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Subject: Savings Bonds

Date Sent: 29 Dec 2014

Because America is not producing paper savings bonds this might be an opportunity to not only raise money for the government, but instill patriotism as well as generate commercial enterprise. My suggestions:
    1) Issue U.S. Savings Bonds on large format, high quality paper depicting patriotic scenes commissioned to American artists. Original artwork could be auctioned off, raising additional funds.
    2) These suitable-for-framing serial numbered/registered bonds should be in denominations of no less than $xxK and sold through a contract dealer such as eBay or other commercial venues for whatever the market will bear – at face value or above (proceeds to the U.S. Government with commissions to the seller).
    3) These government bonds will not be interest bearing, but should always be redeemable at face value. Thus the Government will gain funds without adding any interest debt.
    I believe these will become status symbols especially if the purchaser must provide proof of U.S. Citizenship. Being of high face value and registered, theft and/or counterfeiting should not be an issue. Shark Tank, anyone?
Chuck Klein
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Subject: Cuba

Date Sent: 18 Decc 2014

One of the primary reasons for the Cuban blockade and for ignoring this tiny island nation was to demonstrate that communism does not work. With an influx of escapees telling tales of how difficult life is under communist doctrine, it provided proof to the rest of the world, and socialist who live in the USA, that capitalism is the better economic system.
At a time when Russia is suffering financial woes, this apparent lessening of tension and a trend toward normalization of relations is a huge coup for the Obama administration.
The Republicans now have the opportunity to play one-ups-man-ship by encouraging any and all Caribbean nations to seek American statehood.


Subject: Police Brutality

Date Sent: 14 Dec 2014

In response to White House backed agitators and protesters claims of police brutality what we need is a cooling-off period, say a week off – no cops on duty for a week.
I’m sure the licensed to carry contingent won’t have a problem. But I’ll bet those strutting dissents will turn their whining and crying into pleas of please come back and brutalize the thugs who will have taken over in your absence. 
Chuck Klein
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Subject: Christmas Wishes

Date Sent: 10 Dec 2014

The fire crackles while familiar songs of the season penetrate the soul to produce complacency, security and memories of this extraordinary time of the year. 
Christmas is an American National Holiday. Ramadan, Chanukah, etc. are not. The Christmas Tree may or may not be a religious symbol, but it most assuredly is a representation of Santa Claus and our National Holiday. As such, it belongs on government property. Placing a decorated Christmas tree, sans religious ornamentation, in the public domain is expected, proper and an American tradition. Nativity scenes, Menorahs or the Crescent Moon & Star have no standing for placement on public property.

For a Christian to wish a non-Christian a merry Christmas is the epitome of what this special day is all about. The Christian is saying: “This is my special day and I wish that your day will be as wonderful as my day promises to be.” This is a great compliment as in, here a fellow God-fearing, decent, Judeo-Christian-valued, American is wishing me a good day. Thank you.
When a non-Christian wishes a Christian a Merry Christmas, he or she is saying, “I applaud and honor your right to celebrate this day that stands for the good in mankind and our common values that make this country what it is. How fortunate we are to live in a country that not only allows us to choose and practice our own religion, but protects these rights.”

Religious fundamentalists, be they Christian, Jewish, atheist, Muslim, et al., are not exhibiting American values, merely, their own insecurities when you try to force their beliefs on others with guns, law suits, government sanctification or majority rule.
Wishing my Jewish friends a Happy Chanukah, and my Christian friends a Merry Christmas,
Chuck Klein
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Subject: Protests: Then & Now

Date Sent: 6 Dec 2014

Led by MLK, Jr., blacks, in the early 60s, staged large peaceful protests for the right to be served at white lunch counters, equality in employment, public transportation and other segregated matters. For sure there were a number of riots, but most of those were instigated by white police agencies using such tactics as fire hoses and dogs against peaceful marchers. In Birmingham, AL, 1963, the first significant victory was realized when the city fathers, agreed to negotiate with the black community. Then the ball rolled to the Civil Rights Act and finally to today where the over-whelming majority of American blacks are decent, law-abiding, have equality and have realized the dream of a black POTUS and AG.

In conflict: blacks kill blacks on a scale unequal to all others, yet they object to a white police officer protecting his own life. Of course, there is still racial occurrences, but so too against Jews, Mexicans, Vietnamese and others – we are not a perfect people.

What do the protesters want now? An end to the Grand Jury system? Black only juries? Dismantling all police agencies? Martial law?

Here’s my suggestion: Protest against robbing, stealing, drug dealing, assaulting police officers and resisting arrest.

Chuck Klein
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Subject: Heart Attack!

Date Sent: 12-4-14

 Seven A.M., I awoke with severe pain in my chest and jaw – classic heart-attack symptoms. Clutching my 72 year-old chest I made it to the fridge, found the tiny nitro tablets and dissolved one under my tongue. A few minutes later, I felt light headed and immediately sat down. My adult son, home for Thanksgiving, came in to make his morning coffee and I was able to mumble “heart-attack” before passing out. My wife and son called 9-1-1 while trying to revive me and get me to swallow an aspirin. They said I was breathing and had a faint heartbeat, but was unresponsive for about 20 minutes.
Soon the Brown County Life Squad arrived. The EKG and vital sign check determined it would be best to transport me to Mercy Anderson Hospital – via helicopter. Normally, I would be imagining this was going to be really cool as I have never been in a whirlybird, however, I was really thinking . . . are we there yet.
Annette gathered my wallet with medical cards and a bag of snackies (she knew it might be a long day), and headed for the hospital in her car.
The squad took me to the heliport at what had been Brown County General where the chopper was waiting for us. The crews traded wires, tubes, bedding and paraphernalia with the copter team. Seems each medical service, as well as each hospital department, always wants their gear back. Having been a cop, I can relate – cops always retain their own handcuffs when exchanging prisoners.
The ten minute Air Evac Lifeteam ride was – to an old-timer - akin to the overnight passenger trains of the 40s and 50s. There was motion and noise, but as on a Pullman of old, it was soothing inasmuch as it could lull you to sleep. The pilot was so skilled, there was virtually no sensation of liftoff or landing and I know we banked at least once - only because I saw Court House. Laying flat on a stretcher my view was just farm land on the horizon.
Upon arrival at Mercy Anderson, I could see my wife waiting for me – it’s a one hour drive from our farm. She either had to drive very fast or the transfer took longer than I thought.
In the ER, I heard one of the staff say they were going to give me Plavix. I recognized the word as a drug advertised on TV. There’s also another drug that also gets a lot of TV time, but I couldn’t remember the name. Since Plavix sounded familiar, I asked, “Am I going to get lucky? Is that the drug that if it lasts longer than four hours I should call my doctor.” It got a laugh.
Now stabilized, I was wheeled to the Cath department for a carotid angioplasty. The doctor explained, as he hefted a scalpel that looked like a machete, that they were going to jam a camera inside my artery to view the heart from the inside. You’ve seen cameras the news media sling over their shoulders . . . wait, I lied about the machete part and the camera wasn’t exactly that large and it was more like precision threading than jamming.
I didn’t feel a thing – except for the blood pressure band. Because they had two IVs in my left arm and the camera was going in my right arm, they put the BP on my calf. They forgot to tell me. The first time it pumped up, I thought it was a Charlie Horse. During the 2-day, 6-hour procedure it tightened up every ten seconds and hurt like the dickens. Well . . . maybe I exaggerated a mite. Actually the whole thing took perhaps 30 minutes and the BP only went off three or four times – but it really did hurt.
Finally, around two P.M. they put me in a semi-private room where I was allowed a meal. Soon, the Hospitalist (I think that’s what they call the resident MD) paid me a visit with the good news that all was well and he was releasing me. The Dr. walks out, I start to sit up in bed and my RN says, “Where do you think you’re going?”
“The doctor just said I could go home.”
“You’re not going anywhere until the bleeding stops.”
Bleeding? I didn’t know I was bleeding. I quickly tugged at my gown sleeve to inspect what surely had to be a gaping hole where the media camera had been wedged in. Truthfully, I had to put my bifocals on to see the incision. My RN firmly and gently explained that the photo-op of the inside of my heart was via an artery and it takes a few hours to seal. Doctors might be the head honcho at hospitals, but it’s the RNs who really call the shots and run things.
Seven P.M. and I’m on my way home – with written instructions saying if the artery starts to bleed I should apply direct pressure and call 9-1-1. It didn’t say how to hold your thumb on the hole in your wrist and operate a phone at the same time, but I didn’t even want to think about such things.
Chuck Klein
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Subject: "Hands-up"

Date Sent: 3 Dec 2014

In last Sunday’s football game, some of the St. Louis team members entered the stadium in the “hands-up, I surrender” position depicting the false report that Michael Brown was trying to give up when shot. The FOP and the NFL Player’s Association have both send formal letters of protest to the NFL for refusing to punish the St. Louis players for their total lack of respect of our law enforcement community.

Perhaps, the Washington Redskins (scheduled to play St. Louis 7 Dec) – and maybe other teams - will enter the stadium wearing mock police uniforms to make light of this incident before it gets out of hand and to also to show support and respect to those who protect the players, NFL staff and all persons.

Chuck Klein
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Subject: Protocols of . . . .

Date Sent: 2 Dec 2014

Circa 1900, unknown author(s) wrote and published a scapegoating paper titled: Protocols of the Elders of Zion. The gist of the piece was the Jews were planning to take control of the world. Of course, it is clear now that this scenario did not happen because the they lacked the means, motive and opportunity for such a strategy. 

 Today, the evidence is clear that a significant number of Muslims have the Opportunity and Motive to take over the World. The Means, in the form of nuclear weapons controlled by Arab countries, is within their grasp.

 Hollywood and free-world movie producers, however, might have the MM&O to expose and thus defeat our archenemy by producing a TV series titled: The Protocols of the Elders of Mecca.

 Chuck Klein


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Subject: 10 Self-Evident Truths

Date Sent: 28 Nov 2014

Most of America’s domestic problems can be solved with the acceptance of these 10 Self-Evident Truths:
1) Everyone harbors some level of prejudice - we are not a perfect society;
2) There is no statute, law or constitutional right that guarantees life is fair;
3) America offers minorities the greatest opportunities and lowest level of discrimination of any nation in the world;
4)  Rioting, looting, burning does not enhance one’s standing in the eyes of law-abiding Americans or other countries;
5)  If you are ever in a situation where another person is about to murder you, at that moment, you'd trade all your worldly possessions for a firearm. And, if that threat was to kill your child or your grandchild, you'd sell your soul for a gun;
6) We are NOT a nation of laws - we are a nation of constitutions. Laws, statutes, court decrees, presidential edicts are subservient to constitutions;
7) The Legislative Branch has the power to make laws – not to enforce them;
8) The Executive Branch has the power to enforce laws – not to make them;
9) The Courts have the power to determine if the Legislative or Executive branches have exceeded their constitutional powers - not to make or enforce laws;
10) Sometimes the three branches overstep their bounds or make mistakes – see # 1 and # 2 above.

Chuck Klein (Klein's Laws)


Subject: Ferguson Decision

Date Sent: 25 Nov 2014

The split screen on FOX news last night didn’t show any rioting until AFTER the President, for all intents and purposes, called American police officers racists. The overwhelming majority of black Americans are decent law abiding citizens as evidenced by the small number of rioters. LEOs are also decent law abiding American citizens. 

BO did go on to say that relations between police and black communities needs changes, but he didn’t tender any suggestions or plans. In other words, after months of preparation time, the best he could do was play the race card. The President of the United States minced no words when expressing his sorrow and condolences for the Michael Brown family, but not one word for Officer Wilson and his family who will have to live with the aftermath (including death threats) of having to use lethal force to survive an attack by a criminal.

Officer Wilson did exactly as he was trained to do. Of course, there’s the possibility that the training needs to be changed, but I haven’t heard any proposals of what should be changed. Race relations between LE and the black community also might need changes . . . perhaps it’s the black community that needs to make the changes such as curtailing the fatherlessness that leads to the killings, stealing, drugs and – gangs.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Executive Power

Date Sent: 20 Nov 2014

1) THE EXECUTIVE ORDER: Mr. Obama’s EO ONLY grants TEMPORARY legal status to illegal immigrants. In other words, the temporary time might be no more than a matter of minutes. For example: suppose Jose comes forward, pays his taxes and has no criminal history; under the the BO EO, the man is allowed to be legally in this country – temporarily. That temporary time limit might be just long enough to summon the Border Patrol, who will exclaim, “time’s up,” and thus arrest him. Jose now has a criminal record. Of course, BO could pardon Jose, but it then becomes a little murky inasmuch as BO would be admitting Jose is a criminal and thus isn’t eligible for citizenship in the first place.
2) THE LAW: I don’t believe SCOTUS will deny a President the power to authorize temporary acts.
3) POLITICAL PLOY MIGHT BACKFIRE: BO is trying to force the Republicans to take action that makes them look like monsters ripping children from the  arms of their parents. The Republicans might best ignore the EO and prepare a PERMANENT law that doesn’t rip any arms while setting up the methods of actually sealing the borders (something missing from BO’s EO). Placing such bill on BO’s desk after January, will put arm-ripping back in the Dems hands.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Ferguson, MO

Date Sent: 18 Nov 2014

The early line: No true bill  - they will not indict officer Wilson.
My information is:
1) There were African-American eye witnesses that corroborated the LEO’s contention that he was under attack by Brown, a larger man.
2) Forensic evidence of Brown’s AND Wilson’s blood was found INSIDE the police car supporting the LEO’s position that Brown was in the act of criminally assaulting him.
3) As of 17 Nov 2014, the Governor of Missouri has declared a state of emergency – an indication that he already knows the findings of the Grand Jury. 
Lethal force is justified to STOP an unwarranted and deadly assault when one BELIEVES he is under immediate threat of death or great bodily harm. The attacker doesn’t have to actually carry out this threat, but must have the means and capability and the victim must have reasonable grounds to BELIEVE he will do so if resistance is not forthwith. Persons who carry guns are trained to shoot to stop the attacker not to kill him. If the perpetrator dies of his wounds, it is his misfortune.
As to Brown being unarmed, the disparity of force compendium may be a factor in this matter. For example: suppose a small female believes she is about to be killed or subject to great bodily harm by a large unarmed male. She would be justified in using lethal force whereas if the roles were reversed, he would most likely not be justified in using lethal force on her.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Follow up to BO Should Resign

Sent: 18 Nov 2014

I got a bunch of replies on yesterday’s political email – thank you.

What’s most disturbing were the comments from some of the truly left wingers, to wit:

One degreed man wrote a full paragraph claiming it was all Bush’s fault – this after 6 years!

Another called me a racist. When I challenged him to cite where in my message he could possibly read that I was a racist, he, of course, failed to respond.

These voters are not stupid, but they are delusional and scared out of their wits that the boogieman (Republicans) will . . . make the country stronger? A stronger America by 2016 means fewer Democrats will win. In addition, they will have to face the fact that Obama style arrogance doesn’t make up for a total lack of experience.

The British have votes of confidence where the gentlemanly thing to do is resign if your party fails to give you a favorable vote. BO said before this past election: though he wasn’t running, all of his issues were on the table. The people of both parties gave BO a clear vote of no confidence. Nixon did the right thing for the country after being confronted, privately, by his own party. The Democrats must recognize that BO has the lost his ability to effectively govern and they should pressure him for his resignation.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Obama Should Resign

Date Sent: 17 Nov 2014

Mr. Obama is assuredly a lame duck and by factoring in his errors and mistakes he is also a wounded duck. BO’s threats to Congress to implement unilateral foreign and domestic plans is indicative of delusional desperation for which no good can come. If he remains in office the Democrats – and possibly all Americans – will be dead ducks.

President Obama should resign. V.P. Joe Biden, who has not antagonized Congress and the voters, will be in good stead to end the gridlock. America needs a leader who can not only reacquire the respect of all, but lead rather than confront.

Politically speaking, the longer BO remains in office the greater the benefit to Republicans. While on the other hand, an Obama resignation will allow Democrats the freedom to blame him, personally, for his administration's foreign policy missteps. However, all of America will be able to move on if BO moves out.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Road Use Tax

Date Sent: 16 Nov 2014

Saving gasoline is good for the bottom line – yours and mine. However, it is not advantageous for governments, who garner a significant portion of their revenue from the tax on each gallon of gas purchased.
In other words, gas sipping cars consume fewer gallons which means lower revenue for the state as well as the federal government. This seems counter to encouraging economical vehicles because it reduces the incentive to drive gas friendly cars.

At least one state, California (S.B. 1077), is proposing a Road Use Tax to replace the per gallon tax with a mileage tax. Measuring mileage could be done either electronically or via affidavit. This brings up a whole new privacy issue – just one more piece of data the government (and others) will know about you and your daily life.

Chuck Klein


Subject: The Good/Bad News Is:

Date Sent: 5 Nov 2014

The good news is: America finally sent the Obamaites a very strong message.
The bad news is: If the Republicans squander their power, they will be the ones swept, and deservedly so, in 2016!
Chuck Klein


Subject: Rape Offense Tactic

Date Sent: 31 Oct 2014

If you are female or have daughters or granddaughters, you might find this of interest. If so, please consider forwarding this on to make this option available to others.
This psychological approach came to me, while reading a case about a serial rapist. I realized my daughters and granddaughters, none of which are materially braced to fend off such an attack, need a pro-active option. In other words, what could they do if so assaulted by either a stranger or an acquaintance?  
American Police Beat - Rape Offense Tactic
Chuck Klein


Subject: From Within

Date Sent: 26 Oct 2014

We won the two previous world wars because PC had not been coined. We fought Germany and Huns; Japan and Japs. We nuked civilian targets and we interned Japanese in this country. I reiterate: We Won!

Today, the Muslim world has learned how to use our PC against us. They have created two Muslim camps: one the pseudo peace-loving American citizens and a second, the warrior, who openly declares and carries out war against us. At some point the "peace-loving" contingent will side with the warriors, rise up, and attack us from within.
Possible Solution: Register all Muslims in the U.S. and expel those under the age of 50. Continue to keep the Islamics busy fighting our trained troops over-there. Of course, the same isolationists who grovel and apologize for nuking civilian targets and interning Japanese during WW2 will fight this political correctness thus make us vulnerable and weak in the eyes/means of our enemy.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Abbreviations & Terms Part 3

Date Sent: 22 Oct 2014

Part 3. Just for fun. Answers below. As this stuff is off the top of my head, there might be errors – please let me know if you find any. ck
River Lore:
1)    Ohio River begins at the
2)    RRR means
3)    Minimum depth of Ohio River
4)    Longest river in North America
5)    Priority access thru river locks
6)    Name 2 Maple trees indigenous to NA
7)    Name 3 Oak trees indigenous to NA
8)    Girdling means
9)    Deciduous means
10)    Honey Locust’s unique attribute
11)    LPGA
12)    Double Eagle
13)    Location of Masters Tournament
14)    Type of grass common to golf greens
15)    Handicap
Professional Baseball:
16)    Distance from the Pitcher’s mound to home plate
17)    Distance between the bases
18)    3 and 2 means
19)    Grand Slam
20)    K
Professional Football:
21)   Referee signal of placing both hands on his hip
22)    Points for a Double Safety
23)    Quarterback means
24)    Length of a football field from goal post to goal post
25)    Penalty for Roughing the Passer
26)    ABCB
27)    Perfect Bound
28)    Number of sheets in a ream of paper
29)    The 3 keys to good writing
30)    qwerty
1)    Confluence of the Monongahela and the Alleghany rivers at Pittsburgh
2)    Red Right Returning (boaters should keep all red buoys/lights on their right side when returning from the ocean)
3)    12’ maintained by the Army Corps of Engineers
4)     Mississippi 2300 miles
5)    U.S. vessels, Commercial passenger vessels, commercial non-passenger vessels, private boats
6)    Sugar, Silver, Red, Black . . . .
7)    Red, White, Black, Bur, Pin . . . .
8)    Removal of a ring of bark around a tree to kill it or roots encircling a tree
9)    Leaf bearing
10)    Long, hard, tractor tire puncturing thorns
11)    Ladies Professional Golf Association
12)    2 strokes under par on a hole (1 stroke under is a birdie – 1 over is a bogy)
13)    Augusta, GA
14)    Bent grass
15)    Number of strokes subtracted from your average score to make par (if your average is 90 and par is 72, your handicap is 18)
16)    60’6”
17)    90’
18)    3 balls, 2 strikes on the batter
19)    Homerun with bases loaded (4 runs score)
20)    Strikeout mark on a scoring sheet
21)    Off-Sides
22)    2 points for a Safety - There is no such thing as a Double Safety in football – I made that up
23)    A Fullback is the farthest from the offense line. A Halfback is halfway between and a Quarterback is a forth of the way back.
24)    120 yards (100 yards between goal lines plus 10 yards for each end zone)
25)    15 yards and automatic 1st Down
26)    Style of poetry where the last word of the 2nd line rhymes with the last word of the 4th line
27)    Book bound with glue, square back  – not bound by stitches/staples or loose
28)    500
29)    Edit, Edit, Edit
30)    Common keyboard layout. Word comes from the 1st 6 letters in the upper left of the keyboard.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Abbreviations & Terms Part 2

Date Sent: 20 Oct 2014

Part 2. Just for fun – how many do you recognize? Answers below.


1)    4-6-6-4 or 0-4-2 or 4-8-0
2)    4’ 8 1/2”
3)    NYC
4)    DT&I
5)    Hostler

6)    cid
7)    Duce & a Quarter
8)    Tri-Fives
9)    TDC
10)    EFI

11)    NRA (not Nat’l Rifle Assoc)
12)    WPA (1930s)
13)    DHS
14)    OSS (predecessor to CIA)
15)    SCOTUS

16)    PTO
17)    CAUV
18)    FFA
19)    REMC
20)    3-Point Hitch

General Knowledge:
21)    MCDXIX (Roman Numeral)
22)    GPS
23)    Hz
24)    ZB3Q
25)    MSRP

26)    Felony
27)    LEO
28)    Misfeasance
29)    SWAT
30)    Prima Facie

31)    Modern (when used in a real estate ad for a home)
32)    Distance from Earth to the Sun
33)    Speed of light
34)    Speed of sound
35)    42 Gallons

36)    Hot rolled P&O (probably only Jerry Benjamin will get this)


1)    Wheel configuration of a locomotive – the middle number(s) are always the drive wheels.
2)    Distance between the standard gauge rails
3)    New York Central
4)    Detroit, Toledo & Ironton RR
5)    Engineer in training or person who services engines

6)    Cubic inch displacement (a standard for measuring size of internal combustion engines)
7)    Buick Model: Electra 225
8)    Iconic 1955, ‘56, ‘57 Chevrolets
9)    Top Dead Center
10)    Electronic Fuel Injection

11)    National Recovery Act (1930s)
12)    Works Progress Administration
13)    Department of Homeland Security
14)    Office of Strategic Services
15)    Supreme Court Of The United States

16)    Power Take Off (attachable driveshaft of a tractor)
17)    Current Agricultural Use Value (How farm land is valued as farm land not potential development)
18)    Future Farmers of America
19)    Rural Electric Maintenance Corporation (established in the early 1900s to bring electric to rural America)
20)    Standard method of attaching implements to farm tractors

21)    1,419
22)    Global Positioning System
23)    Hertz (a unit of measurement for cycles such as electricity, sound)
24)    I lied – there is no such thing. Just in case someone tries to claim they got ‘em all right
25)    Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price

26)    A crime punishable by imprisonment of more than one year
27)    Law Enforcement Officer (anyone sanctioned by a government with the power of arrest)
28)    The doing of a lawful act in an unlawful manner
29)    Special Weapons and Tactics
30)    On its face – at first sight – a fact presumed to be true until disproved

31)    Home has indoor plumbing
32)    93 million miles
33)    186K miles/second
34)    About 1200 feet/second (depends on conditions)
35)    A barrel of oil

36)    Hot Rolled, Pickled & Oiled (A method of treating steel)

Chuck Klein


Subject: Abbreviations & Terms

Date Sent: 19 Oct 2014

Just for fun – how many do you recognize? Answers below.

1)    FOB
2)    Tare
3)    FAS
4)    COD
5)     LTL
6)    12VDC
7)    Bowtie
 8)    OHV
 9)    AWD
10)    NOS
11)    ACP (as in .45 or .380)
12)    SAA
13)    DAO
14)    SxS
15)    CCW
Law Enforcement:
16)    NCIC
17)    Code 3
18)    2-7 (Two-Seven)
19)    DWI (or OVI)
20)    DOA
 21)    H20
 22)    OJ
 23)    CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS (media)
 24)    UHF (TV)
 25)    MSW
Stock Market Symbols
 26)    M
 27)    T
 28)    MA
 29)    HOG
 30)    MCD
Machine Shop:
31)    SHCS 1/4x28x2
32)    .532 _____ of an inch
33)    NF (thread)
34)    PSI
35)    TPI (saw blade)
36)    FAF
37)    Lambert Field (location)
38)    CVG
39)    LAX
40)    ORD
41)    SBS-C1S    (paper industry)


1)     Free On Board
2)    Weight of empty vehicle or container
3)    Free Alongside Ship
4)    Collect On Delivery
5)    Less Than truck Load
6)    12 Volt Direct Current
7)    Chevrolet
8)    Overhead Valve
9)    All Wheel Drive
10)    New, Old Stock
11)    Automatic Colt Pistol
12)    Single Action Army
13)    Double Action Only
14)    Side by Side
15)    Carry Concealed Weapons
16)    National Crime Information Center
17)    Full Emergency – With Lights and Siren
18)    Out of Service – not available – dead
19)    Driving While Intoxicated – Operating a Vehicle while Intoxicated
20)    Dead on Arrival
21)    Water
22)    Orange Juice
23)    Columbia Broadcasting System, National Broadcasting Company, American Broadcasting Company, Public Broadcasting System
24)    Ultra High Frequency
25)    MicroSoft Word
26)    Macy
27)    AT&T
28)    Master Card
29)    Harley Davidson
30)    McDonald
31)    Socket Head Cap Screw 1/4” (dia.) – 28 Threads/inch – 2” long
32)    Thousands
33)    National Fine
34)    Pounds per Square Inch
35)    Teeth per Inch
36)    Fly Away Field
37)    St. Louis, MO
38)    Greater Cincinnati International Airport (the C in CVG stands for Covington, KY)
39)    Los Angeles International Airport
40)    O’Hare International Airport – Chicago
41)    Solid Bleached Sulfate – Coated one Side (Dan Robertson and Jeff Deutsch might be the only ones who get this)

Chuck Klein


Subject: The Elders . . . again?

Date Sent: 14 Oct 2014

This is an excerpt of an email I received that is disturbing inasmuch as the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion mentality still exists.

In the case of Hollywood film entertainment, musical recording and TV broadcasting philosophy and policy, it's no secret that the entertainment industry in the U.S. has long been headed by Jewish Media Mogels [sic] who are driven by centuries of cultural hatred toward the Christian faith.  
As Christians it would be terribly wrong for us to harbor any ill will toward any of these industry leaders because they are fellow Americans and successful businessmen.  We just need to include each of them in our prayers, as you well know. 

 My observation which I sent to the originator of this message (he has not responded as of this date):

“For over 2000 years there is no history of Jews ever being anti-Christian. Where is your proof that the “Jewish Media Mogels [sic] [who] are driven by centuries of cultural hatred toward the Christian faith.”? Today the main stream media spews out daily anti-Israeli sentiments. If Jews control CBS ABC and NBC, as you indicate, would they allow such bias? 
What is equally disturbing is your statement: “We just need to include each of them in our prayers....”. To whom are you praying? We (Jews and Christians) pray to the same G_d as we are all descendants of Abraham - including Moses and Jesus. Is your prayer an attempt to tell our G_d how He should treat His chosen people?

Finally, even if Jews “control” the media, America has done very well under their stewardship – and zero attacks on Christians by Jews. What’s your complaint?”

Send this to your list. “Never again” means challenge every slur or slam at Israel and Jews.

Chuck Klein


Subject: The Ratio

Date Sent: 14 Oct 2014

By 1940 FDR realized America would soon have to enter the fray in both Europe and the Far East. Other countries had switched from a butter to a guns economy by nationalizing their private corporations.
FDR recognized the benefits of allowing private industry to retain some of its commercial endeavors that would not only spur the economy, but corporate profits would be an incentive to expand. In other words, FDR’s administration set and adjusted the ratio of butter to guns and that was the key to America’s ability to out-produce all other nations.
We are losing today’s 3-front war (Russia, China, ISIS) because the Obama administration’s inability to recognize the need to adjust our butter to guns ratio by reducing social programs while increasing military strength. 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Who's Next

Date Sent: 3 Oct 2014

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in a speech at the U.N. on Monday (29 Sep 2014), stated: "terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hamas, the Iranian regime, Hezbollah, al-Qaeda and Boko Haram share the same vision. They all seek to create ever expanding enclaves of militant Islam where there is no freedom and no tolerance, where women are treated as chattel, Christians are decimated, and minorities are subjugated, sometimes given the stark choice: convert or die."
In a direct response to this pronouncement, State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said (1 Oct 2014): “We would not agree with that statement.” In June 2014, Psaki said: “We made a decision as the United States Government that our assistance to the Palestinian Authority is important to the United States.”

Say what? What WE need is a new administration.

If the Obama administration will turn on it’s long time ally, Israel . . . who’s next?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Vote 2014

Date Sent: 30 Sep 2014

It appears that President Obama’s ruinous foreign policy is causing House and Senate Democrat candidates to distance themselves from him – sort of like losers slinking away from the craps table. Though not running for office himself, the “little o” agreed to a “60 Minutes” interview (9-28-14) where he legitimized the old saying: “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than open one’s mouth and remove all doubt.”

Chuck Klein


Subject: Minority Vote

Date Sent: 28 Sep 2014

The U.S. Muslim population (2.11%) is increasing due to legal as well as illegal immigration. The Jewish population remains static (2.2%). This could be the reason some Democrats have been less supportive of Israel and more inclined to send aid, including weapons, to Islamic countries. The Obama administration recently withheld arms shipments to Israel – at a time when Israel was engaged in the Gaza war.
Politicians who seek the vote of those who do not subscribe to Judeo-Christian ideals, morals and ethics are a danger to America.  Video
Chuck Klein


Subject: Dems Still Don't Get It

Date Sent: 23 Sep 2014

After a couple of SCOTUS decisions soundly supporting the right to keep and bear arms, the liberals still don’t get it. In a very recent TV ad Kentucky Senatorial Democratic candidate Alison Grimes is shown skeet shooting as she states: "I'm not Barack Obama. I disagree with him on guns . . . ." In the corner of the screen is shown a still photo of her opponent, Republican U.S. Senator Mitch McConnell, holding a gun in one hand over his head. Grimes then says, "And Mitch, that's not how you hold a gun." McConnell Photo
Wrong! McConnell is correctly holding the gun, a la, Charlton Heston. Movie star, Heston, then NRA Executive Director, held a rifle in one hand and above his head when he issued his famous line, “Mr. Gore, you can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead hands.” Heston Photo
The 2nd Amendment is not about hunting or sport shooting, it’s about protection of self, family and country. If Democrats can’t grasp this Supreme Court sanctioned, intrinsic and essential Constitutional right - how can we trust them to honor other basic rights?
Chuck Klein


Subject: And So It Continues


Date Sent: 22 Sep 2014

Last week the Jewish Telegraph Association JTA reported that write-in Kentucky U.S. Senate candidate, Robert Ransdell,  is campaigning with the slogan “With Jews we lose.”  The candidate, from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky suburb of Florence, has been posting such yard signs in this area. His opponents - neither of which are Jewish - are incumbent Republican Mitch McConnell and the Senate’s minority leader, and Democrat, Alison Lundergan Grimes.

In 1938, supporters of the incumbent governor in Kansas attacked Republican candidate Payne H. Ratner because Ratner’s father was Jewish.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Domestic Abuse Question

Date Sent: 19 Sep 2014

If a pro football player – outside of his employment - allegedly commits domestic abuse he’ll lose his job. What if a female professional tennis player beats her spouse - should she be fired (yeah, there are plenty of women abusers)? How ‘bout a Mcburger-flipper should he or she be automatically canned for DA?  
If a person is punished (by his/her employer) for criminal acts, does that bar criminal proceedings under the constitutional double jeopardy clause?
All states have rules/cases/laws that say to the effect: You cannot create a situation that allows you to use lethal force. In other words,  you can't set someone up (antagonize them) or otherwise cause them to attack you so you can then kill them.

How is this any different from domestic abuse where one party instigates a confrontation that results in violence? In the Ray Rice incident, the now Mrs. Rice appears to have assaulted Ray. He might be guilty of using excessive force, but as the instigator, how can she (or the media) support the claim of her being a victim of DA?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Despot Control

Date Sent: 17 Sep 2014

Making some rounds today is the thinking that Muslim despots are good inasmuch as while they were in power they controlled and stifled the in-fighting we are now seeing in the Middle East. 
Despots in control allowed:
1) Pockets of terrorist groups to plan, train and launch attacks against the West;
2) Assaults on Israel – the base of all Christians and Jews;
3) Population expansion of themselves – more Muslims terrorists being born.
As we stepped in to actively or clandestinely overthrow these despots, we: 
1) Opened the way for the different Muslim sects to make war upon themselves thus reducing the number of enemies we have to contend with in the future;

2) Took out many of our enemies;
3) Caused them to focus on fighting us over-there rather than on our soil.

The “strategy” that might serve us best would be to stay involved, militarily and diplomatically, only insofar as to keep them killing each other.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Who Are We?

Date Sent: 13 Sep  2014

In 1946 we were the most economically and militarily powerful country the modern world had ever seen. What has caused the lessening of this freedom-loving, justice-inspired, capitalistic republic?

Has it been our interventionist activity in the affairs of other nations? Judicial tampering? Politicians promising to be all things to all people? Human nature that homo sapiens will forever be at war? The gods at war with each other while using us as pawns? All/None of the above?
As society’s complexity becomes evermore convoluted, and those jumping into the melting pot can’t, won’t or don’t meld – America might be unable to identify itself, what it stands for and what it’s willing to fight for.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Missing Commentary

Date Sent: 11 Sep 2014

In Obama’s September 10, 2014  speech, he said: “ISIL is not ‘Islamic.’ No religion condones the killing of innocents . . . ,”

Is he trying to re-write history? How ‘bout The Crusades? Spanish Inquisition? Islamic ISIS members slaughtering Christians in Iraq who refused to convert to Islam? The Muslim nation of Iran threating to kill or convert all infidels? Constant attacks on Israel? What G_d does BO pray to and what church does he attend (show me the money)?

We are in a holy war. Pin prick air strikes and arming our enemies is not a strategy that will protect Jews, Christians, America and/or the world, per se.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Silver Lining

Date Sent: 9 Sep 2014

Sept 11, 2014 (or soon after we stand down) might find stolen planes, such as MH370, bombing/crashing somewhere into a Western Country.
Even if the rogue plane attacks are not nuclear, it will raise cries, shouts and demands of greater and tighter security. Of course, it could also raise cries, shouts and demands to “kill the bastards” . . . and that might not be a bad thing.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Complex World

Date Sent: 6 Sept 2014

We are downsizing our military force while witnessing imperialistic behavior of Russia, China and the Muslim people. These worldwide hostilities are creating a 3-front war for which we are ill prepared and spread too thin.

1) Russia knows this and are ramping up their expansionist strategy. Western European countries are reluctant to interfere because they need the oil (and trade) with Russia.

2) China is just now realizing they, too, have an open field to expand – that’s why they are populating the islands in the South China Sea and used money they received from trade with us to build a massive armed force.

3) Western European nations, their populations swelled by Muslims, are unable to deal with the spread of Islam in the Mideast and even within their own borders.

The above conditions are similar to pre-WWII inasmuch as isolationists, a poor economy and expanding social programs have weakened America’s fighting forces. We have two choices: rebuild our military and reduce our dependency on satellite/radio wave communications – or retract our claws, dole out the welfare and wait for the enemies to overwhelm us.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Immigration Plan

Date Sent: 1 Sep 2014

It has been proposed by many that we grant amnesty or issue citizenship, carte blanche, to the multitude of persons swarming into the USA - while others demand they be deported forthwith.

How ‘bout if we offer citizenship to legal and illegal immigrants in this manner:
1) Documentation – ID (fingerprint, DNA, photo) each person and assign them a temporary SSN;
2) Completion of a citizenship course that includes learning English;
3) Payment to the Government as a thank you, America (due date & amount to be determined).
The only exception would be to bar immigrants who, by deed, word or affiliation, do not subscribe to Judeo-Christian values.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Self-Defense Shootings

Date Sent 30 Aug 2014

All citizens (which includes police officers) have the right to use lethal force to defend themselves against imminent death or great bodily harm.
Almost uniformly across America lethal force, as self-defense, is NOT whether the person being attacked is in fact facing imminent danger – but that they BELIEVED they were. In other words, if one believes the item being held in the attacker’s hands is a real gun and the attacker intends to use it . . . the courts have found that justifiable. So, if some loser is holding an empty gun/BB gun/broken gun it makes no difference as long as the defender believed the item posed a real and timely threat.
In addition, the defender doesn’t have to wait until the attacker actually uses the weapon. Failing to drop the gun upon command, verbalizing a threat or moving the firearm toward a pointing position is usually sufficient to conclude the defender believes he or she is about to be attacked. Note: There are other conditions that also apply. Please see your state’s laws and cases and/or my or other’s books on the subject.  
Chuck Klein, Active Member, IALEFI


Subject: Just Curious

Date Sent: 21 Aug 2014

I find it most curious that Obama would order his AG, Eric Holder, to investigate the shooting death of a black man by a white police officer. Curious, because this is the same President and AG who continue to do everything in their power to impede the investigation of the death of white Border Patrol Officer, Brian Terry (the Fast & Furious matter).
Chuck Klein


Subject: Who's Right/Wrong

Date Sent: 19 Aug 2014

“I know so many (Democrats, liberals, progressives) (Republicans, conservatives, TPs) who see the wrongs, but their minds are made up and they don't want to be confused with facts.”
Prior to both World Wars the country was divided along lines of isolationist and interventionist. Though both sides “had their minds made up” it took catastrophic events to bring us together.
9-11 almost did and the GWB plan of “fight them over-there or fight them over-here” worked to the extent that we suffered no more assaults on American soil. However, the isolationist type has lost sight of that goal while the interventionist type bogged down railing over domestic issues [I’ve already made up my mind :) ].
Perhaps the uniting catastrophe will be when there are enough of those sworn to kill or convert us over-here. I’m in favor of re-instating the GWB plan plus sealing our borders. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Police/Military

Date Sent: 15 Aug 2014

The increasing militarization of domestic police departments is partly to deal with returning veterans who are now seen as a Homegrown Terrorist Threat. The FBI has, at least since 2009, repeatedly characterized returning veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan as a major domestic terrorist threat - 'cuz they have the ability and wherewithal to build IEDs and to defeat LE techniques. 
The Pentagon has donated MRAPs (Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles) to over 200 American police agencies. If you watched the recent national news about the riots in Ferguson, MO, these vehicles were in obvious evidence.
Is our government gearing up for a revolution? Invasion? Drug cartels? Forcefully taking our guns? Denying our 1st Amendment rights? Or, just plain control, a la 1984?
Chuck Klein
P.S. A piece I wrote on this subject for Law Officer Magazine


Subject: Dear Democrats & Independents,

Date Sent: 11 Aug 2014

Dear Democrats and Independent readers of my editorials,

Thank you all for your comments and observations. I truly value these because they keep civil dialog open. What bothers me most is when someone wants off my list. As to those who send their “amends,” “you hit the nail,” and “dittos,” thanks – I needed that. 
And now for today's propaganda, bull-sh-t, lies, rants  editorial:
Surely you can’t refuse to acknowledge the complete failure of the Obama Administration’s foreign policies, to wit: Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Russia, Ukraine, Korea, Israel, China . . . .

At least since Jimmy Carter our enemies view America – while we are controlled by Democrats - as weak (remember the Iran hostages unqualified release upon the election of RR?).
The question is: Are you disenchanted enough with the Democrat Party to vote for Republicans in the upcoming election? Forget about the economy, Obamacare, scandals and other secondary issues – keeping war from our shore is the main concern and a strong military presence should be plan A. A Republican take-over of the Senate and more votes in the House would send a very strong message to the Obama administration to reverse the military down-sizing.
Chuck Klein




Subject: Next War Here

Date Sent: 9 Aug 2014

The multitude of American soldiers’ Cemeteries in Europe are over-there because we chose to fight in Europe rather than over-here; a policy perpetuated by Bush 2. Republicans understood the concept that our enemies will not cease to be enemies just because we retract our claws.
This strategy is apparently lost on the Obama administration and other Democrats as they campaigned for troop withdrawal and then did pull troops out from Afghanistan, Iraq and other places over-there. Those with evil militaristic ambitions perceive us as weak - not as peace loving.

Therefore, if the Democrats remain in power the next war will be over-here. If I was a Democrat, I’d demand the resignation of BO.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Who's the Minority?

Date Sent: 8 Aug 2014

Recently, the Supreme Court ruled that race may be used in college admissions policy (Fisher vs. Texas).
Whites, in America, will soon be (if not already) a minority race thus they too will have to be given racial preferences. In other words, if everyone is a minority . . . will some minorities be more equal than others? George Orwell (Animal Farm) would be proud.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Let's Compromise

Date Sent: 5 Aug 2014

European countries are experiencing violent protests and threats against those who pray to Our G_d – a prelude to what’s coming to America. Muslims, by their Quran, are demanding Islamic conversion or death to Christians and Jews. ISIS has been slaughtering Christians, and in Gaza daily rocket attacks aimed indiscriminately into Israel are intended to kill Jews.

I believe America, a Judeo-Christian nation, should declare war on Islam by:

1) Placing all Muslims in America into concentration camps;

2) Destroying all Mosques;

3) Nuking Iran, Syria and Iraq into oblivion;

Okay, ya got me Skippy. I admit these are extremist views, but:

1) We are dealing with extremists;

2) Politically, I’m open to compromise – that’s the American way. In other words, you might wish to only bomb Iran, Syria and Iraq with conventional firepower – so we compromise by nuking only one. Or instead of concentration camps we could negotiate to just expelling them. Destroy Mosques? Alright already, I’ll agree to just boarding them up.

Your move.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Today is Different

Date Sent: 2 Aug 2014

There have always been pogroms, assaults, attacks and wars against Christians and Jews. Today is different. Today, as a matter of religious principle, we, who pray to Our G_d, are being exterminated – as one people - by those who pray to Allah.
While the Obama administration ignores this onslaught; those who wish to annihilate us gain momentum . . . and WMD.
As a Judeo-Christian nation it is our duty to take divisive and decisive action to defend our people.
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Enemy of Gaza

Date Sent: 31 July 2014

Attention: Hamas, Palestinians, Muslims and Arabs, per se,

You are fighting the wrong entity. Your complaint, war, objection is not with Israel or their people. Israel settled the land (formerly known as Canaan) given to them by the G_d of Abraham.

In the year, 5709 (1948 A.D./C.E.) the United Nations ratified G_d’s command establishing the State of Israel.

Israel is not your enemy; they are only living the dictates of a divinity that has been sanctioned by your peers. If you wish to dispute this - take your war to the UN . . . or to the G_od of Abraham.

Chuck Klein


Subject: Who's the Victim

Date Sent: 30 July 2014

The main-stream media continues to show mothers of deceased Palestinians weeping and wailing over the loss of their sons and daughters.

Are these the same mothers who were shouting for joy as their sons and daughters suicide-bombed Israelis civilians or flew into the Twin Towers?

Chuck Klein


Subject: Good vs. Evil

Date Sent: 29 Jul 2014

The “current” Gaza war is not so much about borders and terrorists, but religious freedom - and Israel is the canary in the mine.

Iran’s getting the ‘bomb,’ might bring about the uniting of the Sunnis, Shiites and the other Muslim sects and trigger the shooting war of good vs. evil.
For Christians and Jews diaspora has occurred since the beginning of the C.E. Though it took a while, we learned living together in peace makes a better world. Muslims, who have sworn to kill or convert us, have only recently begun rapidly migrating westward. As they become a significant portion of the Western population will they learn to live in peace or rise up and start the war? An indication of their intent can be found in Europe where violent anti-Semitic/Christian protest and assaults are becoming common.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Finally: Same Page

Date Sent: 25 July 2014

The main stream media (ABC, CBS, NBC) have been openly anti-Israel in their coverage of the Gaza-Israeli war. This is worrisome inasmuch as who will they use their power to overtly, covertly and/or subtly, negate next: Catholics, Presbyterians, Baptists, blacks, capitalism . . . ?

However, there is a bright spot: CNN and Fox News are both on the same page of telling the truth about the war that was forced on Israel. Not only are they correctly reporting history, but they are slamming the propaganda being generated by foreign (and our own) government’s coverage.

News reporting, sans slant, is paramount to liberty; the ‘big three’ have failed us.

Chuck Klein


Subject: What Would You do?

Date Sent 15 July 2014

If you were Israel, having suffered millenniums of attempts of annihilation and While the Obama administration continues to fund Hamas, what would you do?
a) Resume the defensive retaliation mentality while submitting to brokered deals that allows Hamas to re-stock their rockets (and maybe gain WMD)?
b) Change alliance priorities from USA to China?
c) Make notice that all inhabitants of Gaza have X days to vacate the Strip. Then at the end of that time, nuke ‘em, obliterate Gaza, wipe it off the face of the earth. Oh sure, Israel would take condemnation from most of the rest of the world, but they get that anyway. This way, at least for the next 20 years, nobody would mess with ‘em?
d) ______________?
Chuck Klein


Subject: . . . and she votes

Date Sent: 8 July 2014

Recent correspondence with an American citizen who is also a very liberal Democrat:
She: “a country like Iraq needs a strong dictator to survive.”
Me: What exactly is a “country like Iraq”? Is Israel, USA, Japan, China,  “a country like Iraq”? Hitler was a strong dictator. Did Germany need him to survive? Who would be a “strong dictator” of your preference: Obama? Hillary? Stalin? Putin?
She: “Some countries need dictators regardless how despotic they are. Otherwise chaos reigns such as is happening in Iraq now.”
Me: Who decides which countries? If you were a Kurd or Sunni in Saddam’s Iraq . . . or a Jew in 1930s Germany, I’m sure you would not be pleased. Chaos? You mean like America in 1776?
She: No response.
The really scary part is, she’ll take this mentality to the voting booth.
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Pledge

Date Sent: 4 July 2014


I [me, personally]

pledge [promise as an oath, vow]

allegiance [loyalty, duty, devotion]

to the flag [the symbol, the representation]
of the United States of America [50 states joined together as one people],

and to the Republic [a nation that lives by the rule of law]

for which it [the Flag]

stands [not only do we pledge our allegiance to the flag and the Republic, but we promise our loyalty and devotion to the principals on which this Republic is founded],

one nation [united as a single people]

under God [a supreme being],

indivisible [we will not be divided against ourselves. Facing all enemies we stand together - back to back, shoulder to shoulder, rich to poor, liberal to conservative],

with liberty [freedom, sovereignty, emancipation]

and justice [equality, fairness, truth, adherence to the rule of law]

for all [every one who is within our power to protect].


"...should be rendered by standing at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. When not in uniform men should remove their headdress with their right hand and hold it at the left shoulder, the hand being over the heart. Persons in uniform should remain silent, face the flag and render the military salute." (36 USCS #172).

Annotations © 2005, Chuck Klein
Published in LINES OF DEFENSE, Police Ideology and the Constitution (2000)




Subject: Iraq

Date Sent: 7-1-2014

Attention President Obama,
There are two ways to do things: Right . . . and, again.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Follow-Up: Enemies or Allies?

Date Sent: 23 Jun 2014

They did it! The PRESBYTERIANS OF AMERICA voted to divest themselves of companies that do business with Israel. They have chosen to side with the Muslim world that has sworn to kill or convert everyone – even Presbyterians!  http://www.jpost.com/Opinion/Columnists/Presbyterian-mistake-360202 ck
From: Chuck Klein
Sent: Tuesday, June 10, 2014 11:10 AM
Subject: Enemies or Allies?
In 2005, Palestinian civilian society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with alleged Palestinian rights.

The PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, though it has not endorsed this anti-sacred crusade, is poised to vote on supporting it on Saturday, 14 June 2014. Why would they (or any) Christian religion even consider aligning themselves with a Muslim world who wishes to convert or annihilate all Christians and Jews? I can understand where the Palestinians and politically motivated nations are coming from . . . but Presbyterians? http://www.jta.org/2014/05/30/news-opinion/opinion/op-ed-presbyterians-bds-and-israel-here-we-go-again

Like or not, we (all Christians and Jews) are in a holy war and the enemy is not Israel or the Jewish people. Pitting one ally against another is an old tactic of divide and conquer. We, the Christians and Jews of the world, must unite not attack each other. Please forward this on.

Stay Ethical,

Chuck Klein


Subject: The Water Issue

Date Sent: 17 Jun 2014

The earth’s quantity of potable, fresh water is in question. About 70% of our planet is covered by water, but only 2.5% is non-salted (fresh). Perhaps we should be studying the difference between sea grasses and fresh water vegetation and how other mammals, such as whales, survive by drinking sea water, or how salmon can be born in fresh water, live in the oceans and then return to fresh water.

The human species might be dependent upon discovering how to acclimate ourselves and our plants to ingest salt water - instead of trying to convert ocean water into fresh water. 
Stay Ethical,
Chuck Klein


Subject: Enemies or Allies?

Date Sent: 10 Jun 2014

In 2005, Palestinian civilian society issued a call for a campaign of boycotts, divestment and sanctions (BDS) against Israel until it complies with alleged Palestinian rights.

The PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, though it has not endorsed this anti-sacred crusade, is poised to vote on supporting it on Saturday, 14 June 2014. Why would they (or any) Christian religion even consider aligning themselves with a Muslim world who wishes to convert or annihilate all Christians and Jews? I can understand where the Palestinians and politically motivated nations are coming from . . . but Presbyterians? http://www.jta.org/2014/05/30/news-opinion/opinion/op-ed-presbyterians-bds-and-israel-here-we-go-again

Like or not, we (all Christians and Jews) are in a holy war and the enemy is not Israel or the Jewish people. Pitting one ally against another is an old tactic of divide and conquer. We, the Christians and Jews of the world, must unite not attack each other. Please forward this on.

Stay Ethical,

Chuck Klein


Subject: In Whose Best Interest, Part 2

Date Sent: 5 Jun 2014

“They were among the Taliban’s most influential commanders — five men whom the United States succeeded in removing from the battlefield. But on Saturday, they were released from the military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in exchange for Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl . . . .” Washington Post - Freed Prisoners
If the Obama Administration would abandon our well-established policy of not negotiating with our enemies, who will they forsake next: Our soldiers? America, per se? Israel? Oh wait, they’ve already done all that.
This, and my previous editorial In Whose Best Interest, Part 1, might be a set-up for the WH run in 2016. In other words, these intentional missteps, by a lame duck President, are opportunities for his party’s candidate to have something to differentiate/distance themselves from?
We’ll have to wait until November to learn if this unilateral, executive decision incensed the voters enough to vote for more Republicans. This is not to say the Republicans are perfect, just that the only other option is civil war.
Chuck Klein


Subject: In Whose Best Interest, Part 1

Date Sent: 4 June 2014

If the Obama Administration would abandon Israel, our long time and most loyal supporter, who will they forsake next: Christians? America, per se?
“The Obama administration’s announcement this week that it would continue working with and funding the Palestinian Authority under the new Hamas-backed unity government appears to have taken Israel aback.” Jewish Telegraphic Agency – Warning
Is this a set-up for Hillary’s run in 2016? Remember how she promised a Palestinian state at the onset of husband Bill’s first term?
We’ll have to wait until November to learn if this unilateral, executive decision incensed the voters enough to vote for more Republicans. This is not to say the Republicans are perfect, just that the only other option is civil war.
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Sterling Syndrome

Date Sent: 13 May 2014

It’s a human trait to harbor some level of racial, ethnic, homophobic, religious and/or_______ prejudice. Most people are reluctant to concede this dormant bias - even when staring into a mirror. Laws, propaganda and public opinion cannot eliminate prejudice - those measures only generate tolerance by suppressing intrinsic beliefs and/or rechanneling our dislikes.
Everyone desires something or someone to hold onto – to love; perhaps the other side of the brain needs a hate object.
Stay Ethical,
Chuck Klein


Subject: VA vs. ACA

Date Sent: 8 May 2014

If you want to see how the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) is going to play out, take a look at the lack of quality/timely health care tendered to our veterans through the Veterans Administration. The VA, the epitome of socialized medicine, is again being exposed for deaths and total lack of treatment for our most sacred citizens.
Whistle blowers have indicated the Phoenix VA Hospital is responsible for the unnecessary deaths of 40 veterans Phoenix VA Deaths. This just might be the tip of the iceberg as additional reports from other VA facilities are beginning to surface.
Stay Ethical,
Chuck Klein


Subject: NBA Sterling Issue

Sent: 1 May 2014

If you own a business and exercise your 1st Amendment rights by dissing a minority, this minority can gather support (suppliers, sponsors, customers, et al.) to boycott your business. If you don’t make amends for your disrespect, you might find yourself out of business, but no one, including any trade association, such as the NBA, can force you to sell your private property.
Of course, if the business fails due to the boycott a bunch of people will be out of work. Yes, that’s right and that’s what a free society is all about. It might not be fair, but fairness is not only subjective, but it’s not in the Constitution.
Suppose Donald Sterling substituted whites, Jews, Catholics, Muslims, Hispanics, homosexuals or even . . . criminals in place of ‘black’ in his statement, "Don't bring black people . . . .", would it make a difference? Where does the NBA draw the line?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Spin. Not

Sent 3 Apr 2014

Obama is claiming his health care mandate is a success with the announcement that 7 million – OUT OF 315 MILLION - have signed up. Of these 7M only 25% are in the productive 18-34 year old age group. The break-even point is 40%. This is a program that was touted by him to cover all Americans. To call this a success is not chutzpah, spin or political points – it’s an outright lie.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Quiz for Scientists

Date Sent: 18 Mar 2014

Here’s a short quiz for all those brilliant scientists – the ones who have declared they are positive “The Universe” was created by a ‘big bang’. Of course they have left themselves some wiggle room by not defining ‘The Universe’. In other words, they just might be acknowledging their discovery covers OUR universe and that there might be other universes out there. Regardless, this still leaves a few unanswered questions:
1) If there was a ‘big bang’ that created ‘The Universe,’ what was in that space where the ‘big bang’ took place before the ‘big bang’ happened?

2) Who created the ‘big bang’? (hint: 3-letter word beginning with the G and ending with d).

When it comes to discovering the origins of the universe, all the earth/orbit telescopes, X-ray/radio scopes and infrared/laser gizmos are inconsequential should man conquer the 4th dimension."

G_d may not have provided mere mortals with the ability to conquer the 4th dimension, as thus empowered, man might be tempted to alter His plans and designs."

The Commonality between scientist, creationist and evolutionist is the question: What lies beyond The Beyond?"


Chuck Klein


Subject: Flight 370

Date Sent: 16 Mar 2014

It appears that Malaysian Flight 370 was a hi-jacking by one of the pilots and then flown to an unknown location.
Known facts: The transponder was turned off; The rogue pilot made a pre-programed change of direction (maybe to throw searchers off) and no texts/cell calls from passengers.
Very possibly: The hi-jacking pilot shoots the other pilot, and then announced: “no electronic use as the plane is experiencing interference issues.” He then depressurized the cabin (killing all passengers after the drop-down oxygen runs out). Next he disables/jams the “engine ping signal,” changes direction again and flies to a prearranged and clandestine location.
My 1999 novel, THE POWER OF GOD, exposed a de facto hole in America's civil defense.
Could the hi-jacking of Flight 370 be the preface to exploiting this “hole”?
Read the relevant excerpt that outlines the possible future flight of #370:
Chuck Klein

Subject: Foreign Policy Quiz

Date Sent: 11 Mar 2014

Now that we are no longer a super power - Who’s to blame for:
1) The failed “Red Line” with Syria and non-removal of their poisonous WMD;
2) The Benghazi “What Difference Does it Make” American deaths;
3) Iranian and Korean continuation of nuclear weapons building;
4) The inability to strike a deal with Afghanistan over troop withdrawal;
5) The “There will be Consequences” paper tiger threats to Putin over Ukraine?
Possible Answers:
a) Barack Obama.
b) Hillary Clinton.
c) The Democrat Party.
d) All of the above.
Oh wait . . . it’s Bush’s fault.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Rule of War

Date Sent: 7 Mar 1024

Putin continues to make a fool of Obama because BO (and Democrats, per se) has failed to accept the first rule of war. Russia, Syria, Iran, North Korea, China, Muslim terrorists, et al., have demonstrated their recognition. The first rule of war is: There are no rules. 
Chuck Klein



Subject: Importance & Training 

Date Sent: 4 Mar 2014

 IMPORTANCE: Acquiring firearms certification from a professional and recognized facility is evidence that you are a responsible citizen. The significance of this may never become an issue – unless you are involved in a use-of-force incident such as protecting yourself, your home, your children. Knowing how to shoot is the easy part; knowing when – and when not to shoot – is the important part.

TRAINING: Tactical Defense Institute (http://tdiohio.com) teaches the use-of-force whens and when nots. TDI, one of the America’s leading firearm trainers for civilians, police and military, is centrally located for the Midwest about 70 miles east of Cincinnati, Ohio in Adams County. Courses include the very basic to tactical combat in live-fire houses to scenario roles with simunition to high-power rifle. If you’re considering a concealed carry license or just want to learn from top trainers you might want to sign up soon as most classes fill up quickly. More Info on TDI
If you're ever in a situation where another person is about to murder you, at that moment, you'd trade all your worldly possessions for a firearm. And, if that threat was to kill your child or your grandchild, you'd sell your soul for a gun."

Chuck Klein


Subject: Who's Afraid

Date Sent: 25 Feb 2014

According to BATF the number of firearms manufactured in the U.S. for sale to American customers hit an all-time high in 2012 (excludes imported guns and those produced for the military). This is not about far right-wingers – these American customers number in the 10s of millions.
Why are Americans buying so many firearms?
Perhaps, it’s because PEOPLE ARE AFRAID:
1) Not so much of their neighbor, but of the government – the Federal Government. They’re scared of out-of-control government controls, controlled by self-serving politicians and their bureaucrats.
2) Of total chaos due to catastrophic collapse of the power/communication grids, food shortages, terrorist attacks . . . . Watching daily TV news we see whole countries suffering riots, insurrections and the complete breakdown of law & order.
3) Their money becoming useless/valueless and thus guns and ammunition will be the most stable and recognizable barter medium.
4) All of the above.
What’s your explanation?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Military & Police

Date Sent: 18 Feb 2014

According to my Law Enforcement sources:
1) RESULT OF SHUTTING DOWN THE MIDDLE EAST WARS: Select “surplus” military supplies are being donated to civilian police agencies. Hi-tech, costly and deadly war stuff has been going to LE rather than (so they claim) the scrap heap. The latest freebie is MRAPs (Mine Resistant Ambush Protected) – an 18 ton, 5 MPH behemoth. OSU has one. They said it will be used in “large scale emergencies and to provide police a presence on football game days.” (guess they need protection from all those Michigan fans). What’s coming for the cop on the beat: rockets, bombs, tanks . . . ?
2) THE NEW WAR: The next boots on the ground will be in Africa. Politicians want to show the folks they are tough on defense while the Chiefs of Staff must have a test ground to try out new weapons and give soldiers a way to achieve promotion. Oh yeah, it’s also good for all those (read voters) who earn a living supplying the military with expendable tools.

3) Police training facilities are ramping up training teachers and parents to be armed school personnel. At the same time, anti-self defense proponents are increasing pressure to pass more “gun control” laws. What do you think would be more effective: armed and trained defenders or more laws that the criminals ignore anyway – that’s why they’re criminals?

Chuck Klein

 Subject: Quiz Time

Date Sent: 4 Feb 2014

What identifiable group has demonstrated the propensity for unwarranted and unmitigated violent assaults? 
 a) Jews? (Not since G_d ordered Moses into Canaan) 
 b) Catholics? (Well, maybe if this was Ireland) 

 c) Blacks? (Not since the Black Panther movement of the 70s) 

 d) WASPs? (Hardly. When they ran the country, they interned the enemy) 
 e) Hispanics? (Not until we really seal the borders)
 f) Left wing fanatics? (Too few in numbers – not organized)
g) Right wing fanatics? (ditto)
h) Muslims? (bingo)
Chuck Klein

Subject: Keystone XL Pipeline

Date Sent: 2 Feb 2014

White House ally Barbara Boxer (D. CA), Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, stated she is unhappy “. . . when it comes to extraction, transport, refining, and waste disposal of dirty, filthy, tar-sands oil.” This said as she climbed into her gasoline powered automobile to take her to her jet fueled government plane to fly her back and forth across the country.  (http://online.wsj.com/news/articles/SB10001424052702304428004579354500301464382?mg=reno64-wsj&url=http%3A%2F%2Fonline.wsj.com%2Farticle%2FSB10001424052702304428004579354500301464382.html)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Probabilities

Date Sent: 28 Jan 2014

Had we nuked Libya directly after the Pan Am/Lockerbie terrorist bombing, the attack on our World Trade Centers PROBABLY wouldn’t have happened. If we had nuked Iran immediately after discovering their nuclear program, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan PROBABLY would not have been necessary.

If we continue our negotiate/saber-rattling/limited war mentality - India, China and/or the world Muslim population (each of which dwarf the USA in numbers alone) - will PROBABLY bring us to our knees economically, militarily and/or technologically.
Generating protective measures by conducting preemptive unlimited warfare
against enemy nations – now – will PROBABLY re-establish us as a world power
and conclusively demonstrate our grit. In other words, we must project the image
that we are a rogue nation and if any country treads on us,
we are, PROBABLY, committed to nuclear retaliation. 
Chuck Klein


Subject: My 23rd Psalm

Date Sent: 23 Jan 2014

The Lord is my shepherd and I am truly beholden.
He guardeth the soldiers who maketh safe the green pastures
and the savoring of still waters.
Thou anointest my soul with courage, my body with strength
and the capacity to stand tall.
Thou preparest me as a mainstay of the intrinsic rights
Thou has bestowed upon us all. My cup runneth over with gratitude.
Should Thou commandeth me into the valley of the shadow of death,
I shall fend off evil for Thou art with me; and my Winchester comforts me.
The Lord restoreth my soul and showest me the path of righteousness.
For His name's sake I shall strive to set the example for others to follow.
I am confident that my prayers to parallel Thy commandments will be answered
and I will be permitted to continue to serve Thee, and in the hereafter, forever and ever. Amen.

Chuck Klein

Excerpted from THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEIN . . . .


Subject: Who Won

Date Sent: 14 Jan 2014

Fifty years ago, LBJ declared war on poverty. Judging by the number of obese persons standing in any food pantry line, clearly the poor have won the war, but are losing the battle for health . . . oh wait, that’s why we have Obamacare. THE BEST OF CHUCK KLEIN
"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime" (Source). In the past half century, how many persons have we taught to “fish” or how to raise fish, or plant a garden or even dig a ditch?
Chuck Klein


Subject: It Worked Before

Date Sent: 7 Jan 2014

Soon after Japan declared war on us (7 Dec 1941), we responded by declaring war on Japan and then rounded up and interned all Japanese – including those who were American citizens. The concept was that if left to roam freely about the country, they would wreak havoc with acts of sabotage. At the end of the war, we released these prisoners. There were NO acts of sabotage during this period. Sixty or so years later, as reparation, we paid large sums of money to these internees or to their families.
The Muslim nation of Iran has openly, and via physical acts, declared war on us. The folly of allowing a sworn-to-destroy-or-convert-us enemy to roam freely has been conclusively proven by attempts and actual acts of sabotage (Boston/shoe-bomber) and many other such murderous deeds that have (so far) been thwarted by our law enforcement agencies. Time is long past to declare war and begin rounding up all Muslims for incarceration until the end of this war. Then, maybe in 60 years or so, we’ll give ‘em some money.
In addition, if Muslim attacks against our citizens and soldiers on foreign soil continue, we should  - just like Japan – exercise our nuclear option.  
We need to get back to basics: Identify the enemy and then neutralize them.
Chuck Klein


SUBJECT: Prophet or Off-the-Wall

Date Sent: 2 Jan 2014 

We have propelled humans to the moon and robots to Mars – distances that measure in millions of miles. However, we have not probed deeper than a few klicks below the surface of our own planet (it’s only about 4200 miles to the center).
The subterranean contains very hot spots - fiery layers/sections, maybe even the core itself. We witness this molten portion when it pushes to the earth’s surface in the form of volcanoes as they spew sulfuric ash into the atmosphere. According to some scientists, catastrophic eruptions could bring about end-of-times. What has not been the subject of much study is under-sea volcanoes. These submerged burning flows increase sea temperatures and thus could surely be contributing to the melting of the polar ice caps, thus raising the sea levels (we haven’t even mapped the complete oceans’ floors much less monitor or measure this activity).
Suppose for every ton of molten lava expelled from under the sea an equal amount of cold water flows in – cooling the planet from within  – turning us into a Martian-like, lifeless sphere.
The questions that comes to mind are:
1) Why are we exploring outer space when our own inner space could have a much greater impact on us?
2) Is global warming or planet cooling the greater danger to our planet?
Chuck Klein