E-Mail Editorials 2021






 These short, weekly editorials have been going out to my private list of 300 +/- readers for over 10 years. If you would like to be included please email: cklein@chuckkleinauthor.com

Subject: Taser
Date Sent: 28 Dec 2021
The Kim Potter case (LEO convicted 23 Dec for mistaking her pistol for a Taser) might produce unintended consequences inasmuch as cops will be most reluctant to use force to apprehend resisting criminals/felons. The criminal element will pick up on this and crime will escalate. Preventing Potter type “screw-ups”:
1) Duty belts are designed for the forward draw with the pistol on the dominate side (right hip, grip back for right-handed persons). The taser is on the left side - grip forward in a cross-draw manner, thus also accessible with the dominate hand. If tasers were only accessible to the non-dominate hand, i.e., if right-handed, the taser can’t be drawn with the gun hand it would be a safety feature. Also, if the officer’s right hand is busy fending-off a thug, the left hand would be able to access the taser. 
2) Tasers should be fitted with a pulsating strobe light and siren that are activated when removed from the holster. Not only would it warn the officer that he/she is holding a taser, but the sound and blinking light could create a distraction letting let the perp know what’s coming next if compliance is not instantaneous. 
Chuck Klein
Life Don’t Get No Better
Subject: Xmas 2021
Date Sent: 21 Dec 2021
'Twas the night before Christmas 
and all through the jail house,
Not a criminal was whining 
Not even a louse.
The felons, all waiting for the judge 
To shower them with shame,
Held hopes a lawyer would 
Soon come to save them for fame. 
The children now safe 
from pedophiles and fears,
Had visions of dancing 
And playing joyfully for years.
My honey in her Chevrolet 
And me in the shotgun,
Had just settled down 
for a trip filled with fun.
But cutting us off 
Was some dude in a sleigh.
We cranked down the windows 
To hear him say,
“Get outta my way,
I’ve got chimneys to seek 
And I ain’t got all week.”
He then whistled and he shouted 
And called us by name,
Which I thought was most cool 
And certainly not lame.
Then he said, with a twinkle in his eye, 
And this ain’t no lie, 
“I really enjoy your weekly email
So, keep it up without fail.” 
I turned to my mate to ask, 
“Who the hell was that guy?”
To which she replied, 
“No more eggnog, you’re flying sky high” 
Chuck Klein
Life Don’t Get No Better
Subject: Hints
Date Sent: 14 Dec 2021
What do you call it:
If the President claims and continues to claim the election was fraudulent even after conclusive proof shows it wasn’t (hint: DJT)?
When the President doesn’t stop a Russian pipeline, but halts our pipeline and then releases oil from our reserves (hint: Joe)?
If a political party creates, encourages, promotes and disseminates untrue, illegal, ill-gotten and wrong information/dossiers about their opponent, to support impeachment demands (hint: Dems)? 
When false and misleading information is spread to promote cancel culture, wokeness, politics (hint: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, Fox, NYT, et. al.)?
When mayors and governors allow crime and violent protests to rage out of control costing lives, livelihoods and massive monetary damage (hint: none were Republicans)? 
When the party in power holds hostage bi-partisan legislation for the sole purpose of forcing a partisan bill (hint: Democrats)?
If you’re not outraged at the conduct of BOTH political parties…. (hint: reality check).
Which of these terms are answers to the above questions: un-American, mal-feasance, misfeasance, non-feasance, malum in se, criminal acts (hint: all of the above)?
Solution: Amend the Constitution to require yearly Congressional elections and a single six-year term for POTUS. (Hint: less time for junkets and vindictiveness). 
Chuck Klein
Life Don’t Get No Better
Subject: 60 Minutes
Date Sent: 7 Dec 2021
I watched 60 Minutes (5 Dec) just to remind myself (again) why I don’t watch it. Scott Pelley, the smug, biased, holier-than-thou anchor “investigated” the case of Reality Winner, a former AF officer who was convicted of espionage for leaking classified material to the media, to wit: evidence that Russia had the ability to hack/disrupt the 2018 election. Once leaked, the election bureaus were advised to protect their systems. DJT denied he knew about the Russian evasive efforts. 
Pelley failed to note: If Trump knew, he couldn’t admit this as it would make America guilty of hacking Russia. Further, outing this info compromised our spy agencies who might have had plans to catch the Russians in the act. In addition, divulging this secret intel was telling Russia (and other enemies) that they knew that we knew and thus compromised future abilities to surveil them. 
It is never the prerogative of any low-ranking military personnel to decide what should be disseminated outside their official chain of command. If anyone believes the good ol’ USA doesn’t snoop, disrupt, hack foreign governments and murder enemies on foreign soil … I’ve got a bridge to sell ya (literally, I’m building my 4th bridge now). 
Chuck Klein
Life Don’t Get No Better
Subject: Time
Date Sent: 30 Nov 2021
There are two popular principles defining the beginning of the universe: The Big Bang theory where everything evolved from a giant explosion/implosion, but that brings up the question: What was there before this Big Bang? The other theory is the eternal or steady-state, meaning the universe always existed – by our time standards. In other words, we are only comprehending interval/age by our definition of time, but what was before the before – what is/was - the beginning? 
Science has always professed there are only four dimensions: Length, Width, Depth and Time. We can see, touch and measure the first three, but time defies touch, vision and the ability to go forward, back or stop. Sure, we can determine hours, days, years, but we either have not properly identified time … or there is a 5th dimension? 
Perhaps, the answer is a supremacy/power that we can neither see, touch or measure (we call G-d) that exists in/as the 5th dimension. This element eludes our ability to measure “universe” time … and maybe, just maybe, this quintessence doesn’t want us to possess the capability to comprehend or to know/understand the meaning of “time” - as it applies to the universe or theology. 
Chuck Klein
Life Don’t Get No Better
Subject: Thanksgiving
Date Sent 23 Nov 2021
Oh say can you see,
A nation divided
By the dawns early light
That has always been divided
What so proudly we hailed
A joyous celebration 
At twilight’s last gleaming
That we are still surviving
Whose broad stripes and bright stars
Representing all colors and creeds
Through the perilous fight
Twix House, Senate and POTUS
O'er the ramparts we watched,
From behind our fortified borders  
Were so gallantly streaming?
Confirmed by the voters and courts 
And the rockets' red glare
Riots and protests are our signature 
The bombs bursting in air
Flash-bangs and tear gas
Gave proof through the night
The evidence that we stand together 
That our flag was still there
Against those who want to destroy us
O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
And, for that, we so blessed 
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
To give thanks on our unique Thanksgiving Day.
Chuck Klein
Life Don’t Get No Better
Subject: LEO
Date Sent: 16 Nov 2021
Descriptions abound of what a cop should do, but none on what the actual explanation of a LEO is. Therefore, in my latest article for The Chief of Police Magazine, I’ve tendered this definition: 
"The American Law Enforcement Officer is a man or woman epitomizing theologically inspired moral and ethical values including the inherent traits of bravery and common sense, entrusted by a physical-boundary-set political division of society with the authority, duty, obligation and power to maintain tranquility, protect property and persons and investigate and arrest anyone violating the codified laws of this physical-boundary-set political division."
American LEOs are NOT the enemy; nor are they hand-holders, social workers, jack-booted-thugs or heroes. However, evil-doers may deem them the enemy; they may become hand-holders when comfort is needed or social workers when helping the indigent and even jack-booted-thugs when breaking down doors to protect us from evil doers … and when heroic acts are required, they’ll be there. 
G-d is on the face of our currency, part of our Pledge of Allegiance and is always an option in oaths of office or court testimony. Society’s morals and ethics may change, but the definition of an American Law Enforcement Officer does not. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Heroes?
For generations, statements to the effect that police, firefighters and military personnel, whether active, part-time, or retired, are heroes to whom all thanks and gratitude is due for honoring us with their service. Truth is, cops run to gunfire, firefighters enter burning building and soldiers face the enemy not out of duty, but because they believe cowardice, in the face of their compatriots, is a fate worse than death. 
As a former law enforcement officer and firefighter, I’ve always found those who volunteer for LE, firefighting and military positions do so for the comradery, excitement and prestige while getting paid for it (especially military bennies). To them, it’s the best job in the world. Lofty aspirations of service to the community are way down the list. Conscripted soldiers are a different matter as they didn’t volunteer – to them, all thanks and subsidies are due. 
Top ten fatal work injury rates per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers (2019  https://www.bls.gov/news.release/pdf/cfoi.pdf). 
Fishing and hunting workers
Logging workers
Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
Helpers, construction trades
Refuse and recyclable material collectors
Driver/sales workers and truck drivers
Structural iron and steel workers
Farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural managers
Ground maintenance workers
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Watch
Date Sent: 2 Nov 2021
In 1979 my mother rediscovered in her jewelry box an 18k gold, double-hunter case, 17-jewel Swiss-movement pocket watch. She said she found it in my father’s mother’s jewelry box upon her death in 1955. A close examination revealed the initials, CHK, engraved on the outside of the case. Inside was the inscription: “From Grandma Klein July 27, 1914”. Family records disclosed my father’s grandmother, Belle Cohen Klein, died on that date. My father, CHK, indicated he had never seen the watch. The pocket watch had been in his mother’s jewelry box from 1914 until 1955 and then in my mother’s possession until 1979 – hidden away for 65 years. 
Evidently, my father’s grandmother willed the watch to him; her estate had the inscriptions added. My father was only 6-years old in 1914 and by the time he was old enough to carry a watch, men were wearing wrist watches. 
I found an old-time watchmaker who made a new mainspring, noting the watch originated ca. 1880. I carry this 140-year-old historical artifact on special occasions and have added instructions to my will that it is to go to my grandson, CHK IV, adding the inscription: “From Granddad Klein [date of my death].” 
Charles H. Klein,Jr. (aka Chuck Klein)
Subject: Old Adage
Date Sent: 26 Oct 2021
As the cost of gasoline skyrockets, Mr. Biden is now embracing Trump’s policy of supporting US oil production – something Joe said he was going to curtail. In addition, and in response to the “border crisis”, Biden is re-installing the Trump “stay-in Mexico” policy for those wanting to immigrate via our southern border. Joe also promised to “take the advice of experts” and then ignored his Generals’ plans to leave some troops in Afghanistan, and we all know how that turned out.
Cops and judges have always found that if someone is caught in a lie, then it brings up the obvious question: What else are they lying about (usually lots more)? In other words, one’s creditability is destroyed when caught in a single falsehood (or in this case multiple). 
As President, Mr. Biden has the prerogative of changing his mind/plans as he so desires. To put this in perspective … to backtrack on major campaign promises brings up the question: If Trump was so right on these matters, what else was he correct about that Joe is ignoring or refusing to acknowledge … the wall, voting restrictions, climate, China…? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Cause & Effect
Date Sent: 19 Oct 2021
Inflation (2%/per year) is good for economic growth. However, recent extraordinary high demand for goods and services created hyper-inflation (5.4%) that drove prices of everything up that generated higher profits for corporations that resulted in workers getting (striking for) higher wages as compensation - all of which resulted in spiraling inflation. 
The multiple causes of this hyper-inflation: 
1) Lack of workers due to C-19 virus/variants and Biden’s slow reaction to impose vaccines/masks mandates; 
2) Over indulgent of government issued payments/credits/rent controls/debt forgiveness to counteract lost wages resulting in workers not returning to work because they are, for all intents, being paid not to work (thank you Mr. Biden);
3) Non-delivery of goods due to inability of ports to off-load container ships and lack of truck drivers for interstate delivery due to lack of workers (see #2 above);
4) Christmas goods will be in short supply creating greater demand thus driving prices even higher. 
Sometime in 2022 the supply issue will be resolved resulting in an over-stock of goods creating price-cutting and losses to sellers followed by a downturn of re-orders causing layoffs by manufactures. If the Democrats inflationary social-spending $3+ trillion bill is passed expect super-hyperinflation, i.e., depression. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: IoT
Date Sent: 12 Oct 2021
The Internet of Things (IoT) is the universal and ubiquitous cameras/tracking – both public and private (such as doorbell, cell, store security). This current technology, coupled with Artificial Intelligence, collects specific and unspecific data - recordings that can be used against you in criminal as well as civil proceedings. The 4th Amendment protects the “right of the people … against unreasonable searches….” Used to be “unreasonable” meant you had to be doing something wrong for the police to “search” you during traffic or criminal investigations. The IoT has all but eliminated the expectation of going about your personal and legal business undisclosed. In other words, you are being recorded almost everywhere you go in any urban setting. 
Use of this surveillance is being promoted by communities to offset the loss of police officers due to increasing negative political pressures. Though 60% of the population live in urban areas almost 95% travel into or through cities on a regular basis. 
IoT has let the cat out of the bag and overreach is a concern of not only the privacy rights advocates and organizations, but also legal scholars and police officers, per se, who worry what Constitutional protections are next to be IoT’d. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Pondering
Date Sent: 5 Oct 2021
If human activity is responsible for climate change … how much effect do forest fires and volcano eruptions raise the global temperature and increase ozone levels? We don’t know what causes a volcano to spew the extreme rock-melting heat nor when and where they will occur. Might it be better to spend more time and money exploring inner space than outer space? 
Third world countries cut and burn their oxygenating forests to provide grazing fields for methane-emitting cattle to feed first-world nations. The forests that aren’t burned are cut to supply these top-of-the-chain countries with lumber to allow encroachment of areas that once harbored wild animals and oxygen producing plants. 
If a battery powered electric vehicle – under ideal conditions - has a rating of 250 miles before running out of juice, how far can it go in less-than-ideal conditions such as when headlights, wipers and cabin heat are required? This is info that has never been disclosed. 
If human activity is responsible for climate change … how much effect do forest fires and volcano eruptions raise the global temperature and increase ozone levels? We don’t know what causes a volcano to spew the extreme rock-melting heat nor when and where they will occur. Might it be better to spend more time and money exploring inner space than outer space? 
Third world countries cut and burn their oxygenating forests to provide grazing fields for methane-emitting cattle to feed first-world nations. The forests that aren’t burned are cut to supply these top-of-the-chain countries with lumber to allow encroachment of areas that once harbored wild animals and oxygen producing plants. 
If a battery powered electric vehicle – under ideal conditions - has a rating of 250 miles before running out of juice, how far can it go in less-than-ideal conditions such as when headlights, wipers and cabin heat are required? This is info that has never been disclosed. 
When Joe Biden encouraged his fellow dems to withhold a vote on the bipartisan infrastructure bill to get the Democrat-backed social spending bill passed, that’s leadership of his party – but surely it is NOT leadership of and for America and all Americans. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: The Question
Date Sent: 28 Sep 2021
The Biden administration:
1) Does not know how many Americans remain in Afghanistan.
2) Does not know how many illegal immigrants have been released into interior locations in our country and where these – C-19 untested - illegal immigrants have been re-located to. 
3) Still refuses to not only acknowledge the southern border condition a crisis, but Joe has never visited it. Even CNN calls the border situation a crisis. 
4) Made a deal with Australia for a nuclear sub that our ally, France, was not advised of resulting in an unprecedented recall of their ambassador forcing an apology from Joe. 
5) Summarily, capriciously and arbitrarily removed our troops from Afghanistan while leaving in-country Americans totally unprotected and no safe way to return to America.
6) Left behind in Afghanistan untold munitions that can (will) be used against us and our allies.
7) Has not addressed the “crisis” of the tankers and cargo ships backed-up on both coasts? 
8) Promising to conduct a transparent administration, Joe refuses to answer questions on these and other major topics. 
The question: Is this non-feasance, misfeasance, or malfeasance … or all of the above?  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Justification
Date Sent: 21 Sep 2021
Here we are in climate-comfortable and safe Ohio while watching the evening news of places not as worry-free. Oh yeah, we’ve had out-of-the-ordinary warm winters and wetter/cooler summers that might be only an inconvenience (except for the longer growing season the farmers are enjoying). 
I’m sitting on our deck under a blue sky with a light breeze and 75 degrees temp over-looking our lush deciduous forest – a paradise spoiled only by feelings of anxiety, dread and compassion for others suffering hurricanes, tornados, historic flooding, devastating forest fires, escalating violent crime rates … and that’s only in this country. All over the world are similar happenings plus never-ending wars. Our biggest worry … when is it our turn?
Here in the Midwest, it seems like there is only two seasons, spring and fall – long hot summer days or extended cold winter spells haven’t been experienced for a number of years. Climate change – it’s changing and if it’s caused by humans how do politicians justify heat and air polluting fireworks extravaganzas and private plane travel? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Nation Building
Date Sent: 14 Sep 2021
Nation-building is a nice way of saying imperialism, e.g., N-B is capturing the hearts and minds of a people with money, trade, protection and democracy whereas imperialism is all about military force and dependence on the captor’s egalitarianism. America’s N-B success is exemplified by post WW2 Japan, Germany, Italy – but only after unconditional surrender to our military occupation. 
Afghanistan was about keeping the Islamics from waging war outside their borders not nation-building, democracy, or absolute capitulation. However, shockingly, the Biden administration is continuing humanitarian aid to this Taliban controlled enemy country. 
Americans might best be served if we: 1) Militarily ignore nations that trample human rights of their own people in their own country. In other words, stop being the world’s policeman and financial patron. 2) Conduct no trade with reprehensible (by our standards) nations. 3) Allow no Muslim immigrants or visitors into America. 4) Begin a government sponsored pro-American hype program via public and social media touting equal rights, freedom, justice for all USA citizens; also included would be white, gray and black propaganda. 
The future of N-B/Imperialism will be determined by cyber warfare – hacking, clandestine sabotage/jamming of airwaves - not traditional military potency or monetary handouts.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Tuesday's Email Today
Date Sent: 8 Sep 2021
As we continue to witness catastrophic storms, fires, massive power outages, terrorist attacks … it might be a good idea to have a Go-Bag – a backpack/satchel that contains emergency essentials such as: water, non-perishable foods, first-aid, meds, ID, contact info for friends and family (cell phone might not work or run out of juice), multi-tool, shelter (tarp), toilet paper (sealed in plastic zip-bag with dry socks), flashlight with extra bats, gloves, knit watch cap, rain gear, Bic lighter, package of Coghlan’s fire sticks and what legal defensive weapons and ammunition you feel comfortable with. 
This Go-Bag should be available on quick notice. In other words, if you can’t have it with you at all times, then you should have a plan on how to access it every time you are away from it. Speaking of plans, one is to have a plan of where to go with your Go-Bag including sheltering in place or even your automobile might be the “place” which could become stuck in traffic. Of course, a plan B can’t be ruled out in case the “place” becomes what you need to get away from. Thinking ahead always beats trying to catch up. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Vaccinations
Date Sent: 31 Aug 2021
Small pox was a human transmittable, fatal disease that was conquered by two factors: 1) a vaccination was ascertained; 2) the vaccine was mandatory for all children. Polio devastated many, including FDR. A vaccine was almost simultaneously discovered by Drs. Salk and Sabin – one as a shot in the arm the other a sugar cube laced with the drug. I recall shuffling along a long line in the hallway outside my high school auditorium, ca. 1959, to receive a sugar cube on my extended tongue. 
In both of these preventative, contagious measures there were no excuses or exceptions – all students accepted the treatment or they were not allowed to attend school, period. It worked – Small pox and Polio are almost non-existent today. 
Now that multiple and reliable Covid-19 vaccines are available why are we allowing persons who are a danger to others and are overloading medical facilities to not only refuse immunizations but to ignore the simple requirement to wear masks? Yeah, I know the refuseniks are saying it’s about “rights”. But their right not to be vaccinated/masked ends … where my right not to be exposed to their communicable health hazard begins. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Non-Feaseance
Date Sent 27 Aug 2021
The Biden Administration claims ISIS-K was responsible for the suicide bombers at the Kabul Airport and that the Taliban, our enemy, promised Biden they would protect those wanting to exit via the airport. Perhaps, that’s what the Biden Admin wants us to believe to keep from admitting he’s been snookered – again – by the Taliban who in fact sent the suicide bombers and then blamed it on ISIS-K.
The rapid pull out of troops prior to evacuating civilians and vastly under estimating the strength of the Taliban is not the fault of Biden, per se, it is the fault of the Democrat mindset – they are perceived by our enemies as weak. They believe that all peoples, including Afghans, are trustworthy, want peace and democracy. This might be true of the “peoples,” but adversairal governments think differently – something the Dems seem to fail to comprehend. 
Finally, since the rapid pull-out didn’t include a plan to not only evacuate our civilian citizens, but not to remove or destroy the attack helicopters, armored vehicles and ammunition and we know where these munitions are stored – why haven’t we conducted air strikes to destroy them before they can be used against us? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Duh
Date Sent: 24 Aug 2021
* Contrary to what the administration claims, our southern border IS a crisis – Duh
* Drug over-dose deaths are 93K/year, while firearms deaths total 40K/year; the Biden administration should be focused on drugs - Duh
* Not mandating masks and vaccination is dumb – Duh
* If human activity causes pollution, climate change and animal/plant extinctions; the root cause that no one wants to deal with is over-population - Duh
* The goal of maintaining troops in Afghanistan was to keep the Islamic militants so busy fighting us over-there, that they couldn’t bring the war over-here. Now that Mr. Biden has surrendered, these emboldened Jihadist will be – again - exporting their terroristic specialties – Duh. 
* The President ran on the ticket of listening to the experts and then ignored his generals about the consequences of a rapid pull-out of Afghanistan sans a plan B – much less a plan A such as pull the civilians out – then pull the troops out…. Duh
* After 20 years in-country, you’d think the CIA and all the other “intelligence” agencies would have known how fast the Taliban could re-take that nation once we pulled out and … it is a crisis – Duh
Chuck Klein
Subject: 25 Years
Date Sent: 17 Aug 2021
1995 found me attending a Cincinnati Music Hall recital by high school classmate Richard Stoltzman. During intermission, I treated myself to eye candy of seeing Annette, who was seated with friends and relatives all of whom I knew. A few phone calls and I convinced her to meet me for coffee. 
At a destination that was bashert, I approached this pretty and sensuous lady holding up my index finger, saying, “kiss my finger”. She did to which I said, “Dear diary, the first thing she did was kiss me.” It got a smile and the bonding began with coffee and dinner at The Century Inn. During conversation, it was discovered that we might have had had a date in high school, but neither of us remembered any details. 
A week later it was dinner at Pasta al Dente and tickets to the Showboat Majestic. Afterwards, a nightcap at my downtown rowhouse where I put on some 50s music. We danced to Johnny Mantis’s, The Twelfth of Never – it was a magic moment. Within a few months she accepted my high school ring and we were - going-steady. I gave her my book, Circa 1957, to read inasmuch as she would know most of the characters. One event in the book has the protagonist (me) double-dating to Spatz’s Show Bar. That triggered her memory to say that was the date we had, and we doubled with a guy named Mike; but neither of us were sure. Then she discovered a long-lost diary she kept only for the year 1960. In it was the passage: “Date with Chuck Klein went to Spatz’s doubled with Mike and Heather.” It all came back including the recollection that I’d call her … so, it took almost 40 years. 
We married in 1996 and have enjoyed 25 years of love, friendship and a close-nit family of our combined 5-children and now 10-grandchildren – “life don’t get no better”.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Olympics
Date Sent: 10 Aug 2021
The 2020 Summer Olympics were a refreshing, exciting, make-you-feel-proud entertainment. The down side: the games and matches were not fun to watch inasmuch as NBC television coverage stunk. Oh, they had cameras everywhere, but they kept showing repeats, never displayed medal standings and when they did show race standings, it had to be freeze-framed to digest the info. Explanations of the various event rules were non-existent. 
In addition, multiple NBC stations were running duplicate coverage some at the same time. Most on-screen events failed to continuously identify the event or related distance/time. Also egregious were the commentators who insisted on identifying the race contestants during the race – other than Americans - by name rather than by country. 
On the plus side: Gold Medals to the Olympic Committee, all competitors and Japan, per se. The committee instilled a true sense of sportsmanship whereas contestants - foreign to each other - hugged, bumped fists, slapped hands after competing and professionally accepted officials calls. However, hopefully for the next Olympics the Committee will require greater visibility of country ID and uniformity on the participant’s attire including making sure the athlete’s name doesn’t obscure his/her nation’s identity. 
Chuck Klein


Subject: Hunting
Date Sent: 3 Aug 2021
Many urban and suburban communities have been experiencing problems related to deer over-populations including destruction of floral gardens and automobile traffic accidents. Rural farm lands are also significantly impacted by corn-loving venison-on-the-hoof and forests are being harmed by the loss of saplings. This is aggravated by a general diminishing number of hunters. Those who have been allowed to cull herds and donate the venison to food banks, are being “hunted-out” (the cost of the hunt is exceeding the thrill of the hunt). 
Though it is illegal to sell wild game, that might be changing. The latest proposal is to allow (controlled) market hunting of deer – sell what you kill. Venison is a high-protein, low-fat/cholesterol food source and might be competition to beef, thus lowering beef prices.  
To encourage this concept, the State of Ohio is considering offering owners of farms/forests $300/acre/year to open their land to hunters. Currently, Ohio requires hunters to obtain written permission to hunt private land, but hunters under the $300/acre arrangement would not have to have landowner permission. Personally, that’s problematic inasmuch as I want to know who is on my land and that it won’t be over-run by an army of “buck” hungry hunters. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: True Crime
Date Sent: 27 Jul 2021
About 40 years ago, I was privy to a reunion of two retired Norwood, Ohio detectives reminiscing about their years as cops in the late 40s. This is one of their stories. 
Acting on a tip, the officers hid in the back of a closed for the night jewelry store. One was armed with a Thompson sub-machinegun, the other a 12Ga shotgun. Sometime in the early morning hours on the first day of April, after forcing the rear door of this mom-and-pop business, two men stepped inside. Both cops commenced firing - killing one and seriously wounding the other. The survivor, Homer T. Zucker, MW 43, upon recovering from his wounds, was brought to trial on felony burglary charges. 
Defense lawyer: “Before the officers opened fire, did they identify themselves as police officers?”
Homer T. Zucker: “No sir.”
Lawyer: “Did they say you were under arrest or tell you not to move?”
Homer T.: “No sir.”
Lawyer: “Did they say anything?”
Homer T.: “Yes sir.”
Lawyer: “Well … what did they say?”
Homer T.: “April Fool, motherf**kers.” 
Though the Judge was sympathetic to the defense’s outrage, Mr. Zucker got the maximum sentence. Who says justice doesn’t prevail? 😊 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Playboy Key
Date Sent: 20 July 2021
In the early 60s, for $25, I purchased a Playboy Club “metal” key that allowed me credit and access to any Playboy Club. After a few years Playboy notified all key holders, they would have to purchase a plastic credit card “key” for admission and all metal keys were void. A class-action law suit followed that was settled by allowing “metal” key holders cash-only access to any club. Rumors soon began to circulate that the metal keys were either confiscated, surrendered in exchange for a plastic card, only issued to Mafia or….
In 1977, my wife, Patty, and I entered the Cincinnati Playboy Club for a nightcap. The young Bunny hostess who probably was a toddler when the metal keys were first introduced, looked dumbfounded as she asked, “What’s this? You have to have our Playboy Club credit card to be admitted.” The manager was called and he honored the metal key. 
As we turned to follow him to our table, I heard the guy who had been standing behind us whisper to his date, “He’s got one of those metal keys. They only gave them to the high rollers.” I still have the key! 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Ironic
Date Sent: 13 Jul 2021
The western states are suffering unprecedented heat and water shortages all blamed on climate change that is caused, as the experts claim, by human acts. Meanwhile, untold government communities celebrated the 4th of July with extravagant heat and pollution producing fireworks displays. 
Hunter Biden’s new found vocation is painting. He is selling these (questionable) works of art for prices ranging up to $500K each. The catch is, to remain unconnected to the WH, the buyer will not be made public nor made know to Hunter. Of course, there is no way to keep the buyer from contacting Hunter to say to the effect: “I just bought (or am considering purchasing) one of your paintings and would appreciate you and daddykins stopping by my place to advise where to place it.” 
All during Trump’s reign, the Dems blasted him for ruling as a King by issuing Executive Orders. His average/year was 55. FDR’s average was 307. Joe Biden has issue 51 EOs - in the first five months of his presidency - a rate of 119/year. 
Democrat-controlled cities that promoted de-funding police while championing wokeness and cancel culture are experiencing soring violent crime rates. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Political Persecution:
Woke, Political Correctness, Cancel Culture, Critical Race Theory, for all intents and purposes, mean the same thing: Distancing from faith, patriotism and traditional American values … or any form of bias the speaker believes offensive – call it: Political Persecution. 
Woke: To be aware of and resist/protest injustice in a nation/system one believes to be unjust. 
Political Correctness: Verbally bashing others for holding opposing views. Those who don’t join in are also targets regardless of truth, fairness or objectivity. 
Cancel Culture: (Political Correctness on steroids). Engaging in abandoning/trashing physical, written or verbal historical content such as libelous postings to social media, destroying statues and/or anything deemed to be not acceptable by Political Persecutionists. 
Critical Race Theory: A concept that promoters believe K-12 students should be taught that America has been and still is inherently racist. 
The majority of Americans are white and they are no different than any other race inasmuch as they hold limited discrimination against others. Does anyone believe that if the USA suddenly became a majority of Blacks (or Muslims) that discrimination (against whites) wouldn’t happen? America is the most just nation in the history of the world and we have greater problems than whining over Political Persecution. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Re-Test
Date Sent: 29 Jun 2021
Three years ago, I presented this Numbers Test; thus, now a test of your retentive powers. Answers below
1) The speed of light
2) Distance from the earth to the sun
3) Distance between the rails of standard gauge American train tracks
4) Boiling point of water – Celsius
5) Spontaneous ignition point at which paper burns
6) Cube root of 64
7) Distance from the MLB pitcher’s rubber to home plate 
8) Current college basketball shot clock
9) One Light-year =______
10) 2nd Sunday in May
11) Pi
12) Cycles/second of standard American AC electric current
13) Neutral pH
14) Distance between the goal posts of American football field
15) Weight of one gallon of water
16) Circumference of the Earth at the Equator +/- 1000 miles
17) Number of bytes in a terabyte
18) Feet in a mile
19) Inches in a meter 
20) Speed of sound (approx)
1) 186,000 miles/sec
2) 93 million miles
3) 4’ 8 1/2”
4) 100 degrees
5) About 450 degrees Fahrenheit (as in the Movie: Fahrenheit 451)
6) 4
7) 60’ 6”
8) 30 seconds
9) Distance light travels in a year (186,000 x 60 x 60 x 24 x 365).
10) Mother’s Day
11) 3.14
12) 60
13) 7.0
14) 120 yards (100 yards is the distance between the goal lines)
15) 8.33 pounds
16) About 25,000 miles
17) One trillion, 10 to the 12th power
18) 5,280
19) 39.37
20) 1100 ft./sec (varies with air temp and density)
Chuck Klein
Subject: Mistakes
Date Sent: 22 Jun 2021
The Hebrews/Jews have made three mistakes. 
1) When Moses arrived at the Promised Land, he was told by G-d to kill all the inhabitants therein. Though Moses was forbidden to enter, he instructed Joshua to comply with this mandate (Deut. 7:1-6, 17-26 and 20:10-18). Joshua failed to kill all the Canaanites (today’s Palestinians) thus setting up centuries of conflict. 
2) Aside from the single violent attack of the Canaanites, Hebrews/Jews have always presented a peaceful and non-aggressive persona. Had they been more imperialistic rather than defensive, all of the Middle East might now be … the Promised Land. 
3) Allowing non-Jews to become citizens and hold office has increased the presence of their enemy. As the voting Arab citizens of Israel grows, they at some point, may become the majority and could vote to make Israel a Muslim nation ushering in a new Holocaust.  
Has it been a mistake for America to present a defensive position rather than conquer other nations/continents? Is it a mistake NOT to conduct preemptive cyber-attacks on our enemies? Is it a mistake to permit American citizenship to Muslims thus allowing them to elect anti-American/Israel Congressional members – who may become a majority? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Times Up!
Date Sent 15 Jun 2021
* Sports betting.
* Legalized abortion.
* No prosecution of prostitution.
* Entire states thumbing their noses at the rule of law by endorsing federally banned drugs and offering sanctuary to illegal aliens.
* U.S. elected officials and their supporters calling for elimination of law enforcement agencies.
* Escalating racial and religious hate crimes.
* The foulest of language permeating social media that children hear and view daily.
* Unisex public toilet facilities.
* Biological boys allowed to play girls sports.
* Political witch-hunts.
* Mainstream media mastering subtle political bias.
* Unaccountable bureaucracies.
* Pollution of air and water to promote (over)population.
* Cancel culture.
* Never-ending global wars/killings.
* Genetic gene altering.
* Near idol worship of and hatred of POTUS.
* Momentous accounts of educators, clergy and trusted public officials committing sex crimes against children.
Some hold that the time is ripe for G-d to intervene (perhaps He has by sending Covid-19, but we outsmarted him?) or the return/arrival of the Messiah or Armageddon arrives or aliens from outer space controlling - take your pick.
I’m not sure where this is all heading, but I am sure it is not heading in a peaceful, positive direction.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Game Changer?
Date Sent: 8 Jun 2021
Trump's inability to accept the facts of his losing the election and lack of remorse for his role in the Capitol riot has caused Congresswoman Liz Cheney to buck the man who garnered 74M votes in 2020 and still holds sway with many of them. This gutsy and out-spoken Representative of the Cowboy State is publicly testing his leadership of the party. 
Cheney might be a game-changer inasmuch as if she is re-elected to the House in solid Republican Wyoming (70% voted for Trump in 2020), the party would most likely swing against Trump and for her as the leader of the pack. To paraphrase Winston Churchill: Never has so much depended on so few for so many. Even if Cheney doesn't survive the 2022 Congressional election, she would still be a national power if she throws her spurs in the ring for the 2024 Presidential primary. There are a lot of covert anti-Trump Republicans out there. 
Two things appear clear: 1) Cheney will support Trump's agendas while presenting a dignified and respectable demeanor. 2) Trump will most assuredly be indicted by political witch-hunters, but any convictions to be upheld by "his" SCOTUS might prove challenging and take years. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: We Are....
Date Sent: 1 Jun 2021
* Americans are those who fight to right unrightable wrongs. This is our destiny; this is our grit.
* Facing the enemy, we’d rather stand tall than lie a coward in our grave.
* If you see us comin’ better straighten up; a lotta foes didn’t and a lotta of 'em wish they had. 
* Some plant taters, some sell cotton, some wear uniforms, none are forgotten. 
* The answers, dear compatriot, are not blowin’ in the wind; they're in our collective American minds. So go ahead and look after your neighbor, go ahead and aid a friend.
 * Ring that bell of freedom, hammer out justice and sing the song of love between our brothers and sisters. 
* God has blessed America and Americans where ever they may be.
* From Ohio and West Virginia to Montana and Maine; from Texas and Colorado to Vermont and Tennessee; This is America - this is the land we love. 
Inspired by the songs: High Noon, 16 Tons, The Impossible Dream, God Bless The USA, Old Man River, God Bless America, America The Beautiful, One Tin Soldier, Blowin’ In The Wind, Theme from Giant, If I Had a Hammer.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Future Cops
Date Sent: 25 May 2021
Due to calls for police reform and funding cuts along with eliminating qualified immunity for law enforcement officers, it is becoming difficult to recruit "eligible" LEOs. Even though there is always a large number of applicants, the number of those who aspire to be social workers or only want the power of a badge and gun are becoming significantly greater than those who fit the definition of a law-enforcement officer: One who honestly likes being in a position of being able to help people while at the same time has a strong sense of right and wrong and subscribes to a healthy fear of being labeled a coward.
Solution: Copying their own very successful Future Farmers of America the secondary school systems might solve the dilemma by fostering a Future Cops of America (FCA). This after-school opportunity would give insight into a quasi-military and most honorable, public-service profession to future generations. 
FCA member excursions to penal, LE training, trial court facilities and Ride-a-longs (where permissible) could be very educational. Even if most don't become LEOs, the tutelage and experience these young impending adults gain would create a recruitment list once FCA members come of age.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Entertainment
Date Sent: 18 May 2021
I read 20-24 books per year that are about equal fiction to non-fiction. There isn't a room in the house that doesn't contain shelves of books. They're like old friends, I see the title and recall the pleasant memories just like re-watching classic TCM movies of the 40s, 50s and 60s. I know the story, but when the acting, directing and period settings are so well done, it's deja vu entertainment. 
As of late, I've applied that pleasant experience to re-reading some of the best books I read over the years - the ones I didn't give away to friends, family or the public libraries. Well-written books containing compelling dialog and narrative are also deja vu entertainment. 
A few rereads that have been very enjoyable: James Michener's Chesapeake, Centennial; Vincent Bugliosi's And the Sea Will Tell (nf); Throttling the Railroads (nf by Carson); Joseph Wambaugh's The New Centurions, Lines & Shadows (nf)…. Next, I'll treat myself, once again, to mental candy by W.E.B. Griffin, Jeff Shaara, John Jakes (California Gold contains an accounting of my most infamous relative) ... then maybe I'll reread one of the books I wrote! Cheaper entertainment is not possible. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Political Power
Date Sent: 11 May 2021
Sans voter representation, Facebook, et al., have assumed powers greater than Congress. Barring Trump from their platform was purely punitive - they were/are punishing him for what they didn't like - not to protect themselves/clients/citizens from injury due to alleged criminal conduct. In other words, this media giant - in contravention to the Constitution - determined Trump had committed a criminal offense without so much as a state or federal indictment and then, for all intents and purposes, extracted a $10M+ fine. 
Social-media, like newspapers, are private corporations and can freely choose their accounts. However, the dynamics of social-media has significantly changed the "power of the press" to the point where this new avenue of dissemination has massive political power. Today, print media only reaches, at most, a few million once/day compared to social-media's 10s of millions all day long - a much greater political force. 
Solution: Any open-to-the-public social-media that exercises editorial controls over posted personal views, comments and editorials, must incorporate a Pre-Posting Review whereas all posts will be delayed ____ seconds while this media source scans the message for illegal - and only illegal - content. In addition, there must be accountability/transparency to the public.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: 100 Days
Date Sent: 4 May 2021
1) Biden gets hi-marks for his handling the medical portion of the pandemic, but failed to mention it was made possible by Trump's foresight and distribution plans. Grade: B
2) The economy is sailing and he sets a good example of wearing masks and having his staff wear masks. Grade: A+
3) Transparency? Two very short press briefings with very limited Q&A and NO media/cameras at the border. Grade D
4) Joe castigated Donald for failing to heed the advice of experts, then overruled his own military experts when they advised keeping 2500 troops in Afghanistan after the proposed 9-11 pull-out. Grade D
5) China, ignoring the sanctions against Iran and Venezuela, has thumbed its nose at Biden by importing significant amounts of oil from these outlaw nations. Grade F
6) After dissing Trump for his immigration controls, he created an unprecedented southern border crisis - where his only plan has been to release C-19 infected and non-vaccinated illegals into the country. Grade F
7) The President is proposing a massive infrastructure program that tests creditability by re-defining infrastructure to mean expanded entitlement programs, that will continue to drain the federal budget forever. Grade F
Chuck Klein
Subject: Short Takes II
Date Sent: 27 Apr 2021
1) If all other factors of responding to a felony in-progress - large, muscular perp under the influence of drugs and violently resisting arrest - were identical except George Floyd had been white, the outcome would have been the same. Please see part I of my series in: The Chief of Police Magazine (Summer 2020) for explanation and solution to Accumulated Stress Disorder. 
2) Did the Judge purposely refused to sequester the jury and move the trial out of Minneapolis believing a conviction was assured thus preventing more riots and surely would be over-turned-on appeal due to tainting? 
3) NYC Prosecutor has said he will not prosecute prostitutes. Could it be the reason that, come the next election, he will be able to claim "crime is down"? 
4) Biden and Harris might not visit the border until the over-crowded illegals have been moved to military bases and tax-payer funded hotels. Then they'll make the visit, with media cameras in tow, saying: "See, we told you there was no over-crowding."
5) De-funding police won't be necessary. Early retirement of LEOs is up significantly while recruiting of qualified applicants is down. As crime rises a perfect storm is brewing. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Short Takes
Date Sent: 20 Apr 2021
1) Of the 2000 +/- protesters/riotersm, 6 Jan, 410 have been arrested of which 13 are Oath Keepers. This minute proportion of the 74M who voted for Trump is hardly a significant threat to take-over the government. Now it's all about CYA for the military/police, and an excuse to grant additional protections for politicians while legislating Orwellian controls for the rest of us. 
2) Oath Keepers are no different than any other groups, including political parties, inasmuch as once formed they splinter into radicals, very radicals and extremist thus losing their power of numbers.
3) If, as the WH claims, Trump was responsible for the border "crisis," why did it take 3-months for Biden to acknowledge that it was a "crisis"? How long before he admits China, Iran, NoK and Russia have become a "crisis"?
4) Less than 50% of America is white - a minority. Shouldn't this minority receive the same special treatment and monetary benefits of other minorities? Oh wait, don't they have to "suffer" first … humm, maybe 10s of millions of lives systemically lost in Revolutionary/Civil/World wars, wasn't enough? 
5) Dogs live to please their master. Cats exist to be pleased by their servants. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Appeasement
Date Sent: 13 Apr 2021
Should Derek Chauvin be convicted of murder in George Floyd's death?
Yes. Lethal force should not be used except as a last resort - to save lives. This condition did not exist at the time of Floyd's demise. A conviction will show the American judicial system is fair and honest and will appease the Black community.
No. Floyd, a physically large, strong and drug enhanced criminal, violently resisted arrest. Chauvin had to wrestle him to the ground in order to complete the legal arrest. Chauvin placed his knee on Floyd's neck; the knee placement might have been placed in a better location, but during a hold-down against a strong, resisting man, knee placement is not an exact science. Once the knee was in place the time it needed to be kept there is difficult to access while in a combative mode. Even in a perfect society, expecting LEOs to be perfect is imperfect. “If the history of the 1930s teaches us anything, it is that appeasement … would be an open invitation to new acts of aggression….”  (President Truman, 1 Sep 1950.)
Solution: Secondary schools to teach non-escalation mindset and the futility of resisting arrest. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Car Design
Date Sent: 6 Apr 2021
Hey Detroit, listen up. We are so tired of all SUVs looking the same … time for some innovation such as producing a vehicle with the bottom portion of those long and exaggerated sloping windshield painted the same color as the body. The roof line should be flat and extend over the sides with sharp corners - no more rounded bulbous look. Think retro '30s era gangster car. 
Then, split the side-windows in half - a top and bottom - with the upper half hinged on the top (of the door frame). It would open outward sort of Dutch-door style (sideways). The bottom opens and closes - up and down - in the traditional manner and would be tinted dark to keep with the narrow windshield illusion. Call it the esoteric look - occupants can see out, but outsiders not in. 
How 'bout a double-decker - the driver and shotgun up top, two passengers under. Wheel track the same, but body narrower to reduce wind resistance. 
Finally, turn the speedometer upside down so the 40-80 MPH portions won't be blocked by the steering wheel - or run it as a horizontal bar, a la, the 1961 Buick. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Prison
Date Sent: 30 Mar 2021
Having been born into and brought up in criminal surroundings, many Americans have never had a chance to experience the American way of life, thus perpetuating the growth of the prison system, sans a way to integrate to society.
Perhaps, creating a Parallel Society Prison (PSP) whereas youthful/first-time offenders (men & women together) could demonstrate their assimilation abilities. This PSP could be established in an abandoned shopping-center/housing project that would be fenced-off and secure. Inside the compound the inmates (residents) would operate their own restaurants and other small businesses - they would run the PSP and would have to get-along just like regular society. Once a PSP "resident" demonstrates the capacity to function as a law-abiding citizen he/she would be eligible for expungement, release or parole. 
Each "resident" would attend civic classes and be paid in script earned by employment in the PSP and would be responsible for their own rent, electric bills, food and other items not prohibited by regular prison rules. While under supervision of police/guards, they would operate their own judicial system whereas violations of a PSP rule, means a return to regular prison to finish their original sentence. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Observations
Date Sent: 23 Mar 2021
Entering my 80th year and being an acknowledged Old-Has-Been, I'm presumptuously tendering some observations: 
* We only go through life one-time and dream-breaking procrastinations usually results in becoming a Never-Has-Been. 
* Regrets haunt - not for the things we did, but for the things we didn't do.
* Work diminishes as age-compelled naps fill the time available (corollary to Parkinson's Law: Work expands to fill the time available).
* It is a blessing if our parents are spared the pain and anguish of out-living us. We are, however, always astounded to be blessed so soon.
* Any man who admits to his wife that he can sometimes be dumb, can get away with a lot of dumb stuff.
* Never being able to satiate aspirations is better than not having any fantasies at all.
* The best memories are those that are forever melded to the sentimental portion of the mind.
* Upon approaching the age of four score, the question that comes to mind: Do I have 20 years, 20 days or 20 minutes?
* Never underestimate your adversary. 
* The secret to life is the ability to adapt to change. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: EVs vs. ICS
Date Sent: 16 Mar 2021
In 2008 Tesla, using a lithium-ion battery, began offering the first projected mass-produced electric vehicle (EV). Elon Musk made the prototype by gluing together 7000 laptop battery cells. Lithium, a mined mineral, transfers ions through a liquid storing electricity far more effectively than conventional (and heavy) lead-acid batteries. 
As demand and manufacturing has increased, the cost of EVs has dropped to where they are almost competitive with internal combustion engine (ICE) powered vehicles. Though EVs are more efficient and environmentally friendly than ICEs, there is no free lunch; America is dependent upon foreign sources of lithium and its mining and processing creates significant pollution. 
Even though electric power producers are gearing up with wind/solar generating facilities, it is unclear at this time if they will be able to meet the generating capacity and distribution infrastructure required to charge the 100s of millions of EVs expected to be on the roads by 2035. However, a possible game-changer is under development: solid-state lithium-ion batteries - batteries that don't require a liquid - possibly making liquid-based lithium-ion bats/charging systems obsolete. ICE efficiency (driving range) was reached decades ago - EVs have yet to establish the limits of their efficiency. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Everyday Heroes
Date Sent: 9 Mar 2021
Police officers are in the business of bravery, honesty and integrity. This is their stock-in-trade, forte', signature, persona, identification and what differentiates them from other professions.
In the early 1950s movie, High Noon, the Town Marshall learns a man he sent to prison is returning on the noon train. The officer is torn between leaving on his honeymoon, as planned, or staying to face the perp. His bride begs her groom to give it up. She leaves without him as Tex Ritter wails the theme song - the watchwords of police officers of all time:
"I do not know what fate awaits me,
I only know I must be brave,
for I must face the man who hates me,
or lie a coward, a craven coward,
or lie a coward in my grave".
The bride returns; the Marshal then out-draws the ex-con. In real life, sometimes the bad guy wins and sometimes the spouse doesn't come back, but to a sworn police officer either one of those situations is preferable than being a craven coward - to them it's intrinsic and instinctive to run toward danger. If this is not your mindset, be thankful that there are those who do.
Chuck Klein
Subject: Intelligence?
Date Sent: 2 Mar 2021
The Director of National Intelligence oversees twelve spy agencies - that's right, count 'em - 12! 
Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, Central Intelligence Agency, Coast Guard Intelligence, Defense Intelligence Agency, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Marine Corps Intelligence, National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, National Security Agency, Navy Intelligence, Space Force Intelligence. 
Yet, none of them were able to detect a plot to take over the Capitol on 6 Jan 2021. Could it be: a) There was no plot, b) They were part of the plot, or c) Incompetence? If it was a) It's just the usual political fake-news. If b) A military coup might already be in progress; if c) Which of the 12 also failed to detect: Cuban missiles, 9/11, China's imperialism, racial and religious attacks, government hacks, BLM riots … before they happened? 
Of course, there's always the possibility that some or all of the twelve did know about these events, but the political, military and/or law enforcement heads decided not to take any action - including telling us. How much of our taxes are going to fund the 10s (100s?) of thousands of agents and staff of all these "intelligence" groups, bureaus, offices and departments? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Divided We Stand, Plan C
Date Sent: 23 Feb 2021
In lieu of or in conjunction with previously proposed Plans A and B, we might consider methods of unifying the nation as others have tried (some worked and some didn't): The Romans, forcing Christianity via the Crusades (lasted 500 years); Hitler tried to do it by demonizing Jews (lasted 10 years); LBJ, communists; Trump, anti-Muslim. Today, China, and Russia, ARE doing it. It … being identifying a common enemy - something or someone a people/nation can unite against to further their mastery and longevity. 
The difference between previous regimes and today, China and Russia are not singling out specific and identifiable races or creeds … they are declaring all, except their own citizens, to be the enemy. This promotes unity and an excuse to expand their power over other nations. 
Inasmuch as stagnation is the enemy of evolutionary survival; if we don't grow, we will be conquered by our adversary … perhaps we should expand our dominion - before we are dominated?  Plans A, B and/or C could lead to WW3, but the alternative might be learning to speak Russian and/or Chinese. If these enemy super-powers don't have the capability to cyber-shut us down now, they will soon. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Divided We Stand, Plan B
Date Sent: 18 Feb 2021
Stagnation is the enemy of evolutionary survival that eventually results in being conquered by one's adversary. In other words, remaining static exemplifies the definition of stupid: continuing to doing the same thing and expecting different results? 
American unification could be achieved by having a common goal such as a doctrine of empire-building … but not in the ordinary sense of militarily taking over other nations, but by offering (conferring) statehood. 
To wit: All U.S. territories and the countries of Central and South America must accept statehood including all the perks and obligations of American citizenship (U.S. military conscription, income taxes, etc.). Occupation will not be in the normal sense of the word, but by more subtle measures: if you don't accept our offer, we will blockade your trade and cyber capabilities. Yeah, it's blackmail, but no different than what China, Iran and Russia are doing to the EU (et al.) which is dependent upon Russian and Iranian oil while China has become its largest trade affiliate. Think the EU is reluctant to impose/enforce sanctions on these imperialistic countries for touchy-feely reasons? Do you believe Xi or Putin exhibit aspirations of a conqueror or the conqueree? Which one should America be?
Chuck Klein
Subject: Divided We Stand: Plan A
Date Sent 16 Feb 2021
As witnessed, 1/6 - and all last summer - a minute percent of the population cannot hijack the country. Over-reacting to these radicals is a bigger problem. For a coup d'état - in reality - it takes the cooperation of all branches of the military - a near impossibility. A permanent solution to our deep division could be a vote to split the nation. 
Plan A: Inasmuch as the populace is mostly divided along geographic lines; metropolitan areas predominately vote the democratic ticket while country folks overwhelmingly support Republican candidates. Therefore, a referendum to establish two separate nations: United States of Rural America and United States of Urban America (There is no reason for these new alliances to be contiguous). 
Each new country, would have its own government with D.C. as a place for USRA/USUA representatives to meet to work out interstate trade, reciprocity, joint military defenses, etc. Each nation could decide its own type of government (constitutional type republic or true democracy where majority rules). In addition, the USRA and USUA will be free to determine their own regulations/laws/policy on foreign trade, immigration, recreational drugs, policing, guns, abortion, taxes, welfare ... even their own national anthem. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Acquittal #2
Date Sent: 13 Feb 2021
1) The post "Trial" comments by Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnel said it all: Trump's conduct and words were wrong, but a Senate trial was not the proper Constitutional venue. He went on to further state that "citizen Trump" is still subject to civil as well as criminal charges in the appropriate courts. (as I've said all along). In other words, this ain't over and might run into 2024.
2) Allowing the Senate to conduct a trial against a private citizen sets the precedent that any former official can be barred from holding office in their future. Thus, the Democrat controlled Congress can continue to bring additional impeachment charges against Trump, or any former official - including judges - ad infinitum. 
3) However, there is nothing to prevent a Republican WH and Senate - should they retake these branches in 2024 - to appoint Trump as Secretary of Defense, State … or maybe a new post: Czar, with all the powers the President and Senate wish to confer upon him. 
Solution: Amend the Constitution to address the issues.
P.S. Those few right-wing radicals/rioters are no more a significant percent of their party than left-wing radicals/rioters are of theirs. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Article I, Section 3
Date Sent: 9 Feb 2021
"When the President of the United States is tried, the Chief Justice shall preside."
The authors of our Constitution made reference to impeachment of the (sitting) president separate from impeachment of other officials. Inasmuch as there is no precedent for trying an out-of-office President, the constitutionality of the 2nd trial of Trump might be decided by SCOTUS. The proper procedure for trying a former president, accused of committing a felony, is a matter for the criminal courts. To impeach an ex-president smacks of political vindictiveness. 
Shall is mandatory. Again, there is no precedent, but if the Chief Justice does not preside in an impeachment trial of the president, then that trial would be in direct conflict with the Constitution. In other words, allowing anyone else - especially a member of the opposition - to preside would be no different than a prosecutor substituting for a trial judge in a criminal court case. 
The Dems might have made a mistake in trying Trump in the Senate. If found NG, he can't be tried again in criminal court (where he can be sentenced to prison) as that would be a violation of his 5th Amendment rights against double jeopardy. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Policing Pt. II
Date Sent: 2 Feb 2021
The 9 June 2020 email editorial outlined a new concept - Accumulated Stress Disorder - for identifying and treating police to prevent wrongful violence upon civilians.  Heretofore, the remedy was to simply labeled them "bad cops". After the feature article (Part I) on this subject appeared in The Chief of Police Magazine, noted psychologist, Dr. Kenneth J. Manges, wrote: "Your analysis is correct, and prolonged exposure leads to increased irritability, and in layman’s terms, a 'shorter fuse.' The plan you outlined has merit." 
The series continues with POLICE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS UNIQUE TO LAW ENFORCEMENT, Part II (with illustration by my granddaughter). It includes such outside-the-box headings: Prioritized Funding, Change The Leverage, Hiring Standards…. (the above link also contains Part. I).
Beginning with Jimmy Carter, I have written each President a letter presenting a new idea or concept. Some were ignored; some responded with a form letter while two replied with a signed, short thank you on gold-embossed WH stationary. I have sent the Accumulated Stress Disorder concept to President Biden asking him to consider creating a task force to address this issue. I'll let you know what, if any, response I receive.  
Chuck Klein
Subject: Happenings
Date Sent: 26 Jan 2021
About 25 years ago most states refused to allow the carrying of concealed weapons as the liberal, main-stream media generated the philosophy that if people were allowed to CCW, "there will be daily shootouts over parking spaces" yada, yada, yada. Well, it didn't happen. Rather, lives have been saved by those legally allow to CCW. 
After the 2016 election the Democrats were lamenting the prospect of a Trump administration that would cause: a race war, nuclear war, escalating crime, rampant pollution and Russia controlling the WH. Didn't happen. Instead, ISIS was contained while we enjoyed record low unemployment and high economic markets and no new wars. 
Today, as we continue to witness left-wing sponsored city riots, the Republicans are proclaiming the Biden administration will result in an economic depression, unchallenged imperialist moves by our enemies, draconian firearm measures, higher crime rates, uncontrolled C-19, socialism bordering on communism/dictatorialism, China domineering the WH, massive tax increases and an unconstitutional 2nd DJT impeachment trial (Article I, Section 3: "When the President of the United States is tried,the chief justice shall;”. " It doesn't say ex-president and shall is mandatory). In 2024 will we say: It Did or Didn't happen? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Perfect Storm
Date Sent 19 Jan 2021
This is most disturbing. To paraphrase Strother Martin (the warden in the movie, Cool Hand Luke), "What we've got here is failure to allow communication." The recent termination of Trump's social media accounts (and intentions for additional censorship) over-shadows all else. Think, Stalin, Hitler, 1984…. Free speech is paramount to any democracy. The argument that Twitter, et. al., are private corporations and should have the right to do business with anyone they so choose, is no different than a privately owned, but public restaurant banning blacks, Jews…. 
Deep-Fake is the current technology that allows doctored, synchronized speech to come convincingly from the mouth of any person portrayed electronically. For example: If an image of Joe saying in a video news briefing, "I am issuing an executive order for federal troops to collect all privately held firearms," would be most disturbing. 
The issue is as much about dissemination of fake news as it is about who/what determines what's fake and what's not - before it's too late. Big-tech and Hollywood's cancel-culture of Trump supporters coupled with media control and deep-fake capabilities has created the recipe for the perfect storm.… Coincidences or liberal conspiracy? Did I mention this is most disturbing? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Civil Disobefience
Date Sent: 12 Jan 2021
Rioting has been a form of protest - revolution - dating to the Boston Tea Party. The problem arises when peaceful marches and gatherings are sparked by criminal acts with a low chance of capture, such as, Portland, Minneapolis, et al., that beget Jan 6. However, if the uprising is not successful, these, now criminals, can be expected to be prosecuted - except under criminally blind politicians. Nothing lasts forever, witness, Roman and British Empires. 
I'm merely a former LEO. But as a writer, I've been part of that community for decades. To a police officer, guilt is not the criterion - only probable cause. In other words, I don't know if DJT is guilty of inciting a riot, but there sure as hell is probable cause. On the other hand, there is also probable cause (or at best, mitigation) that the cumulation of the politically controlled media and unending witch-hunts were also a cause of the Jan 6 riot. 
As Nancy & Joe continue to trash-talk and blame Trump rather than work to pull the nation together, we might be experiencing the possibility of living under PC-lawlessness as opposed to dictatorial anarchism - at least until…. 
Chuck Klein
Subject: Extra-Extra
Date Sent: 7 Jan 2021
I am no longer a Trump supporter. I believe, as do many fellow Republicans, that he is not the person we championed for in 2016. He has succumbed to four years of relentless biased media and partisan Congressional attacks. However, his collapse does not negate his accomplishments while under unprecedented pressure, two wit: He rallied the drug industry to develop Warp Speed, a la, FDR convincing auto makers to make tanks; he returned constitutional balance to the federal courts, contained our enemy's imperialism, created a record setting robust economy (pre C-19 world infection), and lest we forget his beneficial trade and mid-east peace deals. 
Obviously, there is a fanatical criminal element on both sides - and now the Democrats know how outraged Republicans were this past summer as we witnessed left-wing rioters destroy multiple cities. The Capitol security breach and these recent riots might generate an oppressive police presence in our government offices doing more harm than a handful of criminals ever could - think TSA at entry points to every federal, state and local building. 
Questions: What changes need to be made to the voting system? How/who can undivide a divided nation? 
Chuck Klein
Subject: 20/21
Date Sent: 5 Jan 2021
Any adjectival description of the past year will suffice - it was that kind of year and there is no point in rehashing hash. Therefore, 2021 promises to be better - it's hard to imagine, during this age of virus and cyber everything, a year being worse, but then again…. 
2021 starts with unemployment still way down and though the real estate and stock market are at all-time highs; earnings of retail stores, restaurants and most corporations are at historic lows. Thus, those counting on income from employment or retirement plans, based on stocks and bonds, paychecks/dividends will be SOL. Burst bubble - 1929 deja vue? 
A softer, gentler Democrat in the WH might inspire dictatorship-run nations to push their imperialistic agenda while clandestinely promoting ransom-ware on an unimaginable (for today) scale, i.e., a government/military branch is electronically taken over (not just hacked) by China or Russia. Would we nuke 'em or surrender Hawaii, Alaska or …? What if NBC/CBS/ABC/FOX/CNN is/are compromised and begin broadcasting disinformation … how would we know? Suppose C-19 was only a Chinese test for a more "effective" virus to be released for the ransom of England, Taiwan…? Are we entering a Twilight Zone? 
Chuck Klein