E-Mail Editorials 2020







Subject: Tipping Point
Date Sent: 25 Feb 2020
The husband & wife authors, both paleontologists, of Tipping Point for Planet Earth (2016), describe the various conditions that will tip the planet earth over the edge into catastrophic conditions ending life-as-we-know-it. The book is contemplative and well written. With the exception of the final chapter there is little whining, crying and we-must-do-isms. 
The gist is that over-population, need for non-essentials, climate change, food production, drinking/crop water, toxins (pollutions) disease and war might – individually – terminate human existence. However, the nexus or domino effect of all of these factors will most likely bring about the end of times.
What they do not explore is the inner planet itself such as: sea level/temperature changes caused by the possibility of vast voids under the plates – exposed by an earthquake - that could inhale huge amounts of ocean water causing sea levels to drop. We’re expending our resources exploring outer space while we have yet to discover what’s more than 6-miles below our feet. 
They are betting on technology and pie-in-the-sky wishes of everyone pulling together to solve all problems in a timely manner without giving sufficient credence to the strongest and most devastating factor: politics.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Constitution Handbook
Date Sent: 18 Feb 2020
In light of the ever-present challenges referencing our Declaration and Constitution, my recently published handbook, AMERICA’S FRAMEWORK FOR FREEDOM, a Simplified Easy to Understand Look at the Constitution, is now available on-line and in print.  
I have annotated theses most sacred documents line-by-line (sometimes word-by-word) in a concise reference. This is not legalese or filled with two-dollar words, but plain-language explanation of our Constitution and Declaration of Independence. 
Excerpt: “…among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. 
...among these (meaning that these are not the only inalienable rights) are life (the right to live), liberty (freedom from a tyrannical government) and the pursuit of happiness (the right to lead a life of your choosing, such as the right to worship as you believe). 
Some other inalienable rights are:
The right to be presumed innocent until proven guilty.
The right to own personal and real property.  
The right to be left alone.
The right to protect yourself, your property and your family.
The right of inheritance and bequeathal.  
The right to live where you choose.
Sales are aimed at bulk buyers to make donations to 501c3s, thus yielding a tax deduction. Suggestions appreciated. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Recap
Date Sent: 11 Feb 2020
John Bolton: He said, she said … ‘nuff said.
Mitt Romney: Free air time by going against the tide to repeat over and over his faith in faith – for the purpose of securing the Mormon vote? 
Mitch McConnell: Impressive utilization of power, control, guts and patience.
Nancy Pelosi: “Trump will always be impeached”.  She might wish to re-take Jr. Hi. Social Studies to learn the definition of Impeachment: “…it is similar to an indictment in criminal law, and thus it is essentially the statement of charges against the official” (Wikipedia). Yes, The Donald WAS impeached … but having been acquitted, he is no longer impeached. In other words, to say that a person who was indicted and then found not guilty, that that person is still under indictment is, at best, slanderous. 
POTUS: Suppose a quiet, verbally inoffensive person with a PC demeanor such as, V.P. Mike Pence, were to become President - but had the same goals and aspirations of border fence, conservative judges, foreign trade, no nukes for Iran/NKO, etc., would you allow him to conduct the business of the office of the Presidency without endless investigations … or would you become a Never-Pencer/Republican? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: POLICE ETHICS and Lethal Force....
Date Sent: 4 Feb 2020
Excerpts from my feature article in the current issue of THE POLICE CHIEF, the official publication of the National Association of Chiefs of Police:
Though courts have been hesitant to convict police officers of excessive force, this reluctance may change as ubiquitous cameras continue to witness use-of-force by our LEOs when that power is sometimes, at best, questionable. The conditions that contributed to this pattern may be a result of ….
…one police chief wrote: "Most officers have families, just like everyone else. Their main goal is to get home safely at the end of each shift….” Police officers are not "just like everyone else" they are the only ones with a sworn duty to protect "everyone else". "[T]o get home safely" might be a great concept for sanitation workers or lawyers, but contrary to what this top cop espoused: the "main goal" is to ensure that those the police officers are swore to protect “get home safely”.
Police officers are in the business of bravery, honesty and integrity. This is their stock-in-trade, forte', signature, persona, identification and what differentiates them from other professions. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Political Reality
Date Sent: 28 Jan 2020
The Dems have introduced multiple amendments to subpoena huge amounts of documents and witnesses. Why? All are being rejected, en bloc, by the Republican controlled Senate. Why? Perhaps, the Dem leadership wanted a quick Impeachment in the House so they could tout that fact up to the 2020 election. They knew if they challenged Trump’s Executive Orders in court, judicial proceedings could extent past the 2020 election, thus they wouldn’t be able to claim DJT was impeached – only still under investigation. 
However, now that the case is before the Senate, the Dems do want to extend – keep the case going – in order to claim DJT was impeached. In other words, if they are successful in getting even one shred of additional evidence or one new witness, they can open a Pandora’s Box – question, probe and stall – the Senate trial until after 2020 election. 
The Republican party leaders realize that allowing even one iota of evidence/testimony it will open the door to endless request for more – thus pushing the trial’s conclusion beyond November. It’s all tactical politics and has nothing to do with truth. If it was about the truth, the Dems would have challenged the EOs during their inquiry/investigation.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Trustworthy
Date Sent: 21 Jan 2020
Complex matters sometimes can be simplified by adhering to a standard – a personally established criteria, such as: when conducting business or putting trust into a person or enterprise the question is: Did they do what they said they would do, when they said they would do it and for the cost they said it would be?
For example, when purchasing a car, the honor of the salesperson is gauged on this issue. This salesperson might have attributes that I find distasteful, such as hair/clothing/manner, but that is not what is being judged – only the person’s honesty. Thus, if I want a red, SUV, with unique accessories and that’s what is presented to me at the agreed price, I won’t hesitate to ink the long green. One might not like my choices, but the integrity of the salesperson has not been compromised and I wouldn’t hesitate doing future business. 
DJT might be characteristically unappealing, but he is doing what he said he would do, when he said he would do it and at the cost he said it would be. Therefore, he is being true to the promises he made to get elected - ergo, he’s trustworthy. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Life's Options
Date Sent 13 Jan 2020
Option #1 is from my good friend, Jerry Addington of Houston, TX. He ends his emails: “Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and shouting . . . holy cow what a ride!" 
Option #2 is depicted in one of my favorite WSJ Salt & Pepper cartoons. It shows a decrepit, old man lying in a hospital bed connected to tubes, wires and machines. The caption of the doctor standing next to him: “You know all those extra years you were going to get by living a clean, sheltered, healthy life ... these are it”.
Everyday there seems to be another study that contradicts a previous finding, such as caffeine, beef, sugar, dairy … is good/bad for you. My father’s favorite meal was a Big Mac with a Nutty-Buddy for a snack. He never exercised a day in his life, except the 12 years when he was in the National Guard. He lived to be 97. 
Life Don’t Get No Better
Chuck Klein
Subject: Definitions

Date Sent: 6 Jan 2020
Assassinate: To kill one’s enemy in any place other than your own country or your enemy’s nation. What James Bond did everywhere … oh wait, he was fictional. However, what the Russians did in London when offing persons whom they believed were traitors; the NKos did in Asia with contact poison, what we did to Bin Laden in Pakistan and to General Suleimani in Iraq … and what the Romans did to Jesus in Jerusalem is not fiction.
Stupidity: Declaring a military/political move when there is more to gain by remaining silent and just doing it, i.e., Iran opting out of the nuclear accord. Now, evidence of non-compliance is not required for the EU to impose their own sanctions and/or…. 
Quid Pro Quo: We provided Israel with state-of-the-art weaponry for their defenses and moved our embassy to Jerusalem. To keep the US out of a shooting war with Iran/Russia, might we not expect them to conduct a unilateral strike against Iran’s nuclear capabilities? 
Results: Direct or indirect consequences from acts of aggression, or the lack thereof, are politically subjective. 
Chuck Klein