© 2014, Chuck Klein

Published: 6 Oct 2014: JPFO

Gated-community, anti-gun types have claimed there is no way the American government can take away our guns. In their reality world they can’t comprehend how the government could actually pull it off. In the real world there are a few ways it might happen: 

 1) The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has already declared that guns are a disease. Thus the President could declare an epidemic and that the best way to combat this “deadly disease” is to eliminate the source – guns.  

2) So empowered and acting clandestinely the enforcement branch of our government (POTUS), issues an executive order that sends the agents, LEOs and military troops he thinks necessary to execute his order. 

3) Of course, if armed men and women, en masse attempt to compel a state, city, county, or neighborhood to disarm there would be bloodshed. The gun owners, most likely, would rally together along with constitutionally-conscious law enforcement and military personnel to make a stand. 

4) However, Homeland Security might not be that foolish. There would be no resistance to confiscation, if using ATF records of those who purchased firearms from a dealer, they simultaneously (in gangs of 2-3) visit individual owners spread out in various counties. In other words law abiding gun owners, when approached singularly at their home and in front of their children, would not choose to shoot it out. They will comply especially if a plausible reason such as telling the gun owner one of his guns is believed to be stolen.  

 5) Each of these compliant (now former gun owners) will be interrogated as to who they know owns guns. They will then be sworn to secrecy about a faux stolen gun ring. This information, along with ATF records, becomes a registration data base of soon to be former gun owners. 

 6) Continuing swiftly, and under cover of a media blackout, the 10s of thousands of armed federal agents (FBI, ATF, DHS, SS, Parks, Forestry, airport, et al) should be able to conduct these surreptitious “raids” before a modern-day Paul Revere could mount his iPad.  

 7) Surely, there will be out-cries, law suits and demand for return – all after the fact and after destruction of the “diseased items”.  

SUMMARY:  If a uniformed and armed force arrived at your street and announced they were coming for your guns, you and your armed neighbors would, no doubt, make a stand. But if just a couple of plainclothes officers were removing guns from your neighbor’s house, you – all alone – would not open fire especially if the plainclothes guys and gals said your neighbor was hording stolen guns. 

SOLUTION: Support local, state and federal LEOs and military men and women with invitations to firearm related functions such as gun shows and sport shooting events. In addition, consider ordering gun magazine subscriptions to be sent to agent offices, police stations, and military bases. Contact the NRA and SAF to encourage them to establish a record of which gun magazine subscription is needed and at which office/station/base. 

 Chuck Klein, a former LEO and retired P.I., is the author of GUNS IN THE WORKPLACE, INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING and other police and firearms related books, articles and columns. Visit his web site to reach him: www.chuckklein.com