In 1979 my mother rediscovered in her jewelry box an 18k gold, double-hunter case, 17-jewel Swiss-movement pocket watch. She said she found it in my father’s mother’s jewelry box upon her death in 1955. A close examination revealed the initials, CHK, engraved on the outside of the case. Inside was the inscription: “From Grandma Klein July 27, 1914”. Family records disclosed my father’s grandmother, Belle Cohen Klein, died on that date. My father, CHK, indicated he had never seen the watch. The pocket watch had been in his mother’s jewelry box from 1914 until 1955 and then in my mother’s possession until 1979 – hidden away for 65 years. 

 Evidently, my father’s grandmother willed the watch to him; her estate had the inscriptions added. My father was only 6-years old in 1914 and by the time he was old enough to carry a watch, men were wearing wrist watches. 

I found an old-time watchmaker who made a new mainspring, noting the watch originated ca. 1880. I carry this 140-year-old historical artifact on special occasions and have added instructions to my will that it is to go to my grandson, CHK IV, adding the inscription: “From Granddad Klein [date of my death].” 

Charles H. Klein, II (aka Chuck Klein)