E-Mail Editorials 2019






Subject: AI
Date Sent: 16 Apr 2019
Think attempted Russia interference during the 2016 election was worrisome? We ain’t seen nothin’ yet. The ability to significantly enhance fake-news and control media, just in the past few years, has been greatly enhanced. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the coming G5 are creating a world where separating truth from untruth is becoming undetectable – unless you’re hooked up to a AI-reading-MRI – the ultimate lie-detector. 
Using forgery, newspapers and clandestine radio stations during WW2, false information - that the recipient believed came from his own government - was called black propaganda. Today, via various media, it is possible to generated a perfect image and sounds-like voice of a government agent/politician fabricating fake-news – the new black propaganda. On the plus side, bad-guy destructive code can be de-coded by good-guy code writers – assuming one can tell the difference and in a timely manner. The upcoming EU elections might be indicative of our 2020 election. 
AI also applies to computer-controlled systems that can over-ride mechanical structures such as the fly-by-wire Boeing 737MAX planes that resulted in recent catastrophic crashes. Nothing can go wrong, can go wrong, can go wrong....  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Misc.
Date Sent: 9 Apr 2019
CLIMATE CHANGE: Fossil fuel pollution pales in comparison to the clearing of oxygen-producing rain forests for the purpose of cattle production to feed a growing world population. For example: From 2011-2016 the average loss of rain forests - in just Peru and the Ivory Coast, alone - was 840 square miles PER YEAR. 
STATEHOOD: The poverty/migration crisis in Central, South America and the Caribbean might be averted by wooing these small independent nations to become states of the United States. As such, these new US citizens could travel freely throughout all the states while at the same time negating the possibility of a Russian/Chinese/communist take-over.
MARIJUANA: To purchase a firearm from a licensed dealer, you must answer this question on ATF form 4473: “Are you an unlawful user of ... marijuana....?” The ATF then adds this warning: “The use or possession of marijuana remains unlawful under Federal law regardless of whether it has been legalized or decriminalized for medicinal or recreational purposes....” In other words, if you possess or ingest MJ and check the “yes” box you can’t purchase a gun. If you use/possess MJ and check the “no” box - that’s a criminal offense. 
Chuck Klein (Licensed Federal Firearms Dealer) 
Subject: Country Living
Date Sent: 2 Apr 2019
We’ve lived 13 years in a sparsely populated farming community where shopping at our local hardware, pharmacy, bank, post office… the personnel are usually waiting for us – not the other way around – and we’re greeted by name and with a smile. Waits to consult with our GP never exceed 15 minutes – including the staff check-in and processing. Blood tests are onsite and immediate. 
The busiest place is the IGA where a checkout line is nonexistent, well maybe there might be one ahead of us during the busiest period. Driving time to town (county seat) on traffic-free, farm roads is about 12 minutes, if we miss both lights. Gas? It’s delivered to our own 300 gallon tank. 
Of course, there are drawbacks: fire, police and life squad response can take 15 minutes – at best. However, when we consider the peace, quiet and privacy coupled with the no-waits and the only man-made light visible at night (cell tower) being two-miles away from our 125 acre forest, it’s well worth the trade-off. Come visit.
Chuck Klein
Subject: New Amendment?
Date Sent: 26 Mar 2019
28th Amend
With the Democrats now in control of the House, regulations against guns and gun owners are being pushed. Perhaps, it might be a good time to introduce new legislation to clear-up some of the issues and concerns of all citizens. 
I wrote such a suggestion in the form of a proposed Constitutional Amendment for the March 2019 edition of The Gun Mag (also available on my website: 28th Amendment). However, it could very well be re-worded as a federal statute or even a Senate/Presidential resolution. This concept was originally tendered in my June 2002 Guns & Ammo column. Please consider contacting your federal representatives with the concept.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Jews & Politics
Date Sent: 19 Mar 2019
“I have never understood why the Jewish people in our country tend to vote for Democrats?” A question put to me numerous times by Christian friends and is more about the party than individual candidates. I believe: Jews, per se, abhor violence and are very charitable, altruistic and social-justice oriented. Democrat Jewish voters are educated, intelligent, honest and a trusting people, yet they are inclined to put greater faith in government and government officials (a pie-in-the-sky, socialist mindset) than do Republicans.
Democrats seem certain they know what’s best for the “deplorables” and forcing their will on them is not contrary to a Constitution they consider arbitrary. However, the Democrat Jews (at least subconsciously) may accept this liberal reasoning because of a “Holocaust Fear Complex” - conservatism leads to fascism. 
Democrat American Jews and their alliance with the Democratic party is an enigma due to the party’s incivility, social-justice becoming political-correctness and gun controls that negate self/synagogue protection. Further evidence of this conflict is verified by Republican support for Israel while Democrats refuse to censure their congressional member who publicly denounced Jews and Israel. There are, of course, many Jewish Republicans and thus the pendulum may be swinging. 
Chuck Klein, Jewish Republican
Subject: Complex World
Date Sent: 12 Mar 2019
President G.W. Bush stated that the reason we invaded Iraq was based on our intelligence community’s report that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. No WMD were ever found. Therefore, either our intelligence was wrong or perhaps Bush started the Iraqi war to fight the enemy over there rather than allow them to bring more death and destruction over here.
Democrats do not want America to sell arms to the Saudis because our intelligence community said their Crown Prince is guilty of murdering the journalist, Jamal Khashoggi. Are these the same intelligence agencies that advised #43 about the WMD? The Prince is now making nice with China and Russia which might mean these enemies will be getting the arms sale. In other words, is the death of one non-American citizen worth surrendering jobs to our enemies? 
President Trump has been making a strong case to oust the communist leader of Venezuela who has lost an election to a non-communist reformer. Either Trump is backing the newly elected leader because he supports freedom or he wants – not Venezuelan oil for America – but a tactical move to keep the oil from communist countries such as Cuba.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Precedent
Date Sent: 5 Mar 2019
Michael Cohen has been convicted of lying to Congress. Now, it seems, he is being believed by the Democrat controlled Congressional Committee. The real fallout will be down the road when a jury – in a criminal case – will be urged to follow the precedent of these political leaders and trust a liar. No longer will the opposing side have the legitimacy to say: “if you lied once, why should we believe you now.”
There have been multiple accusations, sans credible evidence, that Trump is a racist/white-supremacist. Come on, his son-in-law is Jewish and he did move our embassy to Jerusalem. What keeps coming back to me is Trump’s Apprentice TV show where he set cutting-edge precedent by giving equal opportunity to blacks and women. 
The Democrats are presenting an unprecedented number of bills attacking the 2nd Amendment. The reason the NRA (gun owners) are against gun control is the slippery slope, to wit: A few years ago the Dems got a law passed requiring a mandatory 3-day wait to purchase a firearm. Now, they want to extend it to 10-days. Tomorrow: ___ days/years/never. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Suppose
Date Sent: 26 Feb 2019
Notwithstanding barrel size, one rotten apple will spoil the whole barrel. Of course, if 60% of the apples are rotten, then barrel size is inconsequential.
Suppose you and nine others live on an island where the only water is in a cache (called “C”) replenished with direct rain and run-off from the upside of the “C”. All 10 people on the island are individualist inasmuch as they grow, raise and catch their own food and mine their own raw materials. Of the 10, one (10%), a non-ecofriendly, lives in the run-off area whose waste and tailings are washed into the “C”. Perhaps, the “C” can absorb this lone polluter's pollution. But, what if six (60%), who are also not ecofriendly, live in the run-off area? Would the other four (40%) be justified in waging war to save “C? If not, what ratio, do you suppose, is justifiable? 
Substitute “C” for seas; island for planet earth; 60% for the population of China, Russia and India and 40% for rest of the world. All the Green New Deals and conservation restrictions placed on the 40% would be of no consequence to the survival of planet earth. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Domination
Date Sent: 19 Feb 2019
Once the Romans ruled the western world, 
Ditto the British while China controlled the east. 
A century of free markets and industrial innovation,
Propelled America’s domination to say the least.
Now, however, thanks to our open universities and trustworthiness, China and Russia are jockeying for global control. We’re not part of this equation for one simple reason: Bureaucracy. Today, adjusting to rapidly changing conditions without having to resort to endless committees, law suits and Congressional approval, restricts the President’s lead-time. Our enemies – with only a dictator to call-the-shots - have an extreme advantage.
Plan A: Change the Constitution to do away with Congress – all power to the President who will be for all intents and purposes the Potentate, Ruler, Emperor, Dictator (PRED). That is not to say, we the people, give up our right to vote him/her out of office ... but while in power all decisions are final. In other words, and for example, if the PRED orders open/closed borders to all ______, then that’s the law until a future PRED reverses that law. Elections can be every ______ year(s). Plan B: Learn to speak Chinese or Russian.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Weighted
Date Sent: 12 Feb 2019
When the media allows Hollywood/sports stars, using their status/exposure, to spew political dogma, it’s a form of weighted reporting. With the exception of Fox News, the media, per se, has become overly weighted toward the left. 
Adding to this is the overt influence of a weighted, left-leaning education system. Those who have never experienced firsthand capitalism tend to teach progressivism. This is not to say all educators are so liberal minded that they impart their political beliefs on impressionable youth ... but it is surely weighted that way. 
The solution might be to establish an exchange program whereas individual media personnel, educators, government workers and for-profit corporation employees swap jobs for an period of time. In other words, say, a college professor would spend x week(s) working as a manager for a private company; while the replaced manager works for a government bureaucracy; whereas the swapped bureaucrat does a stint as a news reporter; as the news reporter guest lectures at a college. Every x week(s) these positions would rotate with different participants in a like/reverse manner. Exploiting the opportunity to walk in another’s shoes could be beneficial to the walker as well as the destination. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Messiah
Date Sent: 5 Feb 2019
Messiah: Any expected savior or liberator of a people or country ( Webster’s New World Dictionary 3rd College Ed.).  
The following is an academic exercise to consider the possibility that Moses was the Messiah of the Hebrews and hence Christianity, per se. Please don’t take offense or take this personal:
* He invoked the miracle of G-d’s power to bring the Ten Plagues upon his peoples’ oppressors; 
* He rallied his people to exit the land of their oppressors;
* He performed the miracle of parting the Red Sea to facilitate the Exodus;
* He kept his people together for 40 years searching for the Promised Land;
* G-d handed down to him, and him alone, the 10-Commandments;
* G-d spoke directly to him on more than one occasion;
* He brought his people to the Promised Land.
If not for G-d there would have been no Adam and Eve;
If not for Adam and Eve, there would have been no Abraham;
If not for Abraham, there would have been no Moses;
If not for Moses, there would be no Jews;
If not for Jews, there would be no Christians. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Celebration?
Date Sent: 29 Jan 2019
Congratulations Nancy and Chuck, you won the battle. You did what you set out to do – stop Trump from building the wall and delivering his State of The Union Message. However, it is not Trump who’s the loser, it’s our nation’s integrity that was lost. Using third-world tactics of media control and endless investigations into a duly elected sitting President, you lost the war - the war of ensuring secure borders and strength in the eyes of our enemies. 
Mistakes of the heart 
Trump did make, 
As he believed securing 
Our border was no fake.
Democrats bent on winning,
Committed crimes of the mind,
Where victory was paramount,  
Of the premeditated kind.
Championing a battle won
By usurpation of the press,
And harassment of fellow diners,
Has made democracy a real mess. 
Go ahead and sing praises to the victors,
Snub the deplorables and profess your hate.
For when all the celebrations are done,
You will have sealed America’s fate.
Chuck Klein
Subject: 5/3 Atrium Shooting
Date Sent: 22 Jan 2019
On a calm, nothing-happening September 2018 day, an active shooter carrying a handgun and dressed in inconspicuous pants and shirt, normal attire for late summer, entered the Fifth/Third Bank and Office building in downtown Cincinnati where he randomly opened fire on innocent persons. As the people around him dove for cover, the gunman walked through the lobby as casually as someone arriving to make a deposit or take the elevator to any of the upper floors of this 30-story facility.
He is walking away from you and immediately turns around a corner toward the floor-to-ceiling display windows. Do you ... To read my entire published article and view the photos (courtesy of the Cincinnati Police Department): The Gun Mag
Chuck Klein
Subject: Trump Plan B?
Date Sent: 15 Jan 2019
1) Now, more than two years into his first term, Trump, tenders to the Senate and House that he is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office. This is NOT his resignation and the Constitution does not require he give a reason or define his “disability”.
2) V.P. Mike Pence then becomes Acting President. This will enable Democrats and Republicans the ability to get-over the “Wall/Shutdown” issue without either side losing face.
3) Trump will still be able to work with/thru Pence to further his agenda and could at any point declare he is no longer “disabled” and then resume the office of Presidency. 
4) The Republican 2020 ticket could be either Trump/Pence or Pence/Trump and they could pull the switch when it suits them (as long as the Republicans hold at least one house of Congress). The 22nd and 25th Amendments do not limit the number of times this “switch” can take place.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Fitness
Date Sent: 8 Jan 2019
My good friend, Gerry Addington of Phoenix AZ, ends he emails: “Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave safely in a well-preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, and shouting . . . holy cow what a ride!" 
On the other hand is a favorite WSJ Salt & Pepper cartoon showing a decrepit, old man lying in a hospital bed with wires attached and tubes running out of him. The caption of the doctor standing next to him: “You know all those extra years you were going to get by living a clean, sheltered, healthy life ... these are it”.
My father never exercised a day in his life, except during the 12 years he served in the National Guard. He lived to be 97. Me? If I’m cashed out tomorrow, I won’t have any regrets because in addition to daily exercises (to keep from pulling a muscle), I’m running tractors and chainsaws and stuff - doing what I want to do and that’s more important than longevity. My greatest fear: A nursing home! 
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Wall
Date Sent: 5 Jan 2019
Politics notwithstanding, this might put Trump’s “Wall” (barrier) in perspective:
Trust, not Gates
Gates before Fences
Fences before Barriers
Barriers         before Threats
Threats before Guns
Guns before War
War         before Death
Death before Dishonor
Dishonor before Annihilation?
I wrote this in 1983 – still holds true today.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Broke?
Date Sent: 1 Jan 2019
The old adage: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” requires the definition of “broke.” Democrats tended to think all is okay, as in: “it ain’t broke.” Trump, and those who support him, believe “broke” is defined as:
1) Unfair trade practices, 
2) NoK/Iran with nukes, 
3) The Supreme Court making law,
4) Open borders, 
5) Imperialist moves by China and Russia,
6) NATO countries not paying their fair share.
Previous administration, going back to Bill Clinton, had kicked-the-can to the next regime. Nobody wanted to deal with the political fallout that comes with confrontations. 
Yes, DJT is unorthodox – maybe embarrassing and obnoxious at times - but he’s doing what his supporters elected him to do. Of course, the only true measure of his support/non-support is at the ballot box. The past mid-term election was a draw - not the “blue wave” the Democrats had wished for. In two years, the electorate can decide which ideology to follow. In the meantime, hopefully, the Democrat controlled House will use its power to “fix broke” – not vindictively. 
Chuck Klein