© 2005 Chuck Klein

Given today's technology, of remaining a reactive nation - where our moral and ethical Judeo-Christian values have always required us to wait until we, or our allies, were attacked before taking punitive action (see Worst Case Scenario, 2 Sep 05).

PREFACE: We've maintained open borders, shared our wealth and ingenuity with the world under the false belief that other nations would take our lead and try to emulate us. This liberal, century-long experiment has failed. The oil producing countries used us to find and show them how to extract the oil, after which they formed cartels to demand exorbitant prices, thus wreaking havoc with our economy. China has enjoyed our universities and studied our manufacturing processes so they could produce the same goods, using slave labor, thus putting our citizens out of work. Now they mass an army and navy while building nuclear bombs as they threaten economic (buying up oil companies) and violent expansionism (Taiwan). Therefore, it is imperative that: "We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish …." these

SOLUTIONS: Under powers of the Constitution's General Welfare Clause:

1) Bring home all troops from outside the USA and deploy them to seal our borders;
2) Establish auxiliary police units and firearms training at the senior high school level as our second line of defense, lest we be invaded;

3) Require all 18 year olds to spend one year doing manual labor (such as replacing the illegal migrant workers that have been coming from Mexico) and then spend a minimum of one year in the military service (this way they will be more mature when they enter college or the work force);

4) Begin rebuilding our railroads for passenger travel and greater freight traffic - restrict truck deliveries to 100 miles;

5) Begin drilling for oil in Alaska and off-shore California and construct more coal and nuclear power plants;

6) Notify all oil producing countries that have enjoyed our expertise in finding and extracting their oil, that the

price of oil - to us - is $20/bbl (If they balk, see Solutions to the Solution below).

DRAFT AND PASS: A New Constitutional Amendment to require/allow:

1) All persons convicted of their third felony crime shall be deported to a country that hates us. (If the target country refuses these criminals, see Solutions to the Solution below);

2) Expel from the United States and its territories all Muslims, non-American Chinese and non-American Mexican citizens, commandeer all property and businesses they own;

3) Re-establish America as a country based on Judeo-Christian values with freedom of peace-loving religion for all and where English is the official language;

4) Forbid all trade with any country that subsidizes exported goods or doesn't actively pursue our enemies or enemies of our allies.


OPTION CHINA: The forgoing "Solutions" might bring unintended consequences such as a ramped up time-table for an assault from China either directly or via suit-case nuclear bombs.  Therefore, to make sure there is no misunderstanding that America will not be subject to attack WE MUST LAUNCH A PRE-EMPTIVE NUCLEAR STRIKE ON A MILITARY TARGET IN CHINA. This will serve notice that they, and other aggressive nations, must immediately destroy their nuclear weapons, cease any and all expansionism plans and return to pre-2000 levels of oil importation. If, within 30 days they have not complied to our satisfaction, launch additional ICBMs.

OPTION IRAN: Obliterate Iran while sending formal messages to China, India and other aggressive nations that they are to immediately destroy their nuclear weapons, cease any and all expansionism plans and to return to pre-2000 levels of oil importation. The danger in this option is that China, the only country (currently) with the means to launch a retaliatory strike and without having suffered any loss, will be in a better position to attack us. On the other hand, not having suffered any loss, they might be more inclined to enter a prolonged "cold war."

POST SCRIPT: No two wars are ever the same. By adjusting to the times, America for the past 100 years has managed to survive all six wars. Since WW I we have gone from trench warfare with machine guns and poison gas, to conventional fare with airplanes and submarines, to the Korean/cold war with stalemates and amassing nuclear weapons. In the 1960s we adjusted to jungle war with carpet bombing and Agent Orange followed by desert war with smart bombs then to a terrorist/insurgents war with suicide bombers to…what now must become a nuclear pre-emptive war. If we fail to take strong, massive and violent action in a timely manner, a book will be published, titled: The Rise and Fall of the American Empire - in Chinese.