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Subject: Wrongs
Date Sent: 9 Apr 2024
There are two kinds of wrongs: Malum Prohibitum – wrong because society says it’s wrong and Malum In Se - wrong in and of itself, evil - we don’t need a law to tell us it’s wrong to murder or racially or politically persecute. 
“There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.” (Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged, 1957). 
Traffic laws are purposely designed to be enforcer-subjective, e.g., it is impossible to drive a MV on a public road without committing a violation thus creating probable cause to conduct a “witch-hunt”. Likewise, weaponized political power uses ambiguous, archaic, blanket-encompassing statutes to also “witch-hunt”. 
We’ve come to recognize that many Blacks, with long rap sheets, are victims of enforcer-subjective (read racially inspired) traffic stops and thus are not the criminals they are purported to be. Many Americans see 7-years of Trump persecution as Malum In Se, weaponized, political powers - masquerading as Malum Prohibitum laws - for the sake of eliminating competition. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Lies
Date Sent: 2 April 2024
There are all types of lies: big, little, bold, bald-faced, white, damn, outright, hidden, admitted, lying under oath and lies about lying. 
Is it ever okay to lie? How ‘bout if your life depended on telling a lie? When is opinion a lie? Is it okay for a political leader to lie to further the interest of a nation? How ‘bout bluffing to negotiate a better deal? Is it a lie if you believe what you say is the truth even if you’re wrong? Is it only a lie if you’re caught?
What kind of lie is:
* Puffing up your resume?
* Spinning news accounts?
* Withholding evidence?
* Not telling the whole truth? 
* I’ll call you – when you have no intention of calling?
Are any of these old sayings lies?
* A lie well told and stuck-to is as good as the truth.
* Money isn’t everything.
* Of course, I’ll still love you tomorrow.
* I really value your opinion. 
* The check must have been lost in the mail. 
* I never speed officer, honest. 
* I’m from the government and I’m here to help … you, the government, my political party….
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Interview
Date Sent: 26 Mar 2024
I had the opportunity to ask these prominent figures: “What would you do if you were the Emperor, Potentate - the unmitigated Ruler of the World?”
Trump: “You mean I’m not?”
Biden: “The second first thing compounded Iran then the final… what was the question?”
Harris: Potentate? Who’s he?
Putin: “We are eliminating those who doubt that I am.”
Ayatollah: “Kill ‘em all; let Allah sort ‘em out.” 
Netanyahu: “The Messiah is coming soon; I will then abdicate.”
Elon Musk: “King – schming. Money is the power. There are only two kinds of wealth: Rich and Super Rich. The Rich can’t spend the interest on their investments – the Super Rich can’t spend the interest on the interest of their investments. In other words, expenditures expand to meet income until income exceeds the proficiency to expend.”
Taylor Swift: “I’d make Travis the King.”
My wife: “You can expect to be making your own dinner from now on.”
CNN’s: Wolf Blitzer: “Now I can finally smile!”
FOX’s Bret Baier: “Come-on, Greg would never allow that.”
Yeah, I made this stuff up… but I’d bet I wasn’t far off!
Chuck Klein
Subject: Police Headlines
Date Sent: 19 Mar 2024 
LEOs comply with their sworn duties every day and sometimes … it’s their last day. Recent headlines from online police news sources - the mainstream media tend to ignore.: 
AZ police sniper wounds gunman who fired on officers, leading to fatal shootout. 
FL man murders coworker, shoots at deputies before fatal Officer Involved Shooting (OIS). 
NY sheriff’s office sergeant killed during struggle to detain suspect. 
NYPD officers rescue woman preparing to jump from bridge.
U.S. Border Patrol agent, 2 NY National Guard soldiers killed in Texas helicopter crash. 
LAPD officers rescue teen driver, passenger from burning car.
NM PD releases graphic surveillance, body camera footage of officer stabbed to death. 
Man kidnaps LASO deputy during traffic stop before OIS.
Man with documented contempt for LE rams cruisers, swings metal weapon at Iowa officers before OIS.
Texas officers save life of choking boy, get a hug in return. 
Man convicted of first-degree murder in 2021 ambush shooting of Baltimore Officer Keona Holley. 
FL officers shoot at armed suspect after pursuit ends with car in pond.
Man fires shots in apartment, starts to raise rifle at Ariz. officers before fatal OIS.
Texas officers confront armed student who had ‘intentions of harming others. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Moves
Date Sent: 12 Mar 2024
1) The Palestinians in Gaza are trapped in the southern region without food, water and medical facilities while IDF continues to advance. Why don’t they charge the Egyptian border where the trucks carrying these essential goods are waiting to enter? Egypt has minimal troops at this border and if rushed, how could they deny entry to these war-torn refugees? Once on Egyptian soil, the IDF won’t be attacking. 
2) It might be a smart move for Biden to grant a blanket pardon to Trump and offer to negotiate a congressional bill to settle his civil fine? That way he could claim he is healing America and bringing us together. Public opinion, media and voters might take a dim view of Trump if he refused.  
3) With Russia, Iran and America expending 100% of their respective war material capacity, wouldn’t a move by China to attack Taiwan or NKo to invade SKo be opportunistic? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Appeasement
Date Sent: 5 Mar 2024
America is a republic where voters elect representatives to govern according to a set of written rules – a constitution. Though Iran calls itself a republic, they are de facto controlled by religious doctrine of the Koran. These Muslims have made it clear they envision an Islamic world were an Ayatollah – religious monarch – rules by dictates of their “bible”. 
Due to Great Britain’s need of Arab oil, they have fostered a long-term, open-border appeasement of Muslims that is currently creating havoc. These now-citizen, idealistic, Muslim loyalists have been incrementally voting their members into Parliament while intimidating and physically attacking MPs who oppose them. This is a pattern beginning to appear in the USA as Biden appeases Palestinians, Iran, the radical left…. Infiltration of Muslims in America is evidenced by the number of these religious fundamentalist having elected themselves to local, state and federal offices (witness: The Squad, MN, Detroit….). This is not islamophobia – it’s Judeo/Christian-Posiphobia. (made up term to specify a positive belief). 
Winston Churchill defined appeaser as someone who “feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last”. The upcoming American elections will provide two choices: The open border, cower to Muslims appeasers or … MAGA, build-the-wall, confront-the-enemy, Judeo/Christian-Posiphobia appeasees? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Take-Over
Date Sent: 27 Feb 2024
Immigrants have made the USA what it is because America is such a great place to live, work and worship; billions want to move here – and that’s the rub. There are forces out to render their own rendition of the American dream by taking us over, to wit:  
China is endeavoring to conquer America by electronic means including, but not limited to: AI, Hacking of infrastructures, satellites, communications….
Muslims plan is to dominate via the ballot box. So far, they have been successfully congregating in regional districts, garnering enough votes to control local communities and elect their members to Congress. 
Russia historically tends to physically destroy their target before conquering. 
The Hispanics, numbering in the tens of millions, are illegally infiltrating our porous borders. They might inadvertently take over by sheer numbers. 
The Jews have never been imperialistic … they’ll survive but will continue to depend on the kindness of gentile strangers.
Black & White Christians Americans: Though a super and divided majority, they will continue to run things … but as puppets of any new regime. 
New book coming soon: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire. The only unknown: In what language will it be published? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Visitor
Date Sent: 20 Feb 2024
The inspiration for this came to me in a dream – just as I was awakening - the night before last.
It’s morning, a fog seemed to be rolling in from the south field of our remote, heavily forested farm. I’m pulling the tractor out of the workshop – only it’s not me – it’s me watching me. A Sheriff’s cruiser is coming toward me - red, white and blue lightbar flashing. Just short of the apron he turns around, creating a furrow in the rain-soaked lawn. A man wearing a Deputy Sheriff’s uniform exits the vehicle. The tractor is running at a fast idle, but I heard exactly what he said: “Those who have kept the covenant with G-d will endure. Stay the course.” 
I couldn’t read his name tag and his badge was a 6-pointer made up of two triangles, not the traditional 8-point star.  Though the engulfing fog was casting a surreal glow to the area, his eyes were bright, wide-open, intense and unblinking. I started to ask…. He held up his hand and continued, “All circumcised males who trace their linage to Abraham through Issac and Jacob are Hebrews. Keeping the covenant need not have been the result of a religious ceremony, just that it was done. Disseminate”. He then returned to his cruiser and drove into the fog. I watched myself climb down from the tractor, go into the shop, retrieve an iron rake to smooth over the furrow before it dried out … but it was gone as was the fog.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Books
Date Sent: 13 Feb 2024
MIRACLES at the GARDEN is a collection of miracles as told to Bill and Pat Miller. The authors describe a miracle as “Extraordinary events that can’t be explained by natural laws … an unusual event, thing or accomplishment considered to be the work of G-d”. Some of these testimonies are amazing accounts that “can’t be explained by natural law”. Probably most of us have experienced the same “extraordinary events” but might not recognize them as “the work of G-d”. Amazon .com 
Pete Bronson has produced another Cincinnati based book, THE MAN WHO SAVED CINCINNATI. This is a heavily detailed and footnoted historical accounting of a portion of the Civil War and bio of the “Man” – a General who also wrote Ben-Hur. Included is coverage of a secret plot to assassinate Lincoln while he was in Cincinnati. I found it well written and interesting, especially the section on Shiloh where my Great, Great Uncle, Captain Moses Klein, fought. Amazon .com 
Free online book: Wattpad .net is a free online platform that allows users to read and publish portions or complete books. I’ve posted a few chapters/excerpts of my book, Circa 1957 in hope of stimulating sales.
Chuck Klein
Subject: CO2
Date Sent: 6 Feb 2024
The “experts” tell us climate change is due to the increasing carbon dioxide in the global atmosphere caused by the burning of fossil fuels such as gas, oil, wood - and products made from these essential elements, i.e., bombs. Sure, we pollute with commercial and private MVs and powerplants, but what about the CO2 produced by all the combined nations’ war materiel plus their delivery systems, i.e., ships, planes and tanks?
Currently, over 20 countries are actively embroiled in some form of CO2 generating warfare with no incentive to cease hostilities. Suppose there was single “event” that would influence these combatants to stop the war-production of CO2. Surely it would significantly help the environment as well as save innocent lives. 
There is one nation that is a common enemy of the East and the West and could be made the guineapig, sacrificial lamb, scapegoat … savior. Perhaps if we – along with China - preemptively launch a few well-placed nukes it would not only destroy this propagator of evil but would send the message that any nation that does not cease CO2 producing hostilities would suffer the same fate. Thus, wouldn’t killing the evil doer kill hostilities while saving the planet? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: XIV
Date Sent: 30 Jan 2024
Recently some states have tried to exclude Trump from the Republican primary ballot citing Section 3 of the 14th Amendment: “No person shall …  hold any office … who shall have engaged in insurrection or rebellion….” Notwithstanding the subjectiveness of “insurrection, rebellion, engaged,” had his persecutors read a little further they would have come across Section 5 of the same Amendment: “The Congress shall have the power to enforce, by appropriate legislation, the provisions of this article.” In other words, states do NOT have the power to enforce this Amendment. “Some citizens are less equal than other citizens” (Apologies to George Orwell). 
Even before his inauguration, Democrats rallied against him with unmitigated hate. Egged-on by “their media”, they then focused on attacking all Republicans including SCOTUS Justices. Then they expanded their un-American bias on anything they found not to their liking by creating the Woke/Cancel Culture. “The liberals doth protest too much, me thinks.” (apologies to William Shakespeare).
I support Haley, but if Trump is the nominee, I’ll vote for him not only because Democrats have demonstrated their intent to ignore and/or subvert the law, but because Biden is destroying our country with illegals while failing to destroy our enemies. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Enemy
Date Sent: 16 Jan 2024
Down the same path again … and again where a criminal, mental incompetent and/or a child secures a firearm and kills innocents. Liberals can only tout more laws against owning guns; conservatives want to lock-em all up. Perhaps, we should be looking at this issue in a different light. 
The only element we haven’t been able to control/remove is motive - the reason why children - and those who were once children - feel so worthless that they not only want to kill themselves, but to kill fellow countrymen. Their motive seems to be a misguided hatred. In countries where their enemy is officially identified we rarely hear of mass killings of fellow nationalists. Today, Western nations fail to identify a common enemy. Perhaps, if the media and education system began teaching, indoctrinating, brainwashing, propagandizing – call it what you may – our hatred could be channeled toward a declared enemy rather than ourselves – we would all have the same goal. 
Prior to WW1 and WW2, there was hatred of Blacks, Jews, gays, isolationists…. Then came the wars and we pulled together - the hatred was channeled against a common enemy. We’re back to pre-war days … again. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Klein's Laws
Date Sent: 9 Jan 2024

1* The secret to life is the ability to adapt to change.

2* We are not a nation of laws - we are a nation of constitutions. Laws, statutes, court decrees, presidential edicts are subservient to constitutions.

3* The Constitution should be amended to say: For every new law, statute or ordinance - two must be repealed.

4* When a judge imparts his instructions or charges to a jury; that jury is no longer impartial.

5* All Americans have the right to remain silent; many, however, don't have the ability.

6* Any man who admits to his wife that he can sometimes be dumb, can get away with a lot of dumb stuff.

7* For every bluff tendered, there should be a plan B.

8* Never being able to satiate aspirations is better than not having any fantasies at all.

9* The measure of one's generosity is not how much, but how much in relation to how much is available.

10* Never steal less than you can successfully hide and comfortably retire on - after you get out of prison.

11* One can't fix stupid anymore that one can teach common sense.


Chuck Klein



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Subject: Purpose
Date Sent: 2 Jan 2024
The federal government has two purposes: 
1. To carry out the mandates as laid out in the Constitution. 
2. To perpetuate itself. The government (in reality, its employees) must constantly be doing something so as not to seem dysfunctional and useless. If elected officials and bureaucrats - masters of perpetuation – do not continue to create new legislation, rules or controls, they fear voters will consider them unneeded and thus they will soon be unemployed. 
Americans want to be all things to all people but are naïve in their beliefs that other nations also think this way. The purpose of the post WW2 Marshall Plan: To help Russia, Germany, Italy Japan and China with reparation funding and favorable trade deals they would enjoy economic freedom and would become like us – peace-loving, democratic, capitalistic and non-imperialistic. China has not only taken advantage of our generosity, but has, through manipulations and theft of trade, military and security secrets, become a threat to the world. Three out of five ain’t so good
If “The purpose of literature is to turn blood into ink” (T.S. Eliot). Then is the purpose of media to turn ink into blood? 
Chuck Klein