THE G.O.D. PLAN, a Solution to Mass Killings
© 2019 Chuck Klein

Stopping the slaughter of innocents by the mentally unbalanced is going to require some long-range outside-the-box thinking. First, a few clues that the current mantra to reduce mass killings hasn’t been effective followed by a solution: The G.O.D. Plan:

1) Additional restrictive laws of inanimate objects such as physical size, capacity or style of firearms: They haven’t worked in the past and there’s no credible evidence they will work in the future. It’s not the item itself, it’s the use of this hardware that creates the problem.

2) Universal Background Checks: This means every firearm transaction requires a government-controlled computer background investigation. Transaction is defined as any change of possession. It’s a great concept, except it precludes gifting or loaning - permanently or temporarily - a firearm to a friend, shooting companion - even your spouse or child. For example, it’s prison time for allowing anyone to use or handle your hunting/target/collector gun sans a background check – each time he/she handles it.

THE BADGE  3) Red Flag Laws: Only an Orwellian dictator would approve this. Suppose Gary Gun owns between 1 and ___ guns and his spouse/ex/neighbor/fellow employee/relative or ____ has it in for him. This lone disgruntled (possibly psychologically challenged) person calls the cops to say Gary said he was going to waste a bunch of people. The police, under a Red Flag law, confiscate GG’s guns and detain him until a medical professional can evaluate Gary’s mental stability. Since there is no accepted test/method of determining what a person will do in the future, the findings of any mental-health specialist in this regard is purely arbitrary and subjective. In other words, if the MD is an anti-gunner or politically motivated, this trained, albeit human, person is not going to be looking at Gary in a non-bias way.

This isn’t a matter of whether Gary committed a crime or even if the complainant is truthful, but merely law enforcement complying with directives to seize guns and lock the gun owner up until a conclusive mental evaluation is complete. Criminal investigations and/or charges are separate. Now is when it becomes very expensive inasmuch as the burden of proof is on GG to overcome a negative psychiatric finding. If Gary is successful, he then, again at his expense, may petition the court for the return of his firearms. All of this can take years to work its way through the medical and judicial systems.

The G.O.D. Plan
Mass killings are not about controlling guns, bombs, Anthrax ... it’s about prevention of such acts. Tomorrow, science may enable us to predict future exploits of a person. Today, of course, there are no mind-reading devices available, thus the next best method is brainwashing. But perhaps a more PC term would be appropriate for the program, such as: Good Option Deeds - G.O.D.

The G.O.D would be a government sanctioned agenda whereas they, in conjunction with places of worship, corporations and schools, begin teaching, preaching, indoctrinating – convincing - youth that it’s okay to think, speak, write evil thoughts but actual threats or acting on such thoughts will not bode well after death. Yeah, I know the First Amendment forbids specific government certified religion. However, America is a nation founded on Judeo-Christian morals, ethics and ideals whereas G-d is not only printed on our money, but it is part of the official Pledge of Allegiance and fully acknowledged by the government in the form of tax exemptions for religious organizations.

Accordingly, G.O.D would not allow prayer or reference to a specific divinity other than there is a Supreme Being. G.O.D.’s goal would be to portray that the soul/spirit lives on after the physical death of the body. Further, the soul/spirit, if while in the physical body commits evil acts, the after-life of this soul/sprit will be tormented forevermore. In other words, the next generation must be persuaded that committing evil deeds will result in a fate worse than death itself whether by police, suicide or even naturally after a long prison term.

There will always be crazies among us, but even they, per se, are not stupid. What might conquer these evil thoughts is an outlet opportunity. Part of the G.O.D. program could include an absolution by confessing such musings to a teacher, employer or law enforcement officer. Therefore, a person indoctrinated to accept the after-life consequences of evil doings would be inclined to tell authorities, providing a heads-up prospect for additional counseling.

All the hand-wringing, protest marches, vigils, media and political hype is not, has not and will not thwart sickos bent on violence. Solving the mass killing issue will require solutions that might only be found by thinking outside the box.

Chuck Klein is a former police officer, retired private detective, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, member of International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and author of many ethics and firearm related books, columns and articles. He lives in Georgetown, Ohio and may be reached via his website: