E-Mail Editorials 2019






Subject: Trump Plan B?
Date Sent: 15 Jan 2019
1) Now, more than two years into his first term, Trump, tenders to the Senate and House that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. This is NOT his resignation and the Constitution does not require he give a reason or define his “disability”.
2) V.P. Mike Pence then becomes Acting President. This will enable Democrats and Republicans the ability to get-over the “Wall/Shutdown” issue without either side losing face.
3) Trump will still be able to work with/thru Pence to further his agenda and could at any point declare he is no longer “disabled” and then resume the office of Presidency. 
4) The Republican 2020 ticket could be either Trump/Pence or Pence/Trump and they could pull the switch when it suits them (as long as the Republicans hold at least one house of Congress). The 22nd and 25th Amendments do not limit the number of times this “switch” can take place.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Fitness
Date Sent: 8 Jan 2019
My good friend, Gerry Addington of Phoenix AZ, ends he emails: “Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and shouting . . . holy cow what a ride!" 
On the other hand is a favorite WSJ Salt & Pepper cartoon showing a decrepit, old man lying in a hospital bed with wires attached and tubes running out of him. The caption of the doctor standing next to him: “You know all those extra years you were going to get by living a clean, sheltered, healthy life ... these are it”.
My father never exercised a day in his life, except during the 12 years he served in the National Guard. He lived to be 97. Me? If I’m cashed out tomorrow, I won’t have any regrets because in addition to daily exercises (to keep from pulling a muscle), I’m running tractors and chainsaws and stuff - doing what I want to do and that’s more important than longevity. My greatest fear: A nursing home! 
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Wall
Date Sent: 5 Jan 2019
Politics notwithstanding, this might put Trump’s “Wall” (barrier) in perspective:
Trust, not Gates
Gates before Fences
Fences before Barriers
Barriers         before Threats
Threats before Guns
Guns before War
War         before Death
Death before Dishonor
Dishonor before Annihilation?
I wrote this in 1983 – still holds true today.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Broke?
Date Sent: 1 Jan 2019
The old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” requires the definition of “broke.” Democrats tended to think all is okay, as in: “it ain’t broke.” Trump, and those who support him, believe “broke” is defined as:
1) Unfair trade practices, 
2) NoK/Iran with nukes, 
3) The Supreme Court making law,
4) Open borders, 
5) Imperialist moves by China and Russia,
6) NATO countries not paying their fair share.
Previous administration, going back to Bill Clinton, had kicked-the-can to the next regime. Nobody wanted to deal with the political fallout that comes with confrontations. 
Yes, DJT is unorthodox – maybe embarrassing and obnoxious at times - but he’s doing what his supporters elected him to do. Of course, the only true measure of his support/non-support is at the ballot box. The past mid-term election was a draw - not the “blue wave” the Democrats had wished for. In two years, the electorate can decide which ideology to follow. In the meantime, hopefully, the Democrat controlled House will use its power to “fix broke” – not vindictively. 
Chuck Klein