozo/savior rankings rather than results – of course, that might depend on whether you believe the results to be true or untrue. Truth is truth, except when it involves politics, then it’s subjective.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Systemic
Date Sent: 11 Aug 2020
While Black Lives Matter gangs tout systemic injustice, world-wide anti-Semitism is on the rise – again. Those of the Jewish faith continue to experience verbal, monetary and physical attacks, individually, as well as on their businesses and houses of worship. For as long as there have been Jews, there have been systemic bias and deadly assaults on this ancient tribe of people. Why? Perhaps it’s because when things go sideways haters want to blame someone and the historically peace-loving Jews, not being the violent retaliatory type, are an easy target (Israel notwithstanding). 
A high percentage of Jewish people are heads of banks, industry, media, Hollywood and even both political parties; important positions gained, not by rioting or decrees, but by their contributions to the arts, music, medicine, commerce, law (and order), philanthropic endeavors, unwavering patriotic allegiance and hard work. Similar American successes are evidenced by Catholics, Hispanics and most other citizens – including blacks - who have endured prejudice all without rioting or demanding special treatment. 
To put this in perspective: though a number of persons of color have been discriminated against and even killed - in my lifetime over six million Jews were systemically and systematically exterminated. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Duty
Date Sent: 4 Aug 2020
Recently, Oregon politicians strongly objected to President Trump’s ordering federal agents to protect the federal courthouse in Portland from rioting mobs. It is the duty of the President to protect taxpayer owned property. 
Article IV, Sect 4 of our Constitution: “The United States shall … protect each of them [states] … and on application of the[ir] legislature … against domestic violence.” Thus, if any state requests help to quell riots, mob attacks, insurrection, etc. within its borders, federal troops will be sent. It doesn’t say the Federal Government is forbidden from acting on its own to protect property against domestic violence.
There is precedence to support Trump’s duty to order federal agents/troops into cities where federal property is being threatened: In 1894, during a country-wide railroad strike, President Grover Cleveland - against the express wishes of the governor of Illinois - sent in federal troops to protect post offices and keep the post roads open (Article I, Section 8 grants the federal government the right and power to establish and maintain post offices and post roads). 
Mr. Trump used diplomacy to appease the Portland politicians by allowing Oregon State Police to replace federal agents protecting the courthouse. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Voting
Date Sent: 28 Jul 2020
The Declaration of Independence includes these lines: “…We hold these truths to be self-evident … certain inalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness ….”
Some other inalienable rights are:
* to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
* to protect yourself, your property and your family.
* to live where you choose.
* to own personal and real property.
* to be left alone.
* to inheritance and bequeathal.
* to vote in secret to elect your government representatives.
Those who framed the Constitution felt so strongly about unlisted “inalienable rights” that they made certain to include such wording in the Bill of Rights (see the 9th Amendment).
Due to Covid-19, many voting districts are considering only mail-in voting in the upcoming election. Aside from the worries of common methods of fraud, theft and ballot tampering … when ballots are mailed out en masse and sans a direct request from a registered voter, what’s to prevent the voter being subject to undue pressure from a spouse, sibling, child and/or parent living in the same household? That’s why we have voting booths for in-person voting. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: C-19
Date Sent;  21 Jul 2020
Masks: Rumors abound: masks are useless/effective to all/none wearers/others. Should there be orders to wear ‘em? Not wear ‘em? Who should have the power to issue and enforce these orders? Maybe the de-funded/abolished police can do it! Already we have witnessed violent confrontations between wearers and non-wearers.
Schools: If we go to remote learning (even partial) there is a significant worry that has not been broached: hacking. In other words, subversives (even political entities) will be trying to infiltrate systems to implant false, misleading and/or damaging information to our vulnerable and impressionable children. Who’s going to monitor this? 
Politics: Inasmuch as we do not have a dictatorial regime, we are saddled with 50 governors and countless mayors who have the power to order protective health measures. When a cure/vaccine is found, these same potentates will be issuing inoculation edicts - mandatory, or not. 
Priorities: Congressional Democrats are touting spending $75B on testing, but only $25B on vaccine research. What’ more important? 
Death Rates: If Trump is not doing a good job of handling the pandemic as his detractor’s claim; what country is and how? England, Italy, France, China…? (USA is 10th - https://coronavirus.jhu.edu/data/mortality).
Chuck Klein
Subject: Police & Covid-19
Date Sent: 14 July 2002
Two old issues have ramped up due to the pandemic: Light vehicular traffic with the mistaken belief that cops are reluctant to pull speeders over. The number of citations issued for those exceeding the limit by 50-100mph is huge.
The other matter is an increase of fake cops - categorized into three groups: Wannabes – losers attracted to the power of the badge; Shakers – guys trying to shake-down citizens for money; and sex-perverts – those seeking to rape or obtain the address of female drivers. If in doubt – call 9-1-1 to verify. 
True story: The news reported a fake cop stopped a car and then raped the female driver. It’s 3am, I was driving the department’s minimally marked cruiser. I clocked a car at 20+ over the limit and activated the single, dash-mounted flashing light. The driver ignored it, but slowed down whereas I pulled next to the car, lowered my window, turned on the interior light and motioned for the driver to pull over. The driver, an attractive young woman, looked at me, shook her head and sped away. I had three options: run her off the road, radio for a road block or let her go. I chose option three. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Perception
Date Sent: 7 July 2020
The recent nation-wide, white-supported protests gave the perception of a protest against excessive use of force by police against blacks. Though a release from quarantining was a small factor, the protesters, consciously or subconsciously, might have been more emphatically rallying against Trump. Contrary to the Obama administration’s anti-police rhetoric, Trump - the de facto Chief Law Enforcement Officer - strongly supports police officers. 
For whatever reason (Malcolm X, Hollywood stereotyping, prison population statistics, racist agitators, media sensationalism….) blacks have been perceived as criminals by a significant number of whites – both Republicans and Democrats (and even some blacks, e.g., Jesse Jackson’s admitted relief when learning it was a white man walking behind him on a dark street in D.C.). If fear of police by the black community is systemic; so then is fear by whites of black violence? 
Video depictions of a white LEO choking/beating a black person is just as much about the illegal use of force by the cops - as it is in perpetuating the perception that blacks are criminals and will resist arrest. In other words, the cop might be using illegal force, but the perception blacks are criminals is perpetuated. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Blessings
Date Sent: 30 ZJun 2020
The Lord is my shepherd and I am truly beholden.
He providith the scientist and engineers
who work to maketh safe the green pastures 
and the savoring of still waters.
Thou bestoist healthcare workers with courage, 
whose body of unyielding strength
givith the capacity that stand us all.
My cup runneth over with gratitude.
Should Thou commandeth me into the 
Valley of the shadow of death,
I know our first responders shall respond 
And that blessing comforts me.
I am confident my prayers for all who suffer
will be answered and I will be 
permitted to continue to serve Thee,
and in the hereafter, forever and ever. Amen
Chuck Klein
Subject: Whose Training?
Date Sent: 23 Jun 2020
We can pass laws that forbid discrimination, but a law that says you can’t hate is unenforceable – you think never-Trumpers can be legislated to stop hating Trump or anti-Semites not to hate Jews? In a capitalist society, laws that compel socialism tend to backfire: MLK had the heart and soul of America – then LBJ forced his Great Society program upon us that yielded generations of blacks who never recovered from a mindset of government-dependency handouts. 
If police bias against minorities is systemic, as is now claimed; why does it still exist after decades of such failed attempts to train cops with community policing, accreditation, consent decrees, equality indoctrination, less-than-lethal weapons plus additional medical and social responsibilities while lowering entry standards …? 
Solution: The latest feels-good approach to “police violence” is de-escalation training. Perhaps we’ve been targeting the wrong people. Wouldn’t it be better to go to the root of the problem: Train civilians to obey the law, and most important, not to resist arrest? Rosa Parks, MLK, Jesse Jackson didn’t resist arrest. The path we’re on is leading to law-enforcers becoming mere report-takers – no more arresting criminals – a sure precursor to vigilantism. Do we really want this? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Two Evils
Date Sent: 16 Jun 2020
American jurisprudence incorporates the three common pleas: Guilty (you admit to doing it); Not Guilty (you do not admit to doing it); No Contest (you admit to the facts, but offer mitigating circumstance, e.g., I was speeding, but my throttle stuck). There is, however, a fourth plea: The Doctrine of the Lessor of Two Evils, (you admit to committing a wrong, but it was less damaging than taking another action that was also wrong – there was no good selection only choices between bad and worse). 
In time of war military leaders, when sending troops into battle, know some will be killed … but not sending them might result in more being killed later. Political leaders are expected to make decision even when the outcome is unknown. This is the position our mayors, governors and our President have found themselves in over the Covid-19 pandemic – a perfect example of bad vs. worse: Lock-down, quarantine, open-up, some/all…. 
Learning from the consequences of hard decisions is important – for the next time. Educated and intelligent citizens stand behind their leaders for having the guts to make unprecedented decisions during an emergency when the only choice is the lessor of two (or more) evils. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Cop & Riots Pt. 2
Date Sent: 9 Jun 2020
Why would a highly trained veteran law enforcement officer jeopardize his career and freedom by deploying excessive force on a person who has capitulated? Perhaps the LEO is a victim of what I’ll call: Accumulated Stress Disorder. This condition might be the result of years of stress that creates a loss of reality of how non-cops live and behave – a “us-versus-them” mindset. 
As society becomes more sophisticated, additional responsibilities are being expected of the beat officer. Today, the street cop must expertly handle: marital disputes, drug intervention, first aid, crowd/riot control, the mentally disturbed, various weapons, Narcan, radio, restraint devices, traffic violations criminal investigations, arrests all the while cognizant of lurking snipers…. Perhaps we are demanding too much from these special, but also human, protectors. 
Solutions: 1) For every ___ months of active duty, patrol officers shall rotate to assist at a social service agency for ___ days. This out-of-uniform exposure is to re-acclimate the officers to civilian society – to experience how the “them” live from the “them” side. Upon completion of each social service tenure, they are to submit to their superior a written report of their experience. 2) Reduce responsibilities not directly related to the basics of law enforcement.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Cops & Riots
Date Sent: 2 Jun 2020
There are only three types of police officers: The Hero, The Fool and The Coward. The Fool is one who temps fate by ignoring safe procedures. The Hero realizes an officer's primary duty is to protect and serve the public. The Coward, in reality, is trying to prove his/her bravery/toughness by acting aggressively when there is no chance that they will be hurt - witness the well-documented Rodney King/Eric Garner/George Floyd and other such cowardly incidents. 
The history of rioting, looting, burning has produced endless investigations and yet, there are still rotten apples in some barrels. Perhaps, the bad apples are not the street-level officers, but the ones training them? 
Solution: The FOP/FBI might join together to produce a “Scared Straight” video/YouTube that depicts a cop (and accomplices) exceeding use-of-force authority; then being arrested, surrendering the badge and finally exhibited behind bars. Required periodic viewing plus the rhetorical question “Are you dumb or somethin’?” will surely send the message to recruits - and current less-than-brave officers - that cowardly behavior resulting in death or great bodily harm to protectees will yield years of playing drop-the-soap with those who’ve been subjected to police cowardice.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Baseball
Date Sent: 26 May 2020
To create greater entertainment, perhaps MLB would consider the following changes:
Runners left on base after the last out, return to their respective bases at the start of their next inning. In other words, say, at the bottom of the 7th, there are runners on 2nd and 3rd when the third out is made. Normally, at the start of the bottom of the 8th, there would be no runners on base, but under the new rule, the runners who were on 2nd and 3rd at the teams last at-bat, return to their previous places. 
This would allow for the possibility of more runs, double plays, grand-slams and tactical moves such as squeeze plays – all generating a more exciting game. To make it even a greater challenge, any team starting their half-inning with more than one player on base will only be allowed two outs for their time at bat for that inning. 
Finally, introduce a pitch clock. Akin to the basketball shot clock and footballs play clock, the pitcher must make a pitch to the plate in a limited time. This should decrease fan-boredom time allowing for a return of the double-header, thus shortening the season. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Key Words
Date Sent: 19 May 2020
No one, nobody, including but not limited to: politicians, scientists, military brass, judges, media pundits … can predict the future of anything – there are no exceptions. The Pandemic is an unprecedented event for which everything connected to it is new with no guidelines further hindering extrapolations. In other words, there is no way for any of the above to know what to do, when to do it or how to do it – it being controlling, surviving the pandemic and the economic fall-out.  
Listening to many of these highly educated “experts” reveals a common word: MAY. What they are saying is: if thus-and-so happens or doesn’t happen, so-and-thus MAY or MAY NOT happen. Yes, there MAY (MAY not) be a: second wave/vaccine/cure/shortages…. Well, duh, we know that, but the media doesn’t seem to accept this reality. 
The question no one seems to be asking: Is Trump’s handling of the health and economic crisis better, worse or about the same as any other nation? If you can tender proof (meaning it doesn’t contain words such as MAY, might, coulda, woulda, shoulda), pro or con, I’m sure the voters would be most interested in your revelations. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: De-Policing
Heretofore there were only two types of police officers: Pro-Active and Re-Active. Then, about 15-years ago a third evolved: De-Active. De-Active is defined as: fear of doing one’s job results in indeterminable consequences. This condition is the product of the conscious or subconscious acts of those with the power who, for their own political agenda, undermined policing abilities. 
Examples include requiring LEOs to become de-facto medics, hand-holders and to strictly enforce nanny-laws (laws that protect you from yourself) and then blaming the officers when things go sideways. Couple this with court rulings against stop & frisk, common sense patrol tactics and restrictive use-of-force/self-defense and cops become gun-shy at pro/re-active policing. 
Liberal academia has produced PC elected officials utilizing latent tactics of oppression that have brought about undermining the authority and purpose of law enforcers. Author of De-Policing In America, retired Seattle P.D. officer Steve Pomper, in coining the term, De-Policing, says it best: "It's sad when governments shackle Americans with soft tyrannical laws, but pathetic when American's vote for their own bondage.” Is De-Police a precursor to lowering morale which leads to lowering standards which leads to ineffective policing which leads to society breakdown which leads to…?
Chuck Klein
Subject: Book Marketing
Date Sent 5 April 2020
There are a bunch of book publishers out there, but Author’s Niche of, Edge City Limits, is unique inasmuch as the utilization of their specialty: Title Trailers - a book promotion they pioneered. Title Trailers features original music written and produced by Faze II and set to the theme of the highlighted book. These ear-candy instrumentals stimulate the browsing experience by enhancing the visual rendering of the book.  
They are a small, traditional book publisher with an in-house literary agency, marketing/graphic design group and musician to promote books and music via their social networking venues and their website. I have been fortunate to have been selected as one of their featured authors (click on ReadMe Books). 
Headed by Loretta Ferche, a novelist, who spent much of her career as an Estimator/Project manager for the Commercial Building Industry before beginning work as a reporter for small newspaper. That experience grew into a design and layout position eventually leading to the purchase of the newspaper and finally followed by book publishing. 
American ingenuity, ain’t it grand - give ‘em a look/listen.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: New & Old
Date Sent: 28 April 2020
Suppose there is no election in November due to a resurgence of Covid-19. Therefore, on January 20, 2021, Trump and Pence will be “unqualified” to hold office and the next in line (Presidential Succession Act 1947) is the Speaker of the House – unless the speaker will also be unelected (Pelosi will be), which means the President Pro Tempore of the Senate (a Republican) becomes President. Of course, the Dems,  prior to January, may replace Nancy with a House member who is not up for re-election in 2020. 
Predictions: 1) Democrats will mount a draft Cuomo campaign. 2) Americans will re-elect Trump because they want results not PC or decorum. 
In the middle of this national emergency, I heard a CNN reporter ask the President: “… will you now level with the people….” These “gotcha” questions are all too common of the biased media framing a question in a negative manner. That’s like the old police interrogation question: “Do you still beat your wife?” Republicans have claimed for years – decades – that the mainstream media is biased against them. The Democrats have never asserted the media is prejudiced against them. Is there any more conclusive evidence? (gotcha).
Chuck Klein
Subject: EVs
Date Sent: 21 April 2020
If there is a plus side to the Covid-19 pandemic, it’s the noticeably lower amount of air pollution such as in NYC and LA where they can actually see a blue sky. Is this what things will be like when electric vehicles (EV) replace internal combustion (IC) powered cars and trucks?
EVs have come a long way in increasing usable travel distance in addition to out-performing IC cars on many race tracks. However, there are still some significant issues even the EVers won’t or can’t address: Advertised travel distance doesn’t account for times operating with your AC, wipers, headlights and multiple passengers. ACs are a big drain on an EV battery, but require little fuel of IC powered vehicles.
Then there’s the matter of what to do with all those old toxic batteries once their usefulness is used up.  Finally, if we are only a few extra-hot days from brown/blackouts (add global warming) where will the electricity come from to charge all these high-voltage, juice-consuming EVs? Yeah, I know we are more efficient now … but there are more of us and we have more electrical stuff.
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Free Lunch
Date Sent: 14 Apr 2020
Unemployed workers during this financial crisis yield no sales/withholding taxes and can’t pay rent, thus landlords can’t pay their real estate taxes. Cities, counties and states that can’t meet their emergency services payroll, due to this loss of revenue, will need federal funding. 
Congress has authorized over $2.2 Trillion to persons and businesses to combat the Coronavirus pandemic. This is added to the national debt of $20+ Trillion. Where does this money come from? Who pays and who owes? Turns out, no one – it’s the proverbial free-lunch, to wit:
When the federal gov wants to spend/give-away more money than what it takes in, it merely adds to the national debt by printing additional currency and/or issuing electronic credits. In other words, it’s like running-a-tab or putting it on a credit card that never has to be paid. A higher national debt makes our dollar worth less (lower international buying power and higher inflation). However, during this world-wide crisis, if all the other nations are in the same boat, it washes – makes no difference - as the other country’s debts are also higher and will need to, likewise, “print more money”. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: For-Sure
Date Sent: 7 Apr 2020
No matter the source: main-stream/social media, other nations, MDs, politicians ... the message is the same: No one knows anything for-sure – now – anymore than they knew in January about the spread of Covoid-19.
Common sense tells, for-sure, if mitigation (6-foot distance, quarantine….) is successful in slowing the spread of the virus, then removing these mitigations – sans a cure/vaccine – will surely bring a return of the spread. In other words, a prolonged quarantine or early release from mitigation might yield worse conditions such as: Martial law enforced by a military that is infective due to its infection rate … or China/Russia  has/will develop a vaccine and then refuses to share it with the rest of the world while they take over. 
On the plus side: Giant American pharmaceutical corporations utilizing profits from the sale of their drugs, are pouring money into research for a vaccine. These are the same pharms the Dems want to nationalize because they make huge profits – the very same profits that are and have been used to create treatments for what ails us – for-sure.
Suggestion: Allow everyone – except the high-risk (for-sure) – to return to work while utilizing masks and social distancing, no later than 1 May. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Abortion
Date Sent: 31 Mar 2020
The 1973 SOTUS case, Roe vs. Wade, divided the court as well as the nation by defining pregnancy in a trimester framework, to wit: During the 1st 3-months any law that interfered with abortions would be presumed to be unconstitutional. The second & third trimesters involved the mother’s health and MDs opinion based on individual state laws. This doctrine stood until 1992 when the court changed from the trimester basis to fetal viability. 
Medical science has evolved to where some extremists say viability begins at conception and abortion at any stage including a douche, morning-after pill or a test-tube-baby is murder; while a prophylactic or birth-control pill could be considered attempted murder. Extremists on the left say a woman’s right to terminate – including late-term/partial-birth - is paramount even for such reasons as hair/eye color, physical/mental traits. 
As SCOTUS again reviews the issue (decision due in June), they might rule this is a federal matter and not up to individual states to decide – the consequences of which could result in a future ruling that death sentences are also federal domain. In other words, the court might be, for all intents and purpose, nullifying the 10th Amendment.
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Virus III
Date Sent: 24 Mar 2020
Panic stock-sellers might be over-looking the fact they could owe capital gains taxes on these sales … an unexpected boon for the government.
Conspiracy theorists: China - after secretly developing an antidote and/or vaccine - purposely introduced and spread the Coronavirus to create a world-wide pandemic/panic. This would allow them to freely exercise their imperialistic powers believing the world’s police force (us) will be overwhelmed and unable to militarily respond. Perhaps Russia planted the virus in China (very few cases in Russia) to put America and China at odds while they execute their goals of invading contingent nations? Think it’s not possible? History is full of state-sanctioned doctors of death: Japan’s Dr. Ishii, Nazi’s Mengele, Iraqi’s Hussein…. Maybe a “Stepford Wives” type vaccine will be mandatory once the aged and infirm are culled? Oh wait … it’s the billionaires who are behind this so they can scoop up stocks at bargain prices?
Disposable face masks are promoted as such to increase sales – hopefully some enterprising American will come up with a disinfectant to wash the masks. Seems to me, just dipping a mask in alcohol, then allowing it dry, should suffice – seems to work for me.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Virus II
Date Sent: 17 Mar 2020
Tests: Just because you test negative today, doesn’t mean you won’t be infected by contact with a positive-testee tomorrow. Of course, this implies that one should be tested daily – for which there are not enough test kits, money or persons to conduct the tests. 
Briefings: As a writer I’ve learned the importance of capturing the reader’s attention with the first few lines. When leaders/experts spend their opening remarks thanking endless co-whatevers, they have lost the attentiveness of many. In other words: preface, details … then offer congrats. 
Politics: There are no guidelines or standards for this unprecedented pandemic. Whether our president is doing a good or poor job will be left up to future pundits where Repubs will tout Trump did a masterful job of keeping the infection/deaths low while Dems will claim even one life is too many. However, now is not the time to question his leadership. 
Reality: Some leaders propose constructing massive facilities to house/treat infected patients – but none claim to know where the (virus-free) staff and internal equipment will come from. America was not established to guarantee protection of all persons from all things at all times. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Virus
Date Sent: 10 Mar 2020
We might be entering a major depression, not due to the Coronavirus, per se., but because of the FEAR of this virus. The failure of banks and corporate values (stock prices) were only the symptoms of the crash of 1929 – the root cause was the fear that these bedrocks of our society were about to crash. We all know the flu season comes and goes, but the fear is this new virus could be continuous and a vaccine will never be discovered. 
Today, ticket holders to large capacity sporting events, sea cruises, mass-transit are staying away out of fear from catching the virus and/or having to endure a quarantine. Most healthy people who contract the virus survive – many not exhibiting any symptoms. This risk, actual or not, is no different than any other international or even a local catastrophe inasmuch as those who fare best are well-prepared. In other words, a 2-week supply of the essentials – food, medicine, fuel, disinfectant, ammunition and water - is essential.
Best case: there are/will be some bargains in the stock market. Worst case is terror becomes panic, that generates fake-news implying certain ethnic factions are responsible, that leads to…. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Primary Time
Date Sent: 3 Mar 2020
Because I’m not a registered Democrat, there are no choices for me in national primaries. Therefore, if you are a Democrat, I’d really like to know who you will/did vote for – and why. 
After watching the debates, I see this: Bernie sends a subconscious message of insecurity by voicing: “We must, we will….” rather than, “I will”. Ditto Bloomberg’s ads in the 3rd person - “Mike will get it done”. He seems to lack warmth and sincerity while ignoring the unions. Voters want their President to be personally involved and do things – not expect them do it for themselves. Biden has the best chance to win the general – if he can win the nomination. 
The Democratic platform seems to be about: 1) Health care - yesterday’s news; 2) Beating Trump – as a goal - not for the reason of improving the nation; 3) Income Equality – bring the poor up and the rich down to middle class. Americans have never aspired to be middle class; they want for themselves and their children/grandchildren to be millionaires just like Bernie, Joe and Mike - with 3-homes and a private jet. In other words, it’s not the rich who buy lottery tickets. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Tipping Point
Date Sent: 25 Feb 2020
The husband & wife authors, both paleontologists, of Tipping Point for Planet Earth (2016), describe the various conditions that will tip the planet earth over the edge into catastrophic conditions ending life-as-we-know-it. The book is contemplative and well written. With the exception of the final chapter there is little whining, crying and we-must-do-isms. 
The gist is that over-population, need for non-essentials, climate change, food production, drinking/crop water, toxins (pollutions) disease and war might – individually – terminate human existence. However, the nexus or domino effect of all of these factors will most likely bring about the end of times.
What they do not explore is the inner planet itself such as: sea level/temperature changes caused by the possibility of vast voids under the plates – exposed by an earthquake - that could inhale huge amounts of ocean water causing sea levels to drop. We’re expending our resources exploring outer space while we have yet to discover what’s more than 6-miles below our feet. 
They are betting on technology and pie-in-the-sky wishes of everyone pulling together to solve all problems in a timely manner without giving sufficient credence to the strongest and most devastating factor: politics.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Constitution Handbook
Date Sent: 18 Feb 2020
In light of the ever-present challenges referencing our Declaration and Constitution, my recently published handbook, AMERICA’S FRAMEWORK FOR FREEDOM, a Simplified Easy to Understand Look at the Constitution, is now available on-line and in print.  
I have annotated theses most sacred documents line-by-line (sometimes word-by-word) in a concise reference. This is not legalese or filled with two-dollar words, but plain-language explanation of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. 
Excerpt: “…among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 
...among these (meaning that these are not the only inalienable rights) are life (the right to live), liberty (freedom from a tyrannical government) and the pursuit of happiness (the right to lead a life of your choosing, such as the right to worship as you believe). 
Some other inalienable rights are:
The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
The right to own personal and real property.  
The right to be left alone.
The right to protect yourself, your property and your family.
The right of inheritance and bequeathal.  
The right to live where you choose.
Sales are aimed at bulk buyers to make donations to 501c3s, thus yielding a tax deduction. Suggestions appreciated. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Recap
Date Sent: 11 Feb 2020
John Bolton: He said, she said … ‘nuff said.
Mitt Romney: Free air time by going against the tide to repeat over and over his faith in faith – for the purpose of securing the Mormon vote? 
Mitch McConnell: Impressive utilization of power, control, guts and patience.
Nancy Pelosi: “Trump will always be impeached”.  She might wish to re-take Jr. Hi. Social Studies to learn the definition of Impeachment: “…it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges against the official” (Wikipedia). Yes, The Donald WAS impeached … but having been acquitted, he is no longer impeached. In other words, to say that a person who was indicted and then found not guilty, that that person is still under indictment is, at best, slanderous. 
POTUS: Suppose a quiet, verbally inoffensive person with a PC demeanor such as, V.P. Mike Pence, were to become President - but had the same goals and aspirations of border fence, conservative judges, foreign trade, no nukes for Iran/NKO, etc., would you allow him to conduct the business of the office of the Presidency without endless investigations … or would you become a Never-Pencer/Republican? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: POLICE ETHICS and Lethal Force....
Date Sent: 4 Feb 2020
Excerpts from my feature article in the current issue of THE POLICE CHIEF, the official publication of the National Association of Chiefs of Police:
Though courts have been hesitant to convict police officers of excessive force, this reluctance may change as ubiquitous cameras continue to witness use-of-force by our LEOs when that power is sometimes, at best, questionable. The conditions that contributed to this pattern may be a result of ….
…one police chief wrote: "Most officers have families, just like everyone else. Their main goal is to get home safely at the end of each shift….” Police officers are not "just like everyone else" they are the only ones with a sworn duty to protect "everyone else". "[T]o get home safely" might be a great concept for sanitation workers or lawyers, but contrary to what this top cop espoused: the "main goal" is to ensure that those the police officers are swore to protect “get home safely”.
Police officers are in the business of bravery, honesty and integrity. This is their stock-in-trade, forte', signature, persona, identification and what differentiates them from other professions. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Political Reality
Date Sent: 28 Jan 2020
The Dems have introduced multiple amendments to subpoena huge amounts of documents and witnesses. Why? All are being rejected, en bloc, by the Republican controlled Senate. Why? Perhaps, the Dem leadership wanted a quick Impeachment in the House so they could tout that fact up to the 2020 election. They knew if they challenged Trump’s Executive Orders in court, judicial proceedings could extent past the 2020 election, thus they wouldn’t be able to claim DJT was impeached – only still under investigation. 
However, now that the case is before the Senate, the Dems do want to extend – keep the case going – in order to claim DJT was impeached. In other words, if they are successful in getting even one shred of additional evidence or one new witness, they can open a Pandora’s Box – question, probe and stall – the Senate trial until after 2020 election. 
The Republican party leaders realize that allowing even one iota of evidence/testimony it will open the door to endless request for more – thus pushing the trial’s conclusion beyond November. It’s all tactical politics and has nothing to do with truth. If it was about the truth, the Dems would have challenged the EOs during their inquiry/investigation.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Trustworthy
Date Sent: 21 Jan 2020
Complex matters sometimes can be simplified by adhering to a standard – a personally established criteria, such as: when conducting business or putting trust into a person or enterprise the question is: Did they do what they said they would do, when they said they would do it and for the cost they said it would be?
For example, when purchasing a car, the honor of the salesperson is gauged on this issue. This salesperson might have attributes that I find distasteful, such as hair/clothing/manner, but that is not what is being judged – only the person’s honesty. Thus, if I want a red, SUV, with unique accessories and that’s what is presented to me at the agreed price, I won’t hesitate to ink the long green. One might not like my choices, but the integrity of the salesperson has not been compromised and I wouldn’t hesitate doing future business. 
DJT might be characteristically unappealing, but he is doing what he said he would do, when he said he would do it and at the cost he said it would be. Therefore, he is being true to the promises he made to get elected - ergo, he’s trustworthy. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Life's Options
Date Sent 13 Jan 2020
Option #1 is from my good friend, Jerry Addington of Houston, TX. He ends his emails: “Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and shouting . . . holy cow what a ride!" 
Option #2 is depicted in one of my favorite WSJ Salt & Pepper cartoons. It shows a decrepit, old man lying in a hospital bed connected to tubes, wires and machines. The caption of the doctor standing next to him: “You know all those extra years you were going to get by living a clean, sheltered, healthy life ... these are it”.
Everyday there seems to be another study that contradicts a previous finding, such as caffeine, beef, sugar, dairy … is good/bad for you. My father’s favorite meal was a Big Mac with a Nutty-Buddy for a snack. He never exercised a day in his life, except the 12 years when he was in the National Guard. He lived to be 97. 
Life Don’t Get No Better
Chuck Klein
Subject: Definitions

Date Sent: 6 Jan 2020
Assassinate: To kill one’s enemy in any place other than your own country or your enemy’s nation. What James Bond did everywhere … oh wait, he was fictional. However, what the Russians did in London when offing persons whom they believed were traitors; the NKos did in Asia with contact poison, what we did to Bin Laden in Pakistan and to General Suleimani in Iraq … and what the Romans did to Jesus in Jerusalem is not fiction.
Stupidity: Declaring a military/political move when there is more to gain by remaining silent and just doing it, i.e., Iran opting out of the nuclear accord. Now, evidence of non-compliance is not required for the EU to impose their own sanctions and/or…. 
Quid Pro Quo: We provided Israel with state-of-the-art weaponry for their defenses and moved our embassy to Jerusalem. To keep the US out of a shooting war with Iran/Russia, might we not expect them to conduct a unilateral strike against Iran’s nuclear capabilities? 
Results: Direct or indirect consequences from acts of aggression, or the lack thereof, are politically subjective. 
Chuck Klein