E-Mail Editorials 2017





Subject: New Year

Date Sent: 26 Dec 2017

The end of the calendar year is a time for reflection and the promise of the future. This is not about hope as we all hope the world stops warring, hope for the end of poverty and hope for the intervention of the Messiah. No, these reflections are about belief. Because we are Americans, we don’t hope for these things, we firmly believe wars will end, G-d will rule and peace and prosperity will bless us all. 
When we put aside our political differences and stand shoulder-to-shoulder, hand-in-hand, we can accomplish anything while accepting the realities of life. If things don’t end well for us, individually, before our time on earth is up, we are of the belief that we will have left the world better and our soul will be at peace. 
Enough of this touchy-feely stuff ... and btw, Happy #$%^&* New Year! 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Season's Message

Date Sent: 19 Dec 2017

I believe G_d has given me everything I need, and thus my only prayer is to give thanks. In other words, when I say my prayers instead of saying, "Please God, give me strength to face this situation," my prayer is: "Thank you God for the strength to face this situation." The former prayer says, to the effect, if I am unable to handle the ‘situation,’ I can blame it on G_d. Whereas in the "thanks" prayer, I am acknowledging - thanks to G_d - that I have the strength, ability and confidence to deal with the ‘situation’. If I fail (because I am not perfect) it is my fault. 
However, failure is not a negative as G_d has given me the ability to learn from failures and therefore be better able to deal with future ‘situations’. This yields my place here on earth: do my best to live up to Judeo-Christian moral and ethical values. 
To my fellow descendants of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob: Merry Christmas and/or Happy Chanukah. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Blame

Date Sent: 12 Dec 2017

When a disgruntled employee guns down his supervisor the mantra has been: blame the gun and/or the employee. Perhaps, however, some if not much of the blame should fall on inept bosses. 
There might be far too many overseers in the fiefdom of their pseudo kingdoms that have way too much power thus making life miserable for decent hard-working employees. In other words, pompous, bully-foremen, representing the epitome of the Peter Principle, leads to disgruntled workers. 
The problem is not only training supervisors to ferret out dissatisfied employees before they go “postal”, but for the supervisor’s supervisor to be trained in weeding out these tyrannical and incompetent line managers.  
Chuck Klein

Subject: Recent Observations

Date Sent: 5 Dec 2017

If they can make it a criminal offense to lie to an armed bureaucrat (the FBI), then they can make a law that lying to an unarmed bureaucrat a crime, i.e., telling the clerk at the BMV, when renewing your driver’s license, that you only weigh 115# when you actually weigh 125#. 
As to the power-brokers in the media, entertainment and political worlds, the old adage still stands: Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. I see a statute of limitations on sexual harassment, conduct/contact coming – a short one.
If Flynn lied to the FBI, how creditable of a witness can he be. In other words, to a jury the question has to be: what else is he lying about? 
Did someone in the Trump administration declare: We are draining the swamp ... and it is us?
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Knee

Date Sent: 28 Nov 2017

NFL players have taken a knee during the National Anthem as a protest of police conduct. Law Enforcement Officers, who only number about 900K, exist to protect these protesters and the other 320 million Americans.  Yes, a few cops - maybe 90 (1/100 of 1%) - are bad apples. However, the other 99+%  risk their lives, daily, to weed out the significantly larger number of really bad apples among the 320 million.
Far more prevalent than a few non-conforming LEOs are incompetent lawyers who cause innocents to be sent to prison; mistakes by doctors that sometimes kill and lenient judges who allow dangerous, illegal immigrants to roam free. How come the “knee-takers” don’t pick up on that? 
Here’s my suggestion to those “knee-takers”: How ‘bout getting down on both knees and thanking God you live in a country whose military and police have the highest ethical, moral and professional standards the world has ever witnessed. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Railroads

Date Sent: 21 Nov 2017

Short to medium distance, inter-city travel could be in the form of elevated tracks (no conflict with vehicle crossings) and semi-autonomous, moderate-speed, electric trains - that never stop. 
A train, for example, as it comes through, say, Cincinnati, passengers would be waiting in a self-propelled car that would accelerate to catch and hook up to the moving train. Passengers would make their way forward to travel cars for sleeping, dining and/or comfort seating. Upon entering the Indianapolis yard, the rear car would uncouple and coast onto a siding. Exiting the yard, the Indianapolis car would connect itself onto the rear of the train. Those wishing to exit at their chosen destination would have to walk to the rearward car prior to its exit from the non-stop train. 
The train, per se, never stops - only the rear car stops after detaching itself at a station. As the train comes into Chicago, the rear car again exits while another car couples itself onto the rear ... and so on to Milwaukee, Minneapolis....
Chuck Klein

Subject: WW4

Date Sent: 14 Nov 2017

Many believe DJT will start WW III by either provoking NoKO to attack us or by a preemptive attack against them. WW3 has been going on for years. However, WW IV might be about to begin: 
World War I: US, Britain, France, Germany, Ottoman Empire (Turkey), Austria-Hungary, et al.;
WW II: US, Japan, Germany, Italy, Russia, Britain, et al.;
WW III: US, NATO countries, Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Russia, et al.;
WW IV: US, China, NoKO, SoKO, Russia, Japan, et al.
War is a necessary evil. Economic benefits notwithstanding, wars are required in order to test new weapons and season our troops. In other words, as the war against the Islamics winds down, we will need another theater of operations for testing and seasoning. 
Killings have encompassed the globe since Cain slew Abel. When the Messiah arrives/returns peace shall reign for ever and ever – but until then – it seems prudent to wage war against those who wish to enslave/kill us. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Mass Shootings

Date Sent: 7 Nov 2017

Can you deny any of these truths?
Selected Klein's Laws:
“All the rules, statutes, restraining orders, 911 calls, hand to hand combat technics, aerosol spray Mace, run-and-hide or other pseudo protective measures will never equal the effectiveness of a firearm when faced with an unwarranted and deadly criminal attack."
“If you're ever in a situation where another person is about to murder you, at that moment, you'd trade all your worldly possessions for a firearm. And, if that threat was to kill your child or your grandchild, you'd sell your soul for a gun."
“There's lots worse things than being killed by some thug - one is: watching a family member die at the hands of this thug because you were a fool for not carrying a gun."
“If you are permitted to carry a firearm and don’t - you’re part of the problem; and if you think it best to write laws making it tougher for law-abiding citizens to own/carry guns – you are the problem.”  
Chuck Klein

Subject: Inventions Needed

Date Sent: 31 Oct 2017

1) Plastic bags: The recyclers don’t want them because, loose, they clog up their machinery and the landfills say they take 100s of years (or longer) to breakdown.  A home, hand-activated device to compact plastic bags/film into 10# +/- bales that could be returned to the grocer or recycle facility. 
2) Advance Railroad warning: A drone that flies ahead of a train sending images of track conditions in advance of the train. At vehicle crossings it could hover – lights flashing – to warn pedestrians and drivers of the approaching train. 
3) Public Structures: A private agency made up of engineers and advertising personnel who would work to design bridges and other public structures to showcase paid advertisements – think of a bridge or public building that spells-out or signifies Coke, Amazon or ____ . The “advertising” revenue would help defray tax-payer costs.
Chuck Klein

Subject: Ideas

Date Sent: 24 Oct 2017

Ideas are not solutions. Solutions to concepts are ideas. In other words, conjuring up a new concept is a great first step. An idea, to have standing, must be usable and realistic and have a method or way to implement it. It’s always fun to talk about pie-in-the-sky philosophies, but coming up with the actual ability to make the aspirations work is the hard part. 
This is not to say it’s useless or non-productive to discuss outside-the-box positions – quite the contrary. Brainstorming is a recognized and well-practiced method of bouncing notions off others to stimulate their creativeness thus taking the next step toward fruitarian of the original inspiration. 
One method of successful concept generation is to allow the subconscious to mull the situation over – do something completely foreign to the task at hand. My paper on this subject: https://works.bepress.com/chuck_klein/
Chuck Klein

Subject: Acroynm Test 5

Date Sent: 17 Oct 2017

Acronym Test #5 – Answers below.
1) NCO – Military
2) MSRP – Cost
3) PTSD – Shock/suffering
4) NAACP – Race
5) NCAA – Sports
6) MLB – Sports
7) NFL – Sports
8) NBA – Sport
9) DJIA – Business
10) D&B – Business
11) TBA – Coming notification
12) LASD – Police agency
13) SPCA – Animals
14) BART – People mover
15) SLR – Camera 
16) GSA – Think cookies
17) NATO – Alliance 
18) SOL – Current position
19) ATM – Banking
20) BTU – Measurement 
1) Non Commissioned Officer (Non Com)
2) Manufactures Suggested Retail Price
3) Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
4) National Association for the Advancement of Colored People
5) National Collegiate Athletic Association
6) Major League Baseball
7) National Football League
8) National Basketball Association
9) Dow Jones Industrial Average
10) Dun & Bradstreet
11) To Be Announced
12) Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department
13) Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
14) Bay Area Rapid Transit – San Francisco
15) Single Lens Reflex
16) Girl Scouts of America
17) North Atlantic Treaty Organization
18) Sorta [sh*t] outta Luck
19) Automated Teller Machine
20) British Thermal Unit – a measurement of heat.
Chuck Klein


Subject: 2nd Edition

Date Sent: 10 Oct 2017

The 2nd Edition of THE WAY IT WAS, Nostalgic Tales of HotRods and Romance is now available on Amazon.com. This, my latest work, contains previously unpublished tales, including true stories and many new illustrations and photographs. 
Car-intensive and historically & technically correct, the stories are void of graphic sex, violence and explicit language and most contain a romance angle and completely lack politics/editorializing. All of the fun stories (except the ones written just for this edition) have seen publication in magazines multiple times. 
If you’re entertained by reading you’ll like this – if not, it’s a great bathroom book ‘cuz each story is only about 10 minutes long. So order already ... it’s only money. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Atonement

Date Sent: 3 Oct 2017

Christian religions, per se, have provisions to atone for  sins and transgressions. For Jews, our special holy day is Yom Kippur, The day of Atonement. On this day, 30 Sep, we prayed for God’s forgiveness of our individual sins .
One particular passage from our prayer book, Gates of Repentance, seemed most apropos: “For transgressions against God, the Day of Atonement atones; but for transgressions of one human against another, the Day of Atonement does not atone until they have made peace with one another.”
I asked God to forgive me for my sins against Him and I’m confident He has. Therefore, if I have – intentionally or unintentionally - transgressed against some of my fellow humans; I now ask their forgiveness.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Robo Calls

Date Sent: 26 Sep 2017

The Do Not Call Registry is aimed at protecting us from unsolicited robo phone calls. However, it’s backwards. This program is an opt-in - you must register if you do not wish to receive unwanted calls. The Registry should be an opt-out, whereas unless you register - your number will be, by default, automatically off-limits to unwanted calls. In other words, only if you agree to accept solicitation via phone all robo calls will be unlawful (except emergency warning calls).
Furthermore, all calls from an automated dialer must be identified with the owner of that number and robo calls that are not to a registered-to-accept number will be a criminal offense.
Our right to privacy trumps any and all others’ desire to invade it.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Life Goes On

Date Sent: 19 Sep 2017

As with all life’s events there are bad, down, negative and yin....
The devastating, catastrophic and heartbreaking hurricanes that recently struck our fellow Americans in Texas and Florida was surely all of the above. However, these storms will be good, up, positive and yang for many. Makers and installers of building materials, automobiles, appliances ... will be adding employees and increasing their bottom line.
A few of the American public corporations I recently bought that could benefit financially:
It might seem callus to some, but opportunity from economic boosts is the way America works.
Chuck Klein

Subject: The Plan

Date Sent: 12 Sep 2017

China, without seeming belligerent, is most likely using North Korea as a puppet nation to test their missiles/bombs and our reactions.
We can’t preemptively bomb NOKO from land-based facilities because retaliation would put too many civilians at risk. Therefore, we wipe out NOKO military targets from a U.S. Navy ship off their coast. Immediately after the attack Trump declares the assault was not authorized, but was committed by a rogue, on-board, duty-officer who has: a) since committed suicide; b) was killed by loyal fellow officers; c) has been arrested and is incarcerated in a detention facility; d) any combination of the above.
This will send a scary – but very strong - message to China and all other nations. Of course, the above scenario could be generated as fake news just to test China’s – and other countries reactions. Fake news, just like black propaganda of past generations, is the real news today – our choice is: be the controller or be controlled.
Chuck Klein


Subject: This & That

Date Sent: 29 Aug 2017

Old joke: While alone in a forest, a husband says something that no one hears. Is he still wrong?
Spin: While alone in the WH, Trump says something that no one hears. Is he still wrong?
If you answered yes to the “spin”, you might be part of the problem.
Democrats have become what they’ve always accused the Republicans of being: violent, ungentlemanly, heathens, childish name-callers ... oh wait, now I’m the one calling names – sorry ‘bout that.
“Politicians keep their nose to the air to sniff out the stench of corruption, wrong directions, lies and damn lies. The problem comes when they ignore their own stink.”
Chuck Klein


Subject: Happy A

Date Sent: 22 Aug 2017

Just to lighten things up, here’s my anniversary message I sent to my wife:
It has been said that young men
aspire to find a perfect mate;
one that is deaf, dumb and blind and
whose father owns a liquor store.
Older men tend to seek a partner
that won’t swell or tell and
will be grateful as hell.
21 years of marriage finds me most fortunate
that you have always known
when to remain silent while
turning a deaf ear to my rantings and
keeping a blind eye to my tom-foolery.
Thank you for allowing my head to swell,
And for never telling of my tom-foolery
all of which makes me grateful as hell.
                Happy Anniversary
Chuck Klein

Subject: Differences

Date Sent:15 Aug 2017

What is the difference between:
1) A person stealing classified material and giving it to WikiLeaks who then publishes it ... and a person leaking classified material to the NYT who then publishes it?
2) President Obama publically championing and colluding with the British against Brexit ... and Russia attempting to influence our election?
3) The Obama administration tapping the phones of the German Chancellor ... and Trump’s team meeting with Russian personnel?
The differences might only be found in one’s political view.
The solution to the problem of vastly divisive views could be solved by evening up the ratio of conservative to the over-whelming number of liberal college professors. Liberal indoctrinated  graduates perpetuate liberalism by becoming professors, thus continuing the cycle. Over time these institutions have, unintentionally, become left wing. In other words, this lopsided education system, a clear and present danger to a free republic, has evolved into a distorted view of what America was, is and should be.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Worst Case

Date Sent: 8 Aug 2017

Some of the worst case scenarios that haven’t happened (yet):
1) An on-duty LEO or military officer tripping out or becoming Jihad brainwashed ... and uses his/her duty weapon to assassinate one of our leaders.
2) If Edward Snowden could steal highly classified documents to sell to WikiLeaks, why couldn’t a military officer or enlisted person steal a shoulder-fired SAM (surface to air missile) and use it to bring down a commercial plane on takeoff/landing ... including AF 1?
3) A dirty bomb made here or smuggled in via a shipping container and then detonated in a large city.
Unthinkable, unimaginable, incomprehensible ... so too was beheadings, suicide bombers and hijacking multiple planes and ramming them into the WTCs and the Pentagon. Will keeping the borders open and lowering military and police hiring standards help or hinder more worst case acts of violence?
Chuck Klein


Subject: Acroynm Test 4

Date Sent: 1 Aug 2017

Acronym test #4 – answers below.
1) CNN – Media
2) OEM – Maker of goods
3) ACLU – Attorneys
4) UNLV – College
5) SOP – How things are done
6) SNAFU – When things are not done correctly
7) DOA – Condition of something (usually a body) at destination
8) VOM – Electrical tool
9) OIC – Head person, usually military
10) ETO – WW2 war area
11) SSGT – Non-com rank
12) WBFP – In many homes
13) SOS – Universal telegraph signal
14) GED – School
15) MBA – School
16) HBO – TV
17) POA – Legal authority
18) UL – Electrical certification
19) NWP – Negative saying
20) EMS – Life savers
1) Cable News Network
2) Original Equipment Manufacturer
3) American Civil Liberties Union
4) University of Nevada at Las Vegas
5) Standard Operating Procedure
6) Situation Normal All Fouled Up
7) Dead On Arrival
8) Volt-Ohm-Meter
9) Officer In Charge
10) European Theater of Operations
11) Staff Sergeant
12) Wood Burning Fire Place
13) Save Our Ship (aka Save Our Souls)
14) General Education Development
15) Master of Business Admiration (University degree)
16) Home Box Office
17) Power Of Attorney
18) Underwriters Laboratory (seen on a small tag or name plate of safe electrical appliances)
19) No Way Possible
20) Emergency Medical Services – previously called life squads
Chuck Klein


Subject: More Dissolution

Date Sent: 25 Jul 2017

Last week’s Dissolution of America (into separate countries) brings forth these possible scenarios:
The Country of NYC/Boston stated: “You want our cultural amenities, give us your water.”
The Country of the Counties of the North East reply: “We’ll build our own tourist traps and sell our water to our conservative brother counties.”
The Democracy of California said: “We won’t be paying any federal gasoline tax ‘cuz we fly over the Fly-Over Countries.”
The Fly-Over Countries answer to the effect: “We’ll be getting our fruit and wine from Southern-Belt Countries through barter for our wheat and grain.”
The counties of central and eastern California secede from the Democracy of California.
Chicago Country experienced electronic election tampering and believed it came from the Country of KNOW (Kansas, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Wisconsin). KNOW denies any such interference while China and Russia, or maybe a couple of computer hacker kids, are laughing.
All port cities combine and send a message to the everyone else: “If you want to import/export your goods - develop your own damn shipyards.” It’s unclear who fired the first....
Chuck Klein


Subject: Dissolution

Date Sent: 18 Jul 2017

It’s clear that the un-United States might be heading for a dissolution – not a shooting civil war - but a separate aligning might be evolving. One of the most compelling reasons for the North/South war was control. Today, federal control is once again in question, to wit: states are ignoring federal law by authorizing MJ sale/use, invoking their own foreign policy (sanctifying the Paris Climate Accord) and passing their own immigration statutes.
However, and contrary to the common belief of two separate nations, we could break up into multiple units: California, South, Heartland, Midwest or maybe Democrat cities/Republican counties.... Though citizens of each autonomous country might not owe federal taxes their newly established country would need to tax them in order to pay/contract with the federal (or foreign?) government for security and other services.
The question that first comes to mind: How long would it take for the moderates and radicals in these new red and blue countries to begin to split themselves apart?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Acronym Test 3

Date Sent: 12 Jul 2017

Acronym test #3 – answers below.
1) POTUS – Government 
2) BATF – Government
3) USB – Computer plug or port
4) FAF – Air plane sale term
5) LAX – Airport
6) CVG – Airport
7) JAG – Military
8) 3M – Large corporation
9) XDV – Number
10) USPS – Government
11) PBX – Telephone switchboard
12) USO – Military
13) KPH – Metric speed
14) VIP – Significant man or woman
15) GVW – Licensed Trucks
16) HVAC – System in homes, businesses
17) GPA – School
18) IGA – Food
19) UCC – Basis for business dealings
20) LBJ – President
1) President Of The United States.
2) Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco & Firearms, aka ATF.
3) Universal Serial Bus – the common plug/port for computers (bus is short of omnibus)
4) Fly Away Field (price based on buyer removing the purchased plane as opposed to being delivered to buyer’s field/airport)
5) Airport serving Los Angeles, CA – code assigned by International Air Transport Association (IATA)
6) Airport serving greater Cincinnati – Airport named for the closest city, Covington, KY, and assigned by International Air Transport Association (IATA).
7) Judge Advocate General
8) Minnesota, Mining & Manufacturing
9) 495 (in Roman numerals)
10) United States Postal Service
11) Private Branch Exchange (the board with holes for plugging in and connecting phones)
12) United Service Organization (responsible for bringing entertainment to our troops)
13) Kilometers Per Hour
14) Very Important Person
15) Gross Vehicle Weight
16) Heating, Ventilating & Air Conditioning
17) Grade Point Average
18) Independent Grocers Alliance
19) Uniform Commercial Code
20) Lyndon Baines Johnson
Chuck Klein


Subject: Happy 4th

Date Sent: 4 Jul 2017

And our troops, law officers and all of Her guardians.
Those who know this love are truly the Blessed People.
As God stands to safeguard us, we align ourselves shoulder to shoulder
while bowing our heads in thanks for His protection and guidance.
Dusk to dawn and sunrise to sunset, we are humbled
by His radiant supremacy and power.
Forging straight up from the great fields of gilded grain,
like a church spire paying homage to the heavens,
to symbolize our faith in Him.
Seas of Blessed People of all colors, each seeking
the purity only He can bestow.
May God continue to bless the Blessed People
as this is their homeland forevermore

Chuck Klein

Subject: Acronym Test 2

Date Sent: 27 Jun 2017

Acronym Test #2. Answers below:
1) CBS – TV
2) RCA – Electronics/communications
3) UAW – Labor group
4) DT&I – Railroad
5) SWAT – Police
6) VOA – Radio
7) GPS – Location
8) GOP – Politics
9) LEO – Police
10 COD – Shipping term
11 AOL – Email Server
12) NIMBY – Community/Political
13) GHWB – President
14) SCOTUS – Government Branch
15) MIA – Military
16) IBM – Large corporation
17) UCLA – University
18) ASAP – Urgent
19) AWOL – Gone
20) PPG – Large paint/fiberglass corporation
Answers Acronym Test 2
1) Columbia Broadcasting System
2) Radio Corporation of America
3) United Auto Workers
4) Detroit, Toledo & Ironton
5) Special Weapons And Tactics
6) Voice of America
7) Global Positioning System (use of satellites to determine locations on earth)
8) Grand Old Party – Republican party
9) Law Enforcement Officer
10) Collect On Delivery
11 America On Line
12) Not In My Back Yard
13) George Herbert Walker Bush
14) Supreme Court Of The United States
15) Missing In Action
16) International Business Machines
17) University of California at Los Angeles
18) As Soon As Possible
19 Absent With Out Leave
20) Pittsburg Plate Glass
Chuck Klein


Subject: Sanctuary?

Date Sent: 20 Jun 2017

A sanctuary city is one that limits its cooperation with the national government in order to help people who are in the country illegally avoid deportation (Wikipedia). In other words the majority in some communities have voted to ignore federal illegal alien laws.
Suppose a community with a majority of pedophiles vote to protect any of their kind from interstate warrants. Or, a majority of Muslims vote to place the Crescent Moon on the county court house and all public schools?
In a democracy, these acts would be allowed – but America is a republic where the majority can only vote to elect representatives to act in accordance with the established rules – the Constitution – the rule-of-law. Cities, counties or states that snub the rule-of-law are no different than what the Confederate States did, circa 1860.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Acronym Test 1

Date Sent: 13 Jun 2017

How many of these acronyms can you get (no one will get them all)? Answers below:
1) AT&T – Public corporation
2) ADT – Security/Alarm corporation
3) FOB – Shipping term
4) AT&SF – Railroad
5) SAE – Automotive group
6) RPM – Automobile/engine
7) UPS – Shipping company
8) USAAF – WWII military
9) FDR – President
10) SOHC – Automobile/engine
11) RBI – Sports
12) FOP – Police
13) WPA – 1930s government program
14) SAA - Firearm
15) TVA – Government
16) IRA – (not Indiv Retire Acct)
17) IMTU – Speciality
18 TPI – Mechanical/Machinist
19) PBY – WWII Aircraft
20) SBS-C2S – Paper term
 Answers Acronym Test 1
1) American Telephone and Telegraph
2) American District Telegraph
3) Free On Board (shipper will load the goods on a truck at no charge)
4) Atchison, Topeka & Santa Fe
5) Society of Automotive Engineers
6) Revolutions Per Minute
7) United Parcel Service
8) United States Army Air Force
9) Franklin Delano Roosevelt
10) Single Over-head Cam
11) Runs Batted In (Baseball)
12) Fraternal Order of Police
13) Works Progress Administration or Works Projects Administration
14) Single Action Army (Colt revolver aka Peacemaker, cowboy gun)
15) Tennessee Valley Authority
16) Iris Republic Army
17) I Made That Up – toldja nobody would get them all
18) Threads Per Inch
19) Patrol Bomber – the ‘Y’ represented the manufacture: Consolidated Aircraft Corp as assigned by the government (‘C’ was already taken for Curtis)
20) Solid Bleached Sulfite – Coated Two Sides (white paper with a clay coating on both sides for printing magazines or picture books)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Graduation

Date Sent: 6 Jun 2017

I had the honor of attending two recent high school graduation ceremonies. To see these kids ... no wait, young adults – in formal attire with their hair trimmed and combed and their shirts tucked-in was a refresher that the future of America is in good hands. The student speakers’ messages, poise and brevity added to this aura.
On the downside: at each venue there was a certain element that cheered, shouted and screamed whenever their graduate’s name was mentioned. These outburst, a form of intimidation as bullying, not only demeaned fellow celebrants whose name was drowned out, but implied that obnoxious behavior is condoned.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Armed Robbery

Date Sent: 23 May 2017 


Accompanied by two loved ones, you are walking on a public sidewalk with your legally concealed firearm in a hip holster. Suddenly, you are confronted by a man brandishing a handgun, standing at arms length, and demanding your money. Do you:
a) While looking him in the eye and vocally telling him to go away in a commanding voice, ignore his demands, while placing yourself in front of your loved ones and reaching for your cell phone;
b) Immediately reach for your cell phone to call 9-1-1 while telling your loved ones to run away;
c) Grab for his gun with one hand while drawing your own gun and shooting him if he has not relinquished control of his gun by the time your gun comes to battery.
d) Do not look him in the eye, while begging him to point his gun away and while promising to give him your money which you tell him is in your hip pocket. Then slowly reach for your hip-holstered gun, draw it and shoot him – continually and until he is not longer a threat. 
e) Surrender your money and when he turns to leave, draw your gun and shoot him.
Answers: Answer Page
Chuck Klein


Subject: Financing Infrastructure 

Date Sent: 16 May 2017

Very costly public works projects, such as bridges, might best be partially financed by promoting private sector partnerships to incorporate roller-coaster type rides, advertising signs and/or restaurants atop a bridge.
For example: the I-71/75 bridge over the Ohio River at Cincinnati needs replacing, but public financing is the hang-up. Leasing the aerial rights to private entities to place ads on the structure and build entertainment facilities over the bridge will not only decrease the tax money required for construction, but will generate tourist dollars as well. The view from the top of this massive bridge would be a unique and thrilling experience for riders and diners and even those who would just enjoy an aerial tramway/walkway over the top.
How ‘bout forwarding this to your congressperson.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Anti-Semitism

Date Sent: 9 May 2017

Worldwide, anti-Semitism, in the form of graffiti, bomb threats, bombs and killings is on the rise. I have a hard time understanding why. Is this because the haters are: 
a) Jealous of Jewish successes?
b) Afraid the tiny population of Jews are taking over the world, a la, The Protocols of the Elders of Zion (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Protocols_of_the_Elders_of_Zion)?
c) Cowards who have selected an enemy that is historically peace-loving?
d) Just plain stupid?
There is no indication that Christians, Buddhist, Hindus or other major world religions are behind this. Islamics, however....
Chuck Klein


Subject: Pain

Date Sent: 2 May 2017

Dear Dems,
We feel your pain. When Trump was elected you feared the world, specifically America, was going to fail, collapse and/or be no more; the rule of law would be ignored and gun-toting deplorables would be championing a dictatorship. Didn’t happen.
When Obama was elected – each time – Republicans experienced the fear of run-amuck PC and gun rights exorcised. Didn’t happen.
However, there is one pain many of us on the right side are having trouble relating to: the huge amount of anger being disseminated on social media such as Facebook. These posts continue to label Republicans as “stupid” and “intellectually void” just because we hold to different views on the Country’s direction. Does the use of such words make the writers smart and intellectual?
Politics, like most everything else, evolves and revolves. In other words, Dems, you’ll have your turn again too, but it might arrive quicker if you’re credible and constructive rather than destructive and obstructive.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Dollars & Sense

Date Sent: 25 Apr 2017

Trump wants to cut funding for security assistance to nonprofits such as religious facilities. The money is for cameras, barricades and other crime-preventive measures. Let me see if I have this straight: groups that do not pay taxes want taxpayers to pay for their private security measures? In other words, does the right to attend the church of your choice include a cop in your vestibule ... how ‘bout manned fire trucks and EMTs in the parking lot?
In addition, Trump intends to stop federal funding for NPR, the radio station that historically  airs condescending liberal slant and anti-gun reports that are hardly “Fresh Air”.
Billions have been spent on anti-smoking campaigns that tout it ‘saves lives’. The truth is: these do-gooders aren’t saving lives – merely postponing the inevitable.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Facts

Date Sent: 18 Apr 2017

Fact: There will always be leaks; even fake news is leaked and leaks are leaked;
Fact: To politicians, newscasters and lawyers, facts are subjective;
Fact: No matter the “facts” there is always a “spin” – a counter view - interpretations to justify the spinner’s own goals which of course, generates counter-spins.
Fact: An impartial, unbiased, independent, neutral political investigation is an oxymoron. In other words, there ain’t no such thing. Even the FBI Director, Supreme Court Justices and all judges cast votes for their favorite elected candidates;
Fact: If social media is the check & balance on the news media - what checks & balances the social media?
Fact: Actions that impact any population segment will carry political liability.
Fact: The Al Gore Grand Canyon Bridge, commemorating the discovery of global warming/cooling/change, is now for sale to the highest bidder. 
Chuck Klein

Subject: Vett 'em Early

Date Sent: 11 Apr 2017

All abled-bodied, American, permanent residents after graduating high school and upon achieving their 18th birthday, should be required to serve in the U.S. Military for two years.
1) First six months: basic training to instill discipline, a sense of unity, patriotism, and physical fitness;
2) The following 18 months: inductees must attend college/trade school/employment of their choice while spending 48 hours per month on active duty;
3) Problem inductees will be subject to a restricted location until they are able to rejoin their peers or they reach the age of 21 - a de facto early-vetting.
Such a program will generate self-confidence, foster breaking up the cycle of violence/gangs and develop camaraderie between all races and ethnics while tendering help to those who need guidance and countering liberal college bias.
(Yeah, I know Israel has a similar program – and it works)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Me Old?

Date Sent: 4 Apr 2017

I had another birthday, you know the ones that come around every decade of so – when you’re a kid. Somehow they seem to arrive about once a week after age 65. Yesterday (maybe it was sometime in March), all of a sudden I discover I’m 75.
I have two fine sons. They tell me they are 50 and 46 – no way possible. Yeah, I’m father to a couple of children, but they’re only teens ... no, wait, those are grandchildren and there are a bunch more than two. 
I went out to run the chain saw the other day and it didn’t go well. Seems it had gotten a whole lot heavier. Probably just needs a good cleaning. And the tractor has become more strenuous as I was dog tired after just an hour or so of bush-hogging. Should have oiled it up first. Back when they were new, I could run them all day. Same thing happened when I hefted the sledge hammer to split firewood. I solved that problem, I bought an electric log splitter. Of course, these tools could just be wearing out ... hmm, maybe I’m the one wearing out? Naw.
Alright already, I did a facial recognition check and so I’ve a got a few character lines (depends on how you define few), but my personal hard-copy tool, the one that has no conscience, still works every time – it’s on my hip in .38 caliber (where were you going with that?).
Chuck Klein

Subject: Road Rage Test

Date Sent: 28 Mar 2017

You are cut-off while driving through traffic. At the next stop light, you flip the other driver off and mouth few vile names at him. When he ignores you, you exit your vehicle and continue taunting him. He gets out of his car brandishing a tire iron. Being only a few yards apart, you fear for your life. Are you justified in drawing your legally concealed handgun and blowing him away?
a) Yes. He is clearly a threat of great bodily harm or death to you;
b) Yes. You may stand-your-ground and defend yourself;
c) Yes, but only if you make it clear that you are capitulating – saying you’re sorry and retreating toward your car - and then only if he continues to advance toward you in a menacing manner;
d) Yes, but you must first fire a warning shot.
Answers and explanations:

Chuck Klein is an NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, active member of the International Association of Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors and author of INSTINCT COMBAT SHOOTING, Defensive Handgunning for Police and many firearm related articles and books.


Chuck Klein


Subject: New Law

Date Sent: 21 Mar 2017

KLEIN’S 3rd LAW OF LEGACY: Following fresh footsteps is easy; it’s when they fade away that acuity and tenacity evolve into leadership.
If you’ve penned an original “law”, please send it to me for consideration of inclusion in the “Other’s Laws” on my Klein's Law web page.
Chuck Klein


Subject: The "___" Word

Date Sent: 14 Mar 2017

Everyone, consciously or subconsciously, classify those we meet or know of with words, we sometimes won’t even say out loud.
The ‘N’ word fits any black-hearted person expounding on racial or religious hatred: Nazi;
When we see a man or woman wrapped in a flag (literally or figuratively) while dissing America, the “E” word, enemy, comes to mind. 
For one who is very annoying and disgusting  the ‘A’ word (this is a family editorial thus think: rectal-orifice).
Anyone using illegal drugs surely equates to the ‘S’ word – stupid;
Mug shots can only conjure images of the ‘D’ word – dirt-bag;
A mean-spirited person surely would be a ‘P’ – think:  phallic symbol.
How ‘bout ‘B’ for best, brilliant, beautiful to describe a friend, spouse, idol….
Let’s see now, what word comes to mind when you read my stuff? Wait, I might not wanna know :)
Chuck Klein


Subject: Great Leaders

Date Sent: 7 Mar 2017

A great American political leader is one who conquers or heads-off a catastrophic event. We experience catastrophes often, but great leaders seem to come along only once every couple of generations, or so.
Jefferson: Yes. The Louisiana Purchase.
Lincoln: No. Though he won the Civil War, he prolonged it by poor management of his generals and failed to prevent it in the first place.
Johnson: Yes. Alaska purchase.
FDR? Yes. Ended a depression and won WWII.
Truman? No. He did not contain Russia or Korea.
Ike? Maybe. He kept the Cold War cold, stopped the Korean War and created the Interstate Highway system.
JFK and LBJ? No. Think Cuba, Vietnam.
Nixon, Ford and Carter? No. They allowed the proliferation of nuclear weapons in multiple nations that are a threat to us today and failed to recognize the fervor of the Muslims.
Reagan and Bush I? No. Though their combined 12 years cooled off the Cold War, they failed to recognize the consequences of not dealing with the Muslim rise.
Clinton and Bush II? No. The 9-11 attack was this century’s Pearl Harbor which they had not prepared us for.
Obama? No. He was remiss in not containing Islamic terror, and not protecting us from electronic (hacking) warfare.
Trump? Only if he can he rally the economy, control the borders, stop the Islamics, secure electronic secrets, contain Russia/Iran/China....
Chuck Klein

Subject: Black History Month

Date Sent: 28 Feb 2017

Dred Scott, was a slave taken by his master, from Missouri (a slave state) to Illinois (a free state).  Mr. Scott sued to establish that he was free because he had lived in a free state. The U.S. Supreme Court, in the political-correctness of the era, embarrassingly ruled: “Negroes were not citizens and therefore could not sue in federal courts....”
Uncle Tom was a pious and subservient slave character in Harriet Beecher Stowe's, Uncle Tom's Cabin (1851). The term has come to mean anyone who is overeager to win the approval of whites. Though, it is a very derogatory term, it is also a symbol of truth - of how some black's had to behave in order to survive.
Is it PC or racist or elitism to ignore black actors and actresses for 2015 academy awards and, when blacks complained (quotas?), shower them with awards for the 2016 season? Or, is it Uncle Tomism in reverse?
Chuck Klein

Subject: Republic or Democracy

Date Sent 21 Feb 2017

A republic is a society that, by popular vote, elects representatives to govern according to hard-set rules, such as a our Constitution. These rules, including the 12 Amendment, can only be changed by amending this Constitution. 
In a democracy the majority of voters decide all issues including who shall be their leader. In other words, for example, if you were blind and the voters passed a law declaring all blind persons must wear sun glasses – you’d be looking (pun intended) for Ray Bans. Some American communities have used their majority powers to unconstitutionally erect religious symbols on public land, enact segregation laws and even forbid their police to enforce immigration and marijuana laws.  Following this precedent, would it be okay for an American community - that is majority Muslim - to pass and enforce Sharia law?
In 1992 Bill Clinton won 43% of the popular vote, though he won the required 270 Electoral votes. That means, 57% of the voters didn’t want him (the other candidates were George H.W. Bush and Ross Perot). Thus, in a democracy, a run-off might have occurred and #41 could have been in his 2nd term.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Leadership

Date Sent: 14 Feb 2017

The voters of this Republic (we are not a Democracy) have granted Republicans control of all three branches of the federal government, 33 state legislatures and the majority of governorships. These voters want to change the direction of the previous administration - just as Obama was out to alter the aspirations of GW’s time. In four or eight years, a new President could be focused on revising Trump’s course.
What’s different today is the unprecedented obstructionist activities. Obstructionism is acceptable in our political arena - only in the form of filibustering – and never as criminal acts such as riots and disrupting public meetings. Sabotage is not in the Constitution.
This is a new era. Surely it might be a good time for the main stream media to accept this - and for the Democrats to demonstrate true leadership by allowing the current administration to govern as the voters wished.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Concepts

Date Sent: 7 Feb 2017

The soft drink giants have been downsizing their canned/bottled drinks with the intention of reducing sugar intake and thus fighting obesity, diabetes and other maladies. Healthcare practitioners have always preached drink more water. Therefore, wouldn’t it make sense for soft drink makers to add, say 10%, water? Yeah, I know, who wants to drink a watered-down Coke? But, isn’t that what happens when you order a fountain Pepsi or Coke - with ice?
I watched the endless TV commercials during the Superbowl and though some were entertaining and well-done, I remember only a few of the sponsors, ‘cuz their product/brand was only in view for a few seconds, usually at either the beginning or end of the commercial. If I was spending mega-millions for a 30-second ad, I would surely want my product name included in every on-screen frame.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Police Shootings

Date Sent: 31 Jan 2017

I put the question to a retired police chief friend about whether he ever wanted to kill some dirt bag just because he knew he could get away with it - long before cruiser/body/cell cams.
“I never wanted to shoot anyone, even the real bad ones. Made a stop, 3rd shift, Riddle Rd, bad guy driving a stolen car, resisted arrest, I was alone, you see where this is going. He gave me every opportunity, almost acted like he wanted it. In the end, I didn’t. Later (maybe a year or so) he raped a 2 year old girl, almost killed her. I had some odd thoughts after that, but knew I had acted correctly. You see, it was my soul that was on the line there.” 
A personal experience (excerpted from HERO ENOUGH):
During the struggle for the gun, the man had pulled the trigger in an attempt to shoot me. But, because either his coat or my hand had impaired the fall of the hammer, it was a few ounces shy of striking hard enough to cause detonation. ...angry thoughts of how this dirt bag had tried to kill me raced through my mind ... followed by rage at myself for not blowing him away.... My scrapbook doesn't contain any commendations of heroism, but I know, inside myself, I did the right thing and that's hero enough.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Q&A

Date Sent: 24 Jan 2017

1) During all the after-the-fact protests and marches against the now de facto POTUS, where were the Trump supporters? Answer: They were busy working, paying taxes and committing to their families, churches and making America great again.
2) Why does The Donald continue to Tweet? Answer: Because he (and we) can’t trust the main-stream news media.
3) Why do so many Democrats refuse to acknowledge Trump’s election? Answer: Because they are Denialist, Elitists, Egocentrics, Socialists, un-American all of the above.
4) The Trump inauguration was the most expensive in history. Why? Answer: Security costs. No, not because of all the gun-toting Republicans, but because of all the “deplorable” Democrats – such as the ones arrested by the scores while burning vehicles and breaking out store-front windows in D.C. and Hollywood Snowflakes who tout bombing the White House or equate Trump to Hitler.
Chuck Klein


Subject: One Shining Moment

Date Sent: 20 Jan 2017

Directly after the pre-inauguration event (Thursday 1-19), I watched CNN and then ABC news. I was so pleased that these heretofore anti-Republican news organizations didn’t bash Trump nor did they present any coverage of the protest marches. I thought to myself, here is our media leading the way to unite us, to heal the divisiveness – America is great.
By 8:00 pm, CNN was back to dissing Trump and FOX was giving air time to the protesters.
Where has all the common sense gone?
Gone from pundits everyone.
Gone from pundits, everyone.
Chuck Klein


Subject: Evolution of Creationism

Date Sent: 17 Jan 2017

After creating the heavens and earth, our G-d made the sun - on the third day. Whereas, there was no sun on the first two days, those days might have been 24 gazillion +/- days long. During that time, another god may have made a sun and then populated the earth with his designs (pre-historic man). Then, that god's sun burned out killing off his life-forms. Our G-d returns (about 6000 years ago from today) and creates the current sun and our ancestors, Adam and Eve.
Our G-d created the heavens and earth and all the rest of the stuff, including pre-historic man, about 24 gazillion +/- years ago. After a fashion, He realized His cavemen hadn’t progressed very far and He rid the earth of them. Then, about 6000 years ago, from today, He created Adam and Eve – and gave them sufficient mental powers to allow their future generations to advance imaginatively.
Checking in now, our G-d might be disappointed inasmuch as the progress He hoped for has spawned perpetual wars, species extinction and pollution of His streams and oceans, which raises the question: Will He “rid the earth” of us to create a new and better Adam and Eve?
Chuck Klein


Subject: In Case You Missed It

Date Sent: 10 Jan 2017

Detroit: July 15, 2016. The Ford Motor Co. purchased the Chevrolet Div. of GM. Beginning in 2017, all Chevys will be recalled to replace the bowtie with the blue-oval.
London: August 21, 2016. Prince Charles confirms he will divorce Camilla so that he can become King upon the passing of his Mum.
NYC: September 05, 2016. Former Mayor Bloomberg admits gun laws don’t work and urged New Yorkers to “start packing heat”.
D.C. October 11, 2016. The U.S. Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade saying a woman does not have any rights over her unborn ... or her existing children.
December 31, 2016 – Hillary Clinton has begun Tweeting, saying it is much more secure than emails. 
News reports compliments of: Fake News Network
Chuck Klein


Subject: The Hacks

Date Sent: 5 Jan 2017

Four separate issues:
1) Russia hacking American emails: All computer savvy countries hack/spy each other.
2) WikiLeaks receiving the hacks: This is the unknown. We don’t know who and may never know who gave/sold them the hacks. A go-between agent? A disgruntled Democrat? A WikiLeaks employee? A non-political profiteer who hacked the Russian hacks? Hillary’s server?
3) WikiLeaks publishing the hacks: Julian Assange, CEO of this private corporation, has admitted to making the hacks available to the public, but exercises his right to refuse to disclose the source other than to say they did not come [directly] from the Russian government.
4) Contents of the classified hacks: If WikiLeaks and the Russians know what’s contained in the redacted emails, why didn’t/doesn’t the Obama administration tell us?
This isn’t about what’s right, wrong, legal or illegal, it’s just the ways the world is today. America must accept, adjust and learn to use this status quo to our benefit rather than point fingers – all the while committing our own hacks.
Chuck Klein
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Subject: Survival Test

Date Sent: 3 Jan 2017

 Do you have the mental makeup to carry a gun?
You are licensed to carry a concealed handgun and are doing so. Standing next to your car in a shopping center parking lot, you hear a disturbance. Turning to look, you see a man about your size, beating another person with a 2x4. The man is across a driving lane – about 25 feet from you. He sees you looking at him, raises the 2x4, screams he going to kill you and then begins to advance. Considering your safety and legal consequences, do you:
a) Draw your weapon and shoot him.
b) Run away.
c) Draw your handgun and fire a warning shot then shoot him if necessary.
d) Shoot to wound in the arm or leg.
e) Enter your car and call 9-1-1.
Answer and reasoning: http://chuckkleinauthor.com/Page.aspx/358/Answer-Page.html
This scenario is part of my feature article scheduled for the Jan 2017 issue of Concealed Carry Magazine.
Chuck Klein, NRA Certified Firearms Instructor, active member, IALEFI (http://www.ialefi.com)